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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,282
Im trying to find the derivative of f(x) = x+2 / x-2 I know the formula to apply to this but it get quite messy...
Mar31-08 05:17 AM
11 1,247 can someone please help me on problem number 2 of the link...
Mar31-08 06:53 AM
1 1,577
I have taught myself derivatives and I have taught myself the power rule and substitution but the book that I have bin...
Mar31-08 07:53 AM
4 911
Hi there, hopefully someone can help me I'm completely lost!! I'm trying to solve sin((pi*x)/6) >= (x/2) for o<=...
Mar31-08 12:20 PM
9 1,852
How the heck do I do this problem? ------ Evaluate integral: \int\inte^(x/y) dA Where dA=dxdy or dA=dydx
Mar31-08 02:15 PM
1 755
1. (a) If{an} is a covergent sequence and limit of an ^2=0, prove that limit of an=0. (b) If limit of an...
Mar31-08 02:39 PM
1 1,341
Hi, I have a question on complex stone-weierstrass theorem. the span of {exp(2Pi*inx) :n is integer} is uniformly...
Mar31-08 03:56 PM
0 2,439
Let f:]a,b be a continuously differentiable function, where ]a,b is some interval, and define ...
Mar31-08 06:30 PM
0 754
Hi, I came across an integral equation of the Form x(t)=\int_\mathbb{R_+}{ds\, x(s)K(s,t)} wher K is some...
Mar31-08 07:29 PM
Pere Callahan
5 2,247
i wondered at the idea that calculus works for continuous functions and in reality fundamental quantities are...
Apr1-08 03:29 AM
Gib Z
6 896
Problem: Let X be a locally compact Hausdorff space, Y a subspace. Show that the quotient space X/Y is a Hausdorff...
Apr1-08 08:33 AM
2 1,726
Hey guys, I'm in a little bit of a jam here: I managed to miss a really important lecture on continuity the other...
Apr1-08 02:16 PM
3 1,230
Hey guys, could one of you explain why when doing a volume integral using spherical polar coordinates, you have the...
Apr1-08 06:16 PM
8 1,926
Any help on this problem would be appreciated a) Show that (f^-1 S)compliment is equal to f^-1(S compliment) for...
Apr1-08 08:19 PM
Pere Callahan
2 1,760
For those who don't know I'm writing a tutorial (Introduction / Summary of Differentiation) in the tutorials forum. I...
Apr2-08 08:21 AM
3 4,650
Ok, this might be a dumb question but can anyone tell me what kind of math calculus is? I asked my current teacher...
Apr2-08 11:17 AM
4 890
Hi there, I have problems in finding the correct results for these integrals. I have to say I m not a great expert...
Apr2-08 01:20 PM
nullus 1er
0 874
i am in 11 grade and i have taught myself calculus so the calc teacher at my school sighned me up for the A-B calc...
Apr2-08 01:33 PM
2 3,136
Use binomial series to approximate sqrt (35) with an accuracy of 10^(-7) (35) = sqrt(35*36/36) = 6*sqrt(35/36)...
Apr2-08 04:03 PM
1 792
How does one know when the a polar curve repeats itself? I usually go from 0 to 2pi but that sometimes get me into...
Apr2-08 07:13 PM
2 2,239
Polar curves absolutely drives me nuts. I can do the integration to find the area of it no problem. The problem is.. I...
Apr2-08 11:01 PM
2 3,357
Prove by definition the statement lim x->4 √x = 2 This is what I've done: Given ε>0 |(√x)-2| = |√x-2|< ε ...
Apr3-08 06:54 AM
7 1,457
I'm trying to show a function has non-uniform continuity, and I can't seem to think of 2 sequences (xn) and (yn) where...
Apr3-08 11:01 AM
3 931
I think you can use integration by parts to do the integral below. But, it's going to take a lot time to do it that...
Apr4-08 04:05 AM
Gib Z
4 2,028
Hi, Someone has some suggestion about self-study book about "Laplacian" and "Hamilton Operator". Thanks
Apr4-08 10:27 AM
2 1,458
I'm working on a 3d physics simulator, and I'm trying to build a nice, easy-to-use camera into it. Currently, the...
Apr4-08 04:57 PM
0 1,000
Hi all. I am stuck on this problem: Prove that \sum^{\infty}_{n=1}\frac{n}{(n+1)(n+2)(n+3)}=1/4. I am totally...
Apr5-08 08:10 PM
9 1,566
Can somebody solve this problem: the limit of ^(1/x) when x approaches 0 ?
Apr6-08 05:45 AM
2 837
Suppose f is continuous function on such that for each continuous function g, \int(fg)dj = 0 (Note: integral is from...
Apr6-08 04:04 PM
2 846
If f is continuous on , f(x) \geq 0 for each x in and there is a number p in such that f(p) > 0, then \int f dj > 0...
Apr6-08 05:22 PM
6 960
for g(x) = (x-2) / (x^2 -9) the domain of the function would be simply to have the denominator not equal to 0,...
Apr6-08 11:03 PM
2 1,208
figured it out
Apr7-08 12:43 AM
0 1,027
id like some help deriving certain functions using the chain rule the way our teacher does it is different from what...
Apr7-08 02:31 AM
4 1,459
I read somewhere that e^\pi - \pi = 20. 1. Is it true? 2. I tried finding out.. but all i've reached till is: ...
Apr7-08 09:23 AM
3 980
How do you do the convolution of exp (x(n))*u(x(n)) and exp(x(n-1))*u(x(n-1)) where u(x) is the unit step...
Apr7-08 01:03 PM
0 1,141
Hey all, i'm hoping someone can help me understand this example in my book. I'm pretty bad at analysis, so explaining...
Apr7-08 03:41 PM
8 3,016
So we learned about the basic tests for convergence of an infinite series, and we learned about alternating series,...
Apr7-08 05:01 PM
11 2,324
Apr7-08 07:42 PM
0 788
Can someone help me with this? Let f: R into R be differentiable 1) If there is an M strictly less than 1 for each x...
Apr7-08 08:57 PM
17 2,415
Tell me what is wrong with this :) ln (2) = ln( 1 +1 ) and the power series expansion of ln(1+x) for x=1 gives ...
Apr7-08 10:02 PM
11 3,134

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