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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,544
Hello everyone. I need help. If there are given 2 graphs in which one of them is the graph of the derivative of...
Jun14-04 01:07 PM
2 2,495
Hi everyone, I need some help integrating the following. I have been trying to integrate it but can't seem to get...
Jun14-04 06:01 PM
5 1,360
find the series for sin(x)/x. I believe this would just mean dividing the series representation of sin(x) by x,...
Jun15-04 01:00 AM
5 1,385
Here's the question The equation of motion of a particle moving in a straight line is: s = kv^2ln v where k...
Jun16-04 12:15 PM
5 1,027
Hi I have two questions to ask and hopefully someone could help as im getting little help from my college and work...
Jun16-04 12:48 PM
7 685
I have a question about reparameterizing curves. My specific question is "Reparameterize the curve with respect to the...
Jun17-04 02:10 AM
4 1,422
Hi Guys, I had posted this as a continuation of my previous thread but since this is somewhat different, I am...
Jun17-04 02:10 PM
0 1,759
Can someone solve this integral as the answer I get looks suspicously complicated: \int^{0}_{\frac{-u}{a}} t\sqrt{1...
Jun17-04 03:39 PM
3 1,739
I have to calculate the derivative of this function: f(t)=\vert\hspace{0.07cm}u(t)+i\cdot{}v(t)\vert The...
Jun17-04 07:19 PM
3 2,541
The website has changed a lot! Very beautiful and attactive! I like it. Well, I need help. This is on integral...
Jun19-04 05:21 AM
8 1,377
Ive been searching on the net and found some good sites but found nothing to help me with these questions. Could you...
Jun20-04 05:25 PM
1 1,866
My teacher gave us this problem in class and then when she went to show us how to solve, she got stuck too! 1+xy =...
Jun20-04 07:52 PM
Math Is Hard
4 866
Can a mapping from f:S->T associate an element of s into several elements of T? Also, how do you prove: A mapping...
Jun21-04 12:53 AM
4 1,446
HI, please lend me some hints on how to graph the following equation in terms of y. x = y + sin I know to...
Jun21-04 10:42 PM
4 2,031
Hi...i was just wondering if anyone gets the same answer to what i get for the following question...thanks... find...
Jun22-04 04:27 PM
8 1,528
Okay basically i tried to facter out the top part of the rational function but it just doesnt seem corect. ...
Jun23-04 08:49 AM
4 1,087
I have no idea how to do this problem or where to even start: Find the exponential function f(x) = Ca^x who’s graph...
Jun23-04 04:01 PM
4 6,176
I'm kinda lost on this problem "Find the volume of the give solid: Bounded by the cylinder y^2+z^2=4 and the...
Jun24-04 12:36 AM
9 4,409
Ok, I'm very new to calculus, and was stuck on the very basics of it. I'm only 14, but am extremely interested in...
Jun24-04 08:18 PM
5 1,084
1) Find a function, f(x) which is discontinuous at 1, \frac{1}{2}, \frac{1}{3}, \frac{1}{4} ..., but continuous at any...
Jun25-04 03:52 AM
11 1,567
How do I show |Rez - Rez0|<E whenever 0<|z-z0|<D is true, where E and D are real number greater than 0, and z is...
Jun27-04 06:01 AM
2 2,022
I wondered if someone could help me to find the Fourier series for this function please. I believe it's an odd...
Jun29-04 05:09 PM
4 1,780
i for the life of me can't figure out how to integrate this: \int \sin{(x^{1/2})} dx
Jun30-04 04:39 PM
Parth Dave
10 931
How would I find the points of intersection of the line x= 3+2t , y= 7+8t , z=-2+t , that is, l(t) = (3+2t,7+8t,-2+t)...
Jul1-04 10:18 PM
9 11,617
I'm a web developer working on a bit of javascript code for a personal project. I took through Calc II and linear...
Jul3-04 03:58 AM
5 11,168
Hello, everyone! I'm working on a simulation of charged particles, and I'm trying to figure out a way to get exact...
Jul3-04 02:56 PM
3 10,173
Suppose the population of mosquitos in a certain area increases at a rate proportional to the current population... in...
Jul7-04 02:22 AM
6 1,289
edges??? if i have n level I will have n^2 nodes but I dont know how many edges, I am stupid, forgot this problem's...
Jul7-04 05:13 AM
4 1,498
Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with a certain problem assigned to me... I must find the limit of (lnx)/(x-1), as x...
Jul7-04 05:29 AM
14 7,056
I just took a take home calc test this weekend, turned it in this morning. There were a few questions I couldn’t...
Jul7-04 05:42 PM
10 1,592
anyone know how to derive the epicycloid of 2 cusp? the eq. are: y=(a+b)sin(t) - b(sin(((a+b)t)/b)...
Jul7-04 05:54 PM
0 1,265
hi all, i've tried to solve this thing with Derive, but it gave me some vague erf(x) function (error function??)....
Jul9-04 02:11 PM
8 107,689
I did this three times, and always come up with utter nonsense. What is the derivative of 4x(16-x^2)^0.5? (Root of...
Jul12-04 12:47 PM
6 1,155
Hey guys, I need help with a somewhat big Calculus IV problem. We are reviewing double and triple integrals in polar...
Jul13-04 12:01 AM
2 2,362
This is in my multivariable course. How would I find the equation of the line where two planes meet? I worked out...
Jul13-04 10:45 AM
8 2,956
A woman at a point A on the shore of a circular lake with a radius of 2 miles wants to arrive at the point C opposite...
Jul15-04 06:01 AM
2 2,848
Can anyone show me the simplest way to find the relationship between the area of an astroid (hypocycloid of four arcs)...
Jul15-04 08:45 AM
0 1,095
The qeustion was what is the 50th dy/dx of F(x)=Cos(2x) this is what i did 1st------dy/dx=-2Sin(2x)...
Jul17-04 09:48 AM
4 3,086
If you want to find volume or area using double/triple integration, is graphing the (r) and (d) the only way to see if...
Jul18-04 04:27 PM
speeding electron
4 1,583
When particle is at distance meters from the origin, there is a force of Newtons (N) pulling it toward the origin....
Jul18-04 04:27 PM
5 1,307

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