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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,088
Hi everybody while trying to find the pdf of user in CDMA, I got stuck up with an integral, which is given below: ...
Jan12-11 01:18 PM
1 719
My numerical analysis book doesn't explain it. It just tells you to use precomputed tables, and directs you to an out...
Dec25-10 12:26 AM
1 3,382
Hi I just got an introduction in complex analysis and some things are still not so clear. What troubles me the most...
Dec27-10 04:13 PM
1 780
is the following formula of integration by parts \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}dxf(x)D^{n}g(x) = (-1)^{n}...
Dec27-10 03:58 PM
1 642
hi, I am looking for any example (complete calculus) using Complex Numbers to solve real problems. is the right...
Dec31-10 04:08 PM
1 1,125
Is it possible for a series to converge without the constraint that a_n+1< or equal to a_n? Can we have a convergent...
Jan2-11 04:15 PM
1 557
hello, i've posted this question on a math forum, but they weren't much help - this really is more appropriate in...
Jan5-11 12:52 PM
1 2,086
I am trying to find the domain of this function f(x)=sqrt(x^2 - 2x +5). i am supposing that y=x^2 - 2x +5 and y must...
Jan6-11 07:05 AM
1 3,867
Hello, I know the hyperreals are not connected with respect to the interval opens (open sets are open intervals) In...
Jan6-11 08:34 AM
1 773
Hello all, My question is if f : X \mapsto Y is an isometry which preserves norm, i.e. \left\| f(x) \right\|...
Jan6-11 06:57 PM
1 820
why in general can not give a meaningful expression for \delta (x) \delta ^{m} (x) or H(x) \delta (x) for...
Jan7-11 05:00 AM
1 707
In my derivation of one of Maxwell's Equations, I needed the fact that the Laplacian of 1/r vanishes everywhere except...
Jan10-11 10:36 AM
1 782
Hi, Is the final value theorem an appropriate way to deduce if a specific differential equations converges or...
Jan13-11 03:06 AM
1 546
I know that the gamma function (from 0 to infinity): \int e-t tx-1 dt = \Gamma(x) and that the relation exists......
Jan11-11 01:01 PM
1 1,790
How does the function f(z) = z + 1/z take a circle of radius g.t. 1 to an ellipse? How do I think about it...
Jan13-11 02:41 AM
1 1,050
how do i integrate 0.5et
Jan13-11 12:22 AM
1 691
Hey guys, I'm following a course on vector calculus and I'm having some trouble connecting things. Suppose we have a...
Jan14-11 10:10 AM
1 1,569
Hi, I'm working on a project (not homework) where I have to linearize a set of non-linear equations of motion ...
Jan18-11 10:57 AM
1 1,288
This question comes from proof of Theorem 2.47 in Folland's "real analysis: modern techniques and their applications",...
Jan19-11 12:30 PM
1 1,051
Analysis math help please!? 1. Let E be a nonempty subset of R (real numbers) Prove that infE <= supE 2. Prove...
Jan23-11 05:49 AM
1 801
Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this. I am working on a Kalman Filter for battery state of...
Jan21-11 03:32 AM
1 1,813
my question is the following let be the Fourier transform \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}d^{4}p \frac{exp(...
Jan20-11 04:52 PM
1 1,284
Hi, I'm having a problem in evaluating a triple integral for a deformable control volume equation:...
Jan24-11 11:06 AM
1 1,341
I am not very familiar with terms from numerical analysis, thus I do understand the definition for convergence rate...
Jan24-11 05:06 PM
1 1,212
Question: Why does my calculator state the limit of the following function is 1, but my calculations state it does...
Jan26-11 10:26 PM
1 667
Hi guys, I want to approximate sinh(3391014490) using taylor's series as i don't know of a way to compute this in...
Jan27-11 02:46 PM
1 1,606
How can I represent a general "expression" as a Fourier series? For example, I want to find the Fourier series of...
Jan29-11 07:16 PM
1 948
I made a post titled the same thing but it didnt seem to show up for some reason so if i am just reposting this over...
Jan30-11 07:20 PM
1 1,041
How can we find a parametrization for SU(3) in terms of angles?
Feb3-11 01:58 PM
1 1,342 Thank you for any help.
Feb1-11 12:31 PM
1 538
hello, i am stuck on how to do this I know how to do it for an indefinite integral, but it gets confusing for a...
Feb3-11 01:18 AM
1 2,184
We often have lim_{x\rightarrow a}f(g(x)) = f(lim_{x\rightarrow a} g(x)) if f(x) is continuous at g(a). ...
Feb4-11 04:19 AM
1 1,559
Hi, I am having a little trouble understanding something my lecturer said about using the table of signs to check...
Feb5-11 07:24 AM
1 2,252
hey I do not understand a step here! The integral is: \delta S(x,t)=-mc \int_a^b u_i d \delta x^i =0 and...
Feb5-11 08:07 PM
1 918
So my calculus isn't as sharp as I'd like it, and I am having trouble solving this diff eq, and I know the correct...
Feb6-11 07:02 AM
1 549
i need to know is there a difference between the method of finding the asymptote of a function and the finite...
Feb7-11 08:31 AM
1 1,335
Hi, if we consider a constant function f(x)=1, it is well-known that its Fourier transform is the delta function, in...
Feb7-11 04:27 PM
1 951
I'm teaching Calculus and am looking for an example of a first order differential equation application that is...
Feb7-11 11:00 PM
1 2,170
I'm supposed to find the equation of a line perpendicular to and intersecting another line. The original line was...
Feb9-11 06:31 AM
1 930
I have a function with one and only one local/global maxium.... (i.e. half the function has positive slope, half the...
Feb12-11 10:16 AM
1 1,183

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