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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,149
Hi All, I am reading a paper in which the following integral is presented $$\int_{-\infty}^{ct-x}...
Sep17-13 11:01 AM
7 944
I wanted to do this integral $$\int_a^b \frac{dx}{1-x^2} $$ and I was able to get the right answer with the...
Sep17-13 10:51 AM
15 975
My textbook states that "For the integral test to apply, it is not necessary that f be always decreasing. What is...
Sep16-13 10:06 AM
1 673
Assume that a function f:\to\mathbb{R} is differentiable in all points of its domain, and that the derivative...
Sep15-13 06:43 AM
2 648
I'm trying to find a way to use calculus without infinitesimals and I'm stuck on this physics problem. It's a...
Sep14-13 10:38 AM
2 693
The mass of a sphere with density as a function of radius is M=4\pi \int_0^r\rho(r) r^2dr Lets say the...
Sep14-13 03:01 AM
10 857
Everything I've encountered in physics so far allows infinitesimal numbers to be manipulated as real numbers. But...
Sep14-13 01:16 AM
3 718
Is \frac{∂y}{∂x}\frac{∂x}{∂z}=-\frac{∂y}{∂z}?
Sep13-13 10:01 PM
7 698
Suppose we are taking the variation of a multiple integral and the integrand contains some terms with \frac{\partial...
Sep13-13 12:57 PM
7 851
Ok, there are a couple of other threads about this, but they don't seem to answer my question. If I take the double...
Sep13-13 11:34 AM
13 862
When the limit of a function turns out to be infinity ,how should we interpret it ? For ex. we have \lim_{x \to...
Sep12-13 05:46 PM
Stephen Tashi
11 765
Hey there! I'm trying to calculate the Fourier Series for sin2x on For a0 I found 1/2. (By determining the...
Sep12-13 04:31 AM
4 1,045
Hello everyone, my first post :shy: I'm reading Zee's 'QFT in a Nutshell' and I came to one thing that bothers me -...
Sep11-13 08:40 AM
9 630
My professor, when doing trig substitution in lecture, always defines theta between certain intervals and when he...
Sep11-13 04:07 AM
4 523
Hi, i am trying to develop a CDF from a given MGF. The standard way of using the inverse Laplace transform etc.. is...
Sep10-13 03:44 PM
1 572
Hello, I have a doubt on how to differentiate a complex function f:ℂ→ℂ defined as follows: f(z)=zz^* where the *...
Sep10-13 12:25 PM
12 910
Hi! I do not understand the math used in the beginning of this video: ...
Sep10-13 11:26 AM
2 581
I have a diffraction grating through which I shined a 532 nm laser. A detector which can pan 360˚ was rotated around...
Sep10-13 10:44 AM
Johnny Davens
0 382
I posted a question on stack about generalizing the methods of volumes by slicing & volumes of revolutions & came...
Sep9-13 05:09 PM
2 536
I really want to learn calculus I and II by the end of this month, anyone willing to join me? Another person would...
Sep9-13 04:35 PM
0 539
Hey. I'm looking for a proof of: Theorem: If f \in C^1(\mathbb{T}), then the Fourier series converges to f uniformly...
Sep8-13 03:33 PM
6 899
So I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out why an integral will give you the area under the...
Sep8-13 12:09 PM
4 577
Use the chain rule to show that dz/dx = (cos(theta) * dz/dr) - (1/r * sin(theta) dz/dtheta) and dz/dy =...
Sep8-13 03:59 AM
1 479
so this is from math lab x is a 2 kHz sinewave >> n = 0:1023; >> t = n/8000; >> x = sin(2000*2*pi*t); >> X =...
Sep7-13 08:28 AM
17 2,087
I want to substitute ds by dt in the Frenet-Serret Formulas where κ is the curvature and is the torsion:...
Sep7-13 03:23 AM
1 476
This is from a functional equation , i think there is no points in posting it here this is what i ant to prove the...
Sep6-13 04:01 PM
2 432
Hi, I was reading something on conservative fields, in this example \phi is a scalar potential. (Please refer to the...
Sep6-13 03:03 PM
4 447
how is the logistic function characterized by the differential equation df(x)/dx = f(x)(1-f(x)) -x), but this is...
Sep6-13 07:55 AM
1 547
Hello, I am wondering if there is a forumula for the number of possible positions in chess after n moves. I...
Sep5-13 08:07 PM
7 600
Hi all, I am trying to hard to understand integral's transform. While an interpretation of Fourier transform is...
Sep5-13 10:38 AM
3 1,062
i am having an issue finding the variational average of a stiffness matrix. The stiffness matrix is of a...
Sep4-13 09:15 PM
0 548
Hi, I want to calculate a volume integral of a function f(r,theta). The limits for azimuthal and polar angle is of...
Sep4-13 02:35 AM
7 551
Hi there, I have what I suspect is a straightforward question. I wish to take the total derivative of the...
Sep3-13 03:38 PM
1 462
how do we take derivative of modulus of a function??
Sep2-13 08:38 PM
2 631
I do not understand the following integral: \int^{\infty}_{0}2e^{2+jωt}dt = \frac{j2e^{2}}{\omega} Why is it not...
Sep2-13 03:47 PM
4 603
Hi! Does anybody know if there is something in common between Bernstein functions and Bernstein polynomials except the...
Sep2-13 04:41 AM
2 401
So dx means an infinitesimally small change in x. Why is the slope written \frac{dy}{dx} instead of \frac{f(x)}{dx}...
Sep1-13 08:51 PM
7 755
Hi PF-members. My intuition tells me that: Given a divergence free vector field \mathbf{F} , then the curl of the...
Aug31-13 04:32 AM
2 646
I am interested to know whether the modified Bessel functions of the second kind, also known as BesselK, defined as ...
Aug29-13 08:38 AM
0 568
i am using textbook in classical mechanics by douglas gregory. It is known that rate of change of displacement with...
Aug29-13 08:16 AM
4 611

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