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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,074
limn→∞(\frac{1}{n+1}+\frac{1}{n+2}+...+\frac{1}{4n}) Hi, when I first looked at this limit I thought that the...
Nov30-13 06:48 PM
7 586
It's easy to show that \frac{dy}{dx} of y = ln(ax) where a \in ℝ, a > 0 is always \frac{1}{x} : y = ln(ax) y =...
Nov30-13 01:20 PM
4 604
I just recently discovered for myself this weird graph, can anyone explain to me what is exactly happening here. I...
Nov29-13 07:28 PM
2 634
I learned how to integrate it using the complex plane and semi circle contours but I was wondering if there is a way...
Nov29-13 06:11 PM
5 1,260
In the context of my work (linear differential equations), it can not be zero. But why?
Nov29-13 05:18 PM
8 694
I would like to get an answer or pointers to suitable material, on the following question: I know that ∫|f(x)|2dx...
Nov29-13 03:09 PM
Simon Bridge
5 739
hello, i have a question about an explanation of integration as finding the area under a curve. I don't have any...
Nov29-13 02:49 PM
4 554
In my high school Calculus course, I've encountered several optimization problems involving the area of a circle and I...
Nov29-13 02:31 PM
3 560
* I know this is a very long post but it would mean the world to me if you could read it. I would really appreciate...
Nov29-13 10:39 AM
8 976
Hi, I have a basic question about convergence. I have two sequences, x1, x2, ... and y1, y2, ..., where yn =...
Nov28-13 11:52 AM
7 543
Hey. There's one thing I've always been wondering about when it comes to deriving the expression for the moment of...
Nov27-13 02:06 PM
2 832
Dear Forum : I hung up with a integration Can it be deduced to a simpler form? The...
Nov27-13 01:49 PM
Bill Simpson
4 795
Se a function f(x(t, s), y(t, s)) have as derivative with respect to t: \frac{df}{dt}=\frac{df}{dx}...
Nov27-13 10:48 AM
25 1,288
I am completely self taught in Calculus, but I would like to have a better understanding of it before I go to College....
Nov27-13 02:41 AM
5 608
While doing work, I always see notation like: F(x) = ∫0xf(t)dt - first equation F(x) = ∫1xf(t)dt What is the...
Nov26-13 06:47 PM
2 524
My tutor showed me something today, and I still can't completely wrap my head around why it makes sense. Consider the...
Nov26-13 05:56 PM
1 643
Hello! What calculus textbook do you recommend for microbiology major or other biology majors? I heard good...
Nov25-13 04:08 PM
1 681
Hi, I've questions about the Fredholm integral equation : 1. Is an following eq. a(x)y(x) +...
Nov25-13 03:28 PM
4 589
hey pf! so if i have a vector field \vec{V} and i know \nabla \cdot \vec{V}=0 would i be able to express \vec{V}...
Nov25-13 09:51 AM
1 456
So \sqrt{306} is a pretty good approximation for Pi (=3.14155). If you add 1/51, so that you have \sqrt{306+1/51}...
Nov25-13 03:09 AM
1 598
Is there a proof that shows why indefinite integrals cannot be assessed when there are an infinite number of...
Nov24-13 10:34 PM
19 1,342
For example, if you have the function f(x) = x2 then find: d/dx any number3x∫ t2dt Why must the dx in d/dx...
Nov23-13 02:43 PM
5 614
Hi everyone! I have a question on functional derivatives. I have a function defined as: $$ F=\int d^3r \sum_{i=1}^3...
Nov23-13 12:03 PM
0 473
What is the integral of 1/(x^3 + bx - c) with respect to x? This is part of a larger problem I am working on, but...
Nov23-13 08:37 AM
2 571
Hi all, Could someone please help me understand a small but significant step in the derivation of the wave equation...
Nov23-13 05:39 AM
0 509
This is a forum where we chat about calculus problems that people are wondering about. I would greatly appreciate it...
Nov22-13 11:02 PM
3 806
How do I perform this integration: \int \left (\frac{dy}{dx}\right)^{2} dx Thanks!
Nov22-13 12:37 PM
11 940
Hi, take the function I(m,n) = Integral from 0 to 1 of sin(m*pi*x)*sin(n*pi*x) over dx depending from n and...
Nov22-13 09:52 AM
1 562
I have the following function f=\frac{B}{y^{3}}+\frac{C}{y^{4}}\mid\frac{dy}{dx}\mid where B and C are constants...
Nov22-13 06:16 AM
1 481
I am trying to find the integral to this equation in order to obtain the cross section of a circle that has a radius =...
Nov22-13 12:06 AM
4 609
Given that Df(x) = g(x), one form that eliminate the second derivate is integrating the equation: ∫∫Df(x)dx =...
Nov21-13 12:38 PM
4 651
Hello all, I was curious on the practical applications of representing a sphere in four dimensions. I recently had to...
Nov20-13 10:01 PM
4 904
how would describe the max/ min for the a constant function,eg. y =5 would you say all points are absolute and local...
Nov19-13 08:03 PM
1 542
If it's possible to relate the product rule with the binomial theorem, so: (x+y)^2=1x^2y^0+2x^1y^1+1x^0y^2...
Nov19-13 11:49 AM
3 719
Hi Could anyone give me a hint on getting a closed form for the following integral: \int\frac{1}{k + sin(x)}dx ...
Nov18-13 08:26 PM
2 633
Hello all, I'm still a math newbie. I'm just about finished with part 1 of Spivak's calculus; this is my first...
Nov17-13 09:40 PM
18 2,307
I need help understanding why the ln (x) taylor polynomial is (x-1)-1/2(x-1)^2.... + etc. I cannot grasp the...
Nov17-13 09:23 PM
1 537
If exist differentiation until the nth order, so, why "no exist" integration until the nth order too? I never saw a...
Nov17-13 08:21 PM
5 889
I'm confused with limits of integrating and which to integrate first, I've been getting by so far with just knowing...
Nov17-13 06:24 PM
7 755
Find a number "k" such that exist only one intersection between the curve exponential k^x e and the straight xk. This...
Nov17-13 05:54 PM
5 552

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