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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,001
Use the chain rule to show that dz/dx = (cos(theta) * dz/dr) - (1/r * sin(theta) dz/dtheta) and dz/dy =...
Sep8-13 03:59 AM
1 475
so this is from math lab x is a 2 kHz sinewave >> n = 0:1023; >> t = n/8000; >> x = sin(2000*2*pi*t); >> X =...
Sep7-13 08:28 AM
17 2,051
I want to substitute ds by dt in the Frenet-Serret Formulas where κ is the curvature and is the torsion:...
Sep7-13 03:23 AM
1 468
This is from a functional equation , i think there is no points in posting it here this is what i ant to prove the...
Sep6-13 04:01 PM
2 426
Hi, I was reading something on conservative fields, in this example \phi is a scalar potential. (Please refer to the...
Sep6-13 03:03 PM
4 440
how is the logistic function characterized by the differential equation df(x)/dx = f(x)(1-f(x)) -x), but this is...
Sep6-13 07:55 AM
1 529
Hello, I am wondering if there is a forumula for the number of possible positions in chess after n moves. I...
Sep5-13 08:07 PM
7 594
Hi all, I am trying to hard to understand integral's transform. While an interpretation of Fourier transform is...
Sep5-13 10:38 AM
3 1,047
i am having an issue finding the variational average of a stiffness matrix. The stiffness matrix is of a...
Sep4-13 09:15 PM
0 541
Hi, I want to calculate a volume integral of a function f(r,theta). The limits for azimuthal and polar angle is of...
Sep4-13 02:35 AM
7 540
Hi there, I have what I suspect is a straightforward question. I wish to take the total derivative of the...
Sep3-13 03:38 PM
1 453
how do we take derivative of modulus of a function??
Sep2-13 08:38 PM
2 624
I do not understand the following integral: \int^{\infty}_{0}2e^{2+jωt}dt = \frac{j2e^{2}}{\omega} Why is it not...
Sep2-13 03:47 PM
4 591
Hi! Does anybody know if there is something in common between Bernstein functions and Bernstein polynomials except the...
Sep2-13 04:41 AM
2 398
So dx means an infinitesimally small change in x. Why is the slope written \frac{dy}{dx} instead of \frac{f(x)}{dx}...
Sep1-13 08:51 PM
7 736
Hi PF-members. My intuition tells me that: Given a divergence free vector field \mathbf{F} , then the curl of the...
Aug31-13 04:32 AM
2 628
I am interested to know whether the modified Bessel functions of the second kind, also known as BesselK, defined as ...
Aug29-13 08:38 AM
0 564
i am using textbook in classical mechanics by douglas gregory. It is known that rate of change of displacement with...
Aug29-13 08:16 AM
4 607
I intuitively and graphically understand when a function has no limit...basically if the value it approaches from...
Aug28-13 11:41 PM
6 961
Hi all, I want to calculate \int_0^{\infty}e^{-a t^2}\cos(2xt)dt=\frac{1}{2}\sqrt{\frac{\pi}{a}}e^{\frac{-x^2}{a}}....
Aug28-13 04:28 PM
4 512
If we have two sequences and the ratio of their limit is greater than zero, why does this mean that they either both...
Aug28-13 03:41 PM
8 732
I'm having trouble the underlined red part of this proof (attached image) of the what looks to be the alternate series...
Aug28-13 10:54 AM
1 452
Hi, I am sort of hung up with a particular step in a derivation, and this has caused me to ponder a few properties of...
Aug27-13 03:27 PM
4 564
Hi ! I'm trying to inverse a mass matrix so I need to do something like this \dfrac{q}{\partial \mathbf{r}} ...
Aug27-13 10:45 AM
3 645
Hi, Started to learn about Jacobians recently and found something I do not understand. Say there is a vector...
Aug27-13 08:36 AM
7 983
I'm going to talk with someone at a local university tomorrow to see if I can get out of AP Calculus. Essentially, I...
Aug26-13 03:46 PM
10 797
Assume that a point x is an interior point of domain of some function f:\to\mathbb{R}, and assume that the limit ...
Aug26-13 06:08 AM
31 1,185
hi all, I have a TEC data and I got this TEC = \intNe ds How can I inverse this equation to get data...
Aug26-13 03:13 AM
Simon Bridge
1 480
Hello, if you guys would turn to page 117 in Spivak's Calculus, there is the proof for theorem 3. At the last line...
Aug25-13 10:55 PM
3 500
I took f(t) = SIN(10*t) +SIN(5*t) and got this f(0) = 0 f(1) = -1.5 f(2) = 0.4 f(3) = -0.3 now I tried to...
Aug25-13 08:26 PM
15 630
I've searched and thought on it for a long time but I couldn't find any mathematical proof or something else about the...
Aug25-13 11:16 AM
12 1,536
I hope this makes my question clear... suppose we have a triple integral of dzdydx for and from the sketch we can...
Aug24-13 10:35 AM
2 433
I know the inverse of a function is found in two steps. Isolate the independent variable and then switch the...
Aug24-13 01:57 AM
1 445
is this proof valid? I thought it out myself with some help from textbooks?
Aug22-13 06:21 PM
Jimmy Chung
2 551
Is this proof of the chain rule valid ?
Aug22-13 02:54 PM
Jimmy Chung
5 487
I was doing a question using u substitution and at one point,I got sqrt(u-2). How do I integrate it further? Can I...
Aug22-13 12:31 PM
6 559
I've taken differential and integral calculus, and have a fair understanding of the material at this point. Last...
Aug21-13 01:48 PM
4 525
Is ##\frac{ \partial f}{\partial n} = \nabla f \cdot \hat n ## a definition? No article that I found said it's a...
Aug21-13 11:43 AM
6 599
Hi there! I am stuck on how to work out the integral of 1/(2^x) and was hoping someone could guide me step by step to...
Aug21-13 07:34 AM
2 439
Hi there, I am trying to get some practice with Fourier Transforms, there is a long way to go. For example, let me...
Aug21-13 03:25 AM
4 602

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