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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,117
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,594
i calculated osmotic pressure of a solution (nkt/V) and now i need to figure out how high this pressure would raise a...
Oct23-11 08:20 PM
6 1,720
I am interested in hearing your comments about the physics behind Crealev's levitating devices...
Oct23-11 06:02 PM
1 1,774
There is a link to a picture below. It shows two Hydrogen atoms on the same side of an Oxygen atom (both on the lower...
Oct23-11 04:42 PM
8 2,619
is someone tell me what is quadrant system ?
Oct23-11 08:02 AM
1 792
suppose we have a very smooth and hard surface such as mirror, and we stick a blue tack on it. there is no chemical...
Oct23-11 07:58 AM
4 3,833
Can Helmholtz resonator not have a neck? I mean,can the resonance experiment be performed using a long cylindrical...
Oct23-11 05:57 AM
0 1,332
Hello! This is my first post here! So hello to you all!:biggrin: I have a physics project (that I need to write...
Oct23-11 12:06 AM
Ariel Ace AD
3 1,183
When poured from teapot water has a tendency to run underside the spout. I googled it but could only find that it was...
Oct23-11 12:01 AM
14 2,129
in the equation at: what does the v stand for? it is not...
Oct22-11 11:45 PM
2 1,022
I apologize if the breadth of this question requires a response beyond what anyone is willing to contribute. I've...
Oct22-11 11:39 PM
8 1,362
Is there anything such as negative tension?
Oct22-11 09:34 PM
4 984
i have a basic understanding of this topic......i understand this thing when it is explained using a closed...
Oct22-11 05:41 PM
1 590
I have conjectured that two different waves in the same region, will not exactly result in the superposition, or...
Oct22-11 05:01 PM
0 1,061
Friends: I have been wondering how a conductor's tension is affected by birds landing on it and then flying away....
Oct22-11 03:01 PM
6 1,300
As far as I understand, the gauge group for Ashtekar variable theory for General Relativitiy is SU(2), because its...
Oct22-11 02:55 PM
1 1,468
This is not homework. If you descend toward the ground in a helicopter, the density of the air is going to...
Oct22-11 02:29 PM
6 1,061
Is it true that bathtubs in northern hemisphere the water drains out in clockwise rotation and those in southern...
Oct22-11 01:43 PM
10 2,068
is their in electrons and protons that they acquire change? And what is the charge actually?
Oct22-11 12:49 PM
10 2,366
Hi, My EM professor assigned me to make a paper about Electric Generators. But i have no idea how it works....
Oct22-11 10:41 AM
4 1,175
hey guys, i wanna to know why the fringe width in young double slits experiment is λ thx
Oct22-11 09:03 AM
1 953
There's a rather comical attempt being made in Bangkok to push the Chao Praya river out to sea faster using...
Oct22-11 08:22 AM
34 4,393
Hi friends, I need the average speed of sound in some common solids, such as Si, Cu and Al, over temperature ranges...
Oct22-11 08:13 AM
7 2,798
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am a high school student but I am extremely interested in science and I like to...
Oct22-11 06:28 AM
11 1,494
I've been reading an <URL=> article...
Oct22-11 12:36 AM
2 929
(sorry for the typo in the title) I have heard both yes and no when it comes to this. But now it's time to ask you...
Oct21-11 08:21 PM
Himal kharel
11 2,139
Hello, I read in multiple places that Young showed with his double slit experiment that light is not only a wave...
Oct21-11 05:58 PM
0 548
For the motion of a spherical ball under water, can its drag force be calculated by knowing only its mass and...
Oct21-11 03:37 PM
11 4,596
Hi - I have a problem that somewhat mimics an orbital mechanics problem, but I'm struggling with seeing the light. ...
Oct21-11 10:46 AM
1 763
I want to find out the potential difference between two given points with maximum accuracy. Which one should i choose...
Oct21-11 10:15 AM
10 2,728
I have a strong green laser, about 200 mw. I discovered this a long time ago and have wondered why it does this ever...
Oct21-11 08:27 AM
Claude Bile
8 1,767
what happens to the magnetic field during linear polarization and what happens exactly?
Oct21-11 08:25 AM
2 902
I was having trouble understanding a concept in my physics class regarding work. If you have a 1000 lb weight being...
Oct21-11 05:07 AM
6 1,565
hi everyone, i would like to ask some quick questions that i find confusing. first, electromotive force is the energy...
Oct21-11 03:55 AM
33 4,750
Hello everyone! I want to know that is there any simple physics magazines i.e. based on classical mechanics? Like...
Oct21-11 03:35 AM
0 641
I have just a quick question I was wondering about and I was wondering could someone answer it here. Is it true that...
Oct20-11 10:41 PM
Matt Benesi
6 819
Can radio waves penetrate steel? What about titanium? Maybe a characterization of what they can't penetrate would be...
Oct20-11 06:30 PM
1 1,625
So im confused.. how do you calculate the limiting angle of resolution through a 1 mircometer CIRCULAR aperture when...
Oct20-11 06:29 PM
0 888
Hi Physics Forums! Moment of inertia question for you: I have a cuboid, like the first one in this link ...
Oct20-11 06:29 PM
4 1,320 What makes mercury rise in the...
Oct20-11 04:31 PM
4 1,510
Given the following image of 2 conductors, a negatively charged inner ring and positively charged outer ring, taken...
Oct20-11 01:01 PM
5 1,006

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