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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 44,506
I can't remember much from my intro. analysis class anymore. If you have an infinite series that ultimately...
Sep30-09 10:53 PM
1 1,348
I want to prove orthogonality of associated Legendre polynomial. In my text book or many posts, \int^{1}_{-1}...
Sep30-09 07:20 PM
1 1,358
My question is best stated by using an example: Suppose f is a function defined only for rational x, and for...
Sep30-09 09:37 AM
2 900
lim as h->0 (|(h^2) + 4h |)/h comes out = 4 when i do it by splitting the definition of function according to modulus...
Sep30-09 08:23 AM
1 1,258
Hi, I'm almost at the end of a question but i seem to be stuck. I have the answer though.. so im up to here so can...
Sep29-09 08:28 PM
4 829
Hi, I've been reviewing multivariable calculus, which I took ages ago, and trying to understand the concept of a...
Sep29-09 04:11 PM
3 1,272
This a techniques of integration question, and I'm wondering how do you know when to use integration by parts on a...
Sep29-09 03:32 PM
4 15,740
I have been going over some lecture notes and have some questions about some of the mathematics shown in these notes....
Sep29-09 09:10 AM
6 1,087
Hi! I was wondering why the following integral does exist (where the integrands are considered as distributions): ...
Sep29-09 08:54 AM
0 1,335
I am soooo lost. I don't even know if this is the right forum. But where is the bridge between Calculus and Physics?...
Sep29-09 08:03 AM
5 870
How is Extreme Value Theorm correct for a constant function such as y=1 , where is the maximum and minimum????????
Sep29-09 07:38 AM
2 797
Hey I have this problem on proof by induction that I'm struggling to do. The problem is to prove the nth...
Sep29-09 01:08 AM
4 4,903
Hey, im having trouble understanding how you can transform one set of coordinates into another using partial...
Sep28-09 03:38 PM
1 737
F(q_1,...,q_n,t) \frac{d}{dt}\frac{\partial}{\partial \dot{q}} \frac{dF}{dt} = \frac{\partial}{\partial q}...
Sep27-09 10:18 AM
1 737
can someone please convince me that lim x->0 sqrt(x) = 0 Who of you say it doesn't exist???
Sep27-09 10:00 AM
4 1,251
Hi guys, this is my first post but have read the forums for a long time - a quick search didnt bring up anything that...
Sep27-09 04:31 AM
3 1,596
Question is in orange, answer is in black. I got no idea how they got this...
Sep27-09 02:55 AM
4 873
dy = lim \Deltax-->0 (f(x+\Deltax) - f(x)) dx = lim \Deltax-->0 (\Deltax) Therefore dy/dx is f'(x) if f(x) = y ...
Sep26-09 05:42 PM
7 2,628
Hi all, First post here for me. 1. Problem Statement Find the fundamental period of: 3cos(1.3PiN) -...
Sep26-09 04:33 PM
0 3,782
Hi. Can anybody give me a reasonably simple explanation of what the purpose of each of the "operators", divergence,...
Sep26-09 01:43 PM
12 12,313
I have a bone to pick with the standard proof of the closed interval in R being compact with respect to the usual...
Sep25-09 08:58 PM
3 927
I would like to know if there's a counterpart to the single variable theorem, that if f is a differentialble function...
Sep25-09 08:42 PM
2 926
Hi, Say f:A->A where A is a metric space and f is onto. I think it should be true that this implies that f is also...
Sep25-09 08:41 PM
5 1,446
Hi, If A and B are two metric spaces and there exists two onto functions F and G such that F:A->B and G:B->A, is...
Sep25-09 08:20 PM
1 786
Any web resources regarding changing the variable of integration from cartesian to polar coordinates that goes beyond...
Sep25-09 01:50 AM
10 2,359
Say, you have a line that divides the complex plane into two parts, one contains the poles and the other one doesn't....
Sep24-09 06:48 PM
John Creighto
2 681
I came across this example on the net : We are integrating over the region that is the area inside of r = 3 + 2 sin...
Sep24-09 06:41 PM
5 1,238
Hi all, Quick question I haven't been able to find the answer to anywhere: Can I use exterior calculus for...
Sep24-09 03:55 PM
15 1,994
Is this what it is: "For every \epsilon > 0 there exists x\in A such that x \leq \inf A + \epsilon." ...and...
Sep24-09 01:52 PM
5 4,611
Am I correct in assuming that you can make sense of \infty + \infty and \infty + c for any c\in \mathbb{R} (both...
Sep24-09 12:05 PM
1 657
is this relashion true? or false? if it is true how can I proof it? (-i)^(-m) = cos((m*pi)/2)+i*sin((m*pi)/2)
Sep24-09 10:52 AM
3 617
Hi,i would be gratefull if anyone could help me with this problem. \frac{2}{\pi}\int \frac{cos(ux)}{\sqrt{x}} dx ...
Sep24-09 10:39 AM
4 789
Consider this indefinite integral: \int(x^2+6)(2x)dx There are two ways I could approach solving it. The first...
Sep23-09 04:44 PM
2 707
Hey all, Im hoping this is going in the correct place. Im actually working on a script and realized that ive...
Sep23-09 04:22 PM
1 683
does anyone know how to calculate (in the sense of distribution) the Fourier transform of f(x)= ln|x| that is...
Sep23-09 02:45 PM
John Creighto
7 7,148
For what x does cos(x) = x ?
Sep23-09 01:38 PM
1 639
when is it justified to do something like this \lim_{n\to\infty} e^{lnx^{1/n}} =...
Sep23-09 11:35 AM
3 759
OKay so here are two examples: let say 1) f(x) = cos 2x + cos x how do you determine whether this function is...
Sep23-09 11:30 AM
2 10,791
Suppose you have a continuously differentiable function f: R -> R with |f'(x)| <= c < 1 for all x in R. Define a...
Sep23-09 10:10 AM
2 690
hi. Spse you want to find limf(x,y) as (x,y)->0. You can use polar coordinates and get limf(rcost,rsint) as r->0....
Sep23-09 08:49 AM
1 604

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