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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,267
This is a general question, I guess. If I am given an infinite series, how do I go about finding its sum using Fourier...
Apr7-08 10:44 PM
1 1,138
Could anyone please explain how to solve the improper integral below? I have no idea of how to do it. If f is a...
Apr8-08 02:44 AM
21 3,756
I'm working on this problem x^5/6+1/(10x^3) and I got the equation: sqrt(1+(5x^4/6-3/10^4)^2) or...
Apr8-08 07:49 AM
5 9,264
f(x) is a continuous function of x, whose domain is . Revolve the graph around the x axis. In doing so you will...
Apr8-08 07:51 AM
7 6,230
Why does this work? Or maybe a...
Apr8-08 02:36 PM
5 1,358
given the series g(x)= \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}\frac{a_{n}}{\sqrt {x-n}} where the coefficients a_n are real...
Apr8-08 03:31 PM
1 1,153
Suppose a surface in R3 is continuous on a certain interval and two points are selected within that interval, how...
Apr8-08 07:44 PM
0 1,921
I am trying to find the first and second derivative using the chain rule of the following: u sin(x^2) This is...
Apr8-08 07:50 PM
1 1,674
Ok. So I need two questions answered so i can check answers with what u guys got. 1. a. On Earth, you could...
Apr9-08 09:35 AM
3 5,760
if you put the differential dx, dy, and dz in the front of the integrand how do you order it so that it matches the...
Apr9-08 09:48 AM
3 2,866
Hello all, I've got an exam tomorrow so any quick responses would be appreciated. I'm following the Boas section on...
Apr9-08 08:25 PM
1 4,821
What exactly is the difference between "increasing/decreasing" and "strictly increasing/decreasing" ? is it similar to...
Apr9-08 10:06 PM
6 2,124
i'm stuck on this relatively simply integral for a differential equation problem ... | du / cos(pi/4 - u )...
Apr10-08 05:19 AM
Gib Z
2 889
Hi all, I need help. What is the difference between \int_{0}^b x^2 dx
Apr10-08 01:20 PM
2 1,180
Hi, I feel really silly for asking this question... but can anyone give me any advice on how to evaluate the...
Apr10-08 01:49 PM
1 1,406
I'm looking for help with my conceptual understanding of part of the following: 1) If a series is convergent it's...
Apr10-08 08:46 PM
3 8,606
I'm trying to figure out what is meant by parametrizing a path, and how it would be done for a function of multiple...
Apr11-08 07:05 AM
3 2,491
Considering the composition of two functions ƒ g If g is even then does this mean that ƒ g is even? why? Or...
Apr11-08 09:29 AM
9 12,345
Important stuff: \sum i^2 = \frac{n(n+1)(2n+1)}{6} \sum i = \frac{n(n+1)}{2} And the solution: (Where I write...
Apr11-08 11:51 AM
2 1,882
My question is simple : Suppose that f is in C^\infty(U, ) where U is an open of R^n . Is there g in...
Apr11-08 05:00 PM
3 1,223
Hi I have a question about rearranging the following equation (I saw this in a finance book): If we rearrange...
Apr11-08 06:56 PM
6 4,177
I am confused about the right formula for this. Is it R_{n} \leq T_{n} \leq\int_{n+1}_{\infty} or R_{n} \leq...
Apr11-08 09:13 PM
0 5,362
we have f(0)=1, f '(x)>=f(x) we shall prove f(x)>e^x for every x>=0 thanx to the solvers
Apr12-08 06:32 PM
8 1,365
I'm doing some work with vectors, and essentially, I have two vectors: a large vector and a unit vector pointing in a...
Apr12-08 09:21 PM
6 8,914
Is Martingale difference sequence strictly stationary and ergodic? It seems to me that Martingale Difference Sequence...
Apr13-08 02:20 AM
1 6,244
The theorem of pappus seems too simple that i do not get it. ok suppose I have the 1. (x cm., y c.m) meaning i...
Apr13-08 10:06 PM
6 5,491
I'm doing a calc BC practice exam and I found this question that stumps me to the max: The function y=x^4+bx^2+8x+1...
Apr13-08 11:10 PM
1 1,481
I have some problems with Intergration. Hope can get help in here. If I posted on wrong board, please forgive me. ...
Apr14-08 01:50 AM
1 971
When doing complex contour integration one can use the C-R formula or the Laurent series and find the first...
Apr14-08 02:02 AM
4 2,015
Here is the problem: Suppose that g is a diffeomorphism on R^n. Then we know that its jacobian matrix is everywhere...
Apr14-08 07:57 AM
4 1,925
I'm having trouble trying to setup this double integral. The question asks to find the volume of a solid enclosed by...
Apr14-08 06:45 PM
Pere Callahan
2 5,790
I need help identifying if it converges or diverges or conditionally converges. ...
Apr14-08 06:55 PM
Pere Callahan
4 1,277
I've been having a problem finding the intersection points of the following polar equations. r=1+3sin(theta) and...
Apr14-08 07:55 PM
4 9,922
How would you compute the derivative of cos(t^3)? Would you use the chain rule? Does anyone have a good way of...
Apr15-08 12:11 AM
2 3,026
Use Taylor's theorem to determine the degree of the Maclaurin polynomial required for the error in the approximation...
Apr15-08 12:54 PM
4 6,737
the Residue theorem states that : \oint {f(z)dz} = 2\pi i\sum Res f(z) and the summation is taken for all the...
Apr15-08 03:24 PM
4 2,669
Let be the integral g(x)= \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}dy \frac{f(y)}{ |x-y|^{1/2}} for given values of 'x' does it...
Apr15-08 03:30 PM
Pere Callahan
1 1,451
Um I don't know if this is the right forum to post this but w/e: I'm taking calc BC right now as a junior and my...
Apr15-08 07:11 PM
7 1,557
Hi, the AP test is approaching and I'm struggling with these two Calculus questions and need some guidance. If you can...
Apr16-08 12:06 AM
1 4,595
I'm trying to figure out a formula for this sequence problem, rather than doing this over and over 1,000 times. Does...
Apr16-08 03:22 AM
11 6,291

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