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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 39,994
Hello everyone, This is probably a really newbie question and I apologise for it. So a continuous function is...
Jan19-12 02:01 AM
4 1,033
hi, there is a challenging problem that no one could answer it,so here it is if any one wants to try: if x,z,y are...
Nov21-07 03:02 PM
7 1,404
Hello, everybody! I'm a Maths/Physics student at Ecuador. Sorry if my English sucks, i'll try to do my best... Some...
Oct25-05 10:57 AM
3 1,268
greetings . the following integral appears in some references on analytic number theory . i am really intrigued by it...
Mar1-12 01:54 PM
1 951
how could or should we consider the function f(s)=0^{-s} for values of 's' ?? if Re (s) is smaller than 0 then...
Feb25-10 07:54 AM
0 579
Let \vec{A} be a vector with length |\vec{ A}| \hat{A} \;=\; \frac{\vec{A}}{|\vec{ A}|} 1) What is ...
Sep20-10 10:47 AM
8 1,294
Hi and sorry if I misplaced the thread. I'm having quite some trouble with analyzing the convergence of the following...
Jan29-11 10:32 AM
Gib Z
2 1,548
The answer doesn't seem obvious to me: If I set up B_0 = 1 and B_n = n^2 Then let A_n = \sum_{m=0}^n B_m...
Apr11-10 07:55 AM
2 791
Dos this fractional Taylor series (a+x)^{-r} = \sum_{m=-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{ \Gamma (-r+1)}{\Gamma (m+\alpha+1)...
May5-10 07:39 AM
1 658
Folks, Could anyone give me a working example of a sequence of functions that converges to a function wrt to the...
Dec21-11 02:33 PM
7 1,617
There is theorem that is widely used in physics--e.g., electricity and magnetism for which I have no proof, yet we use...
Jun8-12 05:48 PM
4 1,962
What is the definition of a zero set and what exactly does it mean? I have come across different responses on the...
Apr10-11 06:23 PM
4 1,037
Hi, I am new to calculus, and in some books I read a= dv/dt =>adt=dv. If dt means with respect to t, how is it...
Jun25-10 02:23 AM
Calculus 142
3 973
I need help with these problems: (1) STan^-1(y)dy and (2) Ssin^-1(x)dx (S=integral)
May23-04 11:35 PM
9 916
The other day I stumbled across a certain integral that had a three-letter-abbreviation that I believe began with A. I...
Apr6-11 01:57 PM
0 1,107
Let be the sum formula due to Abel and Plana: \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}f(n)-\int_{0}^{\infty}f(x)dx=...
Jun27-06 03:12 PM
0 2,594
Abelís Lemma, Let a_0,a_1,a_2,\cdots and b_0,b_1,b_2,\cdots be elements of a field; let s_k = a_0 + a_1 + a_2 +...
Oct13-04 07:59 AM
2 3,485
Does anyone have a site where I could get some practice problems that require one of these tests to prove a series...
Nov30-08 06:59 PM
0 2,274
e=(1/n+1)^n,as n->00, though I have used this symbol for so many times, but I still can not understand the true...
Dec11-07 05:58 AM
12 1,836
First, I wonder whether I can put the post here... Given X=^2 a(x)={y in X:||y-x||>=1/4} b(x)is the convex...
Oct24-07 05:20 PM
1 1,481
hallow everyone i am a tenth-grade student in Taiwan.What i want to know is that how to proove the curvature at point...
May26-07 08:52 AM
0 939
I have a cauchy sequence (f_n) in the space of functions on which are infinitely differentiable, C^oo () =...
May8-07 02:50 AM
2 797
The definition of 'Bounded above' states that: If E⊂S and S is an ordered set, there exists a β∈S such that x≤β for...
Mar16-12 04:11 PM
3 1,247
what is the simplification of the following expression (in terms of gamma and\or other functions) ? \Gamma(xy) i...
May28-08 12:17 PM
7 1,870
I am reading a book about integration on all possible momentum in 3D space, and it change the integration to a 1D...
Feb1-09 05:48 PM
1 8,975
I have two questions: 1. Least Upper Bound ex) Let A = {x : x∈Q(rational number) , x^2<2, x<0} ⊂ S (ordered...
Mar13-12 08:21 AM
0 662
Hi, i have a question about numerical evaluation of following 4D multiple integrals ...
Jul25-09 01:58 AM
0 949
How is it different (or how upgraded) is it from normal diffrentiation?
Feb2-05 10:20 PM
7 2,226
In the mathematical text I've read, it says that \frac{e^{ikz}}{z^{2}+m^{2}} has only one simple pole, that is, im, if...
Oct2-09 09:26 PM
2 786
with the series representation of sin or cos as a starting point (you don't know nothing else about those functions),...
Jun24-10 09:10 PM
6 1,270
hey all can anyone explain why, for small \alpha we may allow \tan \alpha = \alpha at an intuitive, geometrical...
Oct13-13 09:17 PM
Simon Bridge
3 449
What I know from the chain rule is that if y and u are differentiable with respect to x then dy/dx = (dy/du)*(du/dx) ...
Feb19-12 04:47 PM
5 998
Hello! I'm studying on my own the complex error function w(z), also known as Faddeyeva function. On page 297 from...
Jul8-08 12:12 AM
0 3,198
I've encountered two definitions of measurable functions. First, the abstract one: function f: (X, \mathcal{F}) \to...
Dec10-10 07:53 PM
4 1,252
Hello! I am having problems with the inverse function theorem. In some books it says to be locally inversible:...
Nov22-08 01:12 PM
5 3,445
If f from R to R is continuous, does it then follow that the pre-image of the closed unit interval is compact? -At...
Oct23-07 09:39 PM
14 3,744
hello (pardon me if this is a lame question, but i got to still ask) If a function is uniformly continuous (on a...
Apr11-13 09:02 AM
22 1,510
i know that the sine integral converges to pi/2. But what about the abs value of the sine integral. It seems to me...
Apr9-05 12:56 PM
4 6,824
I'm currently re-learning on my pre-calculus and calculus and have been reading Sylvanus P Thompson's _Calculus Made...
Dec5-10 09:56 AM
5 1,983
My defintion of an absolutely convergent series is one in which you can rearrange the series and it converges to the...
Nov16-06 08:55 PM
15 4,504

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