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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,057
Just curious who wrote the first proof of the fundamental theorem of calculus. Thanks.
Jan22-11 04:06 PM
3 1,265
let be the integral \int_{0}^{2}dx \frac{f(x)}{(x-1)} is singular at x=1 so i use the Shokothsky formula to set the...
Jan22-11 03:46 AM
0 987
d/dx = ? Please let me know !
Jan21-11 07:46 PM
4 1,133
Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this. I am working on a Kalman Filter for battery state of...
Jan21-11 03:32 AM
1 1,813
Hi, I am new to this forum and apologize for bothering you with my question on recurrence/difference equations....
Jan21-11 02:06 AM
0 588
my question is the following let be the Fourier transform \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}d^{4}p \frac{exp(...
Jan20-11 04:52 PM
1 1,284
This question comes from proof of Theorem 2.47 in Folland's "real analysis: modern techniques and their applications",...
Jan19-11 12:30 PM
1 1,050
I was reading a book about Calculus that I came to a problem that the author claimed convergence of a series won't...
Jan19-11 12:00 PM
7 1,467
The questions are based on the exposition in R* is identified...
Jan19-11 04:50 AM
0 566
I arrived at this problem while trying to find the length of a 3D Cubic Hermite Spline. Basically, I'm having to...
Jan19-11 12:19 AM
2 2,121
int x^n from 0 to 1 = 1/(n + 1) But as n approaches infinity the answer becomes zero.
Jan18-11 03:09 PM
5 1,007
Hi, I'm working on a project (not homework) where I have to linearize a set of non-linear equations of motion ...
Jan18-11 10:57 AM
1 1,288
Hi all , I'm an electronics engineer and I'm trying to solve this two equations: 1. sin(ax)/a, when a=0 I do it...
Jan18-11 06:57 AM
7 2,433
Can polar co-ordinate system only be defined in a "background" Cartesian co-ordinate system? What I'm confused...
Jan17-11 07:46 PM
9 3,367
what is the reason that the minima and maxima of ( ex2 -1 )1/2 and ( ex2 -1 ) are the same ??
Jan17-11 04:29 AM
3 720
I've been working on a problem involving a large meteoroid passing over the Earth and what its gravitational effects...
Jan16-11 09:35 PM
2 1,000
Isn't it true that if a function f(t) satisfies f'(t) > 0 on some interval, then f is STRICTLY increasing on that...
Jan16-11 09:34 PM
4 3,303
Ts=Nss:Nss:length(s); hold on plot(tv(Ts),fo(Ts),'or'); hold off grid on
Jan16-11 10:04 AM
4 1,002
I am currently trying to research the calculus performed by both Newton and Leibniz. Specifically, their use of limits...
Jan16-11 08:29 AM
2 2,213
Hi, I currently need to solve a problem which leads to an equation of the form a*exp(a*x)+b*exp(b*x)-c=0. The...
Jan16-11 07:27 AM
5 3,818
I was wondering if there are any topics for calculus based or advanced high school math project that I can devote my...
Jan15-11 01:47 PM
6 1,031
Hi all, I am having a little trouble understanding one of the concepts presented in my calculus class. I do not...
Jan15-11 11:07 AM
4 5,106
Hey guys, can anyone recommend me a book on infinitesimal calculus. What i mean by infinitesimal calculus is the...
Jan15-11 09:18 AM
3 1,079
Hi. I have been experimenting a little to come up with the following "conjecture" \int_0^{2\pi}d\phi...
Jan14-11 09:31 PM
8 2,186
Hi I am running a function to determine the range of a projectile given the angle and launch vector. The function...
Jan14-11 11:07 AM
0 774 its a construction from felix klein, around 1900. it should...
Jan14-11 11:00 AM
2 616
Hey guys, I'm following a course on vector calculus and I'm having some trouble connecting things. Suppose we have a...
Jan14-11 10:10 AM
1 1,569
Now i'm a 16-year old high school student, and as some of you might know, i like math :) I have been studying the...
Jan14-11 07:42 AM
10 3,381
The contents of the first chapter is.... Rational numbers Irrational numbers Real Numbers Relations of Magnitude...
Jan13-11 10:51 PM
10 1,340
Evaluate \int\int xy dxdy where D is the triangular region {(x,y) element of R2| x+y <= 3, x >=0, y >= 0} (...
Jan13-11 08:09 PM
6 838
Hello, I need a bit of help with finding the first variation of an expression that I have come up with in my...
Jan13-11 04:51 PM
0 1,122
Hello, I was just wondering if is it true that the limit of a monotonic transformation of a function is the same as...
Jan13-11 03:42 PM
4 811
Hey am currently struggling with the proof for Torricelli's trumpet (finite volume with infinite surface area for...
Jan13-11 06:01 AM
0 1,971
I was taking the integral of the secant function. Twice... The first one is simple, but what is the integral of...
Jan13-11 04:07 AM
7 11,976
Hi, Is the final value theorem an appropriate way to deduce if a specific differential equations converges or...
Jan13-11 03:06 AM
1 546
How does the function f(z) = z + 1/z take a circle of radius g.t. 1 to an ellipse? How do I think about it...
Jan13-11 02:41 AM
1 1,049
how do i integrate 0.5et
Jan13-11 12:22 AM
1 690
Hi everyone! I'm studying Laurent Series, and I thought I understood it but after solving one exercises I get...
Jan12-11 04:01 PM
6 837
I don't quite understand why the average point value of the function x2 is x2/3 from a mechanical point of view -> no...
Jan12-11 01:55 PM
9 1,645
Hi everybody while trying to find the pdf of user in CDMA, I got stuck up with an integral, which is given below: ...
Jan12-11 01:18 PM
1 719

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