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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,383
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,474
I am trying to predict the flight of an object with a parabolic trajectory including drag due to air resistance how do...
Jun15-12 10:37 PM
Bob S
4 1,472
i am building a magnetic stirrer. one magnet is placed inside the fliud for rotation. another magnet is affixed in...
Jun15-12 10:25 PM
0 952
Hello, I am an undergrad in my senior year at a small liberal arts college. This summer, I have been given the task...
Jun15-12 10:00 PM
33 2,824
Let's say we have an object. And we then say that E = (1/2)mv2. so we solve for velocity and say that v =...
Jun15-12 09:23 PM
7 876
There is a recent article about neutrons and how they escape to parallel universe. It is only a theory. You can...
Jun15-12 06:55 PM
1 1,226
From the fig 1 & 2 in the attachment. i) what is the sign of potential difference in fig.1 Vp – VQ ii) And in...
Jun15-12 01:19 PM
Simon Bridge
5 753
Can someone explain the concept of energy resolution to me, especially in gamma cameras. Thanks.
Jun15-12 12:44 PM
10 3,964
Is it that faster we move through space, the slower we move through time? Is it that we're moving slower through...
Jun15-12 07:29 AM
19 1,655
It is written in my book under the sub-heading Nuclear Fusion... "If we take some light nuclei and force them to join...
Jun15-12 05:53 AM
6 1,256
Feynman uses Carnot's argument on reversibility to derive a formula for gravitational potential energy. I don't...
Jun15-12 04:16 AM
0 988
I have a problem in relation to the pressure in a closed piston and cylinder assembly, I know the compression ratio...
Jun15-12 03:17 AM
2 1,976
I'm thinking of absorption of infrared radiation by gas molecules. This interaction results in an increase in...
Jun14-12 11:15 PM
6 1,853
In a rock tumbler, the stones collide with each other and break apart. Eventually they become smooth. I was thinking...
Jun14-12 10:30 PM
4 1,081
Is it dangerous to compress carbon dioxide under high pressure?
Jun14-12 10:11 PM
8 3,414
At my work, we go through a lot of liquid CO2 (LCO2), and dealing with the 500 pound LCO2 dewars is a real pain. I'd...
Jun14-12 06:53 PM
8 2,787
Why do low frequency sounds (like low bass notes) disperse omni-directionally, whereas high frequency sounds are much...
Jun14-12 06:48 PM
2 1,669
I am a formal instructor and one of the classes I teach revolves around the ballistics of a bullet. I am currently in...
Jun14-12 06:42 PM
2 1,422
I'm looking to build a Geiger Counter, but since price is of matter to me, I have a hard time understanding the...
Jun14-12 06:13 PM
0 829
Hi, I would like to re-define my question from June 5 th. I made an experiment. A bigger surface of rock wool...
Jun14-12 05:59 PM
1 782
A power tower (x^^n) is a variable raised to the power of itself n amount of times. x^^4 = x^x^x^x x^^3 = x^x^x...
Jun14-12 05:31 PM
8 1,127
OK I understand itís a silly question but I have been thinking about this all day. Say you have an EM wave moving...
Jun14-12 04:17 PM
11 2,568
What would be the shape of an "Activity versus Number of Atoms present" graph look like... We know that A=-λN ... They...
Jun14-12 01:33 PM
2 847
what is it physically made of.? Bosons ?? Is it all kinds of bosons or only photons.?
Jun14-12 01:28 PM
2 890
Hi, the explanation I have been given for how a transformer works is this: The current flows through the primary...
Jun14-12 11:28 AM
9 2,801
the name says everything...but i want to know which metal is the besst to create infrared frequency and how far...
Jun14-12 10:44 AM
7 1,054
I am a curious (or perhaps bored!) fellow, and as such I noticed something peculiar recently. I was sitting in a car...
Jun14-12 10:04 AM
3 1,205
Apparently, there is a limit to the maximum sound amplitude that depends on the medium in which the sound in question...
Jun14-12 09:56 AM
22 5,130
In the way we represent an electromagnetic wave (click on...
Jun14-12 08:02 AM
1 799
I was reading through a book on statistical physics when i came across this sentence: "An Einstein solid has two...
Jun14-12 06:39 AM
M Quack
1 1,238
I will be filming a tv commercial for a well known car brand. In the commercial the featured car will be driving...
Jun14-12 04:26 AM
5 1,204
We say that time doesn't moves because it's a coordinate but we move and it seems that time moves . OK granted , but...
Jun14-12 04:17 AM
6 1,275
Hi everyone, I've been thinking about these questions and would like to know if you can come up with their answers: ...
Jun14-12 01:38 AM
Simon Bridge
3 755
Does anyone have any references to a rigorous analysis of sympathetic resonance? I'd imagine that the transfer of...
Jun14-12 12:59 AM
4 1,190
I've seen in many sites that a pendulum restoring force Fnet = mg sin theta... Why did we actually get the vector...
Jun13-12 10:40 PM
3 754
Hi, I found two physics questions, and I'm still quite confused how this works: If a spring balance is attached to...
Jun13-12 09:16 PM
Ken G
5 3,019
I have designed and built a steam powered turbine that I am trying to get to run a compressor. In order to choose a...
Jun13-12 08:08 PM
1 1,558
Would anyone know what altitude would be needed within a vacuum in earths gravity to create an impact of 4kg using a...
Jun13-12 08:07 PM
5 947
Hallo, I want to calculate energy transfer from an electromagnet that consumes 12W of electricity thats about 12J/S...
Jun13-12 07:44 PM
13 2,275
I am wondering how can I obtain the temperatures of electrons and lattice as a function of heat source. Is there any...
Jun13-12 05:57 PM
0 1,074
Say I have a 10 gallon air tank, how would I figure out the CFM potential for the given volume? Also, what is the...
Jun13-12 05:09 PM
1 836

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