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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,290
I am using the PDF for log-normal distribution, which I'm referencing off the wikipedia page: here. I am integrating...
Dec7-13 06:35 PM
2 572 If instead of evaluating the above line integral in counter-clockwise direction, I...
Dec7-13 08:33 AM
7 892
I am trying to compute the determinant of the Jacobian matrix of the n-dimensional spherical coordinates. i will...
Dec6-13 01:24 PM
0 539
Given a function f(x(t, s) y(t, s)), if is possible to compact \frac{∂f}{∂t}=\frac{∂f}{∂x}...
Dec5-13 07:15 AM
5 694
Hello guys, I am quite unsure in how to start the modeling for population. If I define y as the number of infected...
Dec5-13 01:40 AM
4 644
I have run into some situations where I need to scale a number by an infinitesimal amount and would like to know the...
Dec4-13 08:33 PM
10 699
Hi, I have been stuck on a problem for a while now (3.24 part c). My attempt is as follows: Internal virtual...
Dec4-13 04:35 PM
2 789
Let L be a forward operator and M be its adjoint defined using the inner product (f,Lg)=(Mf,g). Typically integration...
Dec4-13 04:13 PM
0 673
Assume we have a number ##S_0##. For ##i=1..n## define$$S_i=\begin{cases}(1+b)S_{i-1}\text{ with probability...
Dec4-13 03:59 PM
1 492
If function is ##f(-x,-y)=f(x,y)##, is then ##\int^{a}_{-a}\int^{a}_{-a}f(x,y)dxdy=0##? Thanks for answer.
Dec4-13 12:53 PM
6 622
My book loves to represent the delta function as: δ(r-r')=∫-∞∞exp(i(r-r')k)dk Now I can understand this formula...
Dec4-13 05:42 AM
1 538
Hello! Exist a general formula to idea of lagrange multiplier, a compact formula that is possible to extract the...
Dec3-13 01:45 PM
0 405
is there a closed form solution for this double integral? \int^{2}_{1}\int^{3}_{4}\sqrt{1+4x^{2}+4y^{2}}dydx
Dec3-13 10:36 AM
5 829
Is it possible to formulate the second derivate trough of a tree diagram, as we do with a first derivative? If yes,...
Dec3-13 06:06 AM
5 738
Hello there. I recently installed the Physics Forums app and could not find the homework section in the categories so...
Dec2-13 06:33 PM
2 578
Hey guys. I am having some trouble visualizing one aspect of the Second derivative test in the 2 variable case...
Dec2-13 04:03 AM
8 734
In the process of calculating the integral \int_0^{2\pi}\frac{\sin{x} \cos{x}}{\sin{x}+\cos{x}}dx by contour...
Dec2-13 04:01 AM
8 802
I know y is a function of x y=f\left(x\right)] with two known boundary conditions, that is f\left(x=A\right)=C and...
Dec1-13 04:39 PM
3 558
If one uses Stokes' theorem and if two oriented surfaces S1 and S2 share a boundary ∂s then the flux integral of...
Dec1-13 11:03 AM
0 473
limn→∞(\frac{1}{n+1}+\frac{1}{n+2}+...+\frac{1}{4n}) Hi, when I first looked at this limit I thought that the...
Nov30-13 06:48 PM
7 596
It's easy to show that \frac{dy}{dx} of y = ln(ax) where a \in ℝ, a > 0 is always \frac{1}{x} : y = ln(ax) y =...
Nov30-13 01:20 PM
4 614
I just recently discovered for myself this weird graph, can anyone explain to me what is exactly happening here. I...
Nov29-13 07:28 PM
2 640
I learned how to integrate it using the complex plane and semi circle contours but I was wondering if there is a way...
Nov29-13 06:11 PM
5 1,283
In the context of my work (linear differential equations), it can not be zero. But why?
Nov29-13 05:18 PM
8 698
I would like to get an answer or pointers to suitable material, on the following question: I know that ∫|f(x)|2dx...
Nov29-13 03:09 PM
Simon Bridge
5 746
hello, i have a question about an explanation of integration as finding the area under a curve. I don't have any...
Nov29-13 02:49 PM
4 559
In my high school Calculus course, I've encountered several optimization problems involving the area of a circle and I...
Nov29-13 02:31 PM
3 571
* I know this is a very long post but it would mean the world to me if you could read it. I would really appreciate...
Nov29-13 10:39 AM
8 1,006
Hi, I have a basic question about convergence. I have two sequences, x1, x2, ... and y1, y2, ..., where yn =...
Nov28-13 11:52 AM
7 547
Hey. There's one thing I've always been wondering about when it comes to deriving the expression for the moment of...
Nov27-13 02:06 PM
2 853
Dear Forum : I hung up with a integration Can it be deduced to a simpler form? The...
Nov27-13 01:49 PM
Bill Simpson
4 801
Se a function f(x(t, s), y(t, s)) have as derivative with respect to t: \frac{df}{dt}=\frac{df}{dx}...
Nov27-13 10:48 AM
25 1,303
I am completely self taught in Calculus, but I would like to have a better understanding of it before I go to College....
Nov27-13 02:41 AM
5 614
While doing work, I always see notation like: F(x) = ∫0xf(t)dt - first equation F(x) = ∫1xf(t)dt What is the...
Nov26-13 06:47 PM
2 529
My tutor showed me something today, and I still can't completely wrap my head around why it makes sense. Consider the...
Nov26-13 05:56 PM
1 652
Hello! What calculus textbook do you recommend for microbiology major or other biology majors? I heard good...
Nov25-13 04:08 PM
1 698
Hi, I've questions about the Fredholm integral equation : 1. Is an following eq. a(x)y(x) +...
Nov25-13 03:28 PM
4 595
hey pf! so if i have a vector field \vec{V} and i know \nabla \cdot \vec{V}=0 would i be able to express \vec{V}...
Nov25-13 09:51 AM
1 460
So \sqrt{306} is a pretty good approximation for Pi (=3.14155). If you add 1/51, so that you have \sqrt{306+1/51}...
Nov25-13 03:09 AM
1 601
Is there a proof that shows why indefinite integrals cannot be assessed when there are an infinite number of...
Nov24-13 10:34 PM
19 1,363

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