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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,144
consider the following image (the red is the surface area element and the green...
Feb12-14 08:07 AM
1 405
Hi, I would like to confirm my intuition about a bessel integral from you guys. The integral is: Integrate ]...
Feb12-14 04:56 AM
3 300
Hello, I have been working on my master thesis topic and have been struggling to find a solution to a particular...
Feb12-14 02:33 AM
10 656
Hello everyone! I'm studying out of Spivak's calculus on my own and ran into a problem I can't explain on Theorem 1 of...
Feb11-14 08:15 PM
4 461
Prays the CFT that all function f(x) can be expressed how the integral of its derivative more an initial...
Feb11-14 03:30 PM
4 336
Hi everyone, What does \int \vec{f} \vec{dl} mean? does it mean "The Line Integral of Vector Function on a...
Feb11-14 07:23 AM
Simon Bridge
7 454
Hi All, I met the following function to evaluate, $$v(x)=\int_{-\infty}^{-a} G(t) ln(\vert t - x \vert)...
Feb10-14 12:20 PM
2 315
Hi, if oyu look at question 16b in the link below in order to get the second derivative wrt to t they take the square...
Feb10-14 09:07 AM
2 341 I'm having trouble understanding the...
Feb9-14 04:13 PM
1 325
Please delete. I neglected to read the forum guidelines regarding my type of post. Apologies.
Feb9-14 06:28 AM
0 300
Level function = (1/r^2) (x^2 + y^2 + z^2) = 1 Vector , , )] = parametric equation to sphere Level function ...
Feb8-14 08:12 AM
16 560
Hi guys, I've been using this site for a while now, but this is going to be my first post. I want to pick your...
Feb8-14 05:52 AM
2 336
Okay I will try to make this as straightforward and clear as possible. My calculus background is rusty because it's...
Feb7-14 05:13 PM
5 433
I have a probability distribution as follows:...
Feb7-14 07:28 AM
6 788
This is not homework it's just an equation I pulled out of the air and have been trying to solve Derivative of...
Feb7-14 03:38 AM
9 802
O.K. , this question is inspired by a physics class I'm taking where we're working out the expectation values of wave...
Feb6-14 10:57 PM
1 293
I know what a complex number is. Learned it way back when I took college classes. I know it is a number that has a...
Feb6-14 10:56 PM
1 318
Can anybody please help me understand the computation of the integral in the attached image. I shall be grateful.
Feb6-14 09:33 AM
3 391
I can't seem to quite comprehend the level curves for f(x,y)=xy. I realize this should be very simple yet the answer...
Feb5-14 11:49 PM
1 350
What's the difference between these three? I only know Taylor series and its variants which I suppose is called power...
Feb5-14 06:18 AM
2 318
hey pf! can someone please explain physically what the dyadic product represents: \vec{a} \vec{b} i know its a...
Feb5-14 12:36 AM
3 339
Here is the beast \iint_{(ax+\mu _{1})^{2}+(bx+cy+\mu _{2})^{2}\leqslant z}\frac{1}{2\pi \sigma...
Feb4-14 12:06 PM
2 1,085
Has anybody got an idea how to solve this integral. I tried integration by parts, and that made the things even more...
Feb2-14 05:23 AM
1 404
hey pf! can someone comment on this statement i believe to be true: a simply connected, curl-free vector field is...
Feb1-14 01:57 PM
10 611
I've been taking calculus for a while now and I was just wondering why natural logarithm is abbreviated as "ln" and...
Jan31-14 12:18 PM
8 667
If x^n=y^n , n= odd Then x=y I know that an odd is n=2k+1 So x^(2k+1)=y^(2k+1) I don't know how to finish...
Jan30-14 04:41 PM
1 374
I want to show that a function x(a,b) is bounded by some value l, knowing that the extremes of the function occur when...
Jan30-14 10:00 AM
10 501
Hey, everyone. I am trying to find the power series of secant from the known power series of cosin, but my answer...
Jan28-14 09:44 PM
1 348
Hey, I am rather stuck on this gaussian integral.... I have come this far, and not sure what to do now: \int...
Jan28-14 03:17 PM
1 369
I'm teaching a course using D. V. Schroeder, An Introduction to Thermal Physics, and there is a "derivation" in the...
Jan27-14 09:01 PM
5 552
I have thomas calculus 12th edition, I like it, I study and understand calculus, but i need somebody to recommend...
Jan27-14 08:31 PM
6 550
hey pf! i'm trying to get a geometric understanding of the fundamental theorem: \int_a{}^{b}f'(x)dx=f(b)-f(a)...
Jan27-14 08:12 PM
4 413
Hi guys, I'm a bit rusty on optimization, but i remember enough to be able to setup some problems that I am facing in...
Jan27-14 07:51 PM
5 403
Hello all, Suppose I have a simple 1-D signal and I want to compute the hessian. In that case, it should generalise...
Jan27-14 11:08 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 335
I have been reviewing some details on the Dirac Delta function and I've hit a little bit of a road block with trying...
Jan26-14 10:57 AM
3 433
A limit of a sequence is definetely convergent if: If for any value of K there is an N sufficiently large that an >...
Jan26-14 04:40 AM
1 363 In general, if you have a proper rational function,...
Jan25-14 09:52 PM
6 470
Hey PF. I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out i can tell if certain functions are even or odd. For example,...
Jan24-14 05:59 PM
6 394
I have to integrate -partial^2f/partialx^2 -partial^2f/partialy^2 in the variable x-y How to do this?
Jan24-14 08:18 AM
1 376
Hi, I'm working the following paper ""Plane waves viewed from an accelerated frame, K Srinivasan, L Sriramkumar, T...
Jan23-14 10:07 AM
0 430

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