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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,360
So I'm doing some signal processing and I want to take a signal and find the frequency components and so I need to do...
Aug14-10 06:05 PM
0 4,737
how i can integrata function with parameters thats limits have parameter 2 in maple? please help me
Aug14-10 05:13 PM
3 1,116
Hi there, I was looking for something to level-up my knowledge from basic differentiation/integration (I'm a...
Aug14-10 07:36 AM
3 1,806
hello, How do i find a Distribution Function based on Measurements? Y.S
Aug14-10 02:12 AM
2 756
Traditional oarlocks used in compeitive rowing hold the oar next to the oar pin about which the oar pivots such that...
Aug12-10 09:13 PM
3 1,732
Hi everyone, Just started studying Real Analysis and I have some questions. If I ask anything stupid please excuse...
Aug12-10 03:45 PM
14 1,897
how would i plug this into the calculator? to find the sum? step by step process? thankss! 4 ∑ 2 cos (π/k) k = 1...
Aug12-10 11:53 AM
3 3,649
This is not homework. I ran across this question in a book store a few minutes ago and cant seem to finish it... R=...
Aug12-10 11:48 AM
2 1,014
Hi, If you have a cone (right angle) with radius r, slant lenght l, how is the central angle theta = 2*pi*r/l? ...
Aug12-10 10:42 AM
1 1,951
Hi Everyone, I just registered for PF today because this problem was driving me nuts and I was hoping to get some...
Aug11-10 08:39 PM
1 1,306
Is is possible to solve every real integral and come up with an actual solution? perhaps we may have not just found...
Aug11-10 09:34 AM
4 985
This is annoying me beyond comprehension. What precisely does one mean by writing: - \frac{dP}{dA} for a power...
Aug10-10 08:46 PM
8 1,447
Can anyone help me about analytical solution of this Integral? the integral is written in the word file attached...
Aug10-10 05:41 PM
2 1,567
If you have a sequence of integrable functions \{f_n(x)\} on which converges to a function f(x) pointwise for every...
Aug10-10 12:50 PM
4 991
What is the relation between the flux through a given surface by a vector field? And how does stokes theorem relate to...
Aug10-10 07:13 AM
1 844
How would you go about confirming the Gauss theorem using cylindrical co-ordinates? Could it be just like Cartesian...
Aug10-10 03:51 AM
Petr Mugver
3 1,621
Hi, I saw this identity e^{- \alpha r} = \frac{ \alpha }{2 \sqrt{ \pi } } \int_0^{\infty} \beta^{-3/2} e^{...
Aug10-10 02:53 AM
0 950
why we postulate dxdy=-dydx not dxdy=dydx? i am now studying exterior differential forms and i always feel that...
Aug9-10 07:29 PM
8 4,341
E = \int \frac{Gm_1m_2}{r^2} dr = - \frac{Gm_1m_2}{r} The answer is there, but how do you get that (especially how...
Aug9-10 06:17 PM
6 1,029
Hi everyone, In theory of FRET (Forster Resonance Energy Transfer). For experiment, we need calculate the overlap...
Aug9-10 04:16 PM
0 1,235
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. Let me say, this is not for any homework. I've been asking...
Aug9-10 12:05 PM
5 2,599
Hi I am not sure if my interpretation of the following derivative is correct. N = I / R - D Where , N, I and...
Aug9-10 10:33 AM
5 1,054
Where can i find the proof of dirac's function properties?
Aug9-10 08:51 AM
6 1,319
Hi, i am stuck in integration of a complicated functions which is as, ...
Aug9-10 08:45 AM
5 961
Suppose a function f(k) has a power series expansion: f(k)=\Sigma a_i k^i Is it possible to inverse Fourier...
Aug8-10 02:12 AM
2 1,130
Hi there, I am reading an introduction on solving ODE, there the exact equation is mentioned. Suppose a ODE is in...
Aug7-10 12:55 AM
1 3,795
Why division is not possible between vectors? We have seen in many books that there is vector addition, subtraction...
Aug6-10 03:14 PM
3 1,764
Hello physicists! I'm a comp sci student and I am trying to graphically model a simplified version of the solar...
Aug6-10 01:42 PM
0 1,621
Does the derivative of zero equal to zero make any sense?
Aug6-10 08:30 AM
11 11,530
Hi All, How do we go about showing the euler's number e converges ? Recall that e =(1+1/n)^n as n ->infinity...
Aug6-10 08:12 AM
9 4,704
Aug5-10 09:43 PM
2 928
Does anyone have an idea to solve this seri ,containing the bessel function of first kind?
Aug5-10 11:27 AM
0 588
how this function f(x)= 0^{-x} should be understood? , if x is NEGATIVE, we find no problems, since 0 raised to...
Aug5-10 10:38 AM
Petr Mugver
2 694
Hello, do you have a hint on how to solve this limit? \lim_{x\to +\infty}(\sqrt{x^2+ax+b}-\sqrt{x^2-ax+b}) ...
Aug5-10 08:09 AM
2 1,051
Dear all, Is there a method to find the maximum and minimum dimension of an irregular closed loop? This is a...
Aug4-10 03:37 PM
1 1,094
I've tried and searched for a long time, and I haven't been able to prove or find a proof that the following sequence...
Aug4-10 05:32 AM
Gib Z
3 7,374
This isn't a homework question, although I am in a calculus course. I'm a little fuzzy on the method that I was taught...
Aug4-10 03:20 AM
4 1,765
I have been trying to understand and articulate why I can't do the following. Please confirm or point out...
Aug3-10 03:47 PM
Nick R
0 1,024
This is a beginner's question: what does that hat about the H (Hamiltonian) symbol signify? One often sees it in the...
Aug3-10 06:41 AM
5 2,093
Dear all, I am puzzled by the derivation of the Lennard Jones 9-3 model. Many articles mentioned that the Lennard...
Aug3-10 05:52 AM
Casey Jay
0 3,144

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