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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,701
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,434
In the video at they say something...
May30-07 07:41 AM
3 910
Can you convert simple current in a wire to mechanical energy with a motor? What type of equipment would this require.
May30-07 03:42 PM
7 1,475
I am in my final year at high school and i have choosed physics exam, there left only two weeks until it, have any one...
May31-07 08:58 AM
7 2,448
I have been thinking about this problem for a few days and it's been keeping me up; I must be missing something, I...
May31-07 07:16 PM
Claude Bile
15 1,829
Suppose a convex lens is ground so that one surface has a radius of curvature of 30.0 cm and the opposing surface has...
May31-07 09:23 PM
1 1,073
Hi, Suppose that I am holding a pen in my hand and then i move my hand in such a way that the pen starts...
May31-07 09:53 PM
2 1,664
Hey I am doing a assignment on Roller coaster physics and i am to design a Roller coaster taking all the aspects of...
Jun1-07 04:47 AM
3 8,126
Are the winding modes of gravitons in string theory only interesting in the case of interactions between small...
Jun1-07 05:00 AM
0 1,008
Consider the following situation. There is a lake of width L and depth h. Generally, L >> h. The water in the lake is...
Jun1-07 05:01 AM
Igor Khavkine
0 738
Would be grateful if someone could please put me right on this and/or direct me to ArXiv references - Alice stays...
Jun1-07 05:03 AM
Jonathan Thornburg -- remove -animal to reply
3 1,088
I have two monochromatic beams, one green, one red. I combine the beams together and get a single yellow beam. I pass...
Jun1-07 05:17 AM
4 1,069
anyone here know why a generator slow down with resistive loading ? i did an experiment and my results showed that...
Jun2-07 01:21 AM
3 885
When moving through empty space, light travels at 3*10^8 meters/second. When moving through something like air or...
Jun2-07 08:10 AM
8 1,144
Conservation of energy => energy does not change wrt time But does it also imply energy does not change wrt...
Jun2-07 09:35 AM
8 838
I've read the text books and searched the web, but I still have not achieved enlightenment. I have a PhD in maths...
Jun2-07 10:24 AM
22 2,839
I have one question. It is about current in conductor. It is about electromagnet induction. So I move the magnet among...
Jun2-07 12:01 PM
11 1,776
Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to focus light down to a small point using the following method: ...
Jun2-07 01:02 PM
5 5,273
why the direction of the current is determined by which way you move the magnet through the coil?
Jun2-07 03:48 PM
9 1,603
hello everyone, i belong to several classic trailer sites and there is an issue concerning towing a trailer without...
Jun2-07 04:11 PM
1 970
Hello guys I'm just wondering about an optical concept in a fictional movie I've watched. In the movie, there was a...
Jun3-07 02:02 AM
5 2,387
Hi all, I am now watching the Roland Garros, but I don't play tenis, but table tennis. So I do not understand what...
Jun3-07 08:52 AM
9 1,402
Hello, I am wondering how does a reflection diffraction grating work. Most physics text simply ignore this topic or...
Jun3-07 11:33 AM
10 9,420
Hi guyz, Can any one tell me what is the difinition of the concept "Magnetic Mirror" and give me enough information...
Jun3-07 02:38 PM
1 1,108
I am having a bit of trouble understanding how a cutoff frequency would support the particle theory of light over the...
Jun3-07 02:51 PM
3 1,000
Well, here is the problem.. In summer months, the amount of solar energy entering a house should be minimized. Window...
Jun3-07 04:34 PM
6 1,500
I'm looking for the physics behind a trebuchet. I know sort of the basics like the initial kinetic energy of the...
Jun3-07 05:55 PM
3 2,782
I'm currently reading about EM waves in my physics course, but there is something that is not clear to me. I know,...
Jun3-07 06:16 PM
Chris Hillman
1 2,212
How many gluons are needed to bind the 3 quarks in a proton?
Jun3-07 06:17 PM
2 1,898
Okay. I have made a reasonably accurate spectrometer. Is there a formula that can predict the lines for a given...
Jun3-07 11:22 PM
9 3,407
What event creates and sustains natural electromagnetic fields? And what do they mean when they say a photon mediates...
Jun3-07 11:35 PM
4 8,463
Can anyone refer me to some webpages that contain the expressions and derivations of Resolving power of...
Jun4-07 02:38 AM
1 1,792
I haven't seen the numerical values for the Gravity Probe-B niobium gyroscope supercurrents but could their...
Jun4-07 05:00 AM
Richard Saam
0 1,083
Hi, I have nothing to do this summer so I figured I would like to model the heat transfer for different shapes and...
Jun4-07 11:23 AM
3 1,199
Thank you.
Jun4-07 03:57 PM
20 2,398
Suppose that an object is moving up an inclined plane, then stops and after moves down. Is correct to say that the...
Jun4-07 06:42 PM
Doc Al
26 2,326
Hi all, can anyone help me understand in which direction skylight would be polarized at sunset, if the sunset was the...
Jun4-07 09:19 PM
Meir Achuz
6 3,382
Why can a sound wave with a high frequency travel further and stay more concentrated (i guess there are basically the...
Jun5-07 12:28 AM
13 6,538
I need to make a project for my physics summative (gr 12); and Im leaning towards electromagnetism... since my...
Jun5-07 04:02 AM
1 9,487
Hi: What would happen if a DC sine-wave electric current of 6.2 x 10^18 volts with an amperage of...
Jun5-07 05:01 AM
0 1,902
On Feb 14, 7:38 pm, Uncle Al <> wrote: > EM is virtual spin-1 vector bosons and gravitation...
Jun5-07 05:01 AM
3 1,809

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