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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,865
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,637
I commonly hear a single layer of atoms referred to as being a "2-dimensional structure", when it so clearly is not...
May1-13 07:34 AM
8 710
Not sure if this is the right category but... Protons, electrons and neutrons, the perfect building blocks for...
May1-13 07:03 AM
8 839
I know people have designed nuclear rocket engines, but is there any reason you couldn't have a nuclear thermal jet...
May1-13 04:29 AM
6 891
Hi. I have a problem. as you know,in a plasma medium(such as cylindrical tube),we have: εr = 1- that : v =...
May1-13 03:14 AM
2 511
Hello all. I am new here. I have a physics final in two weeks and I want to know how to get prepared for it. What are...
Apr30-13 11:52 PM
2 587
In Stephen Hawking's book, I read that there was no singularity in the beginning of the universe. However, practically...
Apr30-13 09:45 PM
6 972
Hey all, Can anyone give me a fairly thorough description of what NDG is and it's consequences? IR
Apr30-13 04:41 PM
0 464
Say I have an airplane that is performing a loop at a constant speed. Why is it that at the top of the loop the...
Apr30-13 04:00 PM
10 1,108
let say i have a horizontal wire of alumel(or steel or what ever), the thermal conductivity is 30 w/m^2/k. let say...
Apr30-13 02:59 PM
18 1,062
In Biot savart's law we have term for current flowing through conductor. Is there any equation which describes the...
Apr30-13 02:50 PM
Jano L.
2 705
Consider an proton placed at the origin; a uniform electric field exists along the Y axis, and a uniform magnetic...
Apr30-13 01:18 PM
2 747
Hello Everyone, I'm new to your forum and was hoping to get some answers concerning physics being applied to a...
Apr30-13 01:16 PM
7 1,316
hello everyone i wanna ask that what are the theories that proposes the wave nature of light and also those which...
Apr30-13 12:37 PM
3 799
Hi, I am trying to implement phase dispersion in a retarded time frame. c_{phase}(ω) = c_{0} + c'(ω) where...
Apr30-13 11:51 AM
0 414
If a car with no acceleration, only velocity, hits my spring with a spring constant K What will be the deformation...
Apr30-13 11:21 AM
7 797
Hi, I currently have a black body calibration source which I use for work. It works great, I can calibrate all the...
Apr30-13 10:36 AM
2 534
What I understand is this: Shell theorem states that the force of gravity is focused at the center of an object. But,...
Apr30-13 10:07 AM
Joseph King
8 756
Hello, the other day i was playing pool, and i wondered about the following question: when a body is subject to air...
Apr30-13 12:24 AM
4 559
I am trying to understand MRI scanners. I know that MRIs work by aligning the protons in the direction of the large...
Apr29-13 10:55 PM
2 519
Can the fabric of space ripple like a gentle wave in the ocean?
Apr29-13 08:06 PM
1 539
ever since i was taught this along with the other expansivities its been giving me trouble. the formula is for looking...
Apr29-13 04:14 PM
7 864
Has anyone read or seen any articles that might highlight the techniques of Stimulated Raman Scattering Spectroscopy?...
Apr29-13 03:53 PM
Tony Campillo
5 825
Consider two concentric circles of radius r1 and r2 as might be drawn on the face of a wall clock. Suppose a uniform...
Apr29-13 02:26 PM
6 1,123
I have used two different Gauss meters to measure the same NdFeB rare earth N45 (45 MGOe) disc magnet (D28X6mm), with...
Apr29-13 02:17 PM
8 1,689
I wonder if Einstein equation E=mc^2 was used when the A bombes were designed and tested. How was the output...
Apr29-13 01:13 PM
7 866
Hi, I was wondering what the diffraction pattern would be like if the suns light is diffracted through a pin hole...
Apr29-13 09:08 AM
20 1,456
Today my English teacher told us that we you can't lift a four-legged chair (of avg weight) if you only lift from the...
Apr29-13 04:07 AM
5 1,392
This is a real world application that I'm trying to figure out. I need to estimate the spring constant of a standard...
Apr28-13 10:35 PM
2 720
In your opinion who is your favorite scientist that studied heat/temperature and why? Secondly, what scientist do...
Apr28-13 02:57 PM
5 621
I see text books assign directions to magnetic field lines, for example north poles extending outward and south...
Apr28-13 02:01 PM
6 986
Do electrons all orbit an nucleus at the same distance? I.e is an 's' cloud always the same in every atom or does the...
Apr28-13 07:58 AM
5 658
If I reach the speed of light which is 300 00 km/s the time will stop! and if I travel faster then light i'll travel...
Apr28-13 07:37 AM
31 2,111
If we melt ice at 0'C to water at 0C, what is the change in the internal energy of the ice-water system? As per the...
Apr28-13 03:39 AM
Shoaib Iqbal
18 15,032
I have an air molecule moving because of a sound wave. f of sound wave = 500 Hz wavelength of sound wave = 0.68 m...
Apr28-13 02:35 AM
1 671
In this experiment, the graphite is a polycrystalline structure. That's is why we observe two intense rings. What...
Apr27-13 05:49 PM
M. next
5 534
We have two equations delta EP = -W V = -Ed Now, to my understanding for the second equation (E = -V/d) since...
Apr27-13 04:54 PM
1 763
Hi I want to pass DC current through a magnet, essentially using it as connector. The magnet I am using...
Apr27-13 04:47 PM
5 948
There are two objects, lets go with the classic cannon ball and football. These objects are both equal in size and...
Apr27-13 03:35 PM
3 681
A train applies steel wheels to a steel track. Therefore, without any distortion of the wheel or track, the contact...
Apr27-13 01:49 PM
42 2,126
Hello, this is not a homework assignment. I am referencing an old assignment from a few semesters ago. I am curious...
Apr27-13 10:16 AM
1 577

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