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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,051
hi, i was readin through a text book on electrodynamics and this integral has stumped me - can someone please tell me...
Apr21-10 10:16 AM
5 1,104
I'm studying for a test. How do I find the flux of the vector field F = (1,1,1) down through the surface \sigma,...
Apr21-10 02:46 AM
8 1,537
Another question of a practice test. How do I use the Divergence theorem to find the outward flux of the field F =...
Apr21-10 01:14 AM
2 806
hello, i am under the impression that the take-it-or-leave-it ("buy it now") price that maximizes expected revenue...
Apr20-10 02:36 PM
1 794
Let \{h_n\} be ANY sequence of real numbers such that h_n \neq 0 and h_n \to 0. If f'(x) exists, do we have f'(x)...
Apr20-10 09:00 AM
4 892
I am confuse with this: Let\;\; t=jx \;\;,\;\; j =\sqrt{-1} \Rightarrow \frac{dt}{dx}=j But if I use...
Apr20-10 01:52 AM
2 921
Here is another approach to finding the volume : Let x_{1} be a point in such that : f(x_{1}) = minimum value...
Apr19-10 07:13 PM
0 668
In doing math I try not to memorize shortcuts/simplifications, but instead understand what's happening. When studying...
Apr19-10 02:06 PM
3 1,123
I want to show x->abs(x) is not differentiable at 0 Some techniques in analysis are required.... how should i do?
Apr19-10 08:25 AM
3 856
Apr19-10 02:04 AM
1 820
I don't understand how to set up the washer and shell equations. When you are given the function and the line to...
Apr19-10 02:02 AM
5 42,764
I was looking up how pi was derived, and found this: ...
Apr18-10 09:37 PM
1 9,585
Hello everyone, This might be a bit of a silly question. Just looking at the definition of a gradient of a scalar...
Apr18-10 04:13 AM
2 847
The definition of entire function in complex analysis is 'If a complex function is analytic at all finite points of...
Apr17-10 10:11 PM
3 996
In Dodelson's cosmology book it is claimed that "For large x, J_0(x\theta)\rightarrow P_{x}(cos\theta)". Does...
Apr17-10 07:57 PM
1 644
Hello I've been told that a (real) Lipschitz function (|f(x)-f(y)|<M|x-y|, for all x and y) must be differentiable...
Apr16-10 12:06 PM
1 1,236
Given the function: f: (0,1) => (2x+1,4x) ,find sup{||f(x)||_{E} :xε(0,1)} where "E" is for Euclidean norm
Apr16-10 09:20 AM
10 1,124
One of the basic vector identities is \nabla \cdot (\nabla f \times \nabla g) = 0 Is this true if f and g are...
Apr16-10 06:55 AM
1 799
why sometime we need to reverse the order of integration? and how to determine the new limit? for example: for...
Apr15-10 08:53 PM
3 2,046
Calculate the summation of i=1 to inf of the summation of j=i to inf of p^(j+i). Yes, it is the summation of a...
Apr15-10 03:27 PM
1 983
what does the ^ symbol mean in stochastic calculus? e.g. for the first passage time \tau, we may write k^\tau what...
Apr15-10 01:10 PM
0 756
When I plug in this "{x,0,0}/|x|^3", here: plots some range for x=-1 to x=+1,...
Apr15-10 11:10 AM
4 854
what is the different between line integral and surface integral? If we parameterize curve by x=t , y=t , what is the...
Apr15-10 09:18 AM
6 872
Apr15-10 06:59 AM
1 1,408
Hi, everyone! I have a problem in understading the change of variables in double integrals. Here is an example...
Apr15-10 05:02 AM
9 5,882
Online integrator: \int \int (x,y,z) \times (x,y,z) \times (x,y,z) \int_{L1}...
Apr15-10 12:53 AM
2 6,143
I've heard that there are some types of functions that are impossible to integrate. Can I see an example and why so? ...
Apr15-10 12:35 AM
18 4,895
Does Stokes's theorem imply that the flux integral of a curl of a vector field over a closed surface is always zero?...
Apr14-10 08:35 PM
1 1,248
"Let fk be functions defined on Rn converging uniformly to a function f. IF each fk is bounded, say by Ak, THEN f is...
Apr14-10 03:52 PM
7 1,634
Please delete. Erroneous post.
Apr14-10 07:44 AM
0 558
"Let (V,||.||) be a normed vector space. Then by the triangle inequality, the function f(x)=||x|| is a Lipschitz...
Apr14-10 07:42 AM
7 1,336
Hello, How to prove this equality: N\,\overline{\gamma}\sum_{k=0}^{N-1}(-1)^k\frac{{N-1\choose...
Apr14-10 03:19 AM
2 824
how can we prove that lun x is continuous over (0, \infty )? Provided that we define : lun x =y <=> e^y =x?
Apr13-10 04:56 PM
3 828
Someone told me that a continuous function that is Lipschitz is differentiable almost every where. If this is true how...
Apr13-10 01:49 PM
1 640
I once wanted to find the nth order Fourier approximation for f(x)=x. Since this function is odd, the projections on...
Apr13-10 01:30 PM
1 588
For a graph of any function, one of following conditions is said to exist so as for it to be symmetric: a graph is...
Apr13-10 12:55 PM
2 1,476
Hello. I'm new to vector calculus and I had a question about the following integral: \int_{C} x dy please note that...
Apr13-10 10:56 AM
2 626
Firstly, I want to note I'm a post college student who is attempting to teach himself calculus. I'm reading Calculus...
Apr13-10 08:23 AM
4 1,400
My question is about the coefficients of a complex laurent series. As far as I know, there are three kinds of series:...
Apr13-10 07:21 AM
Urmi Roy
12 4,239
Near what points (x,y,z) does e^{yz}-x^2 zln{y}=\pi have a solution for y in terms of x and z
Apr13-10 05:26 AM
1 973

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