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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,579
Complex analysis: Let J_n (z) be the Bessel function for a positive integer n of order n. Verify? J_n-1 (z) + J_n+1...
Apr8-06 05:02 AM
1 1,008
I think I have misunderstood one of the theorems in complex analysis (k reperesents the order of the derivative) ...
Apr7-06 01:39 PM
1 1,886
I was asked to use antiderivative to evaluate the integral of z^(1/2) dz , over contour C1. for which the intergrand...
Apr7-06 10:25 AM
1 1,638
Dear all, I come across to a simple-looking ineqality. But I cann't prove it for quite a long time. Could any body...
Apr7-06 05:11 AM
2 1,225
Hi All, I need help to either ( in page 5 ) 1) solve equation 30 2) write a program to tabulate the results in a...
Apr7-06 02:57 AM
5 1,813
Let x \in \mathbb{R}^n and u_0>0, \qquad \int\limits_\Omega u_0(x) dx =1, \qquad E(t)=\int\limits_\Omega...
Apr6-06 10:56 AM
3 1,775
so there is a power series S 4^n z^(3n) and upper limit being infinity and lower limit being 0. (S means sigma) ...
Apr6-06 01:45 AM
6 3,381
Suppose lim (when n -> oo) of sup {f(x) / x belongs to (0, 1/n) } = L_1, and lim (when e -> 0+) of sup...
Apr5-06 03:56 PM
1 5,774
dy/dt = ky, where k is a constant. y|t=0 = 1; y|t=10 = 4 I need to approximate k using the shooting method and...
Apr4-06 07:55 AM
1 4,345
Hello, I was trying recently to find a derivative of a zeta function but finally I failed. Can anyone show me a way...
Apr3-06 12:20 AM
2 3,766
Here's an interesting way to look at CR I feel is often overlooked: Let: z = x + i y z^{\ast} = x - i y One...
Apr2-06 04:06 AM
8 1,483
Hi there, I'm reading over a section in my statics text that describes an analysis of a cable with a distributed...
Mar30-06 09:45 PM
4 1,100
Does anyone know an equation for an ellipse (or other conics) in intrinsic coordinates, that is direction and curve...
Mar30-06 01:35 PM
1 1,959
I'm getting this sum in the statistical mechanics for the rotating energy, any one can help with? Z_r =...
Mar29-06 10:10 PM
Physics Monkey
5 1,049
I need some help. I fitted a 7th order legendre polynomial and got the L0 to L7 coefficients for different ANOVA...
Mar29-06 06:27 PM
1 5,262
I am trying to understand how the Cauchy-Goursat theorem of complex analysis differs from the usual conditions for...
Mar29-06 06:01 PM
5 2,083
can roots be at the same points as POI's? because when I set my original equation to zero and I set my second...
Mar29-06 01:17 AM
Tom Mattson
3 919
While most students of vector analysis are no doubt familiar with grad, div, and curl, geometric algebra provides a...
Mar28-06 02:01 PM
10 3,622
some body who can explain for me the Legndre polynomials:eek: :eek:
Mar28-06 12:04 PM
3 2,271
Hello, I have a "simple" problem for you guys. I am not expert in math and so try to be simple. I explain the...
Mar28-06 11:59 AM
9 3,682
I'm reading Advanced Calculus by Wilfred Kaplan 1952. He is demonstrating how to find the decomposition of the...
Mar27-06 08:49 AM
3 3,649
I found this functional equation for the Riemann zeta function in Table of Higher Functions, 6th ed. by Jahnke, Emde,...
Mar27-06 08:36 AM
2 1,288
cos(x/2)/2 is my derivative. and when I set it equal to 0, i try to solve for x. so cos(x/2)/2=0 cos(x/2)=0/2 this...
Mar27-06 03:58 AM
14 1,197
I'm having trouble with this for some reason. If A:\mathcal{H}\to \mathcal{H} is a bounded operator between Hilbert...
Mar27-06 02:07 AM
6 1,545
Let,s suppose we have the asymptotyc development of the integral: \int_{x}^{\infty}F(t)=g(x) where a,b,c,.....
Mar25-06 10:26 AM
matt grime
3 1,845
Took a test in my Analysis class today. One question asked us to prove that the set of Irrational numbers was a Borel...
Mar23-06 11:44 AM
3 4,375
** disclaimer - not homework ** =) Is the following correct? I have a simple series RL circuit with a square...
Mar23-06 02:35 AM
3 1,614
Let be the integral: \int_{a}^{x}dtF(t)/t (1) Let,s suppose we can find a divergent asymptotic series for...
Mar22-06 01:27 AM
1 1,241
Please anyone out there, I need your assistance. I am trying to follow the Lebesgue differentiation theorem in Riesz &...
Mar21-06 05:25 PM
16 3,320
Let,s suppose we have the integral: \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}dxF(x) but unfortunately we have a problem..the...
Mar21-06 11:36 AM
3 1,215
I was wondering if one of the approaches to proving the RH involves limits of mobius transformations of the zeta...
Mar21-06 10:17 AM
5 1,203
Hello it has been more than three months since i don,t post now here are my questions...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:...
Mar21-06 05:56 AM
5 1,893
i need to mark statements below true or false and justify. a) every nonempty finite set is compact. since a finite...
Mar20-06 09:53 PM
5 2,149
In vector analysis, it is possible to express the \nabla operator in terms of a frame\{\mathbf{e}_1, \mathbf{e}_2,...
Mar20-06 02:01 PM
0 4,000
For some reason I just have a problem with these types of integrals..if someone could show me how to do one it would...
Mar20-06 07:10 AM
2 981
Is asymptote the visualization of limit?
Mar20-06 06:28 AM
3 1,165
Say for example, to differentiate x/(x+1) I would use to quotient rule. However, would it be legal to bring up the...
Mar19-06 11:06 PM
3 4,962
what is the proper method for finding the average of an integral? For example, the question I'm trying to answer is...
Mar19-06 10:48 PM
5 1,912
Can someone break down these theorems for me please because my book is horrible at explaining them. The examples the...
Mar19-06 10:31 PM
30 3,288
I have a nonhomogeneous DE and wants to find the particular solution for Asin(x)sin(t) Is there any tips in using...
Mar19-06 07:42 PM
4 2,059

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