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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,573
I have the following question/problem of understanding: I am thinking that the only way force or pressure can...
Nov24-11 12:32 AM
9 1,625
I remember reading/hearing a few times now that everything is vibrational energy and our senses detect and convert...
Nov24-11 12:23 AM
15 3,618
I need to show that this pattern is true. \sqrt{n+1} \approx \frac{n}{2} + 1 \ \ when \ n << 1 the smaller 'n'...
Nov23-11 11:07 PM
7 1,255
Kind of off the wall question but here it goes: I am trying to figure if my set up for a CNC machine is one that...
Nov23-11 06:17 PM
7 1,413
A car can accelerate 0-60 mph in 8.6 seconds and 0-100 mph in 26.1 seconds. How far (in feet) would the car have to...
Nov23-11 03:36 PM
5 1,124
For a reaction to occur, we assume that two particles collide, have sufficient energy to react, and are oriented...
Nov23-11 02:46 PM
5 1,153
Can someone please answer this question in terms of the forces acting?
Nov23-11 12:09 PM
12 1,400
Is it possible to make mass elements flow by establishing a gravitational potential difference between 2 points in the...
Nov23-11 09:15 AM
12 1,540
I'm doing a project in thermodynamics and after seeing the movie "atlas shrugged" tryed determining a method to...
Nov23-11 07:34 AM
Vanadium 50
1 2,153
what are the main drawbacks of the van der waals equation of state for real gases and how are they corrected?
Nov23-11 07:13 AM
0 633
About 40 years ago when I was 15 my science teacher would occasionally collar me in the hallway and bellow, "What is...
Nov22-11 07:46 PM
20 2,347
I'm writing a paper on the possibility of harvesting space lighting, but the main question would be, does space...
Nov22-11 07:45 PM
21 1,962
Sorry to ask all of you but i have i wild idea about the creation of the universe and I’m not shore where to send...
Nov22-11 04:02 PM
4 893
Hey, So I want to make an antenna which emits powerful waves in the frequency range of 1-50 MHz. Yet I don't...
Nov22-11 03:44 PM
4 1,189
frankly i dont know much about anti-matter or super conductors.....i just read an into-level topic on anti-matter and...
Nov22-11 03:38 PM
1 806
Can anyone give me ideas on how to heat a metal chromed roller to maintain 120 degrees on the outer surface. I...
Nov22-11 11:12 AM
14 1,863
Is it possible for a piece of cement in a rotating cement mixer to travel at constant speed? If we graph a cement...
Nov22-11 08:36 AM
3 1,234
Dr. Hughes, an Australian physicist has taken exception to the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of a siphon, ...
Nov22-11 06:04 AM
31 2,555
hi experts can anyone explain waht is the dipole moment.
Nov22-11 05:00 AM
2 1,350
I've been trying to determine the optimun angle of launch 1,5 metres above the ground by pooceeding from the basic...
Nov22-11 01:56 AM
14 1,839
Hi, I've got a question about fitting a known function to a measured data. Suppose I want to find X parameters...
Nov21-11 07:37 PM
1 885
Can someone please help me solve this:...
Nov21-11 02:04 PM
19 1,821
How do you use the equations m=Minital + deltaM and x=xinital + deltax and F=-mg to...
Nov21-11 01:54 PM
4 1,261
Can we float an ocean liner in bucket full of water spread to a large area?
Nov21-11 01:43 PM
147 12,774
I am trying to understand what the formula v=sq rt( Bulk Modulus/density). I understand that Bulk Modulus is...
Nov21-11 12:33 PM
1 1,031
Is anyone good with Lagrangian mechanics applied to constrained systems? I had a question about the Lagrange...
Nov21-11 11:51 AM
2 972
About a five minute video....Note the introductory text informatin: ...
Nov21-11 08:47 AM
0 703
I m doing a project on solar illumination . I wanted to know which configuration of parabolic reflector/ collector is...
Nov21-11 05:33 AM
4 1,087
Hi i just wanted to know if anyone can help me located a system diagram with atleast 5+ forces acting on it? P.S. the...
Nov21-11 12:22 AM
Simon Bridge
13 1,980
Hi all, Just a generalised question about rolling moments generated by an aircraft with a dihedral wing during...
Nov20-11 11:24 PM
7 1,085
Coloumbs law states that the force exerted by two charged particles on each other is given by f = kq1q2/d^2 Now say...
Nov20-11 05:18 PM
12 2,539
I've made a search on PF about Gabriel Lafreniere and it seems that some -serious- people (such as Mysearch) consider...
Nov20-11 04:13 PM
6 1,318
Suppose I give you a curve f(x) = \sin^2 (x) + ln(x) And suppose I tell you to rotate this curve about the x...
Nov20-11 03:15 PM
7 1,462
If one wishes to look at where mathematics has influenced physics, there are an abundance of examples. What are...
Nov20-11 11:12 AM
1 672
Hi Please read the attached doc which is excerpted from the text University Physics by Young & Freedman.The...
Nov20-11 11:07 AM
5 1,264
Electrons appear randomly in quantum physics, but are there any other places where particles behave randomly, is there...
Nov20-11 10:12 AM
1 782
Can microwaves melt metal? As far as I know, it can't melt a spoon no matter how long you put it in a microwave oven....
Nov20-11 06:51 AM
24 12,871
Kirchhoff's Loop Rule: The directed sum of the electrical potential differences (voltage) around any closed circuit is...
Nov20-11 06:28 AM
1 1,075
Ok, so i've been getting confused about some things recently. I've read that fluid flowing in a pipe at higher...
Nov20-11 06:17 AM
4 5,976
I am trying to understand how, for a given physical system it is possible to come up with the correct expression for...
Nov20-11 05:29 AM
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