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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,442
i don't understand how to figure this problem out, and i really need the help. A kite is flying Y feet about the...
Nov20-05 03:20 PM
Pseudo Statistic
2 1,242
I was wondering if any one could double check my work to see if the following method is correct. I will also check it...
Nov19-05 02:58 PM
0 2,310
My friend told me that they had just learned an equation to find the length of a function. I decided that it would be...
Nov19-05 12:40 PM
4 11,812
How would you solve the following system of simultaneous equations for t and b? sin(pi*t) = 0 sin(pi*(t^2 +...
Nov17-05 08:59 PM
6 1,390
Count the number of integer solutions of (rather, # of integer lattice points such that) n+\sum_{k=1}^{n} \left|...
Nov17-05 05:44 PM
1 4,850
Hi, Is there a general extrapolation formula (or other *simple* quantitative technique) for projecting values in a...
Nov17-05 03:47 PM
2 3,515
Hi, it is probably a simple question, but it bothers me for quite some time. How can I calculate time that ball...
Nov17-05 07:45 AM
4 1,197
How was the irrational number pi invented or how did man reach upon it? I have studied elementary calculus to...
Nov16-05 07:15 PM
18 6,274
Can someone give me an example of a function that is continuous everywhere yet differentiable nowhere?
Nov16-05 10:12 AM
16 2,136
Let f:I->R and let c in I. I want to negate the statements: "f has limit L at c" and "f is continuous at c". Are these...
Nov16-05 10:12 AM
Treadstone 71
2 1,135
Here are two cool functions defined by power series: ...
Nov15-05 07:58 PM
4 1,806
I saw the other thread, but figured this question was sufficiently distinct to warrent a new thread I was recently...
Nov15-05 12:25 PM
2 1,121
does anyone have a really good method for writing out words or messages using parametric equations, or ...even better...
Nov14-05 12:09 AM
2 1,160
Suppose h and h o f are both C^infty on f(U) and U correspondingly, with U an open set. Assume now that f(U) is open....
Nov13-05 12:36 PM
2 1,283
I'm looking for the equations of hypertori (e.g. n-dimensional tori). By equations I'm mean explicit, implicit, or...
Nov11-05 06:32 PM
1 960
I hope you have fun with these... OK, so you know the geometric series, right? It goes like this: ...
Nov11-05 01:26 PM
fourier jr
7 1,776
Let be the function Ln\zeta(2e^{-s}) does its fourier transform exist?....where \zeta(s) is teh Zeta function of...
Nov10-05 08:55 AM
matt grime
1 1,523
I've been working with Complex Analysis and have noticed an interesting result. Under what conditions will the...
Nov9-05 06:42 AM
3 2,688
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how do i get to solve this...
Nov7-05 11:39 AM
5 1,100
let be the Bernoulli formula for calculating an integral in the form: ...
Nov7-05 06:39 AM
1 7,863
I was wondering if anyone had any links that could show me some Leibniz theroems or maybe a bio. Also, I was...
Nov5-05 06:03 AM
4 1,530
Suppose you have a smooth parametrically defined volume V givin by the following equation. f(x,y,z,w)= r(u,s,v)...
Nov3-05 05:15 PM
4 3,395
I was wondering if a converging infinite series which includes "x" to ascending whole number powers would fit under...
Nov2-05 07:38 PM
1 4,965
Can any one compute the integration of the error function?
Oct31-05 10:07 AM
7 9,290
I've been having some trouble grasping the conditions necessary to apply the chain rule to achieve the derivative of...
Oct30-05 11:13 PM
3 4,469
So it is well-known that for n=2,3,... the following equation holds...
Oct30-05 02:54 PM
0 2,244
Hello, a question: is there a reasonable way to obtain \int x^xdx ??
Oct30-05 04:31 AM
Johnny Numbers
8 2,810
let be the function w(x) that only takes discrete values in the sense that is only defined for x=n being n an...
Oct29-05 12:39 PM
2 7,617
So I'm supposed to describe the riemann surface of the following map: w=z-\sqrt{z^2-1} I can sort of understand the...
Oct29-05 01:43 AM
6 2,051
I saw this thing where someone proved that the imaginary number, i, the sqrt(-1) was equal to 1. here it is: i=...
Oct28-05 10:26 PM
9 3,601
I'm guessing not a lot will care about this becasue it's not very relevant, but my calc teacher couldn't do this and I...
Oct28-05 10:18 PM
12 1,683
The extreme value theorem says that if a function is continuous on a closed interval then there are an absolute max...
Oct27-05 11:04 PM
11 13,485
How can you invert a Taylor serie? x=y+Ay^2+By^3+Cy^4.... to y=ax+bx^2+cx^3 ... without the lagrange theorem......
Oct26-05 01:29 PM
Tom Mattson
1 1,542
Quick question: what does it mean for a measure to have finite mass? (is this another way of saying sigma finite or...
Oct26-05 12:27 PM
5 2,026
Question about the maclaurin serie and the laplace transform. For maclaurin serie i wonder, the function used for...
Oct26-05 11:47 AM
1 1,572
Hello, I have the following equation \int \!v{dv}=-{\it GM}\,\int \!{y}^{-2}{dy}\]} Integrating I get... \}
Oct25-05 05:10 PM
7 1,829
OK, so I've been there before, Hilbert Space that is. You know, infinite dimensional function space. At least I...
Oct25-05 01:32 PM
6 1,578
Hello, everybody! I'm a Maths/Physics student at Ecuador. Sorry if my English sucks, i'll try to do my best... Some...
Oct25-05 10:57 AM
3 1,312
Please for the love of god help me. I have a fundamental misunderstanding of differentials and Leibniz notation....
Oct24-05 06:27 PM
14 1,954
I know that there are different definitions for a limit point . "A number such that for all , there exists a...
Oct22-05 12:59 PM
6 4,274

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