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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 39,988
Hey there, I'm having trouble understanding this step: Could anyone explain or tell me what to read up on with...
Sep14-09 06:51 PM
0 642
I just want to see if I got this correct. From what all I've read it seems that I have most of it understood, but eh,...
Sep14-09 10:31 AM
3 1,703
I am reading through calc1 and reviewing Limits and Continuity/Discontinuity, I have so many questions! There is a...
Sep14-09 06:40 AM
3 2,096
Proposition: Let \{A_n\}_{n\in I} be a family of countable sets. Prove that \bigotimes_{i=1}^n A_i is a...
Sep14-09 06:29 AM
3 4,789
ok this is just an example so you can see where im having problems with these(it isnt hw) i need to find the...
Sep13-09 10:12 PM
1 875
\oint what's the difference?
Sep13-09 08:48 PM
1 816
If you have a > b and c \geq d, do you have a + c > b + d?
Sep13-09 06:19 PM
Moo Of Doom
1 1,229
If you know \sqrt{(a^2+b^2)} < \epsilon, do you know a < \epsilon and b < \epsilon? If so, how?
Sep13-09 05:09 PM
2 728
...but I feel like I did something wrong. Also, this was a problem in my Analysis book, hence my posting it here,...
Sep13-09 06:53 AM
8 3,669
See diagram of hyperbolic sector confirmed with hyperbolic functions edit arcosh 1.73 should read arrccosh 2 =...
Sep13-09 05:47 AM
0 3,526
The author of my calculus book defines an "almost upper bound" as follows: A number x is an almost upper bound for the...
Sep12-09 09:15 PM
5 875
Hi I know that the common explanation of derivatives is drawing a secant line through a graph and move one point...
Sep12-09 08:20 PM
3 1,057
Hi all, What happens when we take the product of the imaginary parts of all the n-roots of unity (excluding 1)? I...
Sep12-09 06:55 PM
2 1,160
\int^{1}_{-1}f(x)dx = \sum^{n}_{j=-n}a_{j}f(x_{j}) Why does \sum_{j}a_{j} = 2 ? I know that the aj's are...
Sep12-09 01:16 PM
3 2,435
Hi I am trying to do this manually without excel, I...
Sep12-09 12:09 PM
2 613
Let X be a normed vector space. If C is a closed subspace x is a point in X not in C, show that the set C+Fx is...
Sep12-09 08:17 AM
3 2,504
Why is the divergence operation called the 'divergence?' What is the significance of this operation on a vector-valued...
Sep12-09 02:50 AM
2 922
Suppose we investigating the limit of a function on R^2 as (x,y) tend to (0,0). We convert the function into polar...
Sep11-09 07:04 PM
3 905
Suppose we are given : PV = nRT, where n and R are constants. We are told to find the partial derivative dP/dV. ...
Sep11-09 07:03 PM
3 1,848
Let (X,) be a measure space with (X) infinite. I'm trying to find an example of a pair (X,) and a sequence {f_n} of...
Sep11-09 05:13 PM
7 1,618
Wikipedia gives an extensive amount of vector identities:
Sep11-09 05:01 PM
4 7,369
I've seen this many times: someone will post a homework question asking them to prove something about an integral ...
Sep11-09 09:42 AM
2 1,508
-1-(under root)3 i here we find that r=2(hypotenuse) a=-1(base) b=-(under root)3 when i take sin theat=...
Sep10-09 02:29 PM
3 2,481
The problem is: a(n+1) = ( a(n)^2 +16) / ( 2a(n) + 6) converges to the limit:...? for n>=1 and a(1) = -10 Also...
Sep10-09 02:26 PM
2 3,282
The problem is: ((x^3)+x)/(x-1) And i need to break it into partial fractions.... I tried long division and...
Sep10-09 03:43 AM
2 815
Is the following statement correct? The poles of the Mellin transform of a function analytic, say on a complex...
Sep9-09 03:11 PM
26 2,658
Would someone care to explain some basic applications of Partial Derivation in real-world situations? (Note: This...
Sep9-09 02:28 PM
8 14,888
Suppose g1 , g2 ,... are any numbers that satisfy the inequalities 0 < gn < 1 and (1 − gn )gn+1 > 1/4 for all n. ...
Sep9-09 12:29 PM
1 891
I have a problem with finding stress on this front axle. The problem gives the angle at which the car is raised...
Sep9-09 10:28 AM
1 756
I have a question regarding the attached file. How do you get those indicies when you multiply the kronecker deltas...
Sep9-09 07:08 AM
2 783
I'm using a 3rd party physics engine to run rigid body physics. It just updates the bodies once every 16 ms or so. I'm...
Sep9-09 12:38 AM
1 4,244
I was just introduced to the Squeeze Theorem in the second week of Calc 1. This theorem implies that \lim_{x \to c}...
Sep8-09 12:01 AM
8 3,017
Anybody can guide me about it. At least start me in right direction . thanks
Sep7-09 11:21 PM
3 1,412
Hi, I know this one is stupid, but i am still confused. why e^(iy) = cosy + i siny? thank you.
Sep7-09 03:14 PM
27 2,620
Is \limsup\limits_{n\in\mathbb{N}} x_n any different than \limsup\limits_{n\to\infty} x_n ?
Sep7-09 01:44 PM
2 1,230
I have a problem concerning the product of two tempered distributions. We have the temp. distr. F(x) =...
Sep7-09 12:42 PM
0 673
Hi all, I cannot find implementation of double exponential quadrature (DE) formulas in matlab. Can someone help with...
Sep7-09 12:37 PM
0 944
Hi, I was wondering if there exists an algorithm for one by one digit computation of an integer to the power of any...
Sep7-09 10:41 AM
1 607
Hi, Not quite sure if this is the right place for this on the forum, but looks kind of right? Anyway, this is...
Sep7-09 10:39 AM
Aziz Rasoul
0 920
Why is it that whenever we encounter a question which can be solved by integration by parts, we get half the function?...
Sep7-09 02:40 AM
1 546

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