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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,468
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,715
I hear physicist talk about a theory of everything, or a one inch theory. First of all, is it physically possible to...
Mar31-12 02:47 AM
5 1,153
If a star in our night sky were to go supernova, how quickly does this become apparent to the naked eye? I know the...
Mar31-12 12:48 AM
4 1,510
There are various methods to slow and even stop visible light. Most of these methods appear to be slowing the group...
Mar30-12 09:05 PM
cyber stealth
2 1,349
I've asked my self this question. How is it that when you spin a bicycle wheel in a vertical plane while holding the...
Mar30-12 08:51 PM
0 781
Hello PF, I come to you from the airsofting community with a question that has plagued much of the community for...
Mar30-12 08:32 PM
3 3,099
we are in weightless condition because there are no resultant force between earth and me,at this instant, earth and me...
Mar30-12 05:26 PM
10 1,345
Would it be possible for a reasonably built human to abrade through hardened steel if he had a blade made out of...
Mar30-12 03:13 PM
3 1,015
My book says that "One property of a converging lens is that it focuses all rays that are parallel to one another to...
Mar30-12 02:44 PM
7 1,110
What is the general definition of energy? I already know that it means ability to perform work and that Work = ∫Force...
Mar30-12 10:59 AM
3 1,883
What is the difference between decreasing acceleration, deceleration and negative acceleration? Most importantly, i...
Mar30-12 10:26 AM
4 5,218
Say that I have two objects of the same mass and volume. I place one into freshwater and another in glycerine. In both...
Mar30-12 07:09 AM
6 2,628
I have just completed my class 10th. I was presently reading the class 11th H.C Verma physics textbook and here is...
Mar30-12 06:17 AM
4 865
Let's say there is a chamber with 1000 O2 molecules. According to wikipedia, a perfect vacuum is an arbitrary space in...
Mar29-12 06:04 PM
3 983
I have a velocity field that is static in time. At every location, x, there is a corresponding velocity vector. I'm...
Mar29-12 05:29 PM
1 1,245
What is the source of sunlight? The answer is Solar spectrum. Can anyone explain how the crimson color is created?...
Mar29-12 03:24 PM
1 977
Ok I read in a book that thermodynamics is an experimental science. What exactly does experimental science mean? ...
Mar29-12 02:25 PM
8 1,413
I am doing some testing on a medical device design that centrifuges blood to separate the constituent components. I...
Mar29-12 11:43 AM
0 665
i recently saw in my physics textbook a diagram of a positron and a electron being created in pair production. The...
Mar29-12 10:39 AM
Bob S
2 750
This is a typical case of friction wheels where one wheel drives the other...what I want to know is how can we model...
Mar29-12 10:35 AM
10 1,200
modern metal yoyo with ball bearing works totally different with the old. it can spin about 5mins within one throw for...
Mar29-12 04:54 AM
2 828 This is from a hw problem and i...
Mar28-12 11:13 PM
4 993
It's spring break right now, so I thought I'd take the time to brush up on stat mech and thermo before classes resume...
Mar28-12 10:56 PM
jim hardy
2 966
Hello all! I just want to ask help from you guys, I am trying to select which fan would apply on my toy project,...
Mar28-12 09:40 PM
3 1,072
i need a good drawing tool for drawing physics diagrams especially mechanics .. till now i have been using ms word and...
Mar28-12 08:12 PM
0 1,294
Hello, I have developed MOS capacities, and I have performed CV measurements over them. In the accumulation region...
Mar28-12 05:53 PM
0 989
Why on a oscilloscope does a.c current have a sine wave, whereas a d.c current is just a straight line. Ive tried to...
Mar28-12 05:07 PM
3 942
What frequency of sound traveling in air at 11 oC has a wavelength of 4 m? From what I can come up with... the...
Mar28-12 02:21 PM
2 887
Would a nuetrino laser cause any damage if aimed at a target and the nuetrinos had sufficiently high,...
Mar28-12 01:07 PM
4 806
Hi, I use a numerical method to trace trajectories of particles. I want to program a sort of 'video' type graph. A...
Mar28-12 12:56 PM
Bob S
4 870
Hi all, I am trying to create a vehicle simulation and get the vehicle to accelerate realistically by calculating...
Mar28-12 12:26 PM
Bob S
14 3,303
Hi, My textbook states a decay constant of an isotope as 3.84 x 10 to the minus 12 - per second. Surely decay...
Mar28-12 11:56 AM
20 6,985
Mod node: This thread was split from this other thread, 590162. Hey vkash. This is a good one.
Mar28-12 08:26 AM
20 2,060
Hi, I know what geo stationary orbit is, my question is what does it mean when they say satellite is at "83.0E",...
Mar28-12 06:58 AM
6 875
I searched different places but couldn't find how actually you calculate magnetic force between cylindrical permanent...
Mar28-12 05:38 AM
0 727
I know an electromagnet can be created by wrapping a wire around a metal tube and putting some current across the...
Mar28-12 04:13 AM
1 1,752
Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is a gas that consists of ions and free electrons. If you cooled plasma would it...
Mar28-12 04:02 AM
8 2,576
Given a set of wheels connected with a frame and chassis (a typical car), on a surface, how much friction is...
Mar27-12 09:34 PM
9 1,471
I am currently doing a senior physics experiment where we are stopping a computer fan (with steel glued on to the...
Mar27-12 08:17 PM
4 1,099
Suppose we have two wheels connected along the same axis, spinning in opposite directions. (zero sum angular momentum)...
Mar27-12 07:52 PM
19 4,888
If velocity v of waves produced in water depends on their wavelength λ,the density of water ρ, gravity g, then what...
Mar27-12 07:51 PM
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