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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,055
hey all can anyone explain why, for small \alpha we may allow \tan \alpha = \alpha at an intuitive, geometrical...
Oct13-13 09:17 PM
Simon Bridge
3 1,204
What I know from the chain rule is that if y and u are differentiable with respect to x then dy/dx = (dy/du)*(du/dx) ...
Feb19-12 04:47 PM
5 1,085
Hello! I'm studying on my own the complex error function w(z), also known as Faddeyeva function. On page 297 from...
Jul8-08 12:12 AM
0 3,280
I've encountered two definitions of measurable functions. First, the abstract one: function f: (X, \mathcal{F}) \to...
Dec10-10 07:53 PM
4 1,290
Hello! I am having problems with the inverse function theorem. In some books it says to be locally inversible:...
Nov22-08 01:12 PM
5 3,606
If f from R to R is continuous, does it then follow that the pre-image of the closed unit interval is compact? -At...
Oct23-07 09:39 PM
14 3,935
hello (pardon me if this is a lame question, but i got to still ask) If a function is uniformly continuous (on a...
Apr11-13 09:02 AM
22 1,797
i know that the sine integral converges to pi/2. But what about the abs value of the sine integral. It seems to me...
Apr9-05 12:56 PM
4 7,001
I'm currently re-learning on my pre-calculus and calculus and have been reading Sylvanus P Thompson's _Calculus Made...
Dec5-10 09:56 AM
5 2,135
My defintion of an absolutely convergent series is one in which you can rearrange the series and it converges to the...
Nov16-06 08:55 PM
15 4,682
If \sum x_n converges absolutely, and the sequence (yn) is bounded, then the sum \sum x_n y_n converges. Find a...
Mar5-08 01:55 PM
4 1,223
Hello! What is the integration of the absolute value of e^ix? That is what is ∫|e^ix|^2 equal to? The whole...
Jun4-13 05:08 PM
3 650
The extreme value theorem says that if a function is continuous on a closed interval then there are an absolute max...
Oct27-05 11:04 PM
11 13,536
I found that the local minimum of y=x(e^1/x) is (1,e) but can someone tell me why the absolute minimum is also not...
Nov6-11 09:16 PM
3 906
|x^2 - 2x - 3| = -(x^2 - 2x - 3), 0 <= x < 3 x^2 - 2x - 3, 3 <= x <=4 how did they get the...
Jan22-05 09:47 PM
2 1,209
hello all Iv been working on alot of integrability questions and im having trouble with this problem let f be...
Jun22-05 11:31 AM
3 3,496
Hi. For an integral like this, for example: \int {\sqrt {1 - \cos ^2 x} dx} The most obvious way of solving...
Jul20-07 04:17 AM
3 11,430
this is the question, Prove that if f is continuous on (a,b] and if |f| is bounded on then f is integrable on . ...
Nov23-08 05:23 PM
1 3,075
Hi all, I'm wondering about this question I can prove that if lim_{n->inf} (a) = L then lim_{n->inf}abs(a) =...
Feb6-09 01:41 PM
Pere Callahan
2 4,665
Hello all, I'm having trouble showing that |e^it|=1, where i is the imaginary unit. I expanded this to...
Apr18-13 06:15 AM
6 3,806
When is it true that is |a|=|b|, then either a=b or a=b*, where a and b are complex numbers and b* is the complex...
Mar2-09 03:06 AM
3 1,413
Hi, I came across a book which looks at a problem like \lim_{x \to 0}\frac{1}{x} So you approach from 0-, and...
Jun14-10 07:30 PM
8 3,429
if h=ln(absolute x) then how do you calculate e^h?
Aug22-05 10:21 AM
21 3,442
In a lot of compilations of standard integrals (my Calculus book does this, Wikipedia does this), a lot of the...
Feb7-10 03:31 PM
2 1,554
Hi. An absolutely closed metric space M is such that: If N is a meric space containing M, then M is closed in N. ...
Aug30-09 06:08 PM
5 824
i'm having a difficult time trying to grasp what absolute continuity means, i understand uniform continuity. i cant...
Apr28-10 04:05 PM
3 1,641
Is the space of all absolutely continuous functions complete? I've never learned about absolutely continuous...
Aug29-10 03:03 PM
7 2,231
hello all well i think im kind of brain dead, iv been workin on alot of problems over the last few days, I cant...
Jun19-05 03:33 PM
5 1,724
G is a finite group, |G| =p^n, p prime *:GxX -> X is group action. X is a finite set, I am required to prove...
Apr24-07 04:04 PM
2 1,473
I'm looking into purchasing a book on Abstract Analysis. I'm inclined to purchase Gleason's Fundamentals of Abstract...
Oct17-08 07:35 PM
0 1,113
I have a few questions about the generalizations of concepts like integration and differentiation of single-valued...
Jul16-14 03:13 PM
3 2,553
Hello. I understand that \frac{d|x|}{dx}=\theta(x)-\theta(-x) and then \frac{d^2|x|}{dx^2}=2\delta(x). But i...
Mar9-10 08:53 AM
0 730
Why is it that performing algebraic operations on differentials in Liebniz notation is considered an abuse of the...
Jul12-09 09:21 AM
115 8,697
My question regards how the approximation becomes an equality.
Mar1-13 05:31 PM
6 875
Could someone please explain to me how to do the following problem?: The acceleration of an object is given by a(t)...
Oct20-04 05:26 PM
2 3,634
If you parameterize an ellipse such that x=acos(t) and y=bsin(t), then you quite easily get the relations: ...
Mar20-11 08:06 PM
4 3,276
Hello all, i have some acceleration value s in each axis(x,y,z) i want to calculate the acceleration and...
Sep17-10 03:44 AM
0 4,289
To get the value of g, the period(T), length of pendulum (l) and radius of pendulum bob (a) were measured. Well, my...
Jul2-12 12:41 PM
2 450
Hello all I am having trouble integrating the function x^a. Take in consideration that we are not using any rules...
Nov5-04 01:01 AM
5 1,306
Hi, I noticed such a strange behavior in my code every time I add a threshold: little oscillation around the...
May17-10 02:26 AM
2 930

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