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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,618
(Let me start by saying this: I am not good at math, nor have I ever been. What I want to do is simply an experiment...
Sep6-10 01:45 PM
7 2,140
I was considering taking linear algebra alongside multi-var. calc this fall term. I really enjoy calculus, but I was...
Sep6-10 10:55 AM
1 1,230
Hey all: I know the best way to learn mathematics is by practicing questions and just do them over and over again. ...
Sep6-10 12:47 AM
3 1,039
how could we calculate the follwing integral ?? \int_{0}^{\infty} \frac{ K(x)}{Q(x)}dx here K(x) and Q(x) are...
Sep5-10 07:39 PM
3 872
I am trying to understand the derivation of the divergence formula in cylindrical coordinates. This paper does a good...
Sep5-10 03:23 PM
3 23,224
I'm trying to sort out the integral: \int x^{-2}e^{ikx}dx. At first, I thought I would have to solve it...
Sep5-10 06:36 AM
26 3,049
I am not an expert in math, but as an electronics tech we use sinewaves all the time. I understand how it is derived...
Sep4-10 04:22 PM
2 1,039
If you're given a sequence \{x_n\}, do you have \sup_n x_n = \lim_{n\to \infty} \left( \max\limits_{1 \leq k \leq...
Sep4-10 01:27 PM
5 1,565
Hi, Is there a function holomorphic on the open unit disk and continuoes on the closed disk such that f(z)= 1/z on...
Sep3-10 11:15 PM
3 1,100
I have to solve an ODE with variation of coefficient technique. It's pretty easy but I have no clue what is the first...
Sep3-10 11:12 PM
10 9,033
Hi All I'm in the process of developing a phase control circuit. I need to know the specific time that corresponds...
Sep3-10 05:18 PM
1 2,964
i've got the following problem let be the integral \int_{R^{3}} dxdydz \frac{R(x,y,z)}{Q(x,y,z)} here R(x,y,z)...
Sep2-10 02:18 PM
4 1,133
Hi, I am trying to prove that t goes to zero in the limit that a goes to infinite in this equation: 1/a \, \, ...
Sep2-10 01:46 PM
24 2,993
I am trying to find the centre of mass of a projectile nose. I profoundly suck at integration, but I have managed to...
Sep2-10 11:56 AM
12 2,796
Say I have a curve is called C: y=1287*x^-1.5 Find a tangent line to the C, and the tangent line has to have a...
Sep2-10 08:05 AM
7 957
Suppose f(n,p)=integral(n!/(x! (n - x)!dx, for x from -1/2 to p) where n>1, p<n+1/2 Are approximate formulas known...
Sep2-10 02:36 AM
3 1,118
find x for y=5 y = -(((e^x)/(e^-x))/2) + ((e^x)/(e^(-3x)) all i did was a^m / a^n = a^m-n i get here y =...
Sep1-10 09:08 PM
1 1,803
I am reading the definition in wiki ( nothing better at the moment) It...
Sep1-10 05:34 PM
0 716
\oint_{\Delta S}\vec{E}\cdot \vec{dS}=const \int_{\Delta_V}\rho dV \Delta S surface which surround domain \Delta V....
Sep1-10 10:57 AM
Petar Mali
2 847
It is well known that limit of function can be converted to limit of sequence. I wonder if it still holds for limit...
Sep1-10 10:02 AM
5 2,903
Hi, I'm stuck on this problem: \int{\frac{1}{z^4+1}} Writing it as a product of its roots, we get: ...
Sep1-10 08:58 AM
3 1,936
We were discussing them in my math methods class today however I'm not really sure how the idea works. Does anyone...
Aug31-10 06:50 PM
1 1,979
Hi all, perhaps someone can shed some light on the following sum: ...
Aug31-10 06:33 PM
1 815
Find the equation of the normal line to y = 2cos ( 4x) at x = \pi / 3 I dont even know where to start with this...
Aug31-10 04:29 PM
5 3,570
What is a good textbook on real analysis that has either a solution manual or solutions in the back. I have Rudin's...
Aug31-10 07:59 AM
7 12,701
Why the serie \sum\frac{1}{n} diverges and the serie \sum\frac{1}{n^{2}} converges? I'd appreciate an explanation...
Aug30-10 03:59 PM
4 1,328
A sequence \{x_n\} in a metric space (X,d) converges iff (\exists x\in X)(\forall \epsilon > 0)(\exists N \in...
Aug30-10 12:46 PM
5 1,482
In the prove of \vec{r}(t) \;&\; \vec{r}'(t) \; is perpendicular: \vec{r}(t) \;\cdot\; \vec{r}(t) \;=\;...
Aug30-10 12:50 AM
3 2,861
Assume the situation in which I have a slope, a component of a function dependent on x and y, which is at an angle to...
Aug29-10 09:14 PM
8 1,885
Goal: to show yn=x This particular part of the proof supposes that yn>x. So we want an h>0 such that (y-h)n>x ...
Aug29-10 08:24 PM
3 2,439
Hello all, I am wondering the implication between almost everywhere bounded function and Lebesgue integrable. ...
Aug29-10 06:02 PM
3 1,733
Is the space of all absolutely continuous functions complete? I've never learned about absolutely continuous...
Aug29-10 03:03 PM
7 2,259
I just jumped into a finite element methods course, and we are finding minimization problems and variational problems...
Aug29-10 02:36 PM
0 829
Hi, I've been skimming through Knopp's book "Theory and Applications of Inifnite Series", mostly to get some...
Aug29-10 12:51 PM
Petr Mugver
4 790
For a tangent plane to a surface, why is the normal vector for this plane equal to the gradient vector? Or is it not?
Aug29-10 09:55 AM
2 768
OK, this is really confusing me. Mostly because i suck at spatial stuff. If the gradient vector at a given point...
Aug29-10 02:42 AM
3 8,085
hi, i just started freshman year, and i am taking the standard intro physics classes for physics majors', but i am...
Aug28-10 11:15 AM
3 1,499
The Airy function is defined as follows: \textrm{Ai}(x) = \frac{1}{\pi}\int\limits_0^{\infty}...
Aug27-10 02:39 PM
4 3,267
I have some nasty Integrals involving a couple of Hankel Functions. I've been trying for some time to do them but I...
Aug27-10 04:47 AM
0 1,037
First I need to post some pages of a book that I'm reading...
Aug25-10 01:48 PM
4 1,051

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