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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,191
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,220
I am currently having some difficulty in recalling/understanding the potential difference across parallel circuits....
Jul13-07 11:51 PM
36 30,995
I have a ruler which is connected to a spring that causes the ruler to move in a circular motion around the spring....
Jul14-07 12:59 AM
2 829
hello all i started to read recently about blackhole production and decay rates at LHC to know more about it i...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
0 1,731
Hi. I am working through Schutz's Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics. In the section on Hamiltonian...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
0 1,451
On Jul 6, 3:41 am, Gerry Quinn <> wrote: > In article...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
Gerard Westendorp
9 781
During 1915 through 1917 Einstein published two or three papers introducing the idea of downward stimulated...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
2 7,236
Hi, I am just learning GR (a gap in my physics education). I have a few elementary questions: 1. Does the Feynman...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
18 1,466
A month ago I have started a thread called Maxwell versus Compton. Unfortunately I didn't have time to join the...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
0 969
Hi, I'm looking for course, lecture notes, ppt, pdf about magnetic reconnection. Maybe somebody here's got...
Jul14-07 12:31 PM
1 1,031
Matter is anything that has mass and occupy space. Yet what is mass? Mass is the quantity of matter. This is a...
Jul14-07 05:44 PM
12 2,312
Hi: EASER = Electricity Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation MAASER = MAgnetism Amplification...
Jul15-07 05:00 AM
3 791
when performing a double slit experiment using photons it is said that if you fire individual photons that over time...
Jul16-07 10:17 AM
5 1,223
Hi Im trying to find the elastic potential energy stored in a mousetrap spring. I plan on doing this by graphing the...
Jul16-07 02:50 PM
5 3,367
Hi, I have an interest (for simple game physics) in basic equations like the trajectory of a projectile and...
Jul16-07 03:02 PM
3 946
Hi, when someone gives me an angular frequency in units of inverse length (i.e., 520.5 cm^-1) how do I convert that to...
Jul17-07 03:09 AM
2 18,107
In article <4696ac98$0$331$>, Gerard Westendorp <> wrote: > In general, if...
Jul17-07 05:00 AM
Gerard Westendorp
1 785
Dear all, If I have a strong magnetic field present (an oscillating field at say 60Hz), how can I eliminate its...
Jul17-07 06:31 AM
1 1,778
I was recently watching an episode of The View on youtube where they were talking about 9/11 conspiracys. Rosie (I...
Jul17-07 11:25 AM
4 30,378
Hi, I'm trying to program a little 2D game to test some physics out. What I want is a ground formed from a set...
Jul17-07 09:23 PM
Claude Bile
7 1,516
Starting some sixty years ago Toraldo di Francia wrote several papers on what he called "parageometrical optics" as...
Jul18-07 05:00 AM
0 846
To whom it might concern: I've made my thesis on bound-free pair production by photon impact available in PDF format:...
Jul18-07 05:00 AM
Carsten Agger
0 988
Hello, I've just understood enough of basic gauge theory that I almost understand EM arising as a gauge theory....
Jul18-07 05:00 AM
2 1,062
I have a basic question about plano-convex lenses. suppose that I want to collimate the bean angle produced by a led...
Jul18-07 11:44 AM
4 14,440
Any barrier passes more low frequencies than high (i.e. the amplitude of transmitted wave is higher when the frequency...
Jul18-07 01:24 PM
4 1,887
Okay, I'm sort of confused about forces and acceleration here. Does any force cause an acceleration? What if the force...
Jul18-07 04:08 PM
10 2,942
Hey everyone. I'm taking physics 2 right now in the summer and my professor keeps saying you can get free electricity,...
Jul18-07 06:06 PM
8 2,165
if gravitation is present, will there be a capillary rise of liquid in vaccume?
Jul19-07 03:24 AM
4 3,766
Well, I am currently having a discussion about leading shots with warships. One person thinks that a shell fired from...
Jul19-07 11:57 AM
2 1,480
Here is a question, which may seem dumb: Consider an electron and a positron that annihilate, both of which are...
Jul19-07 02:07 PM
18 2,798
Hi, It is generally not my style to ask for this type of help... But I am now summarizing my PhD thesis, and I feel...
Jul19-07 08:54 PM
Claude Bile
1 1,144
So I have two (somewhat) related questions. 1) Why is it wheel rims (or spokes) sometimes appear to spin backward?...
Jul20-07 12:32 AM
18 3,239
I am wondering about the extent to which the generation of gravitational waves is dependent upon the assumption that...
Jul20-07 05:01 AM
0 979
I've been taking part in a long thread on the online Physics Forums regarding a relativistic treatment of a spinning...
Jul20-07 05:02 AM
9 909
(A part of) My paper "GR-friendly description of quantum systems" (IJTP, DOI 10.1007/s10773-007-9474-3,...
Jul20-07 05:03 AM
V. Trifonov
0 634
We had a experiment on a metal ball dropped on a Falling sphere viscometer containing a certain liquid(I forgot what...
Jul20-07 06:42 AM
1 7,585
Hey guys, I'm currently having some trouble regarding the water pipe systems. The problem arose as I was exploring...
Jul20-07 11:18 AM
11 8,157
Here's the problem: 2 Battleships are travelling at the same speed and at the same direction. They both have the...
Jul20-07 05:23 PM
14 1,856
What happens to the electrons in the lightning after they hit the earth soil? After these so many lightning hits the...
Jul20-07 07:56 PM
7 1,879
From this page (The section entitled "Little Giant® Sizing For Swimming Pools General Requirements" about halfway...
Jul21-07 03:44 PM
1 6,682
Can someone explain, why the wavelength(frequency) of a signal limits the length of the transmission wire? Also, how...
Jul21-07 04:35 PM
3 4,144

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