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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
T 12:44 PM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,715 "Elastic" means that the energy of the particle before collision equals...
Nov27-11 05:42 PM
3 1,376
Say there was a container filled with liquid floating in space. What would the pressure of the liquid be? Also would...
Nov27-11 05:27 PM
2 1,450
First, is one light wave (or perhaps half wave) possible that stretches across the universe, such that each end of the...
Nov27-11 05:17 PM
6 1,624
Hello :) I would be very grateful if I get through with this bugging idea. When I started reading about it, the...
Nov27-11 03:37 PM
9 943
I remember reading an old article about ZPE. Physicists claim that the ZPE found within a common light bulb has the...
Nov27-11 03:12 PM
1 1,377
How can every substance be converted into a magnet (at room temperature)?
Nov27-11 12:30 PM
2 832
My physics class is doing the popular egg drop experiment. We may only use wooden strips no larger than a 1/4" by...
Nov27-11 11:54 AM
4 2,096
My general understanding was that they were created by fields, which makes me wonder how the LHC plans to detect the...
Nov27-11 11:22 AM
2 1,139
Hi everyone I need to heat up an area 0.5m^3 (100cm x 100cm x 50cm). Would anybody know of any formulas I could...
Nov27-11 11:12 AM
1 1,847
Hello Physics Mavens, Just watched one of my cats make two upward jumps; both with pinpoint accuracy. (Cats are...
Nov27-11 11:00 AM
5 1,687
Go easy, not an expert. My intuition tells me that the maximum possible entropy in a given space is going to...
Nov27-11 09:11 AM
7 1,609
Hi, I have calculated the pressure distribution over a 2D porous material with the finite difference method....
Nov27-11 02:56 AM
2 1,594
Suppose we were completely two-dimensional creatures, two dimensions plus time. How would we make maps? The...
Nov27-11 02:22 AM
3 974
'One example of the Lorentz force is that, if two parallel wires are carrying current in the same direction, the wires...
Nov26-11 07:35 PM
3 958
So while i was doing some homework i noticed that when you square pie you end up with 9.869 which is very close to the...
Nov26-11 06:35 PM
20 3,316
Hi, I'm a bit confused with determining the tension in a rope. For example, when two people are puling on a rope,...
Nov26-11 04:29 PM
12 3,932
Many students interested in knowing if scientists have achieved a greater speed of light for subatomic particles. Any...
Nov26-11 03:54 PM
1 1,045
Hi first time posting so apologies if this is the wrong section to post this in! I'm having a bit of trouble...
Nov26-11 01:52 PM
1 3,688
Hi everyone. I have a simple doubt related to magnetism and inspired by the Bollywood movie 'ROBOT' starring...
Nov26-11 08:01 AM
0 1,049
Umm hello there i'm still a novice at this whole thing but i was wondering, would it be possible to have an area of...
Nov26-11 07:39 AM
2 891
About a week ago in class, I was learning about the photoelectric effect. My teacher described it as the emission of...
Nov26-11 04:16 AM
1 892
Hi I understand why a Glan-Thompson polarizator (
Nov26-11 03:04 AM
1 852
Hi Are there other reasons why monochromatic solutions to Maxwells equations of the form E(z, t) = E(z)exp(-iωt)...
Nov26-11 01:58 AM
2 1,607
You know how a microwave oven has a mesh on the door so visible light gets through but not the microwaves? Can such a...
Nov26-11 12:35 AM
1 1,157
Let's say you take two metal objects, one black and one white. Out in the sun, the black will reach higher temperature...
Nov25-11 11:45 PM
4 1,064
Hello! I was wondering why our position between the "past" and "future" is worth considering in quantum(?) physics. My...
Nov25-11 11:37 PM
1 706
Hi there, Im conducting an experiment in which i am boiling a pot of urine that is covered with a plastic sheet. ...
Nov25-11 05:17 PM
3 1,011
Hello, I am having some difficulties understanding this concept. It seems like wikipedia and my notes/teacher...
Nov25-11 01:19 PM
10 4,345
Hi, I was wondering what you guys thought of these models. Is the model on plank's length correct? Have you seen these...
Nov25-11 11:51 AM
7 1,130
Hi, Im looking for clamping circuit for electromagnetic waves. I have a wave which has amplitude of 5 and -10. is...
Nov25-11 11:09 AM
4 1,109
Sorry but have only a basic understanding of electric circuits? My understanding of DC circuits is that the p.d...
Nov25-11 09:27 AM
10 1,507
When phasors are used,for example to illustrate some of the properties of waves,all of the texts seem to emphasise...
Nov25-11 09:22 AM
7 2,458
in acceleration time graph when the acceleration is constant. Then at an instant it has negative acceleration. Does...
Nov25-11 09:09 AM
7 1,064
Dear All, I am confusing total internal reflection for a light wave traveling from denser medium to lower dense...
Nov25-11 08:28 AM
2 2,687
Hello there, Some time ago, I saw a talk by a nobel prize winner. He quoted two other scientists, one was Witten,...
Nov25-11 06:40 AM
Claude Bile
3 1,401
Hello everyone. From what I've understood, the radiant intensity of a surface is defined as the number of photons...
Nov25-11 06:05 AM
Claude Bile
2 2,728
Talking about charges. If someone claims that in his work time reversal symmetry is conserved, does that equal to say...
Nov25-11 02:59 AM
2 1,258
This is a problem I came up with out of curiosity but can't solve.. The image shows a situation similar to a thumb an...
Nov25-11 02:32 AM
3 1,133
Take for instance putting the large hadron collider in space at a near absolute zero where you never have to put...
Nov25-11 01:15 AM
5 1,391
Suppose there's an atom in deep space, beyond the reach of gravity of any close-by galaxies. When this atom is...
Nov25-11 12:46 AM
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