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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,525
I deleted.
Apr27-04 07:34 PM
1 1,558
sorry I deleted everything.
Apr27-04 10:37 PM
2 1,085
An automobile manufacturer finds that 80,000 cars can be sold if each is priced at $12,000. However, the number sold...
Apr28-04 06:24 PM
2 7,227
\sum_{n=1}^\infty\frac{\cos{\frac{n}{2}}}{n^2+4n} Sorry I am just trying out this latex stuff as it's very new to...
Apr29-04 02:22 AM
1 1,423
Hello, I'm considering the system: dx/dt=y-x dy/dt=x-y I've found the fixed points and shown that this is a...
Apr29-04 04:07 AM
1 1,618
A weight hanging on a vertical spring is set in motion with a downward velocity of 6 cm/sec from its equilibrium...
Apr29-04 01:58 PM
1 788
hi, this is a really simple question, what is: (1/x^0)*x, does it give: x^2???
Apr29-04 03:55 PM
1 907
Does anyone know of any sources that explain change of variables for double integrals. Actually, I get the change of...
Apr29-04 10:39 PM
3 1,468
An archer shoots an arrow from a height of 5 ft. at an angle of inclination of 30 degrees with a velocity of 300...
Apr30-04 02:33 PM
3 997
This thing has me tearing my hair out: Let {a0, a1,...} be a sequence such that...
Apr30-04 04:06 PM
4 956
In the first part of the question, I proved that \int_{1/2}^{2} \frac{ln x}{1+x^2} dx = 0 Then I needed to...
May1-04 02:11 PM
15 5,758
integral of 1/1-sinx exist in 0-180???
May1-04 06:22 PM
1 959
I've been working on the concept below, but have little experience with standard calculas notation and methods. I...
May2-04 02:58 PM
2 1,349
I noticed than in the chapters I am studying now that while they give us a formula for taking the derivative of log...
May3-04 12:12 AM
Math Is Hard
4 5,372
f(x) = x.e^(-pi.x^2) this is how I tried to do it... f'(x) = x.(-pi.2.x.e^(-pi.x^2)) + 1.e^(-pi.x^2) f'(x) = (1...
May3-04 12:31 PM
2 1,060
Because the administrators recomend to post the topics from classical geometry here, there's one covering problem,...
May3-04 03:21 PM
0 1,666
This is an easy question but can some else show/tell me how to do it: "use the complex exponential series to express...
May3-04 05:13 PM
fourier jr
3 2,749
Hello, I have a simple question. When reducing a lambda expression what happens in this case: (L x.y) (L z.z) (L...
May3-04 06:16 PM
2 2,813
Any references would be appreciated. Thank you.
May3-04 10:16 PM
2 1,656
I am not sure where to start with this problem....Any help I receive would be greatly appreciated: Compute the...
May4-04 06:37 AM
1 4,165
If the surface area equation for a box is given as 7200 = 6x^2 + 4xy where x represents the length and width of the...
May4-04 02:46 PM
7 1,141
Hi, I've to cope a little problem concerning general nonlinear regression. To cut a long story short: I've got a...
May5-04 07:17 AM
Dr Transport
1 5,887
Hello, can anyone help me out here? If you have a function f(z) in U, and b in U, such that b is an isolated...
May5-04 09:06 PM
1 1,615
I need to find the derivative of: (x^2-6x+9)(2x^2-x+1) what i did: (2x-6)(2x^2-x+1)+(4x-1)(x^2-6x+9)...
May6-04 11:46 AM
fourier jr
4 893
Someone has to help me here. 1. \int \frac{dx}{\sqrt{1 - x^2}} = sin^-1 x + C So the derivative of sin^-1x is...
May6-04 03:36 PM
2 14,549
I am asked to find the equation of the tanget line to the curve at the givien points. (y -y1 = m(x1-x)) The point...
May6-04 07:01 PM
1 4,460
Heya! I was hoping someone could clear this up for me: how would a line integral be represted graphically? I've...
May6-04 07:12 PM
matt grime
5 892
Hello, I am in grade 12 taking math31 which is pretty much a college course. Im not doing that great in it at the...
May6-04 10:25 PM
3 944
On the final exam that I just took, the last problem went like this: A spotlight is shining on a building. It is 36...
May8-04 11:21 AM
9 4,482
Ok i have an easy function: 1/(5x^7sqrt(x)) Now i am asked to derive this. What would be the best method. I thought...
May8-04 11:38 AM
3 1,270
We went over this breifly in class and i'm confused on it. Were doing first order only and this is the problem: z =...
May8-04 09:36 PM
fourier jr
5 1,206
Anyone know how to find a sum of a function using the poisson summation formula and the fourier transform. Thanks!...
May12-04 12:55 AM
1 1,797
In the movie A Beautiful Mind, Prof. Nash introduces his class at MIT to a problem (below) on the chalkboard and...
May12-04 12:43 PM
1 10,513
Alright, so I've got this volume problem and it seemed really easy, only my answer is off, if only by a little bit....
May14-04 09:57 AM
matt grime
8 933
Find a nonzero polynomial f(w, x, y, z) in the four indeterminates w, x, y, and z of minimum degree such that...
May15-04 01:37 AM
matt grime
1 2,347
Hello folks! I'd be happy for any help you could give me. Thanks! :) First though I'd like to make clear that I...
May17-04 01:32 AM
20 7,503
Hi, ive been trying to solve this integral for a while now, but im still making no headway, any help would be much...
May17-04 04:38 PM
20 2,074
Is there a simple neat process to compute derivates for factorials beyond the simple ones...
May18-04 12:13 AM
3 3,305
Can you tell me what the following formula will be after it gets expanded ? (1+x+x^2+.......+x^n^-^2+x^n^-^1)^2 = ? ...
May19-04 07:45 AM
2 2,830
If I intergrate 2(pi)r I get (pi)r^2 If I integrate that I get 1/3 (pi)r^3, which is close to the volume of a...
May19-04 04:37 PM
matt grime
6 1,332

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