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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,832
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,628
If I have a string with a lump on the end and is being swung in a circle with a continuous angular velocity then I...
Feb19-12 03:33 PM
1 1,154
my textbook says that when a piece of ice is floating in a liquid the (water+liquid) level drops down if the density...
Feb19-12 03:32 PM
2 1,300
Last night I couldn't sleep and started to think about a few things I thought that I had read in New Scientist last...
Feb19-12 02:04 PM
0 859
if you have a pendulum with a 10kg bob at rest, it causes a stretch in the wire supporting it, but if that same bob...
Feb19-12 11:02 AM
5 1,016
Hi i am trying to frigure out the similarities and differences between permitivity and permeability? When do we use...
Feb19-12 09:50 AM
Saad Ahmed
12 16,788
Hi i have just joined and this is my first post.I was hoping to find out if anyone has(using only fixed magnets)...
Feb19-12 09:26 AM
jim hardy
8 1,995
Hi,im new here. Can you explain to me what happens to the kinetic energy of an electron when it is accelerated in a...
Feb19-12 09:08 AM
jim hardy
7 2,525
First let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to read this. On watching a program on the bbc relating to...
Feb19-12 08:06 AM
4 1,417
When we make a gaschamber smaller, the kinetic energy increases <--> temperature increases <--> pressuere increases. ...
Feb19-12 07:52 AM
4 1,242
OK. In my book it says that for "any point" the Electric Field Magnitude for a Infinite sheet of charge with uniform...
Feb19-12 07:48 AM
Saad Ahmed
10 23,421
what is the cause of upthrust experienced by a body placed in a liquid.
Feb19-12 07:08 AM
1 965
I'm looking at a problem and am having trouble finding the force using moments. To be honest i'm not sure am i going...
Feb19-12 07:07 AM
7 2,808
why is pascal's law valid if and only if gravity effect is neglected
Feb19-12 06:52 AM
0 1,074
Hi, I want to know how to calculate force applied on pressure bearing structure like gas cylinder or submarine hull...
Feb19-12 02:42 AM
0 1,388
So I learnt that if you sit on a chair, you are applying downwards force because of gravity, and the chair is applying...
Feb19-12 02:19 AM
1 837
to be more specific how can you make electricity by spinning a mechanism?
Feb19-12 01:56 AM
4 1,335
Check out this pdf on this website. No signing up or anything, It took me the better half of today to do this....
Feb18-12 07:42 PM
3 1,086
Fine lets keep it simple Assume a mass of 'm' moving at velocity 'v'. now if I somehow increase the mass of...
Feb18-12 03:37 PM
10 1,396
Are there any known superfluids that have a triple point, in that they go from a superfluid to superconducting solid? ...
Feb18-12 03:17 PM
ryan albery
0 873
Basically I was wondering if I was to place a magnet inside a tube sealed at both ends via two magnets (as the diagram...
Feb18-12 02:46 PM
4 1,115
Hi guys, I am currently writing my dissertation on Graphene and I am investigateing how graphene remains stable,...
Feb18-12 02:13 PM
1 1,268
How do I find the force between the poles of 2 identical permanent magnets seperated by a distance? (experimentally...
Feb18-12 08:51 AM
1 1,064
Ok, just a few minutes back, a tic-tac slipped from my hand and fell to the ground. The second bounce was to a...
Feb18-12 06:56 AM
2 1,134
Hello, Suppose there are two conductors carrying currents. One of them is bare conductor and the other has...
Feb18-12 05:41 AM
5 2,330
hi, just a simple question i have a linear graph y=mx+c lets say my y values have an uncertainty of 1 . my x...
Feb17-12 11:19 PM
10 2,493
Is color an intrinsic property of a substance? I thought that if a red object is in an enclosed space, so that no...
Feb17-12 10:06 PM
5 1,880
First you will have to forgive me for being uneducated in this area. I have an old record/tv console I bought with...
Feb17-12 04:05 PM
3 2,657
My friend and I are doing table top fusion for our science fair. We can not figure out a sutable replacement for...
Feb17-12 12:34 PM
21 5,423
OK is it true that you can die if you are wet and are shocked by standard 120 volts? Like for example if you took a...
Feb17-12 12:08 PM
6 2,118
The electric field of a point charge Q is defined as E=\frac{F}{q}=\frac{\frac{1}{4\pi \varepsilon...
Feb17-12 09:41 AM
2 2,419
Is there a way to wind up a spring or coil to store mechanical energy and then release that energy slowly over a...
Feb17-12 09:28 AM
25 4,259
I understand corona discharge in electrostatic situations, but in circuits without capacitors/gaps, I don't understand...
Feb17-12 09:27 AM
7 2,348
Hi, Sorry if it's not the right place as this question is a bit generic. Let say we have N datapoint triplets...
Feb17-12 08:33 AM
0 919
Here is my question: Can light of multiple wavelengths (for example sunlight) that is transferred through a fiber...
Feb17-12 05:58 AM
1 974
In this vid, Faynmen explains what a fire really is: just watch from start till 1:22...
Feb17-12 04:48 AM
7 1,643
My question pertains to model trains. I use a magnet under my last car to activate computer commands via a reed...
Feb16-12 09:53 PM
jim hardy
3 1,217
I started with a 100% water sample, and measured the speed of ultrasound using 1MHz transducer, and in 10% increments...
Feb16-12 08:14 PM
5 2,439
Got a debate going on with some HVAC supertechs...One contends a sufficient quantity of non-condensables in a...
Feb16-12 07:40 PM
0 2,100
Would it be possible to ionize a gas using both an electrical field and a laser to reach the ionization energy? It...
Feb16-12 06:34 PM
0 1,549
Ok, so my room mate and I were talking and came up with this question. What would happen if you placed a smaller...
Feb16-12 06:04 PM
2 1,013

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