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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,292
I believe I have a new method of proof for an already existing theorem. The theorem itself is quite elementary and the...
Dec18-05 12:18 AM
41 12,798
It's not really homework, although that is where I encountered this first time. I had to evaluate the integral from...
Dec16-05 01:06 AM
7 2,059
In Calculus what's that big symbol that's before a function stand for. I kinda looks like a big long f. And then...
Dec16-05 12:29 AM
25 13,824
Integrals are typically associated with measure spaces. For example, the Lebesgue measure for the Lebesgue integral...
Dec15-05 11:44 AM
2 1,721
This may seem like an odd question, but why are there two different ops for the normal and partial derivatives? i.e.,...
Dec14-05 07:10 AM
matt grime
8 1,400
Hello guys, I am trying to prove that the function f(u)=-\frac{1}{(1+u)^2} is Hölder continuous for -1<u \le 0 but...
Dec13-05 01:00 PM
3 1,114
Hi I was wondering what is the relationship between y=a^x for exponential and y=loga (x) for log I koe that we can...
Dec13-05 10:05 AM
5 17,165
let be the integral..where \zeta(s) is the Riemann zeta function. \int_{c-i\infty}^{c+i\infty}ds\zeta(s)(x^{s}/s) ...
Dec12-05 08:21 AM
3 1,532
Can someone explain to me this part of the proof of the jacobian? I dont know what they're talking about...I...
Dec11-05 04:10 AM
3 8,915
How do you determine when f is differentiably from a real analysis standpoint (no graphs and calculus)? Would I simply...
Dec10-05 08:55 PM
12 1,343
I'm feeling a little stupid today and I need some help...:tongue2: Assume that I have a radially-symmetric 3D object...
Dec9-05 06:53 PM
9 17,857
Hi all, I was wondering how to go about solving an optimization problem for a function f(x,y,z) where the two...
Dec9-05 02:19 PM
7 2,141
so i was reading something on the isoperimetric theorem at this...
Dec9-05 12:42 AM
2 1,721
Hello, I could use a big helping hand in trying to understand an example from a text. Let's say I have a convergent...
Dec8-05 03:42 PM
3 4,346
As a problem I was asked to show that phi, as defined by: \phi_n(t) = \frac{n}{\pi(1+n^2t^2)} Satisfies the property...
Dec8-05 12:18 PM
8 1,341
let be the Lebesgue integral with a meassure \mu then if we call this integral.. \int_{X}fd\mu=I my questions...
Dec7-05 11:01 PM
2 1,548
For the function f(x) given by: f(x) = e^{2x} (x<0), = e^{-x} (x>0) I have got the complex Fourier Transform to be:...
Dec7-05 01:10 PM
2 5,220
I was just wondering about the dx and the end of an integral and evaluating integrals by substitution. When you...
Dec6-05 07:43 PM
3 1,189
Are there any computer programs, or computer systems out there that can compute trigonometric values for cosine for...
Dec6-05 10:57 AM
4 1,193
It is asked from me to proove that dy/dx x^ n = nx^n-1 without using the binominal theorem... any ideas?
Dec6-05 06:26 AM
8 1,810
I'm have some trouble distinguising definitions and require some help please: is the epsilon-n def. for...
Dec4-05 10:18 AM
5 2,822
Suppose you are given the equation of a line, and a given cosine function that the line intersects. How do you solve...
Dec3-05 12:39 PM
6 3,144
Sorry if this is a wrong place to post this. What does it mean that a turing machine M recognize language A? Does...
Dec3-05 03:27 AM
5 5,137
I understand hhow to use the chain rule for a simple 2 part composite function, however, I tend to have problems when...
Dec3-05 01:05 AM
4 2,049
If f is differentiable on (a,b), does it imply that f' is continuous on (a,b)? If so, is there a way of proving it?
Dec2-05 01:19 PM
11 8,294
I'm now studying Lebesgues measure on R^n, and when we finished constructing L (all measurable sets), we moved on to...
Dec1-05 10:05 AM
matt grime
15 2,336
So, I had a question for all of you, regarding the relationships between area and circumference, and surface area and...
Nov30-05 02:29 PM
5 10,696
eval. double integal sprt(1+x^2+y^2)ds S is helicoid and r(u,v) = ucos(v)i+usin(v)j+vk, with 0 <=u<=4 and 0<=v<=4pi...
Nov29-05 03:39 AM
1 841
Hi everyone I need some help proving Pedoe's Inequality for two triangles, which states that ...
Nov28-05 03:50 AM
8 1,874
Could somebody explain with due brevity why/how the set of p-adic integers is homeomorphic to the Cantor set less one...
Nov27-05 11:39 AM
matt grime
1 2,535
hi there im confused with this question.. Integrate 1) Sin(1/z) dz and 2) Z sin (1/Z^3) where Z is...
Nov27-05 07:05 AM
3 1,306
I attempted to prove the following equality, but to no avail. Anyone is willing to lend a hand? \int_0^{\infty}...
Nov27-05 07:03 AM
5 1,364
This should be a proof of the fact that exp(x)*exp(y)=exp(x+y). Have a look at it: \begin{align*}...
Nov25-05 11:08 AM
4 3,735
How does one conclude that \frac{d^{2} y}{dx^{2}} = \frac{dy\'/dt}{dx/dt} ? Thanks
Nov25-05 07:35 AM
7 3,319
The function of arc-length c that minimises \int^b_{a}{y dx} is the catenary, but why? I have tried using calculus of...
Nov25-05 12:03 AM
16 1,687
Id like to know if the following argument is valid. Take an arbitrary function f(x). f(x)dx can be thought of an...
Nov24-05 11:37 PM
7 1,731
Lately, we've been going over these two theorems in class. I have a few questions to put forth. 1) I know that in...
Nov24-05 10:06 PM
3 3,565
Hi, I usually dont have any problems with Fubini's theorem, but there is something I just cant figure out. Let f be...
Nov24-05 02:59 PM
3 3,147
The covariant derivative is A^\mu_{\sigma} = \frac{\partial A^\mu}{\partial x_{\sigma}} + \Gamma^\mu_{\sigma...
Nov23-05 02:13 PM
31 3,026
Okay... i did solve it, but i wonder why the answer is what it is. "a string 10 m long is cut in 2 so that one...
Nov23-05 12:12 PM
4 1,326

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