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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,271
Hi, I have a book that makes the equality. \vec{B}dV = (\vec{e_1}B_1 + \vec{e_2}B_2 + \vec{e_1}B_2)dx_1 dx_2 dx_3...
May5-14 01:03 PM
2 659
In the Euler-Lagrange equations y and y' are independent variables, while for a given curve y(x), they are related by...
May5-14 12:05 PM
2 424
Consider the problem of solving overdetermined system Ax = b; In the problem I am trying to solve (from the...
May5-14 10:34 AM
5 519
Hi I am unable to find the proof of the Lagrange inversion formula as given in...
May4-14 10:21 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 471
I'm having trouble calculating the dS vector. I know there are multiple ways to find dS but can anyone explain them to...
May4-14 08:06 PM
10 530
Hi, I am struggling with a problem, where in the middle of my calculations I need to determine a function...
May4-14 05:04 PM
4 571
I guess my first questions is whether saying that a function is differentiable is the same as saying that its...
May4-14 04:28 PM
25 1,043
So I'm just having a bad night about Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics and I was deriving them all over again and...
May4-14 06:45 AM
1 443
A function ##f:\mathbb{R}^3_+\to## defined as ##f(\lambda,\beta,x)=1-e^{-\frac{\lambda}{\beta}\left(1-e^{-\beta...
May3-14 10:20 AM
5 504
I am doing some analysis and I have come up with the following integral: \int \frac{e^{-ax}}{1+be^{-cx}}dx where...
May3-14 09:48 AM
1 381
Hi all, I understand the numerical difference between a Taylor and Maclaurin Series; Maclaurin series is just...
May3-14 06:53 AM
2 531
Hi guys, I'm not sure where to put this question, so I'll just put it here. If a mod knows of a better place, just...
May2-14 12:15 AM
5 623
Hello all, I'm new to the forums (signed up to ask this question- this isn't a homework question). My friend gave me...
May1-14 06:58 PM
6 581
Hi! I have a question about integrating a function with an infinite value. If you integrate a function with a place...
May1-14 03:45 PM
5 461
I'm taking a Calc III Course and I want to know if anyone out there can help me with a few conceptual ideas. I know...
Apr29-14 08:25 AM
3 480
Is there a formula for this gaussian integral: $$int_{-\infty}^{\infty}{x^4}{e^{-a(x-b)^2}}dx$$ I've tried...
Apr28-14 10:47 PM
9 537
Let \normalsize S = \int ^{a}_{b} f dx be the functional i want to minimize. Why does \normalsize f (inside the...
Apr28-14 05:08 PM
3 404
Hey pf!! I was thinking about how div(curl(f)) = 0 for any vector field f. However, is this true for div and curl...
Apr28-14 02:20 PM
2 395
I'm trying to understand this integral. \int \frac {x^3 dx}{x^4 + 1}dx\\ One possible answer is this formula....
Apr28-14 11:05 AM
5 448
I need to solve for the integral of f(x)=cos(x)/sqrt(1+x^2) Integral calculating computers online all say that this...
Apr27-14 08:56 PM
6 421
There is a large chunk of information necessary as a preface to my question, so bare with me for a paragraph or two. I...
Apr27-14 07:47 AM
6 499
I'm having a hard time seeing how spivak derived this formula... "6. The formula for 12+...+n2 may be derived as...
Apr25-14 10:56 PM
4 477
Integrals containing \frac{1}{\sqrt{x^2+a^2-2xa \cos{\theta}}} occure frequently in physics but I still have problem...
Apr25-14 10:16 AM
4 447
I don't quite understand the context of common tangent problems. This is one of the problems I am trying to solve:...
Apr24-14 09:59 PM
Simon Bridge
9 468
let D be simple connected Domain and C be simple close curve in D. then by cauchy integral theorm ∫(z) dz over C ...
Apr24-14 05:17 PM
3 371
Hi! Consider the function \frac{d^n}{dx^n} \sum_{k=1}^m \sin{kx}, \quad 0 \leq x \leq \pi/2 . If n is odd...
Apr23-14 11:16 PM
Simon Bridge
1 416
Hello, This might seem like a very basic problem for the most of you but I am a little bit confused as to the...
Apr23-14 10:37 AM
Mr. Fest
6 437
So here's a little background for the question: I have an arc that covers 3/4s of a circle (so it's not quite a...
Apr22-14 05:12 PM
7 475
Hi, I need some clarification on exactly which critical points are saddle points. The definition I am finding...
Apr22-14 02:01 PM
2 394
Hello everyone, I have recently bumped into the Kramers Kronig Relations while reviewing some of my Eletromagnetism...
Apr21-14 08:29 PM
7 459
Say for some general function f(x), and g(x) = ∑x=0∞ f(x) (assuming function is defined) Is there a way to find the...
Apr20-14 03:30 PM
8 521
So I was doing my calc homework when I stumbled upon this thought: lets say you were trying to find the solid of...
Apr20-14 02:11 PM
1 475
Hi I am facing a mathematical problem in my research. I am not a maths magor and i need to do this to move on with my...
Apr20-14 12:58 PM
22 848
I do not know how to formulate formulas on this forum so I just wrote it neatly on a piece of paper and linked it. ...
Apr19-14 07:21 PM
1 352
How is this limit evaluated? \lim_{k->0}\frac{sin(\pi k)}{sin(\frac{\pi k}{N})} I know that it is N, but I...
Apr19-14 01:54 AM
1 483
If exist a connection between the infinitesimal derivative and the discrete derivative $$d = \log(\Delta + 1)$$...
Apr18-14 05:17 PM
6 382
Hey guys, just trying to understand how the quotient rule is derived, so I head over to wikipedia and saw this: ...
Apr18-14 02:14 PM
4 439
Hello, I have a real world application that I need some help with. I am sensitive to the fact that this is not the...
Apr18-14 01:12 PM
2 512
Hello, Wolfram is giving me the required answer however, the steps it uses I find very confusing. Can anyone share...
Apr18-14 09:53 AM
1 381
For my own use and consumption, I created a generalization of the nth integral of a function f and I'm posting it here...
Apr18-14 03:03 AM
5 464

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