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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,550
From this diagram, how can i...
Oct5-08 10:13 PM
1 5,960
Hi guys. I little while ago I remember reading on some article on the internet something we there was a comment about...
Oct7-08 09:24 AM
1 1,276
What is a strategy to integrate arctan (sqrt(x))? What about arcsin (sqrt(x))?
Oct8-08 02:31 AM
1 876
I'd like to find the integral of this in terms of re(f(x)) and im(f(x)). Please show some steps, this is not homework....
Oct8-08 11:40 PM
1 984
Hey, in my text book they keep doing this and I can't follow for example r.\ddot{}r = 1/2 \ddot{}r^{}^2{} and...
Oct8-08 02:08 PM
1 1,191
Hallo Everybody ! I have tried to look in the previous posts, but I haven’t find something useful. I am looking...
Oct8-08 11:58 PM
1 2,527
I'm just curious of what exactly multiple integrals are for example if you have \int^{3}_{1}xdx you get 3-1 but...
Oct9-08 11:26 AM
1 1,200
When showing that an integral is convergent, where is the best place to start?
Oct9-08 06:01 PM
1 1,292
Dear People, I'm sorry that im putting this question here because it might be very obvious and it might insult some...
Oct14-08 08:40 PM
1 618
Hi I may be missing something obvious here, but I am reading a paper on random sampling, and in one of the proofs,...
Oct12-08 09:43 AM
1 1,295
If second derivatives of function,f, fxy and fyx, are equal, are the first dervitives, fx and fy, continuous?
Oct13-08 02:42 AM
1 2,313
Hi all, I have a general question. When calculating the area of a triangle in 3 space, one applies the formula ...
Oct17-08 07:40 PM
1 7,718
This may be a stupid question, but I just confused myself on compactness. For some reason I can't convince myself that...
Oct22-08 03:24 AM
1 4,238
For 1 < p < oo it is true that: If we have a sequence ( x_n )_(n >= 1) in l^p that converges weakly to zero then that...
Oct25-08 09:35 PM
1 1,077
The JGM3 model of earth's gravity is expressed in the form of coefficients C and S to Legendre polynomials in r, theta...
Oct28-08 12:16 PM
1 1,242
Show that lim sup (an+bn)<=limsupan +limsupbn where (bn) and (an) are bounded... How would you go from for n < N...
Oct28-08 11:07 PM
1 1,668
to be integratable but still give a wrong answer even if all the steps are performed correctly? Assume that an...
Oct28-08 12:07 PM
1 978
In vector calculus, with a space curve C, there are the 3 vectors, tangent, normal, and binormal. Are they always...
Nov3-08 03:27 PM
1 3,109
I'm looking over a proof and I'm wondering from which principles does it follow that \mid a - b \mid < 1 \to \mid a...
Nov5-08 01:56 PM
1 1,542
I am stuck on both these questions, I have no idea where to begin I was given a worksheet which our instructor will...
Nov6-08 12:54 PM
1 1,727
I converted the function, {t^n}{e^{-t}} where t is the variable (time domain) and n is any real whole integer greater...
Nov9-08 09:00 PM
1 3,036
find the points of discontinuouty limit as x,y ---> (0,0) of function f(x,y) = 1-((cos(x^2+y^2)/(x^2+y^2))
Nov12-08 03:42 AM
Pere Callahan
1 2,408
I was just curious as to why out of all properties of metric spaces (ie compactness, closure, etc), i dont know how...
Nov15-08 01:57 PM
1 1,001
thanks I think I got it :)
Nov16-08 05:01 AM
1 1,256
Hi Could you please tell me how to integrate it? Thanks ~~ \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac {e^{i\omega t}}...
Nov18-08 01:46 PM
1 2,203
I am having trouble remembering the correct approach here. This is in regards to deriving a governing equation for...
Nov19-08 06:08 AM
1 1,551
I know its a really dumb question and if i reached this far in math i should know do you draw the diagrams...
Nov20-08 05:51 AM
1 1,355
Show that if E is a Borel measurable subset of R, then {(x,y)| x-y is in E} is also measurable in the product space of...
Nov21-08 09:24 AM
Pere Callahan
1 1,488
this is the question, Prove that if f is continuous on (a,b] and if |f| is bounded on then f is integrable on . ...
Nov23-08 05:23 PM
1 3,090
Howdy Ho, partner. I have a series of functions {f_{n}} with f_{n}(x) := x^{n} / (1 + x^{n}) and I am investigating...
Nov23-08 08:46 PM
1 1,564
Does anybody know substitutions that can be used for the following integrals: \int (a^2 - b^2 \cos\theta)^{-3/2}...
Nov24-08 06:21 PM
1 1,098
I've been reading Gunning and Rossi's book on complex analysis in several variables (good book!). They define...
Nov27-08 06:12 AM
1 1,012
Hi. I am having trouble getting started on this problem. I need to find the Laurent series for: f(z) = exp in...
Dec2-08 08:32 PM
1 1,441
hi there! I´m doing vector analysis the last two weeks and I feel unsure about this identity. Can anyone of you say...
Dec1-08 01:28 PM
1 976
Is it always true that if; f(x) = f '(x), then; -f (x) = - \int f '(x) ? That is, the negative of a derivative...
Dec1-08 08:35 PM
1 1,053
I got a relation as follow \lambda_k = \frac{2 n(\lambda_k) L}{k} where \lambda_k is a wavelength at mode k, k...
Dec2-08 01:16 PM
1 1,042
Sorry me again THE CRC tables define the above integral as using sqrt(x^2-a^2) let t(x) = sqrt(x^2 - a^2) ...
Dec5-08 10:45 AM
1 2,113
kindly make h or d the subject of the formula y={1/2pi(d-h)}ln(d/h) thank u Moderation Note: e-mail address...
Dec5-08 10:08 AM
1 1,023
Ok, so a teacher showed an example in class awhile back. So im going over my notes right now, and I don't understand a...
Dec7-08 05:07 AM
1 1,374
P=P0ekt I'm given that a population doubles in number in 4 hours. Does that mean the k in the function equals 0.5...
Dec9-08 07:43 AM
1 1,214

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