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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 39,994
if we know the value of the divergence of a grident field at each point, div ( grad f ) = g, how can we compute the...
Apr17-09 04:41 PM
0 1,157
I have a quick question about integration after a change of variables has been made. Suppose there is a function ...
Sep13-05 07:57 PM
2 1,110
Suppose you are solving equations in the interval 0<=xx<=2pi....Without actually solving equations, what is the...
Jan8-08 09:31 PM
2 2,924
Iím going to say from the beginning that I need to hand this problem in. I'm not looking for the answer, I think I...
Feb18-08 06:15 PM
2 1,936
I have to present it in front of the class so Iím trying to make it as clean and correct as possible. If someone...
Apr21-08 07:33 AM
6 2,769
In my self-study Calculus book I finished with the 'intuitive' definition of the limit and the text directed me to the...
Dec15-08 02:10 AM
2 12,375
for the equation... y = x^3 - 2x^2 -5x +2 is its local minima at (2.120,-8.061) Thanks
Apr16-08 05:34 PM
5 3,493
How does one show that z^{1/3} is not unique in the complex plane? Thanks, Daniel
May21-09 03:56 PM
3 870
My friend told me that they had just learned an equation to find the length of a function. I decided that it would be...
Nov19-05 12:40 PM
4 11,502
Hey, This is just a small question about Cauchys theorem. If there is a function f(z) such that int f(z)dz = 0...
Oct12-11 03:42 PM
2 571
For a graph of any function, one of following conditions is said to exist so as for it to be symmetric: a graph is...
Apr13-10 12:55 PM
2 1,471
The integral of (sin(t)cos(t)) has two possible solutions: {(sint)^2}/2 and {-(cost)^2}/2 eventhough these two...
Jul14-10 12:45 PM
3 952
so I have a implicit diffentiation problem and was wondering if someone could help me out.. I need to figure out how...
Jul22-08 01:47 PM
4 1,004
Say we have f(x, y). We can Fourier decompose it in terms of f1(y, v) and e^{\ x\ v}, f2(x, u) and e^{\ u\ y}, or both...
Jun14-12 03:38 PM
2 1,302
so, 6! = 6*5*4*3*2*1 (n+2)! = (n+2)(n+1)(n)! (2n+2)! = (2n+2)(2n+1)(2n)! (500n+3)! =...
May3-11 04:14 AM
3 677
Hi again! Time for one more of my newbie questions. I'm reading "Elementary Calculus: An Approach Using...
Nov2-04 01:38 PM
3 911
Hi again! Now I can't understand f(x) = c\Rightarrow f'(x) = 0, where c is a constant. I think I should be undefined. ...
Nov4-04 05:47 PM
17 2,686
Hi. I can't get what I'm doing wrong here. If somebody points that out, I'm really gratefull. u = (6 + 2x^2)^3...
Nov4-04 08:07 AM
6 638
My book tolds me that: \lim_{n\rightarrow\infty} \frac{n(n+1)}{2n^2}= \frac{1}{2}. I don't get it. Maybe this with...
Dec8-04 03:43 PM
fourier jr
3 1,008
A common definition I've read: A derivative of a arbitrary function is the change in one given instant. It's hard...
Feb25-05 05:49 AM
11 2,254
How did Newton solve Zeno's Paradox of the Arrow which is stated as follows: 1. When the arrow is in a place...
Apr6-05 11:24 AM
15 1,914
Suppose g1 , g2 ,... are any numbers that satisfy the inequalities 0 < gn < 1 and (1 − gn )gn+1 > 1/4 for all n. ...
Sep9-09 12:29 PM
1 891
I have a question regarding fluid streamline vector, why is it different from the usual position vector when you take...
Oct20-09 10:14 AM
3 1,187
I've recently read about Null Identities of vector analysis. I'm having a problem in understanding what is it by...
Oct22-09 11:35 AM
4 712
Sorry but i have a question regarding Laplace Equation, say if a potential function P represents the inverse square...
Oct23-09 07:30 AM
2 2,155
I had just reviewed back the properties of Delta Dirac Function, however i'm having a little confusing about the first...
Oct28-09 11:52 AM
14 1,565
What is the derivative of the function f(x)= max(u(x),v(x)) ? where u(x) and v(x) are two given function
Feb5-11 06:36 PM
3 4,319
so i'm having problems with the coefficients in this problem. \int(10z+8/z^2-8z+41)dz i know that the main...
Mar25-08 08:04 PM
Pere Callahan
3 3,369
I'd like to delete it.
Apr20-04 02:41 PM
0 2,460
Because the administrators recomend to post the topics from classical geometry here, there's one covering problem,...
May3-04 03:21 PM
0 1,155
Hello, I need help with a very hard integral, I was trying several steps and I tried in the software "derive" but the...
Oct31-11 02:50 AM
1 746
Hi i need help finding the volume of a partially filled sphere. I know that there is an equation to do this but i...
May20-09 08:08 AM
18 18,713
Hi, I need help with this calc2 question. Basically they want me to find the volume obtained by region bounded by...
Feb5-08 06:30 PM
3 20,566
Here's the question, what should u do to check whether the randomness of number given uot by computer is indeed...
Jul30-04 07:01 PM
7 1,542
Does anyone have access to the paper "LINE INTEGRALS WITH RESPECT TO ARC LENGTH" by Easton and Steiner? It was...
May6-10 05:13 AM
0 655
Is there an analog or a more general form of the rule \frac{d}{dx} \int_{a}^{t} F(t) dt = F(x) that covers the...
Mar13-11 08:50 AM
9 3,068
In a research problem (related to statistics), I've encountered a k-dimensional Dirichlet integral of the form: ...
Jun30-08 12:23 AM
0 1,508
Hi Could anyone give me a hint on getting a closed form for the following integral: \int\frac{1}{k + sin(x)}dx ...
Nov18-13 08:26 PM
2 568
An example of implicit differentation in Stewart, 6th ed, p 883, is given as follows: x^3 + y^3 + z^3 + 6xyz = 1 ...
Jun7-10 01:24 AM
1 2,709
Any help would be much appreciated - Is it possible to say the following? If z = g(s+at) + f(s-at), let u = s+at...
Sep27-12 06:00 PM
2 1,469

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