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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,144
I need to show that: \lim_{x \to 0} x^{2}sin(1/x)=0 Using the epsilon-delta method. I figured delta=sqrt would...
Aug26-09 12:30 PM
3 1,225
I reasoned that (x-1)/x is always less than 1 for positive x. Therefore it will tend to zero as the exponent tends to...
Aug25-09 10:48 PM
2 3,390
With DFT/FFT/SFTF or similar fourier transforms, there's always a trade off between frequency and time resolution....
Aug25-09 12:27 PM
John Creighto
3 1,576
Hi everyone! There's a question bothering me about the two coordinate systems - cylindrical and spherical: ...
Aug25-09 07:27 AM
2 2,802
Note this is not a homework assignment. I was generally learning about integrating volumes and thought that after...
Aug24-09 09:02 PM
2 2,587
give an example to show that it is not true in general that sup(AB)= (supA)(supB) and inf(AB)=(infA)(inf B)
Aug24-09 06:11 PM
1 587
Let H be a separable Hilbert space and let {e_k} be a Hilbert basis (aka total orthonormal sequence) for H. Then ...
Aug24-09 10:25 AM
2 1,359
Hi there! I am trying to prove the following 2 identities using complex analysis methods and contour integration...
Aug24-09 09:32 AM
7 1,569
A very vague question: What is the derivative of the gamma function? Here's what I've got, using differentiation...
Aug23-09 08:14 PM
5 10,729
What method can I use to find an asymptotic expansion for an integral of the form \int_a^b g(k)\left^tdk where...
Aug23-09 02:47 AM
0 579
Hey guys, so this may be a really silly question, but I'm trying to grasp a subtle point about higher-order...
Aug22-09 11:41 PM
1 1,101
I am very interested in math and I find calculus to be a particularly interesting subject, but one major problem I...
Aug22-09 11:40 PM
7 3,143
What is idea for showing this? \int\int\ldots\int dx_1 dx_2\ldots dx_n e^{-a x^\top A x}=\sqrt{\frac{\pi^n}{\det...
Aug22-09 09:09 AM
1 629
i am familiar to the this limit: \lim_{x\rightarrow 0} sin(x)/x=1 my question is does cosine,tg and cot have a...
Aug21-09 11:16 PM
20 7,773
If lim as y->infinity = (1/2)* , What is A(x,y)?
Aug21-09 09:56 PM
2 953
Hello all, I am stuck on what seems like a rather simple problem: Let f:\mathbb{R}^3 \rightarrow \mathbb{R} and...
Aug21-09 10:04 AM
3 982
I had this integral \int \frac{dy}{-2y + 6}. I realize you can let u = -2y + 6 so that du = -2dy, and adjusting:...
Aug21-09 12:53 AM
6 850
In one of my electronics textbooks I have the following equation related to feedback in amplifiers: K_f =...
Aug20-09 11:40 PM
2 751
Hi, can someone give me a hand with this "little" integral please. \int...
Aug20-09 07:37 PM
4 877
For a function sin(2x)^(-1/2) in ]0, pi/2[ counts: D2(f) + f = 3*D(a) where Da stands for the a'd derivative So is...
Aug20-09 02:51 PM
10 1,148
Given two sequences (hyperreal numbers): (2,1,2,1....) and (1,3,1,3...) how can I order these? They are not...
Aug20-09 12:25 PM
6 637
How would I evaluate the integral \int\int\int_{G} \sqrt{4x^2+9y^2} dV, where G is the elliptic cylinder 4x2+9y2...
Aug19-09 05:47 PM
7 816
Show that the evaluation of the pullback of a constant 1-form k_{1}dx + k_{2}dy + k_{3}dz over the directed line...
Aug19-09 04:38 PM
1 1,015
I am considering the set of all bounded signals given by X = \left\{ x:\ |x(t)| \leq X_{\max}, \forall t...
Aug19-09 04:00 PM
3 622
Taylor's Inequality states: if |f n+1(x)|<=M then |Rn(x)|<=M*|x-a|^(n+1)/(n+1)! however, Rn(x)=f...
Aug18-09 03:46 PM
1 897
How do you prove a function is invertible using calculus? I have a question on my review packet and it says to show...
Aug18-09 02:38 PM
6 8,639
How do I evaluate the triple integral \int\int\int_G x+y+z dV using a suitable change of variable where G is the...
Aug17-09 05:20 PM
5 874
How do u tak the derivative of X = (cos@)/(sin@) dx/d@ = ????
Aug17-09 08:31 AM
9 717
This Fall, I'll be an incoming freshman taking my school's equivalence to "Intro. to Proofs" class. However, I've been...
Aug17-09 01:53 AM
18 1,832
\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}(-1)^{n}\frac{e^{-\frac{1}{nx}}}{n} Where 0<x<oo. I'm looking for a closed form/ closed...
Aug16-09 06:31 PM
5 1,673
Like many people on this forum, i am seemingly having a lot of trouble grasping the concepts of Epsilon Delta proofs...
Aug16-09 06:09 PM
2 869
Can someone please correct my working out... \frac{\beta^2}{(x-1)(x-2)} - \frac{\beta^2}{(x-1)^2} ...
Aug16-09 12:11 AM
2 683
How would I evaluate the triple integral \int\int\int_H(x^2+y^2) dV, where H is the region bounded x2 + y2 = 1, y =...
Aug15-09 11:18 PM
3 659
Given the triple integral \int\int\int_{G} xyz dV Where G is the region bounded by x=1, y=x, y=0, z=0, z=2. How do I...
Aug15-09 08:36 PM
2 2,093
given only f ' (x) , is it possible to find the slope of the secant for a given x_1 and x_2 without integrating? If...
Aug15-09 05:44 AM
13 917
I was given this review problem in limits. LimX --> inf. (1 - X + X2)1/2 - aX - b = 0. I was asked to find a and...
Aug15-09 01:22 AM
4 737
Dear friends, I am a new member of physics forums, so this is may new message. Already thanks to you for your...
Aug14-09 01:56 PM
3 3,379
What can I conclude using the following theorem? Let the functions u_n (x) be continuous on the closed interval ...
Aug14-09 01:04 AM
6 816
ok I wanna clear my broad views upon calculus.. first of all I wuz taught calculus 2-3 years back with differentials...
Aug14-09 12:36 AM
6 942
Recently I have begun thinking about the function x^x. I am well aware that there is no elementary function to define...
Aug13-09 05:59 PM
6 1,264

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