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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,358
Does electricity travel through vacuum?If so ,is it a good conductor?What is its resistance.
Jan29-12 11:13 AM
8 3,772
I was wondering if I could match and exceed the 20-joule effect of a springpowered rifle by replacing the spring with...
Jan29-12 11:02 AM
0 740
I know about the shell theorem and that the force of gravity due to the mass of the shell is zero inside a spherical...
Jan29-12 07:45 AM
Doc Al
8 2,736
Does anyone know the highest altitude the biggest industrial grade weather balloon can go?
Jan29-12 05:50 AM
1 1,245
I was out walking my dogs at 3:00 a.m. (that i might let them off the leash to be dogs for awhile) Over my head...
Jan29-12 05:06 AM
0 1,000
I have a question about electricity and magnetism. My teacher went through these chapters in 3 days, and I am...
Jan29-12 02:55 AM
2 1,385
A container filled up to about 2/3rd's with water moves with a unifrom acceleration of 'a' due to a force 'F'....
Jan29-12 02:38 AM
9 2,420
If a bullet is fired from a gun in vacuum(assume no gravity, no resistance). why is it that the bullet accelerates...
Jan29-12 02:27 AM
3 1,613
Isn't it that magnetic fluxes only mean the surface of a magnetic field? Is it smooth? But in the Aharonov-Bohm...
Jan28-12 08:51 PM
0 1,020
can temperature be changed without changing pressure as well as number of molecules for an ideal gas?
Jan28-12 08:26 PM
3 1,421
I want to know, seeing as space-time is supposed to be curved and a wormhole bisects that curve, whether the curve is...
Jan28-12 07:32 PM
2 2,149
Please again a fundamental question. Can anyone explain what is a Campbell diagram and its application? IS it a...
Jan28-12 05:58 PM
5 10,923
hi... Maximum and minimum thermometers has two mercury columns. One column goes up when temperature increases and the...
Jan28-12 04:36 PM
Vanadium 50
2 8,849
I don't understand why 4 ∏ is in so many physics formulas. For instance, Heisenberg's uncertainty uses h / 4∏....
Jan28-12 04:24 PM
3 1,355
Hi I've been scratching my head late into the night, and come up with some ideas for a moon pod, I could use a sanity...
Jan28-12 04:20 PM
3 922
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know about the shell theorem and...
Jan28-12 03:30 PM
Doc Al
1 1,026
In my physics text book, temperature is defined as a measure of the average KE of random translational motion of...
Jan28-12 01:37 PM
10 2,476
Evening, I'm trying to work out the direction a loop of wire will rotate about an axis in an increasing magnetic...
Jan28-12 01:13 PM
5 2,386
Why is the number of charge carriers per unit volume is inversely proportional to resistance?If there is more charges...
Jan28-12 12:49 PM
5 2,640
So, I understand that when reynolds number increases, the fluid becomes more turbulent, and there is a greater energy...
Jan28-12 12:33 PM
0 2,364
You often see the polarization of light represented this way:...
Jan28-12 11:33 AM
4 1,370
Noob here, be gentle… I am of the understanding that the solar system formed by means of an accretion disk that...
Jan28-12 08:26 AM
Ed Zachary
2 1,426
Friends: My boss and I have been debating this physics problem: Imagine that you have a cable suspended in...
Jan28-12 12:56 AM
Simon Bridge
5 1,371
A professor at my university is currently working on using "complex network theory to study the coherence of flows in...
Jan27-12 11:29 PM
2 1,082
The Wikipedia article on the moon says ithat "Ptolemy (90–168 AD)" calculated the distance of the moon as 59 times the...
Jan27-12 07:42 PM
1 1,642
I had a general idea back in the day dubed "the owie stick". after seeing the movie "district 9", about how the...
Jan27-12 04:19 PM
8 1,128
Hey, A certain problem in my physics textbook states that a person pushes a crate over a frictionless surface with...
Jan27-12 03:35 PM
8 1,340
I am working on a desalinization project and need technical advice. These are the basics: If I have a 1,000 sq ft...
Jan27-12 03:30 PM
4 1,213
Hello everyone I am trying to do an experiment involving a W bulb, in which I am completely dependent of knowing...
Jan27-12 02:28 PM
2 1,068
I feel like I should know this but I'm not sure that I do... What is the difference between harmonic and...
Jan27-12 02:02 PM
1 1,479
Dear friends, my A-level physics tutor used to use a software to explain things to us...but unfortunately i dont...
Jan27-12 01:43 PM
0 878
If a satellite orbiting the earth exploded and the debris went hurtling into space at 1000mph how far would the debris...
Jan27-12 01:07 PM
2 823
Can you draw a force diagram to explain how a positive caster angle makes wheels return to a straight line in a...
Jan27-12 12:08 PM
3 2,422
I work in a sports science laboratory and I've been set the task of trying to create a simple and inexpensive test to...
Jan27-12 11:00 AM
13 1,756
I am a bit hung up on this fact. Say you have a pendulum and you want to derive its equation of motion. In doing this...
Jan27-12 09:54 AM
7 1,087
Hi all, I am from electronics background, yet I have studied quantum mechanics. Lately I have been reading...
Jan27-12 09:02 AM
5 1,147
Jan27-12 08:25 AM
8 1,424
Is the speed of light what they call the front velocity, the formost part of a beam of light? If this is so the...
Jan27-12 05:03 AM
8 1,110
I have to measure the depth of the cavity in an object which is in the micrometer(10^-6 m) order. I'm given a laser,...
Jan27-12 03:44 AM
0 1,204
Hiya, Unsure as to where exactly to post this, here, maths, or electronics. So apologies if I have chosen wrongly....
Jan27-12 03:29 AM
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