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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,404
Hi everybody I have a state space model consisting of 7 states of which 4 are measuerable and I would very much like...
Jun24-11 05:28 AM
0 1,007
I am just starting to do double integrals and came acorss an issue. I remembered from single integrals when we...
Jun24-11 05:48 AM
4 2,050
I have seen in some textbooks that the value of integrals are treated differently. In one textbook it said to...
Jun24-11 08:42 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 909
I'm trying to understand why monotone functions can only have jump discontinuities. I've seen formal proofs, but I...
Jun24-11 08:43 AM
3 1,923
Is there any difference between a limit that is undefined and a "does not exist"? From what I think, Undefined...
Jun24-11 09:22 AM
2 1,906
Hi, I know that to approximate the divergence of a vector, when you have two nodes on two sides of a face, say:...
Jun24-11 11:32 AM
0 505
Say I have the Fourier Transform, F, of a Gaussian function, ...
Jun24-11 01:02 PM
0 1,343
This discussion is that of converting infinite series to infinite products and vice-versa in hopes of, say, ending the...
Jun24-11 01:36 PM
3 11,225
There are line integral with respect to arc length and line integral with respect x/y. I know \int_C Pdx+Qdy is...
Jun24-11 05:25 PM
1 556
Find the limit of (4kx + 9)/(45x + 3) as x->inf, when K=5, K<5, K>5. Answer: I divided each term by the highest...
Jun24-11 06:47 PM
5 754
A book on which I am studying (Arfken: Mathematical Methods for Physicists), uses the following result in order to...
Jun25-11 05:56 AM
2 955
I was reading Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds and in chapter 1, section 2, dealing with compactness of sets he mentions...
Jun25-11 08:03 AM
5 1,123
I am trying to calculate an integral of the form I=\int_{0}^{\infty}\exp(iax)\frac{(x^2+b^2)^{-c}}{x+id}dx, ...
Jun25-11 10:08 AM
5 1,565
How do I calculate the integral \int_{ix}^{i\infty} e^{-t} t^{-s-1}dt, where x>0, s>0? Mathematica gives...
Jun25-11 07:07 PM
2 800
I'm trying to find the general form for the nth derivative of f(x) = \frac{1}{x^m \log x} where m can be...
Jun25-11 08:23 PM
0 827
Dear all, I want to solve the Volterra integral equation (of 2nd kind). But I only need to solve it analytically...
Jun26-11 02:30 PM
6 847
let be a rational function of 'n' variables \frac{P(x1,x2,.....,xn)}{Q(x1,x2,.....,xn)}=R(x1,x2,x3,..,xn) then...
Jun26-11 04:10 PM
0 510
lim as x -> 0, 1/2-2]/x That's the limit I want to evaluate. I keep running into problems getting to the real...
Jun26-11 06:03 PM
8 1,335
Dear all, Please help me to prove the Fourier expansion for three different cases as follows. I need some help to...
Jun26-11 07:06 PM
4 875
Prof. Putinar, Guillera & Sondow gave e^{x}=\prod_{n=1}^{\infty}\left(\prod_{k=1}^{n}...
Jun27-11 01:08 AM
3 2,226
(Hopefully, this question falls under analysis. I was unable to match it well with any of the forums.) The proof...
Jun27-11 05:57 AM
6 1,563
Suppose f \in L^{4/3}(\mathbb{R}^2) and denote its Fourier transform by \mathscr{F}(f). Is it true that the function...
Jun27-11 06:16 AM
0 675
This is a problem related to julia sets but its more of a mathematical problem so I posted it here. x= x^2 - 2 ...
Jun27-11 12:35 PM
2 860
Very simple question: Let x^0,x^1,...,x^n be some fixed coordinate system, so that the infinitesimal volume element...
Jun27-11 12:49 PM
2 1,013
Could someone kindly explain whether the 90 degree phase difference between sine & cosine functions contribute to the...
Jun28-11 12:07 PM
1 1,070
Hi, Just a simple, quick question: Does the gradient of a vector give a scalor or a vector? Thanks!
Jun28-11 12:42 PM
4 842
While reviewing basic calculus, I noticed that the curve (1+t^2,t^2,t^3), which clearly has a cusp at (1,0,0), has a...
Jun28-11 04:42 PM
4 1,394
Hi, Say you want to use a proof by contradiction to prove that a sequence diverges. So you assume that x(n)----->...
Jun29-11 03:20 AM
4 1,010
My class, teacher included, cannot seem to figure out the integral of the square root of tan x. Maybe someone here...
Jun29-11 03:30 AM
36 43,004
The implications of Heine Borel Thm are not immediate to me. Any results are derived from this theorem?
Jun29-11 11:31 AM
1 1,069
I'm looking for a convergent sequence s_n such that: lim_{n\rightarrow\infty}n(s_n-s_{n-1})=\infty I've already...
Jun29-11 01:58 PM
6 1,065
hey. I used to be quite talented at math, but I've let my talent deteriorate in the ~10 years since my last...
Jun29-11 03:12 PM
I like Serena
2 1,183
This is what I want to say: The squeeze theorem may be used when direct substitution and factoring (or...
Jun29-11 06:44 PM
0 911 I was thinking of an interesting shape (I drew it in...
Jun29-11 08:57 PM
4 1,046
So sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere before. I know it may be trivial but for some reason I just can't get...
Jun29-11 10:01 PM
3 1,273
Hi everyone, I have been studying "Optimization by Vector Space Methods", written by David Luenberger and I am...
Jun30-11 05:52 AM
4 1,408
When we integrate a scalar map over a manifold M, what exactly are we measuring? If M is the unit circle in R^2,...
Jun30-11 11:02 AM
5 1,398
Hi everybody, Please help me to find supremum & infimum of the set of rational numbers between √2 to √3 (ie) sup...
Jun30-11 06:13 PM
2 1,603
I'm asked to use Rouche's Theorem to prove Liouville's - I really don't have much of a clue as proofs are not my...
Jul1-11 02:27 AM
1 1,968
as a physicist , there are some integrals in several variables that are DIVERGENT in order to regularize them i...
Jul1-11 05:35 AM
0 981

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