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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,076
srry if this post is in the wrong section but i was wondering if there are actually precise and universally agreeable...
Mar14-11 02:06 PM
1 1,101
Wikipedia: Euler Lagrange Equation defines a function L: \times X \times TX \rightarrow \mathbb{R}...
Mar14-11 07:56 AM
11 1,848
i don't really understand the dirac delta function in 3D. is it right that integral of f(r)d3(r-a)dt = f(a) ...
Mar13-11 11:20 PM
6 3,648
Hi, I've defined an integral transform that I'll call T (obviously very similar to the fourier transform): ...
Mar13-11 07:57 PM
1 978
Is there an analog or a more general form of the rule \frac{d}{dx} \int_{a}^{t} F(t) dt = F(x) that covers the...
Mar13-11 08:50 AM
9 3,200
To show that some T(x,y) = something is a metric on a set for which it is compact, we have to prove that it respects...
Mar13-11 06:04 AM
2 835
Suppose you're looking at a complex vector space X, and you know that, for some x in X, you have f(x) = 0 for every...
Mar13-11 05:57 AM
10 1,593
How does what you learn in pre-calculus relate to the physics that we use? I'm in pre-calc right now so I find it...
Mar13-11 05:18 AM
3 1,570
I do not understand how to calculate the sup\Omega and inf\Omega of a subset of R. So for example calculating the sup...
Mar12-11 09:24 PM
4 2,336
If the sum of a sequence of functions a_n converges uniformly, how is it that the product of 1+a_n converges...
Mar12-11 03:17 PM
2 914
hey there, I just studied the whole taylor and laurent series, and I think I mixed them up heres what I...
Mar12-11 02:52 PM
3 2,729
Hello Experts, Please tell me where can I download a PDF of: Edwards, C. H. (1994). Advanced Calculus of Several...
Mar12-11 02:47 PM
1 1,885
Can someone please explain why the following three definitions for the norm of a bounded linear functional are...
Mar12-11 02:03 PM
15 4,750
Heyo, I'm having difficulty seeing how these two lines follow. I'm fairly sure I'm being an eejit and the answer's...
Mar12-11 06:59 AM
4 604
Ive come across a few derivations whereby a few changes that dont see so obvious to me occur. For instance, this...
Mar11-11 10:34 AM
1 619
Need an open cover with NO FINITE subcovers {x ∈ Q : 0 ≤ x ≤ 2} I was thinking: {A_n} n = 1 to infinity s.t. ...
Mar10-11 01:53 PM
12 3,649
I am unsure as to how to prove a that as the limit as n goes to inifinity of a certain function the answer is 2.. I am...
Mar10-11 06:10 AM
1 1,911
Dear friends can you show me please an example of a sequence of integrable functions fn:R->R converging to an...
Mar9-11 11:32 PM
2 1,555
Given the interval \in lN Is there any reason we should stay to the boundaries of the set we're trying to cover? ...
Mar9-11 11:29 PM
4 2,090
integral of (sinx)^2 / (x^2) from -infinity to infinity. how to tackle this
Mar9-11 11:09 PM
4 861
I don't understand this point: Given the open set E = U_(a in L) I_a. Union of open intervals We're showing this...
Mar9-11 10:57 PM
4 1,202
Hi, In general if a function is not Riemann integrable does this mean the function is also not Lebesgue integrable?...
Mar9-11 10:49 PM
30 5,218
I was told an analytic complex functions has the same derivation value at z0 (random point) however you approach z0....
Mar9-11 10:46 PM
7 1,284
If A=(A1,A2,A3) and B=(B1,B2,B3), WHAT does this notation mean? : (\vec{A} \times \vec{B})_\bot
Mar9-11 04:54 PM
1 1,085
Hey all, I was reviewing the concepts of how to derive the formula for the surface area, namely.. SA=\int \int...
Mar9-11 10:57 AM
7 2,017
Ok my last post was trivial, but it led to this question Assume f is unbounded and analytic in some domain D, and...
Mar8-11 06:27 PM
2 1,777
There's this text that is supposed to help us with some problems in one competition (I could send the link, but it's...
Mar8-11 04:25 PM
2 1,674
Hello. I hope I've chosen the correct place to post this. Apologies if it is not. Could somebody explain the...
Mar8-11 01:01 PM
1 1,162
how would you use Taylor Series to answer this: Find a value of h such that for |x|<h implies sin(x)=x-x^3/6 +x^5/120...
Mar8-11 12:19 PM
2 1,654
In a textbook I'm reading, a step in an example problem was skipped during integration, and I'm just not quite seeing...
Mar6-11 11:25 AM
3 939
Hi I'm in the process of trying to understand the proof to bessel's equality and inequality and I am stuck, I have got...
Mar6-11 08:05 AM
1 2,101
I'm trying to get a method to determine the time, t, when two sine waves added together peak, an exact solution. For...
Mar5-11 04:24 PM
9 3,472
Hi All, This is not a homework question, I am just trying to be come quicker at integrating by parts, when...
Mar4-11 06:12 PM
4 1,253
Hi people Can you kindly tell me how to solve P(cotg x)^5 step by step? I made some calculation but I couldn't...
Mar4-11 04:01 PM
2 1,645
Question Let (S; d) and (T;D) be metric spaces. A function f : X -> Y is said to be uniformly continuous if ( for...
Mar4-11 01:04 PM
1 1,738
In solving the driven oscillator without damping, I need to solve the integral { exp / (w)^2 - (w_0)^2 } .dw ...
Mar4-11 10:45 AM
Master J
2 1,533
If (xn) and (yn) are two Cauchy sequences in a metric space (X, d), and we define d((xn), (yn)) = lim d(xn, yn). Is...
Mar4-11 12:09 AM
8 888
Recently in adv calc we have been dealing with the epsilon delta definition for continuity, and my professor said that...
Mar3-11 08:32 PM
2 731
/*find abs value of an array*/ int absv(double *a, int n) { int i; for(i=0;i<n;i++) {if (a<0) a=-a; }
Mar3-11 08:21 PM
4 1,559
A general question I came up with and it might be trivial, but I'm not entirely sure what the answer is. Does there...
Mar3-11 06:09 PM
3 1,450

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