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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,905
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,651
We know that an object with lower density than the medium it's in will float, and higher density will sink. Could...
Jun19-12 05:26 PM
1 1,249
It might seem trivial for most of you but i am confused by the definition of direction of magnetic lines. It's well...
Jun19-12 05:16 PM
12 2,536
What is fusion? What I know that is fusion is the process of joining of nuclei by melting.Thus , fusion is a melting...
Jun19-12 04:21 PM
5 2,153
Hi All, How do we tell the difference between something being random and something being deterministic but...
Jun19-12 12:44 PM
2 1,078
Is the equation JT = (1/Cp)(2a/RT - b) valid for adiabatic free expansion of real gases only? How was this equation...
Jun19-12 11:08 AM
4 1,827
Hypothetically, if two cars had large electromagnets with like-magnetic poles, would they repel if accelerated toward...
Jun19-12 10:44 AM
8 1,137
Hi all. This is my first post so please forgive me if I write anything wrong or post on wrong forum. In the...
Jun19-12 10:13 AM
5 2,766
Every action has equal and opposite action. There is gravitational force and it pulls us towards it center and A...
Jun19-12 09:00 AM
Doc Al
4 859
This is from Lisa Randall's Knocking on Heaven's Door: So when particles and antiparticles collide they get...
Jun19-12 07:03 AM
31 3,417
Why don't planets smash into each other? The universal law of gravitation states that everything pulls everything else...
Jun19-12 06:54 AM
3 1,138
Why do different masses released at the same time fall to the ground with the same acceleration. Isn't the universal...
Jun19-12 04:43 AM
3 622
A ball A is released from rest at a height of h and another ball B is provided with a horizontal force at the same...
Jun19-12 03:04 AM
7 785
Hello All, My question is "What is the relationship between nonlinearity and dispersion?" I know that all...
Jun18-12 11:26 PM
6 1,266
It seems to me that luminous intensity should really be put in terms of energy, not a special unit (which itself is...
Jun18-12 11:12 PM
8 1,523
I watch a series on quantum world. The host said particles can pass through each others. And then he pushed a wall...
Jun18-12 09:02 PM
7 1,068
We all know in phenomenological equations we like to add a -\gamma v effective force term to Newton's equation to...
Jun18-12 08:06 PM
3 2,281
Is it expensive?
Jun18-12 06:30 PM
4 807
Many people say that when mixing matter with anti-matter , energy is released according to e=mc2 however how much...
Jun18-12 06:26 PM
2 635
This is just a conceptual question that I've been personally wondering about. So light has a magnetic field wave...
Jun18-12 06:00 PM
2 1,509
What is the density of Air vs Height above Earth? Air Density is 0.001275 g/cm^3 at sea level. I would like...
Jun18-12 03:49 PM
1 1,001
So the universe is said to be expanding because light's wavelength is spreading out at a greater rate per greater...
Jun18-12 02:41 PM
9 2,699
When anti-matter and matter collide , they say they both annihilate however isn't it known according to the law of...
Jun18-12 02:35 PM
5 1,002
Potential energy has always bothered me. Is it just an accounting trick to describe that energy is always conserved (...
Jun18-12 01:02 PM
10 2,698
F = q q/r^2 ma = q q / r^2 Under which particle does the mass apply to?
Jun18-12 10:47 AM
5 1,203
Good Morning, My TextBook says that - Electric heaters use alloy material because they have higher resistance,...
Jun18-12 09:38 AM
16 2,751
Jun18-12 08:19 AM
13 1,680
Much to my surprise, there is substantially less information on this topic on the internet than I initially thought...
Jun18-12 07:21 AM
3 970
Hello I read the following sentence when reading about ion traps: "By changing the trapping voltage we are changing...
Jun18-12 05:24 AM
7 2,052
Hello, I have puzzled myself with a question: what is the potential of a conducting rod in a homogeneous electric...
Jun18-12 05:07 AM
5 1,459
I'm not sure about the force 3 wires have, here's the question. The question is: ...
Jun17-12 09:25 PM
4 912
Good morning everyone, Can someone please tell me the full answer and reason why should the F = m * a? Why not F...
Jun17-12 03:39 PM
13 3,352
Does it give a lot or is nuclear fission only powerful when you have a large quantity?
Jun17-12 03:07 PM
8 3,762
just a quick question on terminology.. if something has a higher binding energy, can it be said to be in a higher...
Jun17-12 12:44 PM
M Quack
2 679
Does anybody have ideas for experiments that I can perform to investigate the title? I am working on a science project...
Jun17-12 06:20 AM
2 3,165
If a permanent magnet rod enters a coil of wires at a certain speed will the permanent magnet slow down? I'm trying to...
Jun17-12 05:14 AM
0 969
will you please explain this two electron and proton
Jun17-12 04:22 AM
1 642
Hi, I was learning about collisions, and I stumbled upon this materials, which is interesting because a guy who...
Jun17-12 12:51 AM
15 1,801
I have attached a discussion by R.Feynman where he derives the formula for gravitational potential energy using pure...
Jun16-12 11:00 PM
5 1,037
Hello everyone here at the physics forum. Forgive me if I am not posting this question in the correct forum. I am not...
Jun16-12 05:26 PM
7 1,648
when a photon interacts with a nucleus, a positron and an electron are created, provided the photo has enough energy....
Jun16-12 04:50 PM
2 695

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