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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,417
I'm confused with limits of integrating and which to integrate first, I've been getting by so far with just knowing...
Nov17-13 06:24 PM
7 741
Find a number "k" such that exist only one intersection between the curve exponential k^x e and the straight xk. This...
Nov17-13 05:54 PM
5 542
Greetings, I want to become more fluent using functional derivatives. Does anyone have a link to sets of problems...
Nov16-13 10:24 PM
HJ Farnsworth
2 657
If from the derivate, we can generate an equation that is the equation of the tangent straight, so: ...
Nov16-13 08:09 PM
Simon Bridge
5 598
Hi All, I am having some troble with the following integral $$\int_{-c}^{c}...
Nov16-13 08:50 AM
11 751
Hey guys, I have been trying this question for 40 minutes and I can't get the answer. Evaluate lim as x approaches...
Nov16-13 06:29 AM
4 569
Hello all, I've come across big and little o notation a few times now in my mathematics studies, but only ever on a...
Nov15-13 01:38 PM
0 621
When you multiply or divide macularin series to find, let's say, the first 3 nonzero terms of the polynomial, how many...
Nov15-13 10:00 AM
2 524
Dear, I have a task to model the behaviour of certain interphase material. Let's say that functions which describe...
Nov14-13 09:53 AM
11 636
I am trying to understand an example from my textbook "applied finite element analysis" and in the variational...
Nov14-13 05:51 AM
3 727
I need to know the Surface Area and Volume of a spherical ball at the origin radius a. What I want is to evaluate...
Nov13-13 05:47 PM
2 654
Just want to verify if I am correct in assuming that tan 6x is exactly the same thing as 6 tan x It's merely a...
Nov13-13 03:28 PM
10 940
I learned this a while ago in my calculus 2 class and I was just thinking about it... Where do these error equations...
Nov13-13 11:57 AM
6 835
I know the mean value theorem for \mathbb{R}^1 expressed in terms of an equality doesn't strictly generalize to...
Nov13-13 02:46 AM
0 599
I never really understood leibniz notation. I know that dy/dx means differential of y with respect to x, but what do...
Nov12-13 06:44 PM
10 1,073
Hello Everyone, So in other words, if you didn't understand what I'm saying from the title of this post, look at it...
Nov11-13 07:18 PM
12 942
Hi - I was reading Adams' "Calculus: A Complete Course" (6th edition) and he offers the following proof that the...
Nov11-13 12:55 PM
5 812
Hey everyone, I recently learned that my certified genius weird-uncle-who-lives-at-home (IQ over 200 something,...
Nov11-13 11:35 AM
5 1,014
Hello there, I am struggling in proving the following. The principle of Minimum energy for an elastic body (no...
Nov11-13 09:27 AM
1 491
I've been trying to find the equation of the line of no strain of a bent linearly elastic beam of fixed length. (in...
Nov10-13 09:15 PM
0 672
a = b : this set = this many pieces a % b = c : this set % this many pieces = this many sets c * b = a : this many...
Nov10-13 07:44 PM
mr magoo
2 737
Are Local Linear Approximation, Linear Approximation, and Linearization all the same thing? Question is, I...
Nov10-13 03:51 PM
1 558
Hi everyone! I have (I think a major) problem so I'm hoping you could give me some useful advice. I am working on my...
Nov9-13 12:12 PM
1 687
Hi all, A very fundamental question here, but I cannot find solution from calculus books. Anyone know how to...
Nov9-13 08:19 AM
5 1,006
Firstly, the set E is defined: "Let E be the set of all positive real numbers t such that tn<x." Later on the...
Nov9-13 07:43 AM
2 1,476
What is the difference between path independence and a conservative vector field? It seems like both definitions...
Nov9-13 05:19 AM
4 750
A week or two ago we went through index notation in class, however I didn't understand it when the lecturer was going...
Nov8-13 04:49 PM
7 842
What is the sum of an infinite Dirac series and why? 1 or infinity? \sum_{n=-\infty}^{\infty}\delta (n) I can...
Nov6-13 11:37 PM
5 930
Hi,I am just starting to solve calculus problems but,how is it possible,that from v(t) we can get so many differently...
Nov6-13 06:19 PM
9 1,182
Given 4 symbols, each one with probability p(Si), the entropy of the system is: H = -Ʃ p(Si)*Log(p(Si)) I would...
Nov6-13 04:03 PM
0 546
X downward arrow a (is it limit from left) X upward arrow a (is it limit from right) ?
Nov6-13 11:25 AM
2 631
∫x(dx)^2=? and what is the difference between dx^2 and (dx)^2?
Nov6-13 05:36 AM
Simon Bridge
20 1,763
\mathcal{F}\{f(r)\}=\int e^{i\vec{k}\cdot \vec{r}}f(r)d\vec{r} in spherical polar coordinates...
Nov6-13 01:40 AM
2 539
Hi all, I have a question regarding certain double integrals. Assume the function $$ l(t) $$ is given as well as...
Nov5-13 08:11 AM
0 587
I am really having trouble understanding how upper and lower sums are calculated. In the equations Ʃf(Mi)Δx and...
Nov5-13 05:46 AM
5 663
The title basically says it all but basically the 3rd edition of the book is missing a lot of solutions i would like...
Nov4-13 04:41 PM
16 1,197
Do we get function for velocity or do we get the function for the total change in velocity?
Nov4-13 09:46 AM
5 924
The area of a polar curve is given by A=(1/2)∫ r2 d (theta). this can be interpreted as δA= ∏r2δ(theta)/2∏ (treating...
Nov4-13 09:34 AM
6 673
is it that limit can be taken for something approaching to any value while derivative is limit for the value of that...
Nov4-13 08:20 AM
5 683
Why does if a function can equal zero, since you can't take the log of zero. EDIT: let me rephrase the question;...
Nov4-13 08:09 AM
5 784

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