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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,592
I want compute the following integral: $$\\ \int f(x,y) \sqrt{dx^2+dy^2}$$ Is correct this pass-by-pass: $$\\...
Jun15-14 02:25 PM
4 381
What is integral sin(x)/x from 0 to a where a is any finite, positive number?
Jun14-14 08:22 AM
2 510
Hello! I'm having some troubles with that integral: ## \int_0^{k} \frac{x^{\alpha}}{1 + \beta x} dx## I've...
Jun13-14 08:37 PM
9 742
Hello, I've been reviewing some calculus material lately and I just have a couple questions: 1) I've seen...
Jun11-14 05:45 PM
3 550
Hi, I'm looking at a derivation of the thermodynamics of black-body radiation. My question is in regards to the...
Jun11-14 11:48 AM
1 382
Hi every one, Here is my question: In soil physics, knowing the relation between suction head, h, and the soil...
Jun11-14 04:35 AM
5 577
I ask this because it seems that there is no distinction between 0 and an infinitesimal. Similarly, it also seems...
Jun10-14 09:40 PM
2 382
Hi I'm trying to integrate the following q_m = -D A \frac{dc}{dx} where A = 4 \pi r^2 Yes, a sphere. My supplied...
Jun9-14 07:23 AM
10 1,067
Hi guys, What is the best way to sketch 0 = x2 - 2x + 4y2 And 8 = x2 - 2x + 4y2 ? How do I sketch...
Jun9-14 07:11 AM
4 408
Hi everybody, I am looking for some help with a problem that has been nagging me for some time now. I'm going to...
Jun9-14 04:36 AM
8 549
Hello, For a practical I have to know the work done by drag force, but drag force which is bv2 is not constant over...
Jun8-14 10:29 PM
Simon Bridge
4 546
hi, I have difficulty in figuring out the following integral: I(l,m;z) = \int^1_0 dx~\frac{x^l}{z - x^m} , ...
Jun8-14 09:40 AM
Simon Bridge
4 436 this...
Jun7-14 07:53 PM
1 411
What are some helpful strategies for drawing and conceptualizing space curves? I'm having trouble drawing them and I'm...
Jun7-14 11:01 AM
4 468
Hi there! I'm back again with functions over matrices. I have a function f : M_{n\times n} \to M_{n\times n} / f(X)...
Jun7-14 10:57 AM
3 438
I am posting this question, in order to make something clear, since i am confused by derivation of the exponential...
Jun7-14 08:02 AM
7 452
I' at a a very very very basic level of calculus and usually have to watch a video or read something basic just to...
Jun7-14 07:48 AM
3 368
I had a quick question about an expansion. Wolfram and maple have not been very useful in verifying the series. ...
Jun6-14 02:51 PM
2 405
I will give a small background and explain the variables and the system first. I have two images which are observed...
Jun5-14 01:08 PM
Stephen Tashi
9 551
This isn't really a homework question, more just something I noticed while evaluating an integral and was curious...
Jun4-14 11:14 PM
3 448
Fellow researchers out there, I am not a mathematician. However, I have come across in solving few cumbersome...
Jun4-14 09:13 PM
2 364
How do you graph f(x) = x - ]
Jun4-14 09:07 AM
2 353
Hi all, Supposing that s' is the new position, s the old one, t the time started, t' the new time, Δt the time...
Jun3-14 09:37 PM
12 683
dear all, lets consider a length L and divide it into N number of small segments uniformly. Then the length of every...
Jun3-14 09:51 AM
13 888
Equation 1 ##\frac {d\vec T} {ds}## 2. s=arc length=∫|v|dt 3. |v|=speed
Jun2-14 11:01 PM
1 402
I am trying to compute the following integral: \int \exp^{w^T \Lambda w}\, d\theta where \Lambda is a constant wrt...
Jun2-14 09:37 PM
15 546
It seems that the only applicable use I've seen is in finding intercepts on various axes. Are there any other...
Jun2-14 05:13 PM
5 372
Can anybody help in in finding the Fourier transform of f(x) = xe^-x where -1<x<0 and f(x)= 0 otherwise?
Jun1-14 09:10 PM
5 366
I've made mistakes where scaling was used but I just assumed that I didn't need it. e.g. a bug walking towards <1,1,1>...
Jun1-14 07:29 PM
10 339
I learned in my calc 1 class that to calculate the arc length of a curve, we are to compute the integral of the...
Jun1-14 04:13 PM
8 505
I am quite confused between displacement and distance . Suppose a particle travels along a semi circular path or...
Jun1-14 12:49 PM
1 320
If the critical points corresponding to the global min/max of a function ##f:\mathbb{R}^2\rightarrow\mathbb{R}## lie...
May31-14 08:06 AM
1 463
If the tangent is horizontal, it is where the tangent is zero. In single var. calc. that would be at max. or min. for...
May31-14 06:03 AM
3 315
∫sin(x^3) dx I have absolutely no clue on what to deal with the x^3 part. All I can think of is this: ∫sin(ax) dx...
May30-14 11:39 PM
9 588
I know its easier to use the substitution method, by I'm trying to see how it'll work for integration by parts. I...
May30-14 11:25 PM
3 380
\int_{0}^{a}\frac{x}{(x^2+z^2)^\frac{3}{2}}dx Hi all, I'm stuck on this one. Sure theres an easier way to do it....
May30-14 07:21 PM
6 318 NOTE: this is not homework problems. I am trying to...
May29-14 04:55 PM
1 402
I would like to know whether there exists a solution to the following integral, \frac{1}{\pi}...
May29-14 03:17 PM
1 317
So I am pretty bad at u substitution. I don't really get how to replace values with du or u. Can you please give...
May29-14 06:51 AM
7 547
Please, hurry. It's driving me nuts
May28-14 11:02 PM
Nick O
2 405

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