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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 183,911
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 68,992
Hello, Before I get barraged with comments about this being a homework question it isn't. It is about helping me...
May25-12 05:49 PM
10 853
Question about battery amp hours Hello, A particular manufacturer has two Lithium-ion batteries available for use...
May25-12 02:13 PM
23 1,802
Hello, I have simulated AC electric field in multiple (in fact 3) media with COMSOL, a multiphysic solver. The...
May25-12 01:57 PM
ali hemmati
7 1,192
Out of curiosity and maybe needless concern, how toxic is strontium-90? I was working with some plastic poker-chip...
May25-12 09:27 AM
8 1,136
Came across this video which says that a moving object has to cover infinitely many intervals in order to get from one...
May25-12 09:02 AM
16 1,806
Hello! I'm trying to set up and use a PTI nitrogen laser. Unfortunately, tech support has been less than helpful....
May25-12 08:28 AM
0 664
I have this book with me called "THE NIGHT SKY" and on page 115 they mention Neutronium/Neutron Star material as being...
May25-12 07:17 AM
5 2,386
Major brainfart here. Consider the spiral motion of a particle such that the distance from the origin to the...
May25-12 02:15 AM
4 1,496
If I have a 1kg object moving on a straight path at 10m/s, I have to apply a force of 10N in the opposite direction to...
May25-12 01:16 AM
3 1,089
If I have a oscillator that has an infinite number of harmonics, what decides which harmonics are excited? Is it...
May25-12 12:26 AM
9 1,025
We are talking about waves in class. It stated in the reading that matter is not transported during a wave. However,...
May24-12 05:19 PM
4 834
Hi! I'm newbie in Monte Carlo. My question concerns the statistical uncertainties of my simulations. Let's say...
May24-12 04:38 PM
2 718
This is very simple question, and i just need a 2nd opinion. We have a Space Station (preferably a torus) with...
May24-12 03:39 PM
29 1,929
I really need to know the difference between the two as I have an exam tomorrow D:. What is the difference between the...
May24-12 03:38 PM
1 1,239
hi, i chanced on this great list of a collection of papers fron the annals der physik here:...
May24-12 03:26 PM
0 820
Ok here is my problem. We have a static value that we use for determining the cost of air based on the pipe size and...
May24-12 12:18 PM
Dustin WSS
0 2,742
I'm doing the solar system design now . so far seem like everything is on track, but now i face a problem on the...
May24-12 10:04 AM
3 1,824
Hi, There are elements in the Earth that consist of large atoms. Where did they come from? I am familiar with the...
May24-12 09:27 AM
6 1,086
This is my first post and I'll admit I probably don't even know enough to be dangerous. Any how what I have is a a 3'...
May24-12 09:12 AM
2 891
Hi I thought if there is a heavier person and a lighter person the heavier person would sit nearer the fulcrum to...
May24-12 08:27 AM
18 2,394
I am curious about the transparency of some materials to visible light. My physics is patchy and self taught, so I am...
May24-12 08:26 AM
1 640
What is about the minimum wavelength that can bounce off of the ionosphere?
May24-12 07:35 AM
4 1,252
What would be the result of mixing helium, oxygen, germanium, nitrogen and uranium?
May24-12 05:16 AM
2 1,189
If two radiation signals cancel each other out through destructive interference, is it still possible for a material...
May24-12 03:53 AM
7 1,262
Why is dot product given by a*b cosθ whereas cross product ab sinθ.
May24-12 03:07 AM
5 1,053
The momentum of a particular proton is 20 5.5 10 kg m s - i . Relativistic effects can be ignored throughout...
May24-12 12:33 AM
1 1,560
Outside of gravity, is polarity seen in all the other forces, particles, fields, etc.?
May23-12 10:53 PM
2 907
I'm not sure how to find Vo. I think that you can use KVL on the right side KVL: -5 - 100(I2) = 0 ...
May23-12 10:07 PM
0 1,033
can someone please very briefly explain why the escape velocity of an object is given when the total mechanical energy...
May23-12 09:57 PM
5 1,203
I have to make an egg carrying device for and egg drop project. The only restriction is i am not aloud to use a...
May23-12 07:00 PM
2 1,789
Hey guys! I am new here, and would like to ask a question that has been on my mind for a very long time. I've...
May23-12 05:58 PM
6 920
One thing I have always questioned is this: Teachers always tell us that a final answer should never have any more...
May23-12 04:05 PM
13 1,219
How can you tell from a diagram of a ships propeller the direction it is moving ie clockwise or anti-clockwise. Am...
May23-12 03:24 PM
9 2,962
I wonder why water turbine (like in hydroelectric power plant) has, in most design, more then 90% efficiency when...
May23-12 12:48 PM
22 32,913
Hi, I was browsing through many academic papers and could find little information of a simple solenoid with a...
May23-12 12:09 PM
0 1,136
Lets say I am in an elevator and I start siphoning from 2 containers. And then the elevator goes into free fall after...
May23-12 12:06 PM
3 826
i have a few questions which need clarification, so right now i will state my assumptions. definition of the...
May23-12 11:16 AM
59 4,622
Ok so my textbook explains all the rules to carry the inherent uncertainty in measurements through mathematic...
May23-12 10:45 AM
2 1,103
Can energy be negative? If yes,can mass be negative?(since E=mc^2)
May23-12 10:38 AM
7 4,968
I was watching this video here: and was wondering what...
May23-12 10:22 AM
1 1,485

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