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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,265
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,203
Hello everybody, i have got a question about the concept of centripetal force in general. Imagine a gondula of a...
May16-13 11:52 AM
5 1,347
Is there an alternative to making antimatter that would make it more cost efficient? Or is high energy physics the...
May16-13 10:42 AM
18 1,342
I hear they emit radiation which deionizes atoms. Is this due to the frequency of the x-ray? Is x-ray light considered...
May16-13 10:10 AM
36 2,135
first question, would there be more rayleigh scattering on neon gas vs air? im wondering if you have a tube of neon...
May16-13 09:50 AM
1 650
Hello, I don't understand how changing the amplitude does not change the period but changing the length of the...
May16-13 09:49 AM
3 1,485
If energy is kept constant and intensity of photons is increased, will the threshold frequency be lowered? I ask...
May16-13 09:19 AM
2 815
Im just interested to know because apparently there is something faster than the speed of light and the fastest thing...
May16-13 09:05 AM
5 902
Though it may seem like it, this certainly isn't a homework question so I hope I don't offend anyone with it's...
May16-13 07:29 AM
7 743
Hi, If i use a spoon with a hole in it in a cup of water, bubbles emerge. Does that mean that air got in? ...
May16-13 05:51 AM
5 668
So in advance I know that this has little practical application, but it was a fun math problem for a high school...
May16-13 12:16 AM
Simon Bridge
1 677
If a resistor shares common junctions to a conductor with no resistance in a circuit, will current flow through the...
May15-13 11:41 PM
12 1,438
If I am in orbit around earth that means that I am in constant free-fall around earth. Is this an inertial reference...
May15-13 11:00 PM
7 765
Can anybody say me why always like poles repel and unlike poles attract but not why like poles attract and unlike...
May15-13 07:27 PM
2 818
Hi, I'm trying to understand the mass conservation equation for a pulsating sphere which has thickness dr. Please...
May15-13 03:51 PM
2 781
This might seem a bit weird at first but it raised an interesting question to me about power, work and energy. I...
May15-13 07:40 AM
4 839
Hi all, I am having trouble understanding how to calculate specific charge. I know that it is charge/mass. But...
May15-13 05:24 AM
2 668
Say I had a special type of compass which was free to rotate about its axis in the vertical plane. If I were to ride...
May15-13 05:02 AM
1 518
Can any ine tell from where i can get this information If a single turn circular coil generates a magnetic field...
May15-13 04:43 AM
1 526
I read that for a plane wave E, B and k are always perpendicular to each other but then in a TM mode I have electric...
May15-13 04:26 AM
5 1,095
Hello all, I know that MRI is focuse on Hydrogen proton, but I don't understand if it focuse just in the...
May15-13 04:05 AM
17 1,527
I am a bit confuse about gravity and work Suppose a ball falls from one height to another, hi to hf When talking...
May15-13 02:38 AM
4 960
y= 4sin(ωt) this is only used in SHM y=4sin(ωtkx) this is a travelling wave 1)the above statement correct?...
May15-13 12:13 AM
13 1,063
Ive been looking at the E = mc2 explained on youtube and apparently light has no mass how can it have no mass but you...
May14-13 11:59 PM
3 706
Is there any way, crude as it may be, to find an equivalency between the pressure exerted on an object from layers of...
May14-13 11:20 PM
Simon Bridge
10 855
Hi all, just want to ask is there any correlation between the contact angle of a anti reflective coating? i.e the...
May14-13 09:41 PM
Simon Bridge
5 765
I'm undertaking a little project. I am wanting to outfit a cart like this...
May14-13 02:50 PM
0 584
I know in a double pulley system, the rope moves twice the distance of the load. What about a system such as this?...
May14-13 01:05 PM
2 542
If an ideal battery of zero internal resistance is connected to a conductor having no resistance, what should be the...
May14-13 12:32 PM
4 615
I understand it has something to do with the index of refraction being directly related to the intensity of radiation,...
May14-13 10:48 AM
4 582
I joined this group specifically because of this q. I came home and found a can of Sierra Mist at the back of my...
May14-13 09:37 AM
9 868
I have read that if we have an isolated positively charged conductor, we can increase its self capacitance by bringing...
May14-13 08:30 AM
1 627
May14-13 07:42 AM
jeffrey c mc.
8 653
How we have to change the equation of biot savart's law (for electrical currents through conductor volume) when we...
May14-13 05:01 AM
0 522
why there is no work done when one is holding weight? there isno work done when moving while carrying a school bag?
May14-13 04:54 AM
21 1,681
Can anyone point me to a derivation of the navier stokes equations in polar? I don't see where the single derivative...
May13-13 10:45 PM
3 1,036
Hello, I am trying to understand induction. If I have a negatively charged rod, and two negatively charged...
May13-13 06:08 PM
3 594
What is the most accurate,closest and best photo that exists of an individual atom or molecule? There is the scanning...
May13-13 05:01 AM
16 1,719
Why is velocity of sound in gases independent of pressure?
May12-13 07:11 PM
2 569
hi all, first time poster. i have been a physics hobbiest since my first physics course as part of my ME degree and...
May12-13 06:53 PM
16 1,012
In my Physics book there was this problem of finding electric field produced by the sphere, such that electric charge...
May12-13 04:21 PM
9 936

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