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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,192
How to do integral for Cos(x^2)dx? Is there a chain rule for integral? Coz sometimes when I approach questions like...
Dec9-12 11:44 AM
18 143,864
Once again I've faced a complete dead end in trying to solve the pi function so I thought I may share my work so if...
Dec10-12 12:44 PM
3 1,278
Hello, This limit \lim_{x \to 0} \frac{ \sin x}{x} is often cited as being an example where L'Hopital's rule...
Dec9-12 10:56 AM
8 1,673
I don't have a ton of experience in numerical methods, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. Suppose I have a...
Nov25-12 08:21 PM
Stephen Tashi
6 1,194
My textbook states J_v(x) J'_{-v}(x) - J'_v(x) J_{-v}(x) = -\frac{2 \sin v \pi}{\pi x} My textbook derives...
Dec3-12 08:47 PM
4 2,355
Reading through Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds and some basic books in Analysis I notice that the divergence theorem...
Nov28-12 09:54 PM
5 1,269
Hello: I have been trying to solve the following equation on MathCad or Excel, however its been quite a struggle :(...
Nov26-12 06:53 AM
7 947
So I've been practicing several series that can be solved using the alternating series test, but I've came to a...
Nov30-12 07:19 AM
4 1,144
In many of my physics classes we have been using Taylor Expansions, and sometimes I get a bit confused. For example,...
Nov28-12 10:44 PM
3 876
After doing my homework on testing for convergence/divergence in infinite series, I noticed that if you are testing...
Dec1-12 10:22 AM
4 858
Is there any way to solve Fredholm integral equation without using Fourier transform....
Nov30-12 03:40 PM
1 684
Hi y'all. Here is exactly what is stated on the theory page of my book: Example: Area of a Region The area of a...
Dec3-12 09:01 PM
2 837
I'm having a conceptual problem with integrating a function and thought someone might enlighten me. Say you have a...
Dec2-12 03:23 AM
5 888
hello, Please see attached excerpt of a solution to a problem. I do not understand why the result obtained is to...
Dec3-12 01:18 PM
4 829
I've been working my way through Intro to Electrodynamics (Griffiths), and in Chapter 3, one of the derivations comes...
Dec2-12 06:18 PM
4 877
i facing a maths problem in integrating ∫ cos^2(∏/2cosθ) with limit from 0 to ∏/2,i was panic and struggled a long...
Dec3-12 04:32 PM
8 1,193
Hello there, I have the function $$f(t) = \int_0 ^{t} \frac{1}{\sqrt{t-\tau}} \mathrm{d}\tau$$ The integral...
Dec4-12 01:53 PM
3 851
As the title obviously states, how can I evaluate this integral by hand ? I know the result of it, I need to learn how...
Dec6-12 02:13 PM
8 1,102
If i have a point at (0,0,5) in x,y,z system, then i make 2 rotation on the point with center at origin. i)the first...
Dec7-12 01:37 AM
6 1,359
I recently thought to myself about how a slight modification to the taylor series of e^x, which is, of course: ...
Dec10-12 04:50 AM
9 1,175
Is it possible to do integrals like this with eulers formula \int e^{-x^2}cos(-x^2) and this integral is over...
Dec5-12 07:42 AM
1 477
guys, we know ∇q=qi,j and ∇ ∇.q=qi,ij but what will happen if we have qi,jqm,mj ? (sum on j) I know...
Dec5-12 03:18 PM
0 733
hi, Reading a book on thermodynamics and the guy often uses something like this : ∫1/T dQ = ΔS and then he...
Dec7-12 05:37 PM
7 870
When I attempt to use the method of integration by parts on the below integral, I don't get anywhere since I only...
Dec6-12 07:10 PM
6 858
Today we learnt tabular integration as a shortcut method for integration by parts. Is there a proof that legitimizes...
Dec6-12 06:04 PM
1 1,186
I have a question to ask, is dx = δx, can they cancel each other like \frac{dx}{δx}=1 and is it mean that: ...
Dec7-12 04:29 PM
5 1,223
I am a woodworker, and am designing a two part magnetic/spring lock for my blanket chest. The first part has 3 master...
Dec10-12 09:15 AM
3 768
I was trying to do 2d Fourier transform of 1/k^2 in 2d. I know that answer is log r. I am not able to derive it. ...
Dec6-12 11:22 PM
0 733
I have got this integration: \int_{-1}^{1}\frac{x^n}{(1+w^2-P^2-2wx+p^2x^2)^2}dx And at the same time, I can provide...
Dec7-12 01:28 AM
Wu Xiaobin
0 529
Recently I have been working on classical Gaussian electrical field and I come through this joint moments...
Dec7-12 01:58 AM
Wu Xiaobin
0 766
I need to take the integral of the following function over one cycle. y(t) = sin(wt)cos(wt-p) p is a phase...
Dec7-12 03:11 PM
1 650
Why Poisson kernel is significant in mathematics? Poisson kernel is ##P_r(\theta)=\frac{1-r^2}{1-2rcos\theta+r^2}##....
Dec7-12 12:44 PM
2 615
Hi All, I have a problem involving some special functions (Meijer-G functions) that I'd like to approximate. At...
Dec9-12 06:29 PM
5 1,149
I've been wanting to learn physics for a while, and bought an intro book and read through it. Now I want to move onto...
Dec8-12 03:39 PM
2 751
We all know about the famous equation: \int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-x^2} dx=\sqrt{\pi}. How about...
Dec10-12 12:36 AM
7 959
How do I evaluate the sum of this sigma notation problem? 20 ∑ k k=10 Normally, I would think to use the...
Dec9-12 11:38 PM
2 1,077
Hi, I'm trying to work with the Biot-Savart law to look at the magnetic field strength along the center of an...
Dec10-12 07:07 AM
3 1,141
Hi Guys, I remember back in the days of Calc I learning that there was an easy way to take multiple derivatives of...
Dec10-12 07:00 AM
3 1,541
Just a few definitions I would like to verify so I'm not studying the wrong stuff. Interior Point : A point Q \in S...
Dec10-12 10:45 AM
2 586
given ∫(2-5) f(x)dx=5 and ∫(4-5) f(x)dx=∏ , find a) ∫(5-5) f(x)dx = b) ∫(5-4) f(x)dx =
Dec10-12 11:57 AM
2 835

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