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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,055
How do we get the power series of arctan using integration. Could someone explain this step by step as I'm quite...
Apr1-12 03:30 AM
3 1,262
Hi, So in my book they separate out a solution the heat equation into a function of x and a function of t and then...
Mar31-12 04:53 PM
0 789
Hi all ! I am terribly sorry if this was answered before but i couldn't find the post. So that's the deal. We all know...
Mar31-12 09:29 AM
1 1,354
Difficult with this problem. Find all entire functions f such that |f(z)| = 1 for all z with |z| = 1. Are there...
Mar30-12 10:51 PM
3 1,175
greetings . we have the integral : \lim_{T\to \infty }\int_{2-iT}^{2+iT}\frac{(s-1)^{n}}{s}ds which diverges for...
Mar30-12 03:11 PM
2 861
I am not sure what the derivative with respect to a complex conjugate is and I have not been able to find it in any...
Mar30-12 02:05 PM
1 1,647
Hi there. Evaluating the expression \int\frac{dx}{\sqrt{x^{2}+y^{2}}} I can get to the result...
Mar30-12 12:54 PM
2 869
Does anyone know how to prove the following statement? I haven't messed with integrals for awhile and I have to say...
Mar30-12 12:28 PM
3 747
I would like to find derivations of exp(-ik0r) respect to k in order to calculate exp(-ik1r) by using Taylor...
Mar30-12 10:02 AM
1 1,011
I was reading a paper where the following integral appears: I = \int_0 ^{\pi}dt\sqrt{k^2 + \sin^2t} In the...
Mar30-12 09:49 AM
6 872
Any books discussing the formula of d^2Z and d^3Z? Are they liked that? Anyone saw them before? Z(x,...
Mar30-12 07:20 AM
1 749
We have a function f:R^2->R and it has partial derivative of 2nd order. Show that f_{xy}=0 \forall (x,y)\in...
Mar30-12 05:32 AM
3 719
If I have \int e^{2x}sin(x)sin(2x) And then I use Eulers formula to substitute in for the sine terms. So I...
Mar30-12 05:25 AM
10 2,300
i see people discussing the convergence radius of a perturbation series in the literature i am really baffled ...
Mar30-12 03:55 AM
1 876
Suppose f is a biholomorphic mapping from Ω to Ω, if f(a) = a and f'(a) = 1 for some a in Ω, can we prove that f(z) =...
Mar29-12 09:05 PM
2 810
When do derivatives in the sense of distributions and classical derivative coincide? Of course f needs to be...
Mar29-12 01:51 PM
Stevan White
3 2,557
How would one show that if there is a number c for which g'(c)=0, then every point on the level set {(x,y)|H(x,y)=c}...
Mar29-12 12:41 PM
2 1,032
Can we prove that the Laplace transform represents a holomorphic function in the right half plane Re(z)>0?
Mar29-12 11:48 AM
0 821
I THINK this theorem in short words states that if a function is continuous in an interval then it has a maximum. But...
Mar29-12 08:54 AM
2 683
I wonder how would I get out the integral when the denominator is square-rooted. ∫\frac{1}{\sqrt{3x-x^2}} dx
Mar29-12 07:24 AM
2 1,427
If the derivative of x^n equals nx^(n-1), then the derivative of x or x^1 equals x^0, but 0^0 is undefined. Does that...
Mar29-12 05:45 AM
26 2,372
This app has helped me so much with calculus. Calculus Genie:
Mar28-12 05:38 PM
1 1,016
If the function f:D→ℝ is uniformly continuous and a is any number, show that the function a*f:D→ℝ also is uniformly...
Mar28-12 10:05 AM
2 1,385
I need to get a general function in 2 variables f(m,n). The task is to find a general function f(m,n) with these...
Mar28-12 09:09 AM
0 561
Dear Users, For normally distributed random variables x and y's p.d.f.: \frac{1} {\sqrt{2\pi...
Mar28-12 12:30 AM
0 1,137
The original problem is as follows: IF E,F are measurable subset of R and m(E),m(F)>0 then the set E+F contains...
Mar27-12 10:20 PM
6 2,282
To be specific, with total derivative I mean the linear map that best approximates a given function f at a given...
Mar27-12 11:42 AM
0 1,146
The cone centre is the z-axis and has base ρ=1 and height z=1, I'm looking at the lecture notes and it says the limit...
Mar27-12 05:41 AM
2 1,934
I have a function namely cos(x)/x^2 which I need to integrate in the limits of x = -1 to x = +1. If we plot the...
Mar27-12 03:25 AM
16 1,862
let f(X) : R^n --> R be a function defined on convex set S s.t S is a subset of Rn (real space n-dim). Let f is...
Mar26-12 10:13 PM
0 810
I wasn't really sure where to post this because I am covering this in 2 classes (Math and Physics). Figured this...
Mar25-12 10:59 PM
6 1,522
Hi, I know this one is not too hard, but I've been stuck for a while: Say f is holomorphic and non-constant on...
Mar25-12 10:28 PM
15 1,866
other than the physics (work) what are the applications of line integral? particularly does it have any use in finance...
Mar25-12 09:00 PM
3 1,207
I tried very long time to show that For closed subset A,B of R^d, A+B is measurable. A little bit of hint says...
Mar25-12 11:19 AM
8 1,565
I was experimenting with some physics and the mathematics started to get a bit tougher than what I'm used to. I had a...
Mar24-12 11:24 PM
3 992
Hey guys girls and thanks in advance (Sorry if this post is in the wrong area) Ive been working with splines in 2D...
Mar24-12 05:49 PM
0 753
I just sent some time dicking around with the MacLaurin expansion of exp(-z2) to derive a series expression for √π, by...
Mar24-12 04:17 PM
3 1,028
I've started self-teaching asymptotic methods, and I have some theoretic questions (and lots of doubts!). 1. Say I...
Mar24-12 03:47 PM
1 1,067
This is not homework. Earlier today I was trying to prove that if a limit of a certain function exists, then it's...
Mar24-12 08:31 AM
5 1,072
i have found the area of sphere in two ways using the same approximation.but i get two different answers ;one the...
Mar24-12 05:42 AM
3 1,255

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