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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,368
Trying to show any f(z)=u(x,y) + i*v(x,y) with the 3 properties: 1. f(x+0*i)=e^x, 2. f(z) is entire, 3. f '...
Mar3-11 02:25 PM
3 646
Hello all, Given two 3D lines described by the general equation \vec{L(t)}=\vec{p}+\vec{d}t I found a way to...
Mar3-11 12:45 PM
2 1,970
Hi - I'm trying to work out the following convolution problem: I have the following integral: ...
Mar3-11 09:53 AM
2 1,757
lets say i have a parameterized curve r(t) if i do r'(t), is it the same as if i were to do a partial...
Mar3-11 08:23 AM
4 1,008
In my calculus book, the method of increments is used to find the derived function of the product and quotient of two...
Mar3-11 01:56 AM
3 2,532
Hi All, I have a rigidbody simulation and I'm trying to calculate the local angular velocity of the object using...
Mar3-11 01:42 AM
4 3,370
so I just introduced myself to the concept of integration by parts a few days ago, and today for practice I decided to...
Mar2-11 09:03 AM
5 5,355
I need to integrate the function 1/(X^7 + x) which simplifies to 1/x(x3 + 1)(x3 - 1) or any other problem where the...
Mar2-11 12:33 AM
4 1,078
I have a question about the Remark on the page posted. When it says "If γ and all its derivatives take the same value...
Mar1-11 08:01 PM
4 751
I wish to expand the following in powers of 1/R : 1/r1 + 1/ |R+r2-r1| - 1/ |R+r2| - 1/ |R-r1| ...
Mar1-11 03:20 PM
5 1,450
Hello -- I want to solve a very general type of minimization problem. I have 2 rigid bodies (e.g. molecules) which are...
Mar1-11 01:51 PM
2 720
Am just playing around, and following examples of Fourier transform solutions of the heat equation, tried the same...
Mar1-11 09:06 AM
6 8,478
I have a question about the variable changes in the proofs of Proposition 1.3.4 and Proposition 1.3.6. In the first...
Feb28-11 10:05 PM
8 1,137
Kreiszig: Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications, example 1.3-9, states that the metric space l^{\infty}...
Feb28-11 06:54 PM
6 1,835
First, some definitions: We use || \cdot ||_2 to denote the 2-norm. The isotropic Gaussian kernel in R^2 ,...
Feb28-11 10:02 AM
0 2,456
Hey, can anyone please point me to a reference for the Hilbert transform of the form: f(t) = \exp \{ i\mu t -...
Feb28-11 06:36 AM
0 1,697
I have a number of books which give a vector identity equation for the curl of a cross product thus: \nabla \times...
Feb27-11 07:33 PM
3 5,941
Hello, I haven't been able to find a good book. Could you please suggest some good books with solved exercises...
Feb27-11 02:37 PM
5 2,299
I'm having trouble following the proof of the IFT by Spivak. The statement of the theorem was posted in a similar...
Feb27-11 11:02 AM
1 1,816
Hi -- I want to integrate this integral and ask if my work is correct or not. \int^\infty_0 dx x^{\alpha-1}...
Feb27-11 10:50 AM
1 701
Hello, I would like to plot fixed points with corresponding basins of attraction in Matlab. I am having a system of...
Feb27-11 07:36 AM
0 1,161
My functional analysis professor made the following assertion the other day: If f_n \to f in the L^2 norm, then there...
Feb27-11 07:34 AM
1 4,593
$\frac{d}{dp}(\Vert f\Vert_{p}^{2})\mid_{p=2}=\frac{d}{dp}((\int_{\mathbb{\mathbb{R}}^{n}}\mid...
Feb27-11 03:00 AM
Char. Limit
1 694
I'm trying to find the function f which maximizes this integral: ...
Feb26-11 08:41 PM
0 637
Thomas calculus Chapter 15, section "additional and advanced exercises" exercise 8 says: "Sphere and cylinder" Find...
Feb26-11 11:04 AM
2 1,868
I am confused about integration in other cases, I understand that you can use substitution if the derivative exists...
Feb26-11 08:24 AM
4 1,682
Ok so for a sequence x(n) to be bounded it means |x(n)|<=M but according to by book, if x(n) belongs to some...
Feb26-11 06:54 AM
4 2,725
If a function is even, prove that the derivative is odd. Look at a graph of x^2 we can clearly see why. This is...
Feb25-11 02:03 PM
4 22,658
Hello all, I joined this amazing forum just today.I hope that my question will get answered soon. So here it is.I am...
Feb25-11 02:47 AM
1 1,505
I want to compute kind of following problems. int(from 0 to infinity) e^(-x) / (x-1) dx= I using contour...
Feb24-11 09:56 PM
2 1,030
my book defines an orientation preserving parametrization of a manifold as one such that: Ω(D1γ(u), ..., Dkγ(u)) = +1...
Feb24-11 07:32 PM
2 1,376
Given two functions f_{1}(x) and f_{2}(x) that are differentiable on and \int^{a_2}_{a_1}f_1(x)f'_{2}(x)dx=b_2, how...
Feb24-11 04:14 PM
3 1,350
Hi!! I am an amateur to the world of calculus.... I have a doubt with the limits in case of functions which are...
Feb24-11 12:12 AM
4 1,839
In calculus when you learn solids of revolution in relation to surface area or volume is there any specific uses that...
Feb23-11 10:27 PM
1 1,321
Hello. I have a function which doesn't work near A=0. I want to change it to something that a computer can evaluate...
Feb23-11 10:09 PM
4 859
Question 1: Can someone please explain to me on page 2 how is it that the inequality half-way through the page...
Feb23-11 06:51 PM
11 1,584
According to wiki "The derivative of a function at a chosen input value describes the best linear approximation of...
Feb23-11 04:08 PM
28 3,490
For a kinematic problem I obtained the following equations: p1=- r*sin(theta_c) - d*cos(psi_a)*sin(theta_a)+c1...
Feb23-11 02:49 PM
2 860
Well - im a 16 year old student, whos really interested in math. I do a lot of studying on my own, because im a bit...
Feb23-11 12:56 PM
5 2,214
Hi all, I was just wondering if a function that is continuous and differentiable for all xεR, but where the domain...
Feb23-11 10:48 AM
6 1,226

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