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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,364
First I had learned this definition of a "measurable function" (Apostol): "Let I be an interval. A function f: I...
Feb20-06 02:03 PM
2 3,982
Just a quicky: I've been trying to derive some expressions for derivatives of a complex functions of a complex...
Feb20-06 12:33 PM
0 948
A few days ago, my teacher and I had a disagreement about end model behaviors. There was a question on the test...
Feb19-06 04:54 PM
7 1,438
Physicists do it all the time: playing around with those symbols like \frac{dx}{dt}. They just treat them like...
Feb19-06 11:31 AM
7 1,933
Since things are a bit quiet here, I thought I would throw out a puzzle I came up with several years ago, after...
Feb17-06 03:09 PM
7 1,903
My guess is 'yes'. :uhh: Daniel.
Feb17-06 06:39 AM
3 1,776
Hi everybody, I have one question about integrals. I know the definition of an indefinite or definite integral but...
Feb17-06 12:53 AM
9 2,227
I have a question regarding this. I wish I were home right now so I can give the exact words. Anyways, the book...
Feb16-06 12:02 PM
7 1,832
I didn't know where to put this exactly... I've been stuck somewhere in calculus..... I mean... I've been trying to...
Feb10-06 09:41 AM
Jeff Ford
9 1,321
Good day. I am studying Lebesgue integration in Apostolís Mathematical Analysis. I have learned already (I believe so)...
Feb6-06 09:06 AM
2 2,121
Hi there, Does anyone know of a proof of why, in partial DEs, one can assume the existence of variable seperable...
Feb3-06 12:15 PM
2 2,290
Hello, I have two questions to ask regarding uniform convergence for sequences of functions. So I know that if a...
Jan31-06 03:44 AM
4 2,796
Hello everybody. I haven't found anywhere the rigurous relation between the Continuos Fourier Transform (CFT) of a...
Jan31-06 01:59 AM
0 3,133
In the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, it is stated that lim max deltax_k -> 0 sigma f(x_k*)*deltax_k = L, ...
Jan28-06 04:05 AM
7 2,596
e^{-x^2}\cos \left( e^{x^2} \right) Mathematica doesn't have an algorithm for it, does a closed form exist for the...
Jan27-06 03:19 AM
1 1,436
Hi, Find the result of this integration:: \int_0^\infty \frac { e^ {-3x} - e^ {-4x} }{x} dx The members who know...
Jan25-06 11:12 AM
8 1,317
In physics, we often use the assumption that if the integral: \int_D f(\vec x) d \vec x =0 and this holds for...
Jan24-06 01:20 PM
1 2,124
Can anyone help me integrating the folowwing integrand from zero to infinity: x*ln^2(ax)*exp(-bx^2+cx) where a,b and...
Jan24-06 08:10 AM
3 1,449
Question that I came across and that has stumped me for about a week hehe. Let p(z)=z^n +i z^{n-1} - 10 if...
Jan24-06 03:30 AM
1 7,139
If I had a sinusoid, how would I find the average value of it over a given interval. Say -pi/5 to pi/5 for instance....
Jan23-06 06:18 PM
3 15,582
Is this identity true? Identity: \frac{d}{dx} x^n = \lim_{h \rightarrow 0} \frac{(x + h)^n - x^n}{h} = nx^{n-1}
Jan23-06 12:54 PM
51 5,160
I hope the following webpage on new roots solving algorithms based on the Arithmonic mean (a particularcase of the...
Jan23-06 10:18 AM
0 1,216
I did some number crunching and found the following: Given n equations in n unknowns: a*f(x) + b*g(y) = c...
Jan19-06 04:49 PM
9 6,166
i need help in proving this essential ineuality which i don't know how to prove (quite trivial isn't it):...
Jan18-06 10:37 PM
11 1,468
Happy new year for you all, This is very nice place, So girls and boys, let me give you something to play with:...
Jan17-06 07:07 PM
37 4,182
f_n(x)= x^n/1 + x^n does this series converge on the interval Say if x = 1 then the series is < some epslon ,...
Jan17-06 01:16 PM
4 1,305
Hi, I ran into a situation I haven't experienced before where the integral of the derivative doesn't get me the...
Jan16-06 12:33 PM
6 1,219
I have made some observations regarding the Precise Limit Definition. For any given polynomial: ax^n The...
Jan15-06 11:03 PM
10 2,259
This problem is baffling myself and several of my friends in the infamous Physics 152 class... so I give it to you...
Jan15-06 11:09 AM
matt grime
5 1,593
How do you find the limit to: Lim x->0+ sqrtx/(1-cosx) I use the L'Hopital rule and i get lim x->0+ ...
Jan14-06 03:35 PM
12 1,696
Hello...I need help and I know this is a very simple problem...I don't know why I'm getting stuck( Maybe because it's...
Jan14-06 12:45 PM
matt grime
1 1,033
(A, B) is an interval in the real line. If I take the middle point (B-A)/2, and then take the middle point of each of...
Jan13-06 09:30 AM
7 1,438
I would like to determine necessary and sufficient conditions for equality to hold in Minkowski's Inequality in...
Jan12-06 09:17 AM
fourier jr
2 7,920
I am thinking about purchasing some math software so I can get a better understanding of the math I am learning. I...
Jan11-06 09:52 AM
19 3,267
Given a real-valued function f:X \mapsto \mathbb{R} where X is a subset of \mathbb{R}^n. Consider a closed extended...
Jan11-06 01:12 AM
0 1,050
Find a & b for the following transformation 1/(z+a) = (a/z) + I am kind of lost as to where to start on this...
Jan10-06 11:16 PM
1 1,912
I'm doing a review in calc I to prepare for calc II. I'm now applications of derivatives (optimization). Okay so when...
Jan10-06 04:24 AM
4 1,751
My calculus book describes the following example: Equation: \lim_{x \rightarrow 0} \sin \frac{\pi}{x} = \text{does...
Jan9-06 06:13 PM
15 2,222
It should be relatively easy, but I can't seem to figure out how to begin.. if anyone could help me out, I would be...
Jan8-06 04:00 PM
0 929
Hi. I have this exam in vector calculus tomorrow, but i'm having trouble sorting the following formula out. Could...
Jan8-06 02:55 PM
3 1,871

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