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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 44,962
What I have learnt in school is that differentiation and integration are opposites. By integrating a function we...
Dec18-12 01:58 PM
8 1,647
I have been working through Spivak's fine book, but the part about differential forms and tangent spaces has left me...
Dec12-12 09:19 PM
8 1,570
How would you find the roots of: b - tan (b) = 0 please do not that i have to plot the graphs of y=b and y=tan b...
Dec14-12 09:13 AM
3 857
I am looking for help with doing the following integral : \frac{1}{2\pi i}\int_{1}^{\infty}\ln\left(\frac{1-e^{-2\pi...
Dec12-12 01:20 PM
5 1,041
We know that d(cos^-1 (x/a))/dx = -1/sqrt(a^2 - x^2) (assuming a and x are positive) So...Why the integral of...
Dec17-12 01:16 PM
6 1,077
What is the Physical significance of Divergence and Curl?
Dec11-12 08:06 PM
3 655
Hi, If X \LARGE is a metric space and E \subset X is a discrete set then is E \LARGE open or closed or both? ...
Dec11-12 02:49 PM
12 1,378
if a function f is differentiable of can I integrate its derivative df on ?
Dec11-12 08:15 PM
2 787
I have a function which depends say upon two variables: f(x,y) . I need to find numerically the solution line ...
Dec12-12 12:23 AM
13 1,822
I have the double integral, ∫∫sqrt(x^2+y^2) dxdy, and the area D:((x,y);(x^2+y^2)≤ x) By completing the squares...
Dec11-12 10:10 AM
0 577
U is a unitary mapping H to H, where H is hilbert space. U = I + C, where I is the identity mapping and C is a...
Dec11-12 05:40 PM
0 563
Hi guys, attached is a picture of my problem and it is also underlined. I've...
Dec12-12 07:51 AM
2 633
Hi I'm trying to determine the significance of a compact subset of a metric space in relation to calculus in...
Dec14-12 10:20 AM
5 907
I think the technique that is to be used for these types of problems, but I just am having trouble grasping why it is...
Dec13-12 06:29 PM
6 835
I'm taking my first course in Analysis, and we learned a couple of theorems about Uniform Continuity. I have been able...
Dec18-12 12:30 AM
2 753
z= (10-j+elogj)2 I tried expanding but it just made it more complicated. help please!!
Dec17-12 03:41 AM
5 1,007
Dear Forum, I am a researcher in the field of microeconomics and I came across this equation which I would like to...
Dec20-12 01:37 AM
3 943
I'm working on a calculus project and I can't seem to work through this next part... I need to substitute equation...
Dec14-12 10:22 PM
2 812
So, obviously one can diagonalize any self-adjoint transformation on a finite dimensional vector space. This is pretty...
Dec16-12 03:00 PM
3 1,051
if J_{u}(x) is a Bessel function.. do the following functions has special names ? a) J_{ia}(ib) here 'a' and...
Dec18-12 08:24 AM
1 656
I've been working on a decentralized algorithm for finding local minima. Can anyone give me a few examples of mappings...
Dec17-12 12:23 AM
1 910
Hi All, I'm struggling with finding a solution to an adjustment I'm working on. Thought someone else may have some...
Dec19-12 04:02 PM
4 834
Suppose I have a cylinder on a fulcrum that is filled half way with a fluid, how would I model the waves in the...
Dec18-12 12:21 PM
4 639
We are doing complex numbers, polar coordinates, Euler's formula etc in class and there is this thing called the...
Dec17-12 07:45 PM
11 1,008
I have a problem in the Griffith textbook (Introduction to Electrodynamics), Question 1.21, where it asks what is the...
Dec18-12 06:41 PM
Bruce Dawk
3 1,206
Let A be a compact operator on a Hilbert space H. Let β1,...βn be an orthonormal set in H. How to prove that...
Dec20-12 09:09 AM
0 497
My first post and I am new to forum etiquette, please go easy on me. I have an exam in a few days and have a good...
Dec19-12 03:58 PM
7 850
Hi everybody, Please I want to Solve the system: 3x-2y=19 y3-2x=19 x,y real number! Thank you !
Dec19-12 02:41 PM
7 1,018
So I am trying to understand how and why the limits of surface and volume integrals come about. I think I came up with...
Dec21-12 09:33 PM
2 880
Suppose I have the following transformation: u = \frac{x}{x^2+y^2+z^2} v = \frac{y}{x^2+y^2+z^2} w =...
Dec20-12 08:11 AM
3 690
Can you please help me with the following problem: Given a function of the form f(x,y) = (a-b x)^2 - (c - d y)^2, how...
Dec19-12 03:39 PM
2 1,033
I have a definite integral defined by ...
Dec19-12 04:50 PM
1 839
its components M(x,y) and N(x,y) are differentiable functions that satisfy (∂N(x,y)/∂x) (∂M(x,y)/∂y) = 1-x. a. is...
Dec20-12 07:31 PM
2 862
Hello, I am trying to solve the following integral, which may be thought of as an integral of an...
Dec20-12 10:09 AM
0 615
I would like to understand how to find (if possible) the bilinear trasformation from the pre-vertexes of a L-shaped...
Dec21-12 01:14 PM
0 663
Can I calculate the volume of any function rotated once about the y-axis by multiplying the definite integral of that...
Dec22-12 12:25 AM
2 767
Folks, Is there a online source I can use for evaluating Incomplete elliptical integrals ##F(\phi,k)## and...
Dec23-12 11:14 AM
2 1,011
I'm trying to evaluate an integral with e^-x where x is huge in the domain of the integral so I can't evaluate it...
Dec23-12 02:23 AM
7 1,534
Hi all. What does it mean that a function in polar coordinates may not be a function in Cartesian coordinates? For...
Dec24-12 01:03 PM
Stephen Tashi
2 702
I attached a page from my textbook, because there was something that I didn't understand. What I don't understand...
Dec24-12 09:41 PM
1 535

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