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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,568
Since things are a bit quiet here, I thought I would throw out a puzzle I came up with several years ago, after...
Feb17-06 03:09 PM
7 1,924
The definition of Y being connected in a topological space (X, tau) is that you can't find two non-empty, open and...
May28-09 10:58 AM
4 2,268
Hi all, i found this problem in a topology book, but it seems to be of an analysis flavour. I'm stumped. Show that...
Dec15-08 01:56 PM
Citan Uzuki
1 793
From Conway's Complex Analysis, page 17, 2.2.5: Suppose F \subseteq X is closed and connected. If a,b are in F and...
Nov28-07 09:23 AM
10 1,983
Hi. I have been looking at differential forms, and that inspired me to consider a partial derivative as a ratio...
Jan27-10 02:24 PM
8 3,272
I understand that the indefinite integral is like infinite definite integrals, but how come when we calculate the...
Jan10-13 01:34 PM
12 2,247
Hellow! I want you note this similarity: \\ \int xdx=\frac{1}{2}x^2+C \\ \int x^2dx=\frac{1}{3}x^3+C \\ \sum...
Dec30-13 09:32 PM
1 624
If exist a connection between the infinitesimal derivative and the discrete derivative $$d = \log(\Delta + 1)$$...
Apr18-14 05:17 PM
6 426
Hey guys, I'm following a course on vector calculus and I'm having some trouble connecting things. Suppose we have a...
Jan14-11 10:10 AM
1 1,781
conponent(maximal connected set) must be closed, connected, open, disjoint. This is a fact. But why people still say...
Nov4-10 08:41 AM
3 734
Hi! Most of you know that the Frenet formulas written for the trihedron (\vec{T},\;\vec{N},\;\vec{B}) is ...
Dec1-07 04:20 PM
Abel Cavaşi
0 1,924
Hi I was wondering, one way that a conservative field can be found is if the line integral of any closed path is 0....
Jun8-11 09:45 PM
1 853
It seems there are some problems on the test. I find that Curl F is not zero, that means the field is not exact. Am...
Dec6-11 11:00 PM
1 871
This isn't homework. I'm reviewing calculus and basic physics after many years of neglect. I want to show that a...
Jun15-13 12:53 AM
2 729
My calculus book states that a vector field is conservative if and only if the curl of the vector field is the zero...
Dec6-09 06:24 AM
2 2,061
Let f(x,y) = ( \frac{-y}{x^2 + y^2}, \frac{x}{x^2 + y^2}) with f : D \subset \mathbb{R}^2 \to \mathbb{R}^2 I...
Dec24-11 07:13 AM
3 1,254
What does this mean ! ?
Jul17-08 10:41 PM
2 1,570
Jan31-08 09:44 AM
1 3,878
Consider the heat equation in a radially symmetric sphere of radius unity: u_t = u_{rr}+{2 \over r}u_r \ for \ (r,t)...
Aug27-09 02:44 PM
1 662
Use the chain rule to show that dz/dx = (cos(theta) * dz/dr) - (1/r * sin(theta) dz/dtheta) and dz/dy =...
Sep8-13 03:59 AM
1 659
I define a consistent family, F, to be a set of intervals such that if I_1 and I_2 are in F then I_1 and I_2...
Feb28-08 08:11 PM
Pere Callahan
6 1,777
Is there a formula that will calculate time when I know the following...? Initial velocity = 0 Final velocity =...
Sep11-08 07:59 AM
3 1,708
If we parameterize the arc length of a vector valued function, say, r(s) and r(s) has constant curvature (not equal...
Mar21-10 11:29 PM
1 1,121
Find a number "k" such that exist only one intersection between the curve exponential k^x e and the straight xk. This...
Nov17-13 05:54 PM
5 567
My book (Saff&Snider) has the following theorem Suppose u(x,y) is a real-valued function defined in a domain D. If...
Jun14-09 09:33 PM
4 1,053
This is a question that came up in a conversation with my father who was a fighter pilot in ww2... we got to talking...
Mar6-10 01:20 PM
2 3,204
Hi everyone, I've been racking my brain about this problem, but can't seem to figure it out. It seems like it...
Jun11-13 07:49 PM
3 826
The first order KKT condition for constrained optimization requires that the gradient for the Lagrangian is equal to...
Apr12-12 02:56 PM
4 1,015
Hi, I want to know the solution of the following equation. a = argmin_{a} \\ where x_i, y_i are column vectors...
Apr15-11 05:29 AM
2 2,891
Hi, I need help with this problem; minimize x^3, subject to K= x-Ωπ so would the solution be K-Ωπ=x
Apr14-12 07:58 AM
1 1,008
I'm trying to find the regular parallelepiped with sides parallel to the coordinate axis inscribed in the ellipsoid...
Jul2-08 09:38 AM
1 1,259
I have the analytical first and second derivatives of a (multidimensional) lagrangian ( l = f - λh). X is the vector...
Jan21-12 05:04 PM
0 964
Construct a compact set of real numbers whose limit points form a countable set.
Oct8-04 09:35 AM
8 4,526
Suppose I'd like to construct a C^\infty generalization of a characteristic function, f(x): \mathbb R \to \mathbb R,...
Oct31-11 02:32 PM
Citan Uzuki
1 1,418
Today, I had the desire to construct a C^{\infty} approximation to a tent function. Specifically, for any positive...
Mar13-06 11:39 PM
5 1,685
How do you construct Peano curves? All pictures I have seen suggest that it is iterative process, however, I don't...
Sep22-08 05:50 PM
0 812
Hello--- I am reading a paper on numerical methods which requires a 2D function to be converted to a 1D function. ...
Mar2-10 09:43 AM
2 884
Can you prove that \mathbf{R} and \mathbf{R}-\mathbf{Q} have same cardinality? One way would be to say that...
Sep19-08 06:25 AM
3 1,826
This proof I think is related to our construction of R in class using equivalences classes of Cauchy sequences: Let...
Nov3-11 04:01 PM
3 1,107
I was looking at the construction of the real number system. I know dedekind cuts can be used(completely worthless...
Mar25-11 01:38 PM
16 2,882

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