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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,261
I tried to find the length of a sine curve using calculus.I got stuck in the integral of integral(sqrt(cos(x)^2+1), x,...
Apr16-12 07:20 AM
4 2,216
So kind of like this thread, I'm looking to convert a discrete sum to an integral. My idea thus far has been to arrive...
Apr15-12 04:21 PM
10 2,646
Hi, I was wondering about how to determine the residue of a pole that is written in the form: f(z) = \frac{1}{(1 +...
Apr15-12 06:21 AM
3 952
I'm confused regarding the limits required for the following question: Find the area in the plane between the...
Apr15-12 05:01 AM
3 1,133
Could somone tell me how is it that the double integral could be used for both calculating the area as well as the...
Apr14-12 07:26 PM
2 850
Does anyone have any tips for solving the system of equations formed while trying to find Lagrange Multipliers? I have...
Apr14-12 01:39 PM
1 1,161
The first fundamental theorem of calculus begins by defining a function like this: ...
Apr14-12 09:38 AM
7 1,695
Hi, I need help with this problem; minimize x^3, subject to K= x-Ωπ so would the solution be K-Ωπ=x
Apr14-12 07:58 AM
1 1,002
I am looking for an explanation and derivation of a total differential of a 2nd order function, i.e. a function that...
Apr13-12 02:24 PM
0 741
Say we want to find ∫(-cosx)sinx dx set u = -cosx so du/dx = sinx ∫u \frac{du}{dx}dx And then the dx's...
Apr13-12 01:16 PM
31 3,430
I came accross the question The following equation represents two straight lines. Determine the equation of each of...
Apr13-12 08:39 AM
1 1,144
The first order KKT condition for constrained optimization requires that the gradient for the Lagrangian is equal to...
Apr12-12 02:56 PM
4 1,003
I am reading a recent (2003) paper, "Fatou and Julia Sets of Quadratic Polynomials" by Jerelyn T. Watanabe. A...
Apr12-12 01:27 PM
4 1,137
How do I find the local minimum of z=sqrt(x^2+y^2) I know its simple, but I'm stuck on it. I've tried using the...
Apr11-12 07:12 AM
3 1,111
\int^{\infty}_{1}\frac{1}{e^{t}-1}dt = -ln(e - 1) + 1 Not sure how to get the +1 part from infinity, seems like...
Apr10-12 08:49 PM
3 1,107
Please see the attachment. Under the given range of parameters the integral converges, but I can't find a closed form...
Apr10-12 07:31 PM
2 1,051
Hi, I have a probability density function defined by 1 / D x E . eABC/2 D is a single number E is a...
Apr10-12 05:47 PM
1 776
Hi folks, I need to evaluate (numerically) a multi-dimensional integral of the form \int_A f(x) dx. Now in my...
Apr10-12 08:51 AM
12 2,640
greetings . any ideas on how to evaluate this integral \lim_{T\rightarrow...
Apr9-12 02:29 AM
4 1,250
Hi, I am wondering how to express the domain of a two-variable function f(x,y) as below. For any given y, f(x,y)...
Apr8-12 09:22 PM
2 1,015
Alright. I completely confused about determining the area between regions of polar curves. However, I do feel that I...
Apr8-12 08:34 PM
3 2,050
Is there a general inversion formula or procedure for an integral of the form (where f is the function being...
Apr8-12 07:10 PM
0 1,535
Can someone determine what this iteration works out to, where x' becomes x again each time, starting with x=1 and a...
Apr8-12 01:35 PM
8 1,027
I need a quick reminder that this is (hopefully) true: Let \sum a_n be an infinite series of complex terms which...
Apr8-12 01:26 PM
2 1,147
Hello! I tried to develop equations of motion of system of wheels, where the first one with radius of r is rotated...
Apr8-12 08:31 AM
1 682
When constructing the vector equation for the position vector r (finishing at point P) in the drawing below. Why is it...
Apr7-12 11:38 PM
Stephen Tashi
6 1,312
ok let transmission = t(x)=I(0)exp(-a(x)) =I(0) then let s(x)=t(xo-mcos(wt)) taking the fourier transform...
Apr7-12 06:58 PM
0 850
Some time ago I saw a thread in which was mentioned a root-finding algorithm that converges twice as fast as the...
Apr7-12 06:25 PM
3 1,253
Forgive the basic question but my Google Fu isn't strong enough in math. I understand that for constant velocity...
Apr7-12 04:24 PM
7 1,021
I have been reading some material about the relationship between Kepler's Equation for Elliptical Motion and Bessel...
Apr7-12 01:39 PM
0 1,144
Hi there. I need to find some iteration functions for x - 2\frac{sin(x)}{cos(x)}=0, as g(x)=2\frac{sin(x)}{cos(x)}...
Apr7-12 08:04 AM
1 1,172
Hi I am having trouble getting my head around the definition of a gradient. I know a gradient tells us the direction...
Apr7-12 07:40 AM
22 2,683
I am trying to differentiate the functions xn, eax and ln(ax) from first principles. I have successful in all three,...
Apr6-12 01:13 PM
10 2,504
I'm confused about the DFT of the data, fn = cos(3\pin/N) for n=0,1,...,N. It is definitely an even function, and I...
Apr5-12 10:30 PM
8 2,263
I had questions on 2 Problems in the Text: 1. The total cost C of producing x units of some item is a function of...
Apr5-12 08:49 PM
7 1,800
I am doing my research in probability. I have found some probability distribution of a random variable X on the n...
Apr5-12 08:13 PM
7 1,120
I'm programming a camera for a game, and to achieve some effect I think the best solution would be some kind of...
Apr5-12 08:05 PM
13 1,586
Hello all! I have been reviewing my vector calculus coursework as of late, and this time around, I've been really...
Apr5-12 01:43 PM
4 4,309
I am trying to derive the divergence in cylindrical coordinates using the Jacobian. I have already found the Jacobian...
Apr4-12 09:39 PM
0 1,899
How you get Fourier transform from Fourier series? Do Fourier series becomes Fourier transform as L --> infinity? ...
Apr4-12 10:52 AM
Ahmed Abdullah
1 1,476

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