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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 45,166
so i have one problem and i just need to know if my integral is right. any help would be greatly appreciated 1. a...
Oct24-06 04:50 AM
1 1,888
How do you integrate the following questions? 1) x/((3-x^4)^(1/2))*dx 2) (1+e^x)/(1-e^x)*dx 3)...
Oct23-06 12:05 AM
1 2,450
a) With f(x)= e^-x^2 , compute approximations using midpoint, trapezoidal and simpson's rule with n=2. I found that...
Oct25-06 06:22 PM
1 4,112
I'm trying to understand the Hahn Banach theorem, that every bounded linear functional f on some subspace M of a...
Oct28-06 12:06 PM
1 3,845
Find Critical Numbers of: F(z) = (z+1)/(z^2+z+1) Did I start off correctly?? D/dz = - (z + 1)(2z+1)/(z^2+z+1)...
Nov6-06 04:24 PM
1 2,165
I am reading something about Electromagnetic wave and Antenna, and come across some equations that the author says are...
Nov9-06 12:00 PM
1 2,035
Attahced is a file of a problem I am trying to solve. Thanks for any help
Nov9-06 01:41 PM
1 1,260
There is a circle with a radius of 5 bisected by the y-axis. If we move it up and down the y-axis, different...
Nov19-06 02:08 AM
1 2,989
('s been over three months since I posted anything...:eek:) Anyhow, Given continuous functions...
Dec25-06 07:11 AM
1 1,450
Given f,g in L^1(R), I'm given the inequality: ||f * g||_1 \leq ||f||_1 ||g||_1 And now I'm supposed to derive...
Nov30-06 10:42 PM
1 1,030
Hey guys, I need help with the expansion of this integral: \int_0^\infty Z(x) J_o(\lambda x)dx for \lambda...
Nov29-06 09:28 PM
1 1,649
Hi, I'm doing a problem about finding volume using shells, and I'm really confused about what the the width...
Dec5-06 12:10 PM
1 1,078
i would need to solve the integral equation..:confused: :confused: g(x)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}dte^{ixf(t)} ...
Dec9-06 07:04 AM
1 881
Simple question. Are reference angles always positive??
Dec13-06 12:26 PM
1 4,103
hi! who help me to find the antiderivative of: (x^3 + 3x^2)/(x^2 + 4x + 4) thanks
Dec13-06 02:00 PM
1 1,214
My physics professor introduce us to the gamma function a few weeks ago, and I've been thinking about it quite a bit. ...
Dec14-06 11:51 AM
Doom of Doom
1 2,810
Hi there, I'm new here and I'm really glad that I found a community to discuss calculus even though its not really...
Dec16-06 06:00 AM
Gib Z
1 2,221
Suppose we have a function, y=Cx where C is a constant. we take the derivative of both sides: dy/dx = d/dx...
Dec15-06 04:44 AM
matt grime
1 1,927
I need a good calculus of variations book. I would like something that is clear but not devoid of mathematical rigour.
Dec19-06 06:32 PM
1 2,228
Use the Mean Value Theorem to show that: a)Suppose f is a diferentiable function on the interval a < b, and suppose...
Dec20-06 02:18 AM
1 1,613
Let f(x)= {1 if -1 < x<0; {-1 if 0 < x < 1. Prove that f(x) is integrable on -1 < x < 1.
Dec20-06 01:36 AM
1 1,592
If f(x)>0 for all xElement-ofsymbol , then b Integral sign f>0 a a) Give an example where f(x)>0 for all...
Dec20-06 02:03 AM
1 1,299
I've been working on this for the past hour, but haven't gone anywhere with it. If anyone can help to complete it, it...
Dec20-06 01:53 AM
1 1,824
What is the justification for this inequality? \int_0^1(|u(s)|+|v(s)|)(|u(s)|-|v(s)|)ds\leq...
Dec23-06 06:45 PM
1 1,606
Dear All, I need to know the area of the crescent created by overlapping circles;e.g. a circle radius 50Ám...
Jan9-07 10:44 AM
1 13,545
There's a question here from a past exam paper I don't understand. I have the answer that my lecturer gave but the...
Jan15-07 03:41 PM
1 924
Does there exist a chain rule for functional derivatives? For example, in ordinary univariate calculus, if we have...
Jan20-07 10:51 AM
1 2,476
Hi, i've seen a textbook where the integration inthe following expression is performed: C(S,V,t) =...
Jan26-07 06:57 AM
1 1,354
hey all if I have the function for a derivative (which it is impossible to find an integral for, by the way), how do...
Feb9-07 07:12 PM
1 5,176
Hi, Some time ago one of my professors told us about a remarkable theorem, which stated something along the lines...
Feb17-07 12:11 PM
1 1,302
Can someone tell me what is numerov's method ?
Feb17-07 01:38 AM
1 3,947
Can anyone assist me in proving Archimedean Property? It will really help if someone can explain the proof to me.
Feb17-07 11:09 PM
1 1,212
I was wondering if Limits commute, Ie: Limit of z to infinity] = Limit of z to 0] Edit: Nvm, they dont......
Feb20-07 05:40 PM
1 1,146
Hi, ok I'm working with linear transformations between normed linear spaces (nls) if T :X -> Y nls's is a linear...
Feb21-07 04:31 PM
1 1,416
Hello, I would be interrested to learn if there are some (new) open source and/or possibly free librairies...
Mar3-07 10:29 PM
1 2,290
How do you derive hypergeometirc identities of the form 2F1(a,b,c,z)= gamma function. What I mean is that the...
Mar2-07 01:53 AM
1 2,514
Ok, i'm supposed to found the volume of the solid that is created after rotating the line f(x) = 2x-1 around the x...
Mar5-07 08:59 PM
marcin w
1 7,070
I have a function G_0=\frac{1-\alpha/u^2}{1-\alpha u^2} . Since 0<\alpha<1, G_0 has zeroes but no poles inside the...
Mar20-07 11:53 AM
1 1,033
I am having trouble with this limit, i am to do a Limit test but I just don't see it. Step 1. Lim sqrt(x) ...
Mar24-07 02:11 AM
Moo Of Doom
1 1,385
Hey! Can someone help me solve the following integral \int_0^{2\pi} exp d\theta I've tried splitting the...
Mar24-07 03:56 PM
1 2,761

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