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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,595 I know that polar concentric...
Nov19-03 05:58 PM
5 1,398
Check my math! I've derived a differential equation for strings starting from Stokes Theorems to show that energy...
Nov29-03 03:19 PM
48 4,806
I need to know how to find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of the equation y = xe^(1/x^2) + ln(3 - 2x^2)...
Nov19-03 04:51 PM
4 18,932
Someone plz help me to do these problems me what foruma/ integral to use... Thank you very much. 1) A...
Nov20-03 10:34 AM
Doc Al
4 7,668
sorry nevermind I made a mistake.
Nov20-03 09:11 PM
0 1,414
V(x) = x(10-2x)(16-2x) When i V'(x) = 0... x is always a non real number... I don't know why, can someone help me...
Nov21-03 12:35 AM
1 1,410
\int^a_b x\sin{x}\sin{2x} dx answers? I tried to solve once, it took like 3 pages.
Nov23-03 12:43 AM
3 2,679
Hello guys! I'm new here! Well, it feels like this forum is cool and interesting! Can anyone help me...
Nov25-03 09:39 AM
2 1,253
Someone plz help me how to do these problems below. Thanks a lot for your help. 1) On the surface of the moon the...
Nov27-03 09:28 PM
4 1,839
Here is an interesting download program for calculating various WMAP data and...
Nov26-03 01:31 PM
0 1,648
I dont know if anyone will be able to help me, im really stuck on this question! "Show that the volume of the...
Nov27-03 06:14 PM
5 7,058
OK OK I know Double Integral is from Multivar Calculus, I was just wondering what we use it for... I heard is good...
Nov29-03 02:54 PM
Jacob Chestnut
3 2,807
Anyone know them? I heard is related to heart pulse or something.
Nov28-03 11:20 AM
2 4,360
One application of derivatives from first year calculus is something called differentials. The intent is to find the...
Nov29-03 04:19 PM
4 1,869
in the attatch file there is the dd function. what i want to know is: when x doesnt equal 0 the function equals 0 and...
Dec6-03 05:11 AM
5 2,676
Can someone plz help me w/ these problems below: Find the volume generated by revolving the area abounded by x=y^2...
Dec1-03 07:01 PM
2 3,209
I really need someone to answer this by tomorrow 12/01 10:50 am pacific time... 1) Derive the following, for any...
Dec1-03 11:45 PM
5 1,301
can someone differentiate e^(nx) where n is any integer. i think is equal to n*e^(nx). please show the proof,...
Dec2-03 09:51 AM
10 54,673
On a recent exam I took, these integrals came up and I was unable to answer them correctly: \int...
Dec1-03 04:11 PM
6 1,329
I have this maths assignment and the first part I can't do. I've been searching the net for help until I found this...
Dec5-03 01:08 AM
3 1,306
Hello, My question has to do with differentiating an integral. We are given: f(x)=1/2\int_{0}^{x} (x-t)^2 g(t)dt...
Dec3-03 08:43 PM
3 5,374
Ok, In my calc book I am having problem with the first example they give in a chapter on Differentiation. It gives...
Dec4-03 07:31 PM
5 3,537
What are the things required for a physics problem to be solvable by Calculus? like given valueables.. and again,...
Dec4-03 07:17 AM
13 2,079
Here are the questions and answers. Please tell me if I am right. I am not sure about some, though. Thank you so...
Dec3-03 11:57 PM
0 1,180
Here, i attached questions and answers. please tell me if i am right on each one. Thanx/
Dec4-03 08:56 AM
0 1,377
Please tell me if i am right. Thanx
Dec4-03 08:55 AM
0 1,266
How do I go about integrating sin*sin(x) wrt x from -pi to pi, I've got that its an even function so I can...
Dec10-03 01:15 AM
2 2,618
Hi, I'm hoping someone out there is going to see something in this problem that I don't because I really don't get it:...
Dec7-03 03:26 AM
2 1,284
Could someone please help me with the integral of 2^x. dx I bet its really simple but i have looked in several...
Dec5-03 07:16 AM
2 157,556
Hi everyone! I'm trying to prove an identity, and it's driving me insane. Let J_p(x) = \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}...
Dec8-03 06:10 AM
2 1,280
Yo guys, I'm stumped on how to parameterize this surface and then compute an integral over it I'm supposed to...
Dec8-03 10:10 PM
8 1,625
Hello everyone! Can anyone share me a site where I can practice well on limits in calculus? Particularly good...
Dec9-03 05:11 AM
3 1,261
How can I show f(x)=x2-cosx=0 has exactly 2 solutions? I can show it has at least two by using the fact that f is...
Dec8-03 08:17 PM
8 2,215
The quadrant of the ellipse \frac{x^2}{a^2}+\frac{y^2}{b^2} = 1. lying in the first quadrant, revolves about the line...
Dec8-03 03:46 PM
8 2,248
Hi all! I was wondering which method one should use to find the actual sum of an infinite series. I know how to find...
Dec13-03 07:14 AM
7 1,696
I am trying to find the extremal that minimizes \int_{0}^{1} \sqrt{y(1+y'^2)} dx Because it is not explicitly a...
Dec12-03 03:56 AM
5 2,884
A man 1.75 m tall walks at a rate of 2m/s toward a streetlight that is 10m above the ground, at what rate is the...
Dec12-03 11:25 AM
5 1,659
A manufacturer can produce jackets at a cost of $50 per jacket. If he produces p jackets weekly and all the jackets...
Dec15-03 01:14 PM
8 1,366
Can someone, who really knows and understands, tell me what dx (or whatever variables given) means behind the integral...
Dec14-03 04:15 PM
6 1,343
The question goes like this!! Take a sphere of radius R and insert a cone w/ max volume. ANd i have no idea why i am...
Dec15-03 11:16 PM
1 2,010

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