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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,234
In physics, we often use the assumption that if the integral: \int_D f(\vec x) d \vec x =0 and this holds for...
Jan24-06 01:20 PM
1 2,151
Hi, Find the result of this integration:: \int_0^\infty \frac { e^ {-3x} - e^ {-4x} }{x} dx The members who know...
Jan25-06 11:12 AM
8 1,323
e^{-x^2}\cos \left( e^{x^2} \right) Mathematica doesn't have an algorithm for it, does a closed form exist for the...
Jan27-06 03:19 AM
1 1,445
In the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, it is stated that lim max deltax_k -> 0 sigma f(x_k*)*deltax_k = L, ...
Jan28-06 04:05 AM
7 2,615
Hello everybody. I haven't found anywhere the rigurous relation between the Continuos Fourier Transform (CFT) of a...
Jan31-06 01:59 AM
0 3,158
Hello, I have two questions to ask regarding uniform convergence for sequences of functions. So I know that if a...
Jan31-06 03:44 AM
4 2,818
Hi there, Does anyone know of a proof of why, in partial DEs, one can assume the existence of variable seperable...
Feb3-06 12:15 PM
2 2,367
Good day. I am studying Lebesgue integration in Apostol’s Mathematical Analysis. I have learned already (I believe so)...
Feb6-06 09:06 AM
2 2,135
I didn't know where to put this exactly... I've been stuck somewhere in calculus..... I mean... I've been trying to...
Feb10-06 09:41 AM
Jeff Ford
9 1,326
I have a question regarding this. I wish I were home right now so I can give the exact words. Anyways, the book...
Feb16-06 12:02 PM
7 1,870
Hi everybody, I have one question about integrals. I know the definition of an indefinite or definite integral but...
Feb17-06 12:53 AM
9 2,255
My guess is 'yes'. :uhh: Daniel.
Feb17-06 06:39 AM
3 1,795
Since things are a bit quiet here, I thought I would throw out a puzzle I came up with several years ago, after...
Feb17-06 03:09 PM
7 1,917
Physicists do it all the time: playing around with those symbols like \frac{dx}{dt}. They just treat them like...
Feb19-06 11:31 AM
7 1,950
A few days ago, my teacher and I had a disagreement about end model behaviors. There was a question on the test...
Feb19-06 04:54 PM
7 1,445
Just a quicky: I've been trying to derive some expressions for derivatives of a complex functions of a complex...
Feb20-06 12:33 PM
0 954
First I had learned this definition of a "measurable function" (Apostol): "Let I be an interval. A function f: I...
Feb20-06 02:03 PM
2 4,006
Can anyone show me how to evaluate an integral like this by hand? I believe such integrals have an analytic solution,...
Feb22-06 06:45 PM
5 14,046
Hello, I need to take the integral of 2/(Y+1) over the interval . The only analytical method I know is to take the...
Feb23-06 05:51 PM
4 7,613
Man holding sign: "Will explain Riemann - Roch for food".:tongue2: puzzle: what city was I in?
Feb25-06 12:23 AM
1 1,391
what is the first derivative?
Feb25-06 09:00 AM
2 1,967
Define a sequence A_n(r) = \int_{-1}^1(1-x^2)^n \cos(rx)\, dx, \qquad n \in \mathbb{N}, r \in \mathbb{R}. Prove...
Feb25-06 03:13 PM
matt grime
1 1,295
I am a physicist, not a mathematician. This problem has bothered me for 40 years. All introductory Calculus texts...
Feb26-06 07:22 AM
5 6,176
Can there exist a continuous function from the real numbers to the rationals? Where we are considering the usually...
Feb26-06 10:04 AM
35 3,514
Hey, I have to do some basic calc II questions, I'm not sure on the last few and was wondering if any of you could hel...
Feb26-06 07:28 PM
0 1,130
Consider p_n(z) and q_d(z) two polynomials over \mathbb{C}, which can be factorized like so: p_n(z) = a_n...
Feb27-06 07:08 AM
14 1,328
I am writing my senior thesis (I am an undergrad math major at UCSB) on Dirichlet Series, which are, in the classical...
Feb27-06 10:12 AM
4 1,840
After stating the Weierstrass M-test for series of complex functions and the "f_n continuous and uniformly convergeant...
Feb27-06 01:13 PM
4 1,281
Let A and B be compact connected subsets of the plane, homeomorphic to one another. Are their complements...
Feb27-06 05:44 PM
7 1,955
Just came across a question today with 2^x and realised i didnt know how to differentiate it. The entire function i...
Mar1-06 10:05 AM
13 4,155
Say, E is dependent to x,y,z. I'm expecting it's derivative at x_0,y_0,z_0 to be dE = \lim_{\substack{\Delta...
Mar1-06 03:30 PM
7 2,471
Describe the image under exp of the line with equation y = x. To do this you should find an equation (at least...
Mar2-06 07:40 AM
2 2,018
Okay, these might be better off in two separate threads but...they are somewhat related I suppse. Anyway, I would...
Mar5-06 01:25 AM
5 2,120
I'm trying to understand how to interpret multidemensional limits. For example, suppose you have the following: ...
Mar6-06 06:56 AM
2 3,085
Hi, I am new here, but apparently there are some decent mathematicians around, so I would like to confront you with a...
Mar7-06 12:52 PM
9 2,253
\int \frac{dx}{\sqrt{1/x + C}} where C is a constant. Any ideas?
Mar8-06 12:55 PM
18 2,236
hi: I am faced with an integration problem and cant seem to get even Maple/Mathematica to solve it. Would really...
Mar8-06 05:16 PM
1 979
I'm working on understanding the following relation which was referenced in the Number Theory Forum some time ago: ...
Mar8-06 08:54 PM
22 2,727
Given \zeta (s) = \sum_{k=1}^{\infty} k^{-s} which converges in the half-plane \Re (s) >1, the usual analytic...
Mar10-06 03:35 AM
3 2,543
Does someone has read Royden's Real Analysis? If so, please tell me if he teachs Lebesgue integration by way of...
Mar10-06 08:31 AM
2 2,024

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