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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
T 10:39 AM anorlunda 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,375
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,237
I thought I heard the fact that when you make a particle faster it's wavelength get's bigger, and if we accellerate a...
Jun30-12 05:09 PM
3 861
I heard that it had something to do with acceleration in a huge accelerator in fermi-lab but where they can collide...
Jun30-12 03:04 PM
4 1,416
I am reading this article on the concept of...
Jun30-12 02:21 PM
5 947
I keep my files using HDD, can my files still be retrieved under radiation and strong magnetic field? Will it be...
Jun30-12 02:15 PM
1 579
I had an idea of a planet that was spinning fast enough that at its equator, the outward force from the centripetal...
Jun30-12 12:05 PM
6 1,701
I was reading about a case of total internal reflection in mirrors and something got me curious... Is there anything...
Jun30-12 03:59 AM
3 1,027
What actually causes the bursting of a spherical air bubble? Is it because of the random collisions of air molecules...
Jun30-12 02:55 AM
2 848
Lets say I have a hammer, and a piece of piezoelectric quartz. If I hit the quartz with the hammer with the kinetic...
Jun29-12 11:49 PM
2 1,057
I'd like to make a strong (~0.5 T) solenoidal field with a permanent magnet for a Faraday rotation experiment. If I...
Jun29-12 10:48 PM
1 1,060
Hey there, not sure if I am posting this in the right place, so I apologize if I am not. So after some calculation...
Jun29-12 09:27 PM
3 647
Hello, My attic gets blazing hot in the summer days, i have installed more than enough electric fans, my house just...
Jun29-12 07:03 PM
14 1,799
Hello! Do you know, or know where to find, the limits of imaging via waves, ie. lets say we have a biphase...
Jun29-12 03:15 PM
4 490
Good afternoon. I am wondering what exactly is mass. Some say, quite inaccurately, that it is a measure of how much...
Jun29-12 02:06 PM
48 5,231
Hello, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but I recently took real interest in physics, particularly fluid...
Jun29-12 01:26 PM
1 1,376
I need some modern physics experiment to be presented on science fair. I have no idea like im thinking of particle...
Jun29-12 10:57 AM
11 1,780
What is differences between the definition of.. Nucleon number, atomic number, and mass number. Is there any...
Jun29-12 10:23 AM
Andrew Mason
1 872
Since light has gravity, and there is an abundance of it in any given space (this is easily observable by being at any...
Jun29-12 09:46 AM
2 600
When we look up into the cosmos wt we see at the end is a definite boundary or are we just gazing at empty space?
Jun29-12 08:28 AM
3 513
In a discussion recently I came across the idea of an antimatter photon rocket, to quote a relevant wikipedia article...
Jun29-12 07:52 AM
10 3,671
How fast can air go when under pressure? Is there a formula that describes this. I was just wondering how much faster...
Jun29-12 07:10 AM
7 1,362
Radioactive sample activity is said decreases by factor 5 during 2-h interval. How to find the decay constant? If the...
Jun29-12 04:09 AM
9 1,566
Hi all, I bought these neodymium magnets that all have a pull force of: 20.86 lbs If the pull force is equaled to...
Jun29-12 03:47 AM
5 5,209
Are these five different things or are they just variations or properties of the same thing?
Jun29-12 03:36 AM
4 863
Dear all, Generally as per physics the atom has nucleus over that electrons are spinning. I could n't imaging basic...
Jun29-12 02:25 AM
2 494
Any info/resources on calculating the hydrodynamic force on an object when it hits the water surface with constant...
Jun29-12 12:30 AM
Simon Bridge
3 1,303
Basically: I jump forwards, exerting an amount of energy enough to push me forward with some velocity. But in my...
Jun28-12 11:27 PM
3 532
Greetings, Most of the people I know are not scientific, so they'll often ask me random questions about scientific...
Jun28-12 10:57 PM
25 1,569
Hi all. I've decided to take a physics course here and on youtube :-) (as uni it too much) Really enjoying this...
Jun28-12 07:36 PM
5 957
Let's say we have three objects, moon, earth and a ball. Suppose that the ball is in a point in space such that the...
Jun28-12 05:42 PM
Doc Al
1 379
For example when you make a laser , does heat come with it?
Jun28-12 02:05 PM
17 1,369
can someone tell me the relation between the intensities (of a bright band and a dark band) and the amplitudes of the...
Jun28-12 10:54 AM
lionel messi.
2 757
I push on a wall and the wall pushes me back (according to newton's third law), but what i don't understand is that no...
Jun28-12 10:18 AM
Simon Bridge
6 1,730
Hi, I have a simple question and shall be grateful if helped. See the attached word document.I have been...
Jun28-12 09:52 AM
2 581
I am interested to know the amount of Joules created by an average size car wheel travelling at 30mph. Please could...
Jun28-12 09:36 AM
8 1,034
Hi folks, I work as a Lab Technician in a High School and we've been sorting out a lot of the school's old physics...
Jun28-12 03:11 AM
2 851
Pretty straight forward. Whats the amount of energy needed to create a neodymium magnet? What's the cost ratio? ...
Jun28-12 02:28 AM
Simon Bridge
3 1,441
I'm trying to understand the motion of projectile motion under the influence of air resistance. A website such as this...
Jun28-12 12:45 AM
Simon Bridge
3 815
Dear Forum, I am attempting to make a treatment mattress or pad for PEMF treatment of osteoporosis. I have osteo,...
Jun27-12 11:54 PM
Simon Bridge
1 688
So, when you generate electricity, you spin a magnet pushing the electrons in the surrounding wires and creating a...
Jun27-12 10:59 PM
3 665
Hi! Does anyone know which parts of an automobile would require the use of capacitors? Also, what kinds of...
Jun27-12 10:36 PM
5 937

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