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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,329
Hello, There is a question in Calculus By James Stewart (5e) that says: Find the horizontal and vertical asympotes...
Jul28-04 12:51 AM
2 1,366
Please don't laugh at the following: I am new to multivariable calculus, and just thought of this on the fly: In...
Jul28-04 07:26 AM
4 1,382
I've tried mathworld and wiki but I can't find the n-dimensional version of Taylor's Theorem. Is it formulated in...
Jul28-04 07:12 PM
12 1,702
i thought stokes theorem (green's thm) was hard after reading it in spivak, who calls it trivial nonetheless. however...
Jul29-04 12:58 AM
5 4,730
Hi there... i need a help with this question as soon as possible... Find a positive number such that the sum of the...
Jul29-04 03:44 AM
6 1,168
How do I show that f(x)=x^2 is continuous at any given point, say x=3. Thank you.
Jul29-04 07:30 PM
18 11,029
Hi, I have now been working for a couple of days on the following system without finding any real clue... Could...
Jul29-04 07:59 PM
1 1,120
Hi, I will be going into college this Fall, and am wondering a good way to get a little ahead of everything by...
Jul30-04 01:28 AM
1 20,507
I'm trying to use LOGs other than log base 10 and base e on my TI-86. Can I accomplish this like this?: log base a...
Jul30-04 02:35 AM
2 2,630
Here's the question, what should u do to check whether the randomness of number given uot by computer is indeed...
Jul30-04 07:01 PM
7 1,585
For all of you with broad knowledge help me out a little here. I was given a list of math's to know before i could...
Aug2-04 02:32 PM
16 3,355
does... \lim_{n \rightarrow \infty} \frac{n}{(n!)^\frac{1}{n}} = e If not, is it divergent?
Aug3-04 03:17 AM
4 1,268
int(int(abs(x-y)*6*x^2*y)) the range of x and y are 0,1. Normally i'd check to split it up and change the limits, but...
Aug4-04 10:14 PM
2 6,165
I am trying to calculate (analytically) the integral: \int_{0}^{\pi} \left ^2 J_{0}(k_0 L \sin \theta ) \sin^3...
Aug5-04 04:46 AM
3 1,823
I'd like hints only please. I have an analysis book and I could look up the proof myself but I'm trying to prove it...
Aug5-04 05:37 AM
10 2,078
How do I evaluate: d/dt sqrt = 0 to get a max/min value. can I make a u substitution of some sort?
Aug5-04 03:45 PM
2 10,440
I'm studying out of Stewart's for my Calc IV class, and hit a stumbling block in his section on the fundamental...
Aug6-04 04:28 AM
7 11,981
I have problems calculating the integral (here 8 means infinite) Int(c-i8,c+i8)dsexp(sx)/sR(s) where R(sd) is...
Aug6-04 04:33 AM
4 1,583
Let me present to you a problem of great diffculty. For those who don't know what a trebuchet is, it is a medieval...
Aug6-04 10:42 AM
0 12,836
ok I know how to solve for the volume no prob, but when you find the surface area, in all the proof they always drop...
Aug6-04 11:22 PM
8 4,683
I need to know how to get the first 6 terms of the power series for: f(x)=ln(x) centered at x=1. Thanks
Aug6-04 11:25 PM
4 1,525
anyone has an easy way to do the following problem.. \int \sqrt{\tan x} dx
Aug7-04 06:23 AM
5 1,368
Hello again people, thank you for the help I recieved on the last integral I posted here but never got around to...
Aug7-04 09:40 AM
7 1,020
This is more of a dimensional analysis or unit analysis problem than a basic analysis problem. So if I didn't post...
Aug8-04 11:24 AM
6 15,546
In finding a derivative of a value, how do you know whether when to use the power rule or the chain rule? can anyone...
Aug8-04 11:59 AM
4 1,514
I posted the same thread twice. Oops. :tongue2:
Aug8-04 04:41 PM
5 1,195
I'm a week or two away fromt the end of my vector calculus class and we are covering topics like surface integration,...
Aug8-04 07:27 PM
3 1,919
I know the integral of sec x is ln|tan(x)+sec(x)|+C, but how would you do it? I tried all the techniques and...
Aug9-04 01:10 AM
2 38,469
I don't know how to do fancy symbols, but Integral of 1/((sinh)^2) .dx I got as far as 1/2 Int(sech(2x)). d(2x),...
Aug10-04 11:41 AM
3 1,044
Im trying to understand a "simple" identity. I have the problem \ddot{y}+g(t,y)=0 with y(0)=y_{0} and...
Aug10-04 04:13 PM
2 1,077
Does anyone know control theory? I need to know whether it can be used to find inputs for a neural network in order...
Aug11-04 03:26 AM
1 1,701
i suppose all of us know the famous Cauchy,s formula Int(c)f(z)dz/(z-a)=(2pi)if(a) but could be applied the same...
Aug11-04 04:31 PM
1 1,167
Problem: Show that the commutator of two bounded linear operators cannot equal the identity. If it helps, the two...
Aug12-04 01:38 PM
0 2,692
Hi. I want to know what you think about this, that's why I write this message. According to the function u(t): ...
Aug12-04 04:14 PM
2 727
Int (x+ arcsin (x))/(sqrt(1-x^2)) It's not working when I put U = (x+ arcsin (x)) and dU= 1/(sqrt(1-x^2) Is there...
Aug13-04 05:38 PM
9 1,422
My school teaches differential equations and linear algebra at the same time. And this upcoming semester is my...
Aug16-04 12:14 PM
12 2,199
i dont really understand when you differentiate both sides of an equation to, for example, time. like, if you have...
Aug17-04 09:09 AM
3 1,441
I am looking for some good materials on Lebesgue integrals, especially anything with a geometric / visual flavor. Any...
Aug17-04 11:37 AM
1 1,851
Hello everyone. I have 2 questions. 1. Prove that the cube root (3) + sqrt (2) is irrational. My Solution ...
Aug18-04 01:46 PM
3 2,146
I know for a fact that \int \frac{(du)}{(a^2 + u^2)} = \frac{1}{a} \cdot arctan \frac{u}{a} + C I was given...
Aug18-04 02:11 PM
7 11,640

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