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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,543
Ok, I was thinking today during my calculus class about taking the integral of a function in a different way. Let's...
Mar17-04 06:17 AM
2 832
Given P(x)= \frac{1}{\sigma \sqrt{2\pi}} e ^ \frac { -(x - \mu )^2}{2 \sigma ^2 } This is of course the normal...
Mar17-04 08:13 AM
7 1,886
In class we were given the following sequence- (0,1 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/8, 15/16, 1 1/32 ...) So it's alternating...
Mar17-04 09:40 AM
4 1,628
Fun problem: ? x / (x^2 + 6x + 10) dx Integration by parts proves 1=1! My mathematical fame is at hand! So how...
Mar18-04 06:25 AM
Matt Jacques
3 3,201
Ok my teacher was going over this today, but i have no idea how to solve this. A Closed box with a square base is...
Mar19-04 03:27 AM
matt grime
8 1,575
Hi, these are just a few problems from my assignment I am having a hard time with. Any help is appreciated. 1)...
Mar20-04 03:32 AM
2 1,319
OK, I having a small problem understanding how my text book came about an answer to an example problem. ...
Mar20-04 07:20 PM
4 1,012
does anyone know an object, when viewed from 3 differents views, looks like a circle, a square, and a triangle?
Mar21-04 04:25 PM
2 7,094
how do you calculate the radius of curvature and the center p(h,k) of the circle with respect to the curve and how do...
Mar21-04 04:54 PM
10 3,792
I was feeling in the generous mood and made a PDF containing basic integrals and trig identities and such, this way...
Mar21-04 09:42 PM
Matt Jacques
2 1,951
I have just been doing some Riemann Sums, but i must find the midpoint. Now i am doing some research on how to do it...
Mar22-04 05:57 AM
matt grime
3 5,688
I'm only in high school, and I was wondering: Why are some functions not differentiable at certain points?
Mar22-04 10:36 AM
29 18,391
Define derivative from 3 perspectives? I might be off but I only came up with slope and rate of change? Is this...
Mar22-04 11:00 AM
matt grime
3 1,321
Hi, I don't really grasp the M test for convergence and I have several Hmwk problems and figured that if someone...
Mar22-04 11:27 AM
matt grime
9 6,421
is the following statement ture? A continuous function f(x) can be rewritten as f(x)=E(x)+ O(x) where: 1) ...
Mar22-04 04:33 PM
matt grime
7 1,088
We've been given a question about double integrals and I'm confued by the integration needed and I figure I'm doing...
Mar23-04 01:25 PM
43 4,251
Hello, I am having problems visualizing a concept. First I will post my question as it is given in Jame's Stewart's...
Mar23-04 06:35 PM
matt grime
4 6,409
consider function f(x) = 1/3X^3 - 1/2^2 - 6x + 4 maximum is positive infinity and minimum is negative infiniti...
Mar24-04 09:45 AM
3 982
Hello, First I will post the question. Now I see that my instructor is trying to progressively guide us...
Mar25-04 12:47 PM
5 3,866
Find the 4th term of the Taylor series centerd at x=1 for f(x)=ln(x+1) f(x)=ln(1=x) f'(x)=(1+x)^-1 f"(x)=(-1)...
Mar26-04 04:08 AM
matt grime
2 1,240
A hemispherical tank of radius 5 feet is situated so that its flat face is on top. It is full of water. Water weighs...
Mar29-04 12:23 AM
7 9,208
I have a few questions 1) Can a point on a continuous function be both a point of inflection, and a peak point (a...
Mar29-04 11:52 AM
13 1,162
I'm trying to figure out how to do this problem... Solve for x: \frac{e^x-5e^{-x}}{4}=1 I know the answer...
Mar29-04 01:19 PM
matt grime
18 3,516
How does one do that? I did a seach an no luck. Its the function where one can draw intergrals and sumations.
Mar29-04 02:05 PM
2 1,631
Hey there, one of our h/work questions is to prove that a certain sequence is divergent, where xn=(-1)^n for every...
Mar29-04 03:10 PM
matt grime
9 11,386
Suppose f'' is continuous and \int_0^{\pi}\sin xdx=2. Given that f(\pi)=1, compute f(0). I'm stuck on this, and I'm...
Mar29-04 03:33 PM
9 1,685
My friend is in Calculus and he is wondering if there are any calculus pdf's out there so he can learn more into and...
Mar30-04 12:22 PM
1 5,073
Let f be a function that has derivatives of all orders for all real numbers. Assume f(1)=3, f'(1)=-2, f"(1)=2, and...
Mar30-04 08:18 PM
2 17,845
ok i need help with a few questions. i'll post the question first and then what i get as an answer, the first one is...
Mar30-04 08:36 PM
5 1,660
One of my recent problems is with double integrals... and im having a brain fart on the \int ln(u) du can you do...
Apr1-04 10:18 PM
5 1,104
\int\frac{dx}{x^4+1} What really frustrates me is that I've seen this integral before. I believe it involved some...
Apr2-04 03:25 AM
matt grime
8 1,107
I need help with these 2 problems. problem 1: Find the volume if the solid obtained when the region bounded by...
Apr2-04 06:50 AM
8 7,842
How can i differentiate / Integrate in C/C++, PERL, PYTHON ????
Apr2-04 05:30 PM
H-bar None
8 5,413
I don't know... I've worked through this problem about ten times, but each time, I get the same answer. It's a kind...
Apr4-04 12:38 AM
16 3,036
Could someone please help me integrate \int \frac { dx } { ( a + x )^2 + sin^{2} ( \pi x ) } where a is just an...
Apr4-04 01:12 AM
8 1,018
Having a numpty moment here with a proof, so any help would be great! Thanks! If (xn) is a convergent sequence...
Apr4-04 01:04 PM
matt grime
20 1,988
Does anyone know how to integrate cos(sqrt x) ?? I know the answer, i need to know the steps to do it? Thanks
Apr4-04 03:12 PM
Dr Transport
3 1,868
Mass moment of inertia 'I' is given by I = \int r^2 dm r is the distance from the axis and dm is delta mass. ...
Apr5-04 12:24 PM
2 3,835
find the surface area of f(x,y)=\sqrt{x^2+y^2} above the region R=\{(x,y):0\leq f(x,y) \leq 1\} well.. heres what...
Apr6-04 12:23 AM
11 10,090
Hey everybody, I'm doing a project for a biomechanics class, and I've been stuck on trying to integrate this one...
Apr6-04 03:17 AM
16 1,792

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