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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,015
I'm trying to solve this problem: Compute \oint_c(y+z)dx + (z-x)dy + (x-y)dz using Stoke's theorem, where c is the...
Aug9-05 08:31 AM
1 1,264
Howdy felles. I have a question which I find rather confusing, and that is to prove that the area between two...
Aug9-05 04:36 AM
9 3,139
While working on a problem in special relativity I ran into the following equation and am trying to understand it...
Aug8-05 02:47 PM
1 2,517
Hello, I'm trying to calculate the following integral, in the limit that n goes to infinity: \int_{1}^{\infty}...
Aug8-05 02:37 PM
11 1,394
hello all. Im a bit stuck on a math problem. I am trying to figure out what the parametric equations of a trajectory...
Aug8-05 08:25 AM
1 902
Question 1 Prove that if (V, \|\cdot\|) is a normed vector space, then \left| \|x\| - \|y\| \right| \leq...
Aug8-05 07:00 AM
13 1,421
Hey, everyone I am working on a calc problem, and I have no idea where to start. The integral is e^x...
Aug7-05 08:10 PM
21 1,682
It's a really interesting equation. I'm not sure how it works out though. On a similar note, when I raise a whole...
Aug7-05 05:05 PM
18 2,624
To integrate functions as the limit of an integral sum, how can we know which way to take the partition points in the...
Aug7-05 04:51 PM
matt grime
3 4,850
Hi Just had a question. Assuming tan(x) is given by a power series with coefficiants (An). How can it be shown...
Aug7-05 01:29 PM
2 1,210
Let define the function Z(x)=\Gamma(x)2^{1-x}\pi^{-x}cos(x\pi/2) then my question is if =1= with =a^2+b^^2...
Aug7-05 10:46 AM
2 1,438
i know that zeta(2) = pi^2/6 and zeta(4) = pi^4/90 what is zeta(3)? can i use fourier series?
Aug6-05 11:40 PM
4 1,546
The following is an outgrowth from a problem I encountered in the Homework section concerning the convergence of: ...
Aug6-05 05:58 PM
13 1,118
Equation1: \frac{d^2}{dx^2} (x^n) = \frac{d}{dx} \left The LHS for Equation1 is the symbolic condensed version...
Aug6-05 05:16 PM
4 1,815
hi felles. I am trying to find what is the volume of the y=\frac{a}{x^2}+b is when it is rotated in y-axis. The...
Aug6-05 04:42 PM
3 1,212
I know basic calculus such as derivatives and integration. Before school starts, I would like to get prepared for my...
Aug5-05 11:52 PM
5 1,510
For the proof of lagrange multipliers, it is based on the assumption that the function you are optimizing, f(x,y,z),...
Aug5-05 04:23 PM
matt grime
11 2,143
I'm working on a problem that I've almost completed except for a single integral that I can't seem to figure out. I...
Aug5-05 03:33 PM
11 2,422
Im supposed to solve integral 10 to +infinity ((sin(1/x)/(1+x^3))dx with error precision of e=0.5*10^-4. Can someone...
Aug5-05 01:31 PM
1 1,892
I am seeking a function r=r(\eta) for a computational mesh. It has to have the same shape as the one shown in the...
Aug5-05 09:03 AM
0 1,064
If I_n = (0, 1/n) where n is any natural no. is a sequence of nested intervals, then the intersection of all the I_n...
Aug4-05 02:09 PM
4 3,857
I am trying to find the ▲cos x. By using its definition. It simply turned out to be cos(x+1) - cos(x). How do I...
Aug4-05 09:30 AM
irony of truth
7 1,528
In stewart, page 806 he says: "In the special case in which the equation of a surface S is of the form z=f(x,y)...
Aug4-05 09:18 AM
matt grime
11 1,638
I need to prove the following: \int_{0}^1\int_{0}^1\int_{0}^1\frac{1}{1-xyz}dxdydz=\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{1}{n^3}...
Aug4-05 07:33 AM
2 1,143
Hi, I've typed up my work. Please see the attached pdf. Basically, I am trying to sovle this problem. ...
Aug4-05 06:49 AM
7 8,100
Why is the vanishing of a cyclic integral the property of a state function?
Aug3-05 10:38 PM
2 828
I started this problem and quickly became stuck, the question asks for what value of "a" is the following true: ...
Aug3-05 08:58 PM
4 921
HI,I'got problem with my calculus especially derivatives,here is the sum please help:Find dy/dx if...
Aug3-05 06:45 AM
1 891
let be the integral \int_{-i\infty}^{i\infty}\frac{1}{exp(s)-1}ds then their poles are 2n\pi my question is How...
Aug3-05 06:31 AM
0 1,412
Can someone help me... i need to show, that a system of 2 nonlinear equations has a root. I think it is possible to...
Aug3-05 04:42 AM
4 967
Can you please offer any hints or suggestions on how to do these two problems: 1) Find the Maclaurin series of...
Aug2-05 09:12 PM
2 3,148
Im reading over about the directional derivative. Stewart, page 800 says: "Proof: If we define a function g of...
Aug2-05 03:42 PM
13 1,782
Can someone help me derivate this function, I'm not sure if I got the right answer ...
Aug1-05 03:20 PM
3 962
I am inquiring as to why integration variables cannot be interpreted using this method: \frac{d}{dx} (x^n) = nx^{n...
Aug1-05 08:30 AM
7 1,359
integral dx/sqrt(x - a) integral dx/sqrt(1/ax)
Aug1-05 08:25 AM
5 814
How is this problem solved using the Limit Sum Integer method? \int_{2}^{10} x^6 \; dx
Jul31-05 09:23 PM
3 2,171
let Q be the solid that is outside both x^2 +y^2 +z^2=1 and z=2x^2 +2y^2 +2, yet inside z=4\sqrt{x^2 + y^2} Could...
Jul31-05 05:40 PM
12 1,057
I am posting my theorems for peer review, anyone interested in posting some proofs using some simple functions? Can...
Jul30-05 07:59 PM
4 3,596
Ok guys, about two weeks ago I posted asking about the fundamental theroem of calculus and the use of the dummy...
Jul30-05 03:12 PM
matt grime
16 1,944
Feeling a little bit more confident about my calculus skills I was hoping to check if this is correct. Letís say you...
Jul30-05 09:24 AM
4 1,597

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