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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,094
My text says, In general, if ε > 0, to ensure that |x²sin(1/x)| < ε, we need only require that |x| < ε and...
Jun19-10 08:55 PM
10 2,027
Hello, I'm dealing with the proof of the theorem below: x(t) \in L^1(\mathbb{R}), tx(t) \in L^1(\mathbb{R})...
Jun19-10 07:47 PM
2 2,692
If we integrate a vector field over a surface, \int_S \vec{F} \cdot \vec{dS}, we get the flux through that surface....
Jun19-10 02:45 PM
5 1,753
For a single variable we have \int_{x_1}^{x_2} f(x) dx = F(x_2)-F(x_1) if f(x) = dF/dx. f(x) is then a total...
Jun19-10 01:21 PM
5 1,732
Hi, I actually have trouble understanding Bolzano's Theorem. Could someone please explain it to me?
Jun19-10 12:02 PM
11 2,062
I'm going to be taking a five-week Calculus I class this summer. It's going to be intensive, but I'm very good at...
Jun19-10 02:40 AM
8 1,370
\mbox {Suppose I have: } \sum_{n=1}^\infty (\frac {x} {3})^{2n} \mbox{Can I define } y= \frac {x} {3} ...
Jun18-10 11:37 AM
4 871
Hello all, Given a 3d vector function f(t) that traces out a path in space, how can I find the normal and tangent...
Jun18-10 10:47 AM
4 1,903 they take members from the marked series how they make the power to be from n-1...
Jun17-10 02:13 PM
2 700
What is the difference between forward and backward Fourier transforms? I'm look: F(k) = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}...
Jun17-10 10:29 AM
1 3,225
Say you have two functions, F(x,y), and G(x,y), and you want to expand them in finite fourier series. Let their...
Jun16-10 06:53 AM
2 2,896
Hello friends, I am having some trouble with a particular statement an author made in a book. Despite being a...
Jun15-10 04:40 PM
1 1,498
Hi, I know from my the t shifting theorem that if I take the laplace transform of a function which is multiplied by...
Jun15-10 12:25 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 2,448
Hey everyone, I know, lots of threads and online information about Gaussian integrals. But still, I couldn't find...
Jun15-10 11:39 AM
7 1,941
So I've got my exam of analysis tomorrow, but there's this piece of improper integrals I just don't get... (I'll...
Jun14-10 08:24 PM
5 1,078
Hi, I came across a book which looks at a problem like \lim_{x \to 0}\frac{1}{x} So you approach from 0-, and...
Jun14-10 07:30 PM
8 3,274
The latex code here is doing all sorts of odd things... :( ... anyway, The convolution algebra is...
Jun14-10 07:06 PM
2 2,035
i have to describe the construction of the Riemann Integral... in 4-6 sentences.. and i was wondering.. if this is...
Jun14-10 04:02 PM
3 839
Can you give an example of a function f:X\times Y\to\mathbb{R}, where X,Y\subset\mathbb{R}, such that the integral ...
Jun14-10 02:16 PM
Ben Niehoff
7 873
My textbook describes how some functions are not well approximated by tangent planes at a particular point. For...
Jun14-10 07:54 AM
4 1,052
Having a hard time understanding this example from a book: The function f(x) = 1/x is locally bounded at each point...
Jun14-10 07:16 AM
1 880
Example 1 in to get the Chebyshev expansion coefficient of...
Jun14-10 12:41 AM
0 722
Suppose f(x) is differentiable 2 times, can I still use Maclaurin polynomial approximations and write: ...
Jun14-10 12:08 AM
12 1,742
hello, Im reading goldblatt's NSA book, and i just finished the first part. i have what i think are some trivial...
Jun13-10 11:52 PM
4 975
I am reading Schutz's "Geometrical methods of mathematical physics". He writes: "A map f:M->N is continuous at x in M...
Jun13-10 05:20 PM
8 1,071
Hello, I'm wondering what the reason for repeat linear factors in partial fractions is? I can't find an explanation...
Jun13-10 01:06 PM
8 1,363
sec(x) = \frac{2}{e^{ix}+e^{-ix}} then i multply bot top and bottom by e^{ix} so i can do a u...
Jun13-10 08:59 AM
Gib Z
7 1,421
Hello everyone! I just graduated from high school and now moving on to college. I want to get my bachelors in Computer...
Jun13-10 12:39 AM
4 2,194
One the things which always bugged me about the definition of the integral is that limit of a Reimann sums consists of...
Jun12-10 10:13 PM
7 1,476
Integration is not one of my strong points, so I just wanted to make sure I did it correctly. I am working with...
Jun12-10 04:40 PM
0 1,128
Hello forumites! I got another question (I have a lots of them, maybe I should change my textbook haha). Suppose...
Jun12-10 06:55 AM
12 1,052
1. Sequences of function and their uniform convergence. (most priority) 2. Series of function and their uniform...
Jun12-10 12:32 AM
2 1,110
Hi, I've been trying to prove this statement for a while now but haven't made much progress: Suppose...
Jun11-10 04:29 PM
1 2,331
Hi! I need to know how to work with quadric surfaces to draw a 3D structures in a code. However I have no idea how...
Jun11-10 08:56 AM
4 1,157
Hi how to solve this type of integrals {t^{k+n}}/{(1+qt)(1+t)^{2k+3}}dt here n is natural number if some one...
Jun11-10 01:08 AM
5 1,212
can anyone recommend calculus textbooks that cover material after calculus II?
Jun10-10 11:18 PM
1 1,767
Supose: \sum c_n = \sum (a_n+b_n) (*1) \sum a_n is conditionaly convergent (*2) \sum b_n is absolutly...
Jun10-10 10:01 PM
4 826
Let y_n be a sequence of functions in \mathcal{C}(, \mathbb{R}) Suppose that every subsequence of y_n has a...
Jun10-10 06:08 PM
2 638
Let F and y both be continuous for simplicity. Knowing that: \int_0^x F'(t)y^2(t) dt = F(x) \quad \forall x \geq 0 ...
Jun10-10 04:15 PM
3 801
(PROBLEM SOLVED) I am trying to think of a complex function that is nowhere differentiable except at the origin and...
Jun10-10 02:36 PM
0 689

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