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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,556
Hey folks, I've been stuck on this for two days now so I'm hoping for some hints from anyone... I'm trying to...
Aug23-08 09:11 AM
1 2,404
I'd like to map the open unit circle to the open ellipse x/A^2 + y/B^2 = 1. How would I go about doing this? I...
Jun30-08 02:57 AM
1 12,453
in the .pdf article i have ...
Jun4-08 02:10 PM
1 2,598
i need a full explanation on finite element method or better still a material i can read to help me understand better
Jun9-08 03:17 PM
1 2,761
Hi, I'm currently trying to decipher an equation in a paper I'm reading for research of my own. However, I am running...
Jun11-08 04:33 PM
1 1,569
Lagarias’ equivalence to the Riemann hypothesis should be discussed, i.e., if hn := n-th harmonic number := 1/1 + 1/2...
Jun11-08 05:31 AM
1 2,924
should every whole number that curve x crosses be taken into consideration when constructing a polar graph? For...
Jun12-08 08:13 AM
1 1,503
Evaluate the limit and indicate appropriate limit laws. lim square root of u^4+3u+6 u->-2 Evaluate the limit ...
Jun17-08 03:00 PM
1 1,467
\int \, dt The above are all vectors. How would one go about integrating this, the answer is apparently a...
Jun21-08 06:50 AM
1 1,306
Discussion: This is a proposed solution to problem 2-13 in Apostol's "Mathematical Analysis". The method came to me...
Jun23-08 10:58 PM
1 836
Change the Cartesian integral to the equivalent polar integral and evaluate: Integral of (x dx dy), limits of...
Jun25-08 11:40 PM
1 8,151
Hi folks, I have a function f(t), and I want to find 2nd order polynomials that lower/upper bound f(t) in a fixed...
Jun30-08 04:34 AM
1 3,094
I'm trying to find the regular parallelepiped with sides parallel to the coordinate axis inscribed in the ellipsoid...
Jul2-08 09:38 AM
1 1,259
We have y=f(x), and get the inverse by uing the first function and solving it for x and get x=g(y). (F and g are...
Jul4-08 03:19 PM
1 1,057
hi guys just a quick proof i need help with please: if a = pi / (2-b) prove the integral from 0 to pi/2 of d(b)...
Jul9-08 03:52 AM
1 1,080
Is it possible to write the triangle inequality in 2 ways: 1. d(x,z) <= d(x,y) + d(y,z) 2. d(x,y) <= d(x,z)...
Jul9-08 09:53 AM
1 1,200
How do I show that A={r in Q: r^3<2} is a Dedekind cut. Here is the definition I am working with. A subset A...
Jul13-08 02:59 PM
1 1,508
When a problem with a number of equations is given, asking to find its volume, a student has a choice between the...
Jul15-08 12:12 AM
1 2,482
Hello! I have the following formula - a*k1 + b*k2 + c*k3 = P This is a formula i'm trying to build. It will be used...
Jul16-08 01:35 AM
1 951
I have an EPW that I don't quite know how to get started. Below is the EPW question and then after that is what I am...
Jul22-08 12:33 AM
1 976
I'm not sure whether to post this in the Mathematics or Physics forums, but I figure this problem is easily reduced to...
Jul25-08 01:53 PM
1 1,290
I get the impression that unlike solving derivatives and integrals, sequences and series do not have a lot of...should...
Jul26-08 10:48 AM
1 2,107
Hey ppl.... Is x/x differentiable at x = 0 Now i know that it is not defined at x=0 but the function does...
Jul28-08 07:00 AM
1 1,175
Is it mathematically possible for a series to be first declared "possibly not divergent" via the Test For Divergence,...
Jul28-08 01:54 PM
1 1,345
See thanks Laura
Jul29-08 02:39 PM
1 1,117
Just a really quick sanity check. This equation... \nablasU = \nablaU - n*(n \bullet \nablaU) ...the correct...
Aug1-08 06:19 PM
1 2,442
im just curious. it has been bugging me about the beginning of the movie where the professor asks Ben a question and...
Aug8-08 12:50 AM
1 2,024
Just got some strange equation from relativistic travel problem : {\it PA} \left( t \right) =\lim _{{\it...
Aug9-08 01:00 PM
1 1,389
I am going to provide my answer to a complex integral and i was just seeking a few pointers as to weather i was on the...
Aug10-08 05:12 PM
Count Iblis
1 1,112
My question is : when z=f(x,y) is written down ... it's assume that we're working in the cartesian plane with...
Aug14-08 12:34 AM
1 1,157
Hi. In this solution(page 2) to Jackson 1.5 it is stated that \nabla^2...
Aug14-08 09:29 AM
1 1,265
On my post titled double integrals you explained why limits go from x^2 to x when integrating wrt y (i.e. the "bottom"...
Aug14-08 01:40 PM
1 1,036
I need help with the following integrals
Aug18-08 07:52 AM
1 993
iv egot 1/2ln|(1-z)/(z+3)|=Ln|v|+c does this go to ln |(1-z)/(z+3)|1/2=Ln|v|+c which goes to...
Aug19-08 11:34 AM
1 1,018
Hi everyone. I'm a brazilian mathmatician that didn't studied complex analysis. I study finance and now I'm needing...
Aug21-08 02:29 PM
1 2,127
given z is complex, sketch the following locus on the Argand diagram: {(z-3+j)/(z-j) }= square roots of 5 { }=...
Aug21-08 06:47 AM
1 1,048
cos pi= -1 using the 360 circle ir those quadrants i forgot what it was, link
Aug23-08 05:23 AM
1 8,924
I try to find the solution of the integrals below for more than a week. \int_{p>0}^{\infty}\frac{\exp}{p}dp can...
Aug23-08 09:05 AM
1 968 The Wikipedia article is mentioning an interesting formula for...
Aug24-08 06:25 AM
1 1,886
f(x)=x/x^2+1 f'(x)= 1-x^2/(x^2+1)^2 But then I can't seem to work through taking the 2nd derivative, perhaps I am...
Aug25-08 09:33 AM
1 1,235

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