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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,634
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,856
Hi, I've got a question about fitting a known function to a measured data. Suppose I want to find X parameters...
Nov21-11 07:37 PM
1 942 this may be old but did anyone win?
Aug19-03 11:33 PM
4 2,635
Hello my university is giving out little "mini" grants for undergrad research and I was wanting to get involved...
Oct21-10 09:26 AM
3 1,227
Hey guys, what's the difference between percent deviation and percent error?? I'm totally confused... how do I compare...
Sep20-11 04:27 PM
4 20,007
Hi if i have to find the percentage error of a volume measurement in a cylindrical column , how do i do it please? ...
Oct2-11 12:08 PM
0 713
I am starting a new thread on this subject because I feel that the subject under discussion is of the greatest...
Aug17-04 11:40 PM
33 3,243
From Wikipedia: "Positron emission or beta plus decay (β+ decay) is a type of beta decay in which a proton is...
Jun28-11 11:55 AM
4 2,300
Hi. I am working through Schutz's Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics. In the section on Hamiltonian...
Jul14-07 05:00 AM
0 1,446
I was checking the NIST site with their Hydrocarbon line database search utility, and the frequencies of the lines...
Jun29-09 04:10 AM
0 1,025
Im currently researching momentum, kinetic energy and potential energy. I came across the idea that potential energy...
Aug10-14 09:33 AM
6 352
I'm curious, which vector notation is preferred by physicists/engineers/mathematicians? In linear algebra we used...
Feb1-11 08:44 PM
3 2,109
What is the likelihood of anything gaining enough momentum that no other outside forces could ever slow it down any...
Mar19-10 09:58 AM
3 1,010
Hi, I'm trying to use a polariser/pockels cell/analyser combination to make a fast optical switch. I have build a...
Dec1-08 05:58 PM
0 1,449
I came across this article today....
Jun18-09 01:08 PM
10 1,476
So I was reading through a textbook and came across the term 'close encounter' but no definition or explination of...
Jun11-10 06:02 PM
5 1,193
Hi, I'm trying to create a 'curtain shooter' game. Essentially this is a side scrolling shooter (think Gradius,...
Dec3-05 02:34 PM
2 2,612
Could someone write a formal definition for "number degrees of liberty of a system". Thank you very much.
Feb10-05 09:17 PM
7 2,912
When a car is approaching it has a higher frequency and shorter wavelength. When it has passed sound waves are a lower...
May6-12 04:33 AM
16 2,328
I read the following article with interest: What is not...
Oct9-08 07:38 AM
Andy Resnick
1 979
Why do people always use the misleading term 'escape velocity'? If I had a rocket whose engines provided a thrust...
Aug6-05 05:57 AM
15 2,405
why call 'flat' field spectrograph ? what does the meaning of 'flat'. another question: if I what to focus the ray...
Sep30-13 08:54 AM
Andy Resnick
3 690
What is 'High' Temperature superconductivity?
Oct30-05 07:56 PM
5 1,311
We know If two or more resistances connected in series with an applied voltage 'V', then the equivalent resistance of...
Aug21-10 02:30 PM
AJ Bentley
1 836
Hello again. I come with another physics concept I am struggling with. At first I thought I understood this but the...
Jun13-08 08:58 PM
3 2,158
Hi all, is it true that in any spacetime M (aka real smooth 4-dim connected Hausdorff paracompact manifold without...
Mar10-07 05:00 AM
Marc Nardmann
1 1,363
Can anyone explain to me just how we can 'look' at an atom and its, um, components? And how the process of 'looking'...
Jul1-03 02:34 PM
23 3,775
Hi, i am building a basic particle engine and i need to know what affects a 'particle' (a bit of dust for instance), i...
Dec18-04 08:22 AM
Tree Penguin
11 1,391
I'm not exactly a physicist, but I do understand most things. I'm looking for a formula that will give how far into...
Jul7-04 08:41 AM
17 3,477
how can wec trace the origin of push and pull to electromagnetic forces? I mean when we push a thing what actually are...
Jun28-07 05:21 AM
2 6,028
I recently came across the paper 'Relation between the psychological and thermodynamic arrows of time' (arXiv). ...
May8-14 07:43 PM
1 344
By rolled, I mean this kind of basic homemade capacitors:...
Oct1-12 10:43 AM
22 1,885
Hello; I was reading a book that described Werner Heisenberg's thought experiment. It said that, when a particle...
Oct14-10 05:24 PM
1 1,597
Hello, I have a real world sports question I need help with: I am looking for an accurate formula to calculate...
Jan25-12 08:56 AM
1 1,419
Q1)Electron has both mass and electrical field, can we said that electron itself possesses both mass and electrical...
Apr6-06 10:39 PM
0 1,523
OK, this is just a little musing I had and I wonder what anyone who has real physics knowledge thinks about it :smile:...
Jan24-04 11:37 AM
0 1,583
When bass plays from a subwoofer, a tree falls, a bomb explodes or something similar there's a very real physical...
Mar22-12 11:21 AM
6 1,486
Has anyone heard any details about this?...
Nov30-07 12:19 PM
2 1,338
From observation, whenever I want to 'zoom in' in a camera, the lens expands outward. What is the reason behind this?...
Dec27-06 02:51 AM
17 2,725
Hi all, what do you think about this:
Aug31-03 03:43 PM
0 944
hello, I can't seem to make sense out of amper/ amp flowing throw a wire with a length of 0.5m would be...
Aug8-12 02:50 PM
7 1,182

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