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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,234
Hey folks, I've been stuck on this for two days now so I'm hoping for some hints from anyone... I'm trying to...
Aug23-08 09:11 AM
1 2,392
I get the impression that unlike solving derivatives and integrals, sequences and series do not have a lot of...should...
Jul26-08 10:48 AM
1 2,101
Hey ppl.... Is x/x differentiable at x = 0 Now i know that it is not defined at x=0 but the function does...
Jul28-08 07:00 AM
1 1,171
Is it mathematically possible for a series to be first declared "possibly not divergent" via the Test For Divergence,...
Jul28-08 01:54 PM
1 1,335
See thanks Laura
Jul29-08 02:39 PM
1 1,113
Just a really quick sanity check. This equation... \nablasU = \nablaU - n*(n \bullet \nablaU) ...the correct...
Aug1-08 06:19 PM
1 2,430
im just curious. it has been bugging me about the beginning of the movie where the professor asks Ben a question and...
Aug8-08 12:50 AM
1 2,020
Just got some strange equation from relativistic travel problem : {\it PA} \left( t \right) =\lim _{{\it...
Aug9-08 01:00 PM
1 1,377
I am going to provide my answer to a complex integral and i was just seeking a few pointers as to weather i was on the...
Aug10-08 05:12 PM
Count Iblis
1 1,105
My question is : when z=f(x,y) is written down ... it's assume that we're working in the cartesian plane with...
Aug14-08 12:34 AM
1 1,154
Hi. In this solution(page 2) to Jackson 1.5 it is stated that \nabla^2...
Aug14-08 09:29 AM
1 1,260
On my post titled double integrals you explained why limits go from x^2 to x when integrating wrt y (i.e. the "bottom"...
Aug14-08 01:40 PM
1 1,028
I need help with the following integrals
Aug18-08 07:52 AM
1 991
iv egot 1/2ln|(1-z)/(z+3)|=Ln|v|+c does this go to ln |(1-z)/(z+3)|1/2=Ln|v|+c which goes to...
Aug19-08 11:34 AM
1 1,014
Hi everyone. I'm a brazilian mathmatician that didn't studied complex analysis. I study finance and now I'm needing...
Aug21-08 02:29 PM
1 2,121
given z is complex, sketch the following locus on the Argand diagram: {(z-3+j)/(z-j) }= square roots of 5 { }=...
Aug21-08 06:47 AM
1 1,043
cos pi= -1 using the 360 circle ir those quadrants i forgot what it was, link
Aug23-08 05:23 AM
1 8,889
I try to find the solution of the integrals below for more than a week. \int_{p>0}^{\infty}\frac{\exp}{p}dp can...
Aug23-08 09:05 AM
1 960 The Wikipedia article is mentioning an interesting formula for...
Aug24-08 06:25 AM
1 1,878
f(x)=x/x^2+1 f'(x)= 1-x^2/(x^2+1)^2 But then I can't seem to work through taking the 2nd derivative, perhaps I am...
Aug25-08 09:33 AM
1 1,228
Both Int {(t-tau)*sin(a*tau)}d(tau) and Int {(tau)*sin(a*(t-tau)}d(tau) will give the same answer...
Aug26-08 01:14 AM
Ben Niehoff
1 1,061
Can anyone PROOVE how to find out the normalisation of hermite polynomial?
Aug31-08 10:54 AM
1 2,654
I have not understood what precisely is meant when someone says for example, x occurs implicitly or explicitly in a...
Sep3-08 10:16 AM
1 2,774
Can someone explain the additivity property of inner product spaces to me please
Sep2-08 08:12 AM
1 1,151
Sep2-08 08:04 AM
1 1,128
Hi can anybody suggest my how to solve an integral equation of this type integral(a,b)( c * f(T) dT) ==d where...
Sep5-08 03:43 PM
1 1,083
I am working on a finite potential well problem and the math presented in a paper is simple algebra; but, the...
Sep6-08 06:03 PM
1 1,017
How do I describe the image of a function like. f(z) = (z-i)/(z+i) given that the length of z is equal to one. The...
Sep8-08 10:10 AM
1 1,015
Hi. I have the following two equations S_{21}=\frac{(1-\Gamma^2)z}{1-z^2\Gamma^2}...
Sep8-08 09:33 AM
1 1,091
What's the inverse of f(x)= e^x/(1+2e^x)?
Sep9-08 02:05 AM
1 25,850
Show x<(or equal) xsin(1/x) <(or equal) -x if x<0 and -|x| <(or equal) xsin(1/x) <(or equal) |x| if x cant be 0
Sep9-08 09:14 PM
1 785
let be the integral \int_{R^{3}}d^{3}r F( \vec r . \vec r , \vec r . \vec a , |r| ,|a|) (1) F depends only on...
Sep9-08 03:30 PM
1 1,108
can anyone give me a precise statement of the "closure of modules" theorem in several complex variables? it says...
Sep10-08 06:02 PM
1 1,003
Hi I was hoping someone could explain how this works to me I ran across this example in a book D(p(a)) =...
Sep10-08 09:06 PM
1 1,186
I'm not quite sure how this partial d/dx should look (x + y) / sqr root(x^2 + y^2) Is it (-2)(1/2x)(x+y)/((x^2...
Sep11-08 09:08 PM
1 1,645
The graph of g is interm of f. So how to plot g(x)= f(|x|) and of g(x)=|f(x)|. Is it jus a 'V' shape one.This problem...
Sep12-08 01:49 PM
1 1,454
Hi, For a physics class, I am supposed to evaluate the following integral I_n(a) = \int_{-\infty}^\infty \mathrm...
Sep14-08 03:21 PM
1 1,538
Question: Find the volume of the solid whose base is the triangular region of the xy-plane with vertices...
Sep16-08 08:30 AM
1 950
Suppose that S is a nonempty set of real numbers that is not Sequentially compact. Prove that either (i) there is an...
Sep16-08 06:18 PM
1 1,446
where can I read about distributions and the delta function. esp. to solve singular integrals. I have seen that you...
Sep17-08 06:43 AM
1 1,329

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