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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,646
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,518
I was browsing gardening youtube vids and something sparked an idea. The idea is to pump a small amount of water,...
Apr4-13 04:12 AM
8 923
I just confused myself with this idea, need someone to fix it please! Say a spherical black body temperature T is...
Apr4-13 03:33 AM
Jano L.
2 561
If atoms clump together through the interaction of electrons, protons and neurons to form matter, why can't gravity (...
Apr3-13 09:39 PM
10 1,343
According to this: Inspiraling binary stars create gravitonic...
Apr3-13 05:34 PM
1 636
Hi, My downstairs neighbors have access to an electronic device that is able to transmit waves to my bed and sofa,...
Apr3-13 01:34 PM
10 840
There seems to be a problem with radiation reaction force. Let's look at charged sphere, attached on a rod to an...
Apr3-13 01:24 PM
1 752
Hey guys I need to do a research project in my high school course on factors affecting internal resistance of an...
Apr3-13 06:28 AM
0 379
Here's The Challange: I realize that this may be better suited to be posted on a magic/illusion type forum, but...
Apr3-13 06:08 AM
11 1,181
Some questions have been haunting me about this experiment for some time. I'm mainly interested in what we observe...
Apr3-13 04:27 AM
4 663
Hi, all. I'm trying to ascertain whether it is remotely possible for a human being to survive acceleration from 100 to...
Apr3-13 01:09 AM
3 728
hello, I have build a vacuum chamber out of an acrylic cylinder. I can get down to 50 micron but if I turn off the...
Apr2-13 06:23 PM
6 679
I am considering purchasing an in-car camera such as this:...
Apr2-13 06:16 PM
8 925
What would happen if two large planetary masses (such as our earth) collided by their poles (ie, north hits north)?...
Apr2-13 06:15 PM
5 629
A bird is flying through the air with an airspeed of 12.6m/s heading 27.7*west of north. it is a windy day with the...
Apr2-13 03:38 PM
2 632
Hello, I have the following question: Physics books say that in order to see diffraction you need a wave to...
Apr2-13 02:30 PM
7 830
hello to everyone, i'm sorry to bother you with what may seen a very easy question but i'm hoping someone can help me...
Apr2-13 02:14 PM
1 649
I was wondering, if a Mass Driver launching only vertically would be best used to attain escape velocity, or if it...
Apr2-13 01:49 PM
3 666
Hi! I have some trouble with atomic unit. I have a laser pulse with the wavelength of ##800 nm## at the peak...
Apr2-13 12:45 PM
1 483
I would like to analyse the effects of passing a laser/microwave through the Earth's atmosphere, in relation to...
Apr2-13 11:45 AM
9 978
Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and not extremely versed in physics, so to speak. So, I figured this would be a good...
Apr2-13 11:04 AM
1 636
How we calculate the duration of depositing a specific amount of charge via a battery on a pure Capacitor when...
Apr2-13 10:56 AM
2 612 electric field?
Apr2-13 10:34 AM
Vanadium 50
3 746
Hi, I brew beer and part of the process is measuring the specific gravity of the fermenting liquid. This is done...
Apr2-13 05:57 AM
15 1,406
how to find support reactions in frames
Apr2-13 05:00 AM
Vanadium 50
2 590
Is we take two spherical conductors concentric with charge at centre.One of radius r then other of 2r..Will the...
Apr2-13 03:49 AM
1 504
edit: Messed up the title! Although, I suppose it's related. edit: What is space? Context for this question: I am...
Apr2-13 01:44 AM
30 2,555
i'm having a hard time understanding why potential energy is 0 when u(mu) is perpendicular to B(mag field). Isn't the...
Apr2-13 12:51 AM
1 470
Hello, I know this question may be absurd or very basic, but I need to know what it means when two variables with...
Apr1-13 11:28 PM
4 682
Why does light appear to bend around my finger when I have it close to my eye? Try it with your phone/tablet. Keep the...
Apr1-13 07:14 PM
2 752
In my research, I want to make a transparent lens where there will be a microstructure on its surface. This lens will...
Apr1-13 02:11 PM
13 1,513
say we have closed system (box) consisting vacum and one mechanichal clock, wound to have (potential) energy (within...
Apr1-13 12:38 PM
6 646
Yes equations say its the same pressure, but its soooooooo non intuitive!!!! Can you please explain, and try to...
Apr1-13 12:25 PM
Adithya Viswa
14 5,299
Hi all, this is my first time on PF. As one of my projects, I had to create a program to analyze a bunch of data...
Apr1-13 07:37 AM
2 568
Hi, I am trying to figure out if a group of similar objects "A's" can be distinguished from different group of...
Apr1-13 06:56 AM
4 626
In the image I've attached in the link below, applied torque is constant in both cases. The black rings represent the...
Apr1-13 04:23 AM
0 355
Awhile back I had been messing around with batteries, copper wiring, compasses and small neodymium magnets; during...
Apr1-13 04:08 AM
4 786
Preface I am trying to calculate the frictional torque on a rotating disk on a horizontal plane, when the angular...
Apr1-13 03:28 AM
0 554
If a disk is rotating on planar a surface with a dynamic friction coefficient of 0,35 is the following equation...
Apr1-13 12:07 AM
0 584
I sometimes hear that some aspects of the macroscopic world are emergent. That is, some people believe that certain...
Mar31-13 10:48 PM
27 2,702
hey, so in Newtons equations for gravitational force etc, the constant 'G' is used. where does that come from?...
Mar31-13 07:23 PM
10 2,710

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