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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,727
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Y 12:44 PM
167 160,513
hi, A teacher at school was demonstrating some of the properties of superconductors and that got me thinking if it...
Apr17-10 06:34 AM
5 4,307
F=-kx when talking about a mass at the end of a horizontal spring therefore ma=-kx rearranging we get a= -(k/m)x...
Apr17-10 07:27 AM
4 3,074
Like entropy tends towards chaos, why do star systems or galaxies tend to reduce their movement through the 3rd "Z"...
Apr17-10 09:50 AM
2 1,018
How come when light hits a mirror and then gets re-emitted , that the light comes off at the same angle it hits, when...
Apr17-10 10:12 AM
14 1,650
Is there any place where i can find questions or quizes on "finding the resultant of vectors" coz I'm facing a lot of...
Apr17-10 10:25 AM
0 960
If 2 differently shaped objects are submerged in water, say one is rectangular and other spherical, and both displaces...
Apr17-10 11:37 AM
8 3,099
Ok, my mind has gone blank. What equation do I use to calculate the time a pendulum will take to come to a complete...
Apr17-10 12:09 PM
3 3,236
Why is iron magnetic and copper is not?
Apr17-10 12:12 PM
2 7,196
Why is a rough surface a good absorber and radiator of infrared?
Apr17-10 02:46 PM
2 2,057
hi, i have to carry out some experiments about insulating specimens. May anyone suggest me how produce the...
Apr17-10 05:28 PM
0 1,057
Old CRT tv's use vacuum tubes and they get hot, but how does the glass get hot when the inside is under a vacuum and...
Apr17-10 07:20 PM
Bob S
10 2,369
If deceleration is given instead of acceleration can i find the force ?
Apr18-10 02:27 AM
2 856
From what I've seen, most speculations of time travel seem to say that when you go back in time, everything else...
Apr18-10 02:37 AM
20 2,662
Hi guys, Just a simple question about space and bullets. I realise this topic comes up a lot, but specifically the...
Apr18-10 02:44 AM
20 3,340
Hello; Why are only iron, cobalt and nickel magnetic, and not any other material? Is it due to their unique...
Apr18-10 06:28 AM
8 24,299
Assume you're running on a treadmill, looking down at your feet. what would describe this kind of motion? thanks
Apr18-10 09:53 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,086
Hello guys, Ok, so today in school my physics teacher was talking to us about waves and how they are formed etc. He...
Apr18-10 10:31 AM
6 1,410
I hope this doesn't seem like a silly question. On earth, mass is attracted towards the center, we are told. But,...
Apr18-10 10:39 AM
14 2,425
Ello all, new to the forums here. I just did a quick google search and wound up here. Figured i could get some answers...
Apr18-10 11:40 AM
10 1,433
A 375 g air-track glider attached to a spring with spring constant 9.50 N/m is sitting at rest on a frictionless air...
Apr18-10 08:35 PM
1 4,728
Hello forum, How to calculate the force between two magnets at each distance r ? can i use Coulomb law ? Thanks in...
Apr19-10 05:20 AM
1 1,122
I know that KE=3/2KbT, but doesn't the KE of gas molecules also equal U=3/2nRT? When do I use which? And also for the...
Apr19-10 06:14 AM
2 1,444
Hello, I've been puzzling over how radio waves and other EMR are formed at the subatomic level. I understand how to...
Apr19-10 06:32 AM
40 3,834
One day I saw this on the mirror . . .
Apr19-10 06:43 AM
0 648
Hello guys, I just have few questions about this. ...
Apr19-10 10:32 AM
7 2,769
If all energy can be traced back to the sun, how would you calculate how much sun is needed to provide power to a home...
Apr19-10 01:41 PM
1 672
I am designing a UV disinfection unit think:
Apr19-10 02:30 PM
6 3,595
I have wondered how vulnerable is the Space Shuttle to an impact by a small meteor. If a golf ball sized or even a...
Apr19-10 02:38 PM
5 1,984
Hello, I'm a long time stalker but recently decided to register in this website. I'm have to make an Extended Essay...
Apr19-10 03:40 PM
1 790
I don`t understand the solution for the following question: A satellite is in orbit around the earth. Consider the...
Apr19-10 03:48 PM
2 3,060
Yesterday night, when I was on my bed, one of the funny question came to my mind and I'm posting it here before I...
Apr19-10 05:08 PM
11 6,572
Is there any other form of energy releasing fusion besides hydrogen fusion?
Apr19-10 05:26 PM
2 1,235
HI. I was wondering if anyone can tell me a bit about the forth dimension? Any comment is welcome
Apr19-10 05:55 PM
14 3,794
Why does the salt melt the ice , and if i put a soda in a cooler then put ice on it and then put salt on it , it...
Apr19-10 06:52 PM
2 1,305
I found in a book the equation for the power loss caused by the heating effect of current in the transmission lines as...
Apr20-10 12:27 AM
15 11,355
In my physics class, we are reviewing trajectory, so we are setting up a lab where we shoot some form of a paper...
Apr20-10 09:38 AM
0 724
The wind power that is generated using the wind mills in a wind tunnel like the crowsness pass can't be constant. How...
Apr20-10 09:43 AM
2 1,155
How does an altimeter detect altitude? How does an accelerometer detect acceleration?
Apr20-10 11:24 AM
6 2,255
hello,:smile: I wanted to do some personal research in physics, which obviously is my subject of interest. more...
Apr20-10 01:39 PM
0 937
My apologies if this has been covered before: I didn't find it in a quick search, so here goes. What is the...
Apr20-10 01:54 PM
30 8,511

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