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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,050
Dear members, see attached pdf file.Can you help me to prove this formulas. Thank you Belgium 12 This is...
Mar1-13 04:02 PM
2 1,150
For any integral where the integrand is of the form f(θ)^z, with z a complex number, and f(θ) = sin(θ), cos(θ),...
Feb27-13 12:59 PM
5 635
Consider a sphere of radius r where its density at any point is f(d) with d being the distance of the point from the...
Feb26-13 02:59 PM
3 141
When I plot y = 3x^{\frac{4}{3}}-\frac{3}{32}x^{\frac{2}{3}}, I get:...
Feb28-13 09:34 AM
4 597
Hello all, I am searching for an analytic solution to an integral of the following form: ...
Feb26-13 02:43 PM
4 580
here is a geometric proof, similar to the one in my textbook (copied from Aryabhata, from...
Feb26-13 12:33 PM
3 897
Could someone look over this and see if I have any mistakes? I'm trying to show that ∫ y' dx = ∫ dy through...
Feb27-13 02:36 PM
6 644
My question regards how the approximation becomes an equality.
Mar1-13 05:31 PM
6 757
Hi! Given a function r:\mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}^2, r(t) = (f_1(t), f_2(t)), is there a way to...
Feb27-13 03:15 AM
2 415
How can I describe electric fields and equipotential surfaces using Vector calculus?? HELP...
Feb28-13 09:50 AM
1 479
Dear Members, I would like to ask if we plot the Roll data of a satellite in degrees vs. the time, and if we take...
Feb27-13 07:57 AM
3 442
I can't find anywhere an example that shows how to solve a generic non-linear system of equations with the Bisection...
Feb27-13 10:56 AM
0 418
Hi, I'm trying to find \iint_S \sqrt{1-\left(\frac{x}{a}\right)^2 -\left(\frac{y}{b}\right)^2} dS where S...
Feb27-13 06:10 PM
3 530
So, it seems that in a real-valued setting, the limit and the derivative of a real-valued function is defined only if...
Feb28-13 12:49 AM
3 563
Is there a visual way to represent this theorem? Like Riemanns rules with rectangles and trapezoids? I know the clear...
Feb27-13 08:47 PM
3 472
How would one go about computing the following improper integral, with limits of integration \int exp(x+1/x)/x
Feb28-13 06:24 PM
4 621
I'm trying to show the following: \lim_{(x,y) \to (0,0)} \frac{x^2 + \sin^2 y}{x^2 + y^2} = 1. One can show...
Feb27-13 11:57 PM
3 512
I was bored and decide to make a function (yes, i am a bit weird). So I came up with this: f(x)=2x+3 g(f)= f+2...
Feb28-13 07:20 PM
3 720
Hello, So I am trying to understand surface integrals so I can can more insight to understand Gauss's Law. I am...
Mar1-13 08:08 PM
8 1,131
So I have been thinking of this problem... what is the greatest rate of angle change for a function? As in, what is...
Feb28-13 01:52 AM
1 565
Hi members, I have a problem with fourier transforms. There are two attached Pdf files. My questions are on...
Feb28-13 04:21 PM
1 488
I have given a function g(t)=∇(f(x(t))) , f: IR³->IR and x: IR-> IR³ and want to express the first 3 derivatives with...
Feb28-13 04:19 PM
2 401
Dear members, After thinking about the question I found the solution so I think?? The only doubt I have is why...
Mar1-13 06:59 AM
Belgium 12
0 456
Evaluate the following integral: \int_0^{∞} \frac{e^{-(x+x^{-1})}}{x}dx
Mar2-13 07:54 AM
7 789
I am a bit confused over something that should be relatively easy to research , however, I am having a hard time...
Mar4-13 09:35 AM
1 475
Hi I'm currently studying Electromagnetism, and we keep coming across this symbol: \oint A closed line integral,...
Mar4-13 09:46 AM
5 727
Hi guys! Let \left \{ B_{t} \right \}_{t\in \mathbb{R}} be a one - parameter family of compact subsets of...
Mar5-13 12:22 PM
3 777
I know derivative of displacement gives you velocity, and dv/dt=a. And I know the integral of a is v and the integral...
Mar3-13 10:44 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,454
We know that the first derivative represents the slope of the tangent line to a curve at any particular point. We know...
Mar6-13 04:23 PM
2 833
Mar9-13 07:37 AM
13 920
I have a question. Lets say you have three distinct, non zero vectors that lie in the same plane. Can I verify the...
Mar8-13 01:39 PM
4 725
If I have a signal, sampled at N data points with a time-interval of T, does this restrict the frequency resolution I...
Mar7-13 03:47 AM
5 800
I was looking at some integration problems the other day and I came across this identity: \int_{0}^{\frac{\pi}{2}}...
Mar7-13 03:49 PM
4 698
Hi guys just want to check my answer for the following improper integral. ∫(2 to ∞) dv/v^2+2v-3. After doing partial...
Mar6-13 08:51 AM
4 782
If you integrated the seemingly random "curve" of a stock graph...
Mar9-13 12:19 PM
2 751
Hey, folks. I'm trying to derive the surface area of a sphere using only spherical coordinates—that is, starting...
Mar8-13 11:30 PM
5 4,843
I remember seeing a way to do this, can someone link me to some relevant material or post a proof and equation? ...
Mar8-13 07:20 PM
5 616
The idea of varying one thing but keeping others constant is central in scientific analysis. People want to know,...
Mar8-13 06:34 PM
2 512
Why does it write all that stuff about fxy2? Isn't it unnecessary? I mean, isn't the following true? If in a...
Mar9-13 07:42 AM
4 549
So the beginning of Rudin's Real and Complex Analysis states that the Riemann integral on an interval can be...
Mar9-13 04:11 PM
2 545

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