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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,050
I have a set of N data points defined over a periodic interval, 0\le x \le 1. I made a discrete fast fourier...
Feb26-12 05:27 AM
0 711
Hi, In high school, I was shown an unconventional but quicker way to find max/mins. I'm not sure how common it is...
Feb25-12 01:56 PM
2 828
I have been working on a problem proposed in a math journal, and there is only one thing I need to figure out. Here...
Feb25-12 01:27 PM
1 1,018
If C is a simple closed contour such that w lies interior to C, and n > 1, then \int_{C} \frac{dz}{(z-w)^n} = 0. I'm...
Feb25-12 11:11 AM
5 1,281
Have the following question and just wondering if my solution is correct Let g(x)= x^5+3x-1. Show that there are no...
Feb25-12 11:01 AM
3 937
So I came across a problem that said to use u-sub to solve: integral(x^4sinxdx) But the only way I could think...
Feb25-12 06:44 AM
1 988
My textbook (Taylor, Classical Mechanics) and professor introduced the concept of \nabla_{1} to mean "the gradient...
Feb25-12 12:30 AM
3 1,093
I posted a problem called "estimating eigenvalue of perturbed matrix" in the section 'Linear and abstract algebra'...
Feb24-12 10:54 PM
2 649
We can show that \int_{0}^\infty e^{-kx}dx=\frac{1}{k} for real $$k>0.$$ Does this result hold for $$\Re...
Feb24-12 05:02 PM
2 853
I'm curious if 1/x ~ 0. Technically by the definition I know it's not since lim x→∞ (1/x)/0 = ∞. But I feel like it...
Feb24-12 03:20 PM
8 1,138
On a quiz, a true/false statement was given along the lines of: "The gradient is a specific example of a...
Feb24-12 03:10 PM
12 1,642
Ok I can do the integral and see that it is equal to 2∏i, but thinking about it in terms of 'adding up' all the points...
Feb24-12 09:26 AM
22 2,533
The stupid question of the day. Is it fair to say that\frac{du}{dx} = \frac 1 {dx/du} since this comes (I think)...
Feb24-12 07:36 AM
2 1,185
I am having a hard time understanding how to parametrize the function y = sin(x) into component form (i,j).
Feb24-12 07:06 AM
4 1,075 It seems great, but I don't know really. I think someone can...
Feb23-12 10:04 PM
0 863
I actually made this question up while studying some chemistry. The problem is easy to visualize, but I'm trying to...
Feb23-12 07:31 PM
12 1,087
I understand everything in the proof except the last step I have written here. What comes after, I understand. How...
Feb23-12 10:02 AM
4 1,144
"In his studies on Fourier Series, W.H.Young has analyzed certain convex functions \Phi:IR\rightarrow\bar{IR}^{+}...
Feb23-12 09:05 AM
0 1,144
Total variation is defined by \Delta f=\delta f+\Delta x For example f(x,y)=yx, y=y(x) \Delta f=x\delta...
Feb23-12 06:55 AM
2 1,033
Hi, How can I set a table in mathematica to count by a specified value, rather than the preset 1. For example, if I...
Feb22-12 08:08 PM
0 874
Wondering whether somebody could help me with a quick integral?? dp/dt = ap(1-(p^2/q^2)) initial condition p(0) =...
Feb22-12 04:23 PM
3 1,141
I wonder why z^(-1/2) cannot be expanded in Laurent series with center z=0. Anyone knows?
Feb22-12 03:30 PM
2 1,031
Hello, I am just starting to learn limit evaluation techniques. I am unsure of the method used in this case. (x^3 +...
Feb22-12 10:14 AM
5 1,075
note that by limit I mean the calculus operation, as in limf(x) as x->a. I was playing around with numbers earlier...
Feb22-12 08:52 AM
10 5,523
Hi all, I have a set of data that is number of counts - vs - angle. I need one angle for a calculation. I need to...
Feb22-12 01:16 AM
0 618 Question 7 here involves a function with...
Feb21-12 02:14 PM
4 1,067
Aloha! This is my first post, and I hope that I am posting in the correct area... I need help with a math...
Feb21-12 01:05 PM
T.A. Zenaide
6 1,354
I see equations of the form, y=\int_{-\infty }^{t}{F\left( x \right)}dx a lot in my texts. What exactly does...
Feb21-12 11:44 AM
Char. Limit
3 1,033
The text book used in one of my courses talks about expanding functions in powers of 1/z aka negative powers of z. ...
Feb20-12 02:44 PM
2 1,945
Hi, In my fluids work I have come to integrals of the type: \int_{0}^{\infty}\frac{e^{ikx}}{ak^{2}+bk+c}dk I...
Feb20-12 04:41 AM
4 1,100
Say we are solving an indefinite integral ∫x√(2x+1) dx. According to the textbook, the solution goes like this. ...
Feb20-12 02:55 AM
4 1,259
I am checking my homework with mathematica, but sometimes when I write stuff like D , which is supposed to give me...
Feb19-12 08:53 PM
1 1,070
greetings . we have the integral : I(s)=\int_{0}^{\infty}\frac{s(E_{s}(x^{s})-1)-x}{x(e^{x}-1)}dx which is...
Feb19-12 07:18 PM
2 1,113
I need to solve the following problem for a school assignment. Let λ(t) denote the failuer rate of a system at time...
Feb19-12 06:04 PM
Char. Limit
7 1,181
What I know from the chain rule is that if y and u are differentiable with respect to x then dy/dx = (dy/du)*(du/dx) ...
Feb19-12 04:47 PM
5 999
Hello guys, would you please check the solution attached with this post and whether it's right or wrong ??? if...
Feb19-12 03:29 PM
4 1,104
I was reading a section on vector fields and realized I am confused about how to take partials of vector quantities. ...
Feb19-12 12:44 PM
The Head
10 1,810
Hi, I need a 3-variable function f(x,y,z) with the following properties: Denote fij=∂f2/∂i∂j. 1, f(x,y,z) must...
Feb19-12 11:31 AM
0 833
Is the imaginary axis considered a closed curve on the Riemann Sphere?
Feb18-12 05:17 PM
1 924
A function defined on ℝ is continuous at x if given ε, there is a δ such that |f(x)-f(y)|<ε whenever |x-y|<δ. Does...
Feb17-12 07:42 PM
3 1,007

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