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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,710
Ok, so I was just thinking about einsteins famous equation E=mc^2, and I was just wondering, if I were to take, say a...
Jan16-13 03:17 PM
5 1,003
I'm new here. I am working on a fictional space commerce system using containers to transport things between...
Jan16-13 11:09 AM
11 1,254
So recently I became more interested in CAD and i found myself drafting designs for spring airguns cylinders ect. All...
Jan16-13 04:31 AM
1 906
There seems to be a not very solid description of the concept of conservation of information on the Internet. Leonard...
Jan15-13 09:54 PM
2 662
Logically, doesn't it seem rediculous to postulate that the past "could have" occurred differently than the way it...
Jan15-13 09:31 PM
Vanadium 50
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Can anyone post some pictures that explains geometrically what differentiating a vector gives you? Is the derivative...
Jan15-13 08:32 PM
0 632
Hello, I wanted to know if it was possible to create a machine that can convert elements to those of your choosing?...
Jan15-13 06:12 PM
2 640
whats the difference between a one stage compressor and a two stage compressor??? And why do we sometimes use a two...
Jan15-13 04:56 PM
6 1,061
hi all. i'm trying to write an article about a molecular perspective on (aircraft) lift. im guessing nitrogen does...
Jan15-13 03:42 PM
14 1,808
Or how golf clubs are long and allow you to hit the ball far. Please explain in physics terms, is it to do with...
Jan15-13 12:43 PM
3 1,001
Hi. I have a mass between 2 springs. See attachment. Both springs are compressed. I'm trying to convince myself...
Jan15-13 08:51 AM
16 1,455
Good day to all. I'm working on something that requires me to determine the forces acting on an accelerating vehicle....
Jan15-13 05:26 AM
4 1,333
If you square the magnitude of a vector you get the dot product, correct? ||v||^2 = v . v Can you also say that...
Jan15-13 04:23 AM
5 1,039
will someone give me an explanation of the process of integration of a vector with respect to another vector. the...
Jan14-13 10:12 PM
2 665
Hello, The gravitational binding energy of a system is equal to the negative of the total gravitational potential...
Jan14-13 09:47 PM
15 2,224
I have a automatic air pump like this one( and...
Jan14-13 09:01 PM
5 707
Back in 2008 I posted the same topic 2/∏ and is also a component...
Jan14-13 04:18 PM
17 2,166
Hi, i recently installed 24 miniture lamp posts around my yard. These lamp posts are using 12 volt push in twist (car...
Jan14-13 03:44 PM
5 704
Hey guys, I ran an NMR experiment on a small water sample and got 2 peaks instead of one. What could be the source?...
Jan14-13 02:28 PM
0 418
i am really wanting to make a working replica of Rutherford's experiment. but i don't know what kind of material i...
Jan14-13 12:12 PM
3 742
I am working on an animation, which involves a rigid, vertical tower falling (toppling) to the ground, and I am stuck...
Jan14-13 10:35 AM
2 765
I was wondering how I can estimate the damping coefficient of my car by doing the hand bouncing the car body and...
Jan14-13 10:31 AM
2 856
We say that the laws of nature (e.g. Newton's Laws, relativity, ...) must be confirmed and must be checked for...
Jan14-13 10:25 AM
19 1,787
Hi, The Gilmore equation is associated with bubbles in gas. When equated to a mass-spring system, you get the...
Jan14-13 09:13 AM
1 554
I need to figure out the best way to improve drainage of spring water flowing through my property. The water from...
Jan14-13 04:30 AM
19 1,715
They have the spin top magnet that you spin on top of a platform, which by effect causes it to appear to float. Is the...
Jan14-13 04:29 AM
1 563
hi i have a doubt about magnetism i am assuming that magnetism is caused by spinning electric flux if we change...
Jan14-13 04:12 AM
6 909
I guess the title gives it all. I understand the concept on a basic level. What i don't understand is that how does it...
Jan14-13 04:04 AM
19 1,679
I'm working on a project, I just need ballpark estimates for the spring constant and damping coefficient for my 1994...
Jan13-13 06:13 PM
7 910
I'm looking for a list of inference rules used in physics derivations. I think this would be distinct from Wikipedia's...
Jan13-13 02:36 PM
0 744
Hello, Is there any difference between 50/60 AC current and a 50/60 Hz photon stream/electromagnetic wave...
Jan13-13 01:26 PM
19 2,356
I essentially want to understand weather or not an aerofoil with a zero attack angle will generate lift, i.e. using...
Jan13-13 07:02 AM
17 1,253
We have to build catapults in school and the teacher wants us to hit targets placed 2-4 meters but to get it to go a...
Jan13-13 06:55 AM
2 685
I read somewhere that the focus of a plane mirror is at infinity because rays after reflection from a plane mirror...
Jan13-13 06:00 AM
2 586
How is (density)(gravity)(height) supposed to equal pressure? density = kg/m^3 gravity = m/s^2 height = m ...
Jan13-13 03:03 AM
2 592
Is the right hand rule for determining the direction of the magnetic field, force, and current only used when the...
Jan12-13 11:12 PM
3 746
Since temperature is no more than vibrating atoms (in Feynman's words), wouldn't that induce a changing electric...
Jan12-13 08:17 PM
1 548
I kindly ask for assistance in derivation of the equation for instantaneous power in an electric circuit, P(t) = V(t)...
Jan12-13 05:29 PM
1 709
Hello, I am trying to derive the mutual inductance between the two coils of a transformer. I want to do this for...
Jan12-13 04:05 PM
0 701
Absolute zero is the theoretical state in which a system reaches 0K, or NO energy present right? And if gravity...
Jan12-13 11:18 AM
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