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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug14-14 03:46 PM DrDanny 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 189,894
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,314
Hello there. I'm new to the forums obviously. And I'm also quite new to physics. I've read many existing answers about...
Jan13-12 03:52 AM
10 1,863
Jan13-12 03:30 AM
0 768
Hi, For a project, I'm using spinning wheels to accelerate a foam ball. I know the output motor stats (rpm), torque,...
Jan12-12 09:39 PM
2 1,317
Could you guys help me out , are there any known ways to mankind how to create artificial infinite density? I guess...
Jan12-12 04:09 PM
1 798
in chapter 32 section 4 on electromagnetic waves, near the end he writes since \lambda = \frac{2\pi c}{\omega} then...
Jan12-12 01:30 PM
3 1,381
i wonder how can a non linear triatomic gas molecule have 6 degrees of freedom.As per me three of those will come from...
Jan12-12 12:10 PM
4 2,456
When a high voltage is applied across the electrodes of the discharge tube, and the pressure of the gas inside the...
Jan12-12 11:51 AM
1 1,160
When (what year and by whom?) was it discovered that the hydrogen potential is V=-1/r ? I imagine this was deduced...
Jan12-12 11:07 AM
1 1,526
There are two metal blocks of same density. But one is a small block and another is large. If we apply an equal...
Jan12-12 10:24 AM
0 721
If this question has been posed before I apologize, but is it possible for any objects and/or entities that are...
Jan11-12 11:36 PM
1 1,847
Suppose I have a sphere of steel. Now suppose that I take this sphere and cut it into hundreds of solid-angle pieces....
Jan11-12 10:56 PM
0 1,612
I have a very flexible plastic ruler 61cm long, 5cm wide, and .2cm thick. I hold it by one end, with the "width"...
Jan11-12 10:47 PM
4 1,284
How can I design an experiment to find the drag coefficient of a cone without knowing the force of drag that is acting...
Jan11-12 07:44 PM
0 1,173
I was considering making an aircraft wing and decided to first make a 1:10 scale model. I know what the weight needs...
Jan11-12 07:19 PM
0 985
Hi there, I am currently attempting to teach AS level electiricity but am finding it really hard understanding some of...
Jan11-12 05:27 PM
5 1,045
Can electromagnetic waves e.g. light be deflected by a magnetic field?
Jan11-12 04:57 PM
Simon Bridge
3 1,089
I have my own theory on this, but first would like to ask the forum. And the members answering on my other thread,...
Jan11-12 04:53 PM
Simon Bridge
23 2,758
In solids it is the interaciton b/w the phonons and photons that give a lower effective speed. not absorption &...
Jan11-12 03:03 PM
6 1,684
Hi, I've been muddling over this problem for a few days. I thought there would be a simple approach, but I'm having...
Jan11-12 01:39 PM
4 1,822
Do you know why in most textbooks, like on or...
Jan11-12 01:09 PM
4 994
we can use the dimensional analysis to check the homogeneity of a physical quantity. based on the question : ''can...
Jan11-12 12:26 PM
2 1,535
I recently saw a documentary on TV in which Stephen Hawking stated that the universe was 600 lightyears in diameter,...
Jan11-12 07:04 AM
5 1,701
I'm to code the Eigen solver in Matlab for a reserach project. The project concerned might also give me complex...
Jan10-12 07:14 PM
0 1,037
In relation to thermodynamics or statistical mechanics, it is often briefly mentioned that the partition function is...
Jan10-12 06:56 PM
0 942
Hello, looking for help designing building/testing and implementing an idea, I have been thinking about using cheap...
Jan10-12 05:09 PM
Solar Don
10 1,871
My wife was pulling into a service lane at a car dealership at the same time someone inside shut the door and it hit...
Jan10-12 03:18 PM
2 1,153
Can someone please explain to me why a liquid cools down when it evaporates:-D
Jan10-12 12:37 PM
6 1,240
Here is a problem from a physics text An electron (mass 9.11 10−31 kg) orbits a hydrogen nucleus at a radius of...
Jan10-12 11:59 AM
4 1,043
This is a very silly question but anyway. When using a remote for a TV or digital channel receiver, how big is the...
Jan10-12 10:54 AM
3 1,082
Hello, Why is it that the critical exponent for a random self-avoiding walk is identical to that of the normal...
Jan10-12 10:12 AM
0 694
Could someone please explain the concept of a constant in simple terms?
Jan10-12 08:36 AM
5 1,019
Hello I've sometime read physics texts that mention tensor densities (or pseudo-tensors). I find they are quite an...
Jan10-12 07:14 AM
9 1,993
Hi, When a nucleus does \beta-decay _Z^A X \rightarrow _{Z+1}^A Y + e^- + \overline{\nu} The daughter nucleus...
Jan10-12 06:06 AM
0 734
I am interested in how PSD (particle size distribution) affects the transmittance of a material and im trying to find...
Jan10-12 04:52 AM
8 2,302
This is technologically impossible, I'm just curious if this is even possible theoretically. AFAIK light travels...
Jan10-12 02:07 AM
6 1,396
How would one model flight of simple parachute in 2D? For example a formula(s) that would effectively allow you to...
Jan9-12 05:57 PM
2 1,502
Someone, please first answer this qn... Is oil denser than water? If yes, pls proceed... When an oil spill...
Jan9-12 05:24 PM
22 23,559
Okay, so hi. I am brand new here at PF and im signed up to ask this because this site appears to have allot of people...
Jan9-12 01:48 PM
1 1,031
Hey all, So i am aware that ionic bonding is the giving/recieving of electrons between atoms to form a compound. My...
Jan9-12 11:20 AM
1 1,030
I know that lightning can, but look at the following example: A Van de Graaff generator can produce lots of volts....
Jan9-12 08:43 AM
25 8,586

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