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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,012
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,548
measure of light intensity using a voltmeter? relationship between voltage and light intensity
Apr2-11 08:40 PM
1 2,856
I'm new to this place so I really didn't know where to post this but here's the deal. My Physics teacher assigned us...
Apr2-11 06:21 PM
3 1,961
It was told many times by my teacher that a disconnected metal plate and an earthed metal plate, forming a capacitor,...
Apr2-11 04:33 PM
7 1,495
The electric flux around a charge is represented by electric lines of force. But it is said that the electric lines of...
Apr2-11 02:16 AM
5 1,742
Okay, these are some of my gravity questions. I found this site by searching for my own answers. Feel free to point...
Apr1-11 11:41 PM
6 1,225
I was wondering if it would be possible to completly shatter a windseild's tampered glass to the point where it is in...
Apr1-11 10:00 PM
1 1,056
If you were to push a wall and it were to not accelerate, would this mean you did not apply force to the wall...
Apr1-11 07:33 PM
2 1,558
hi guys , I d like to ask you some comments and recommendations, I am an undergrad working ,trying to, on a...
Apr1-11 03:54 PM
7 2,215
Okay, I run an Emergency Services and Rescue Unit and was asked a very interesting question regarding our Roof Top...
Apr1-11 03:39 PM
7 1,550
I have to build a chamber (ok, large box) to do some atmospheric pressure tests. The box will be 48 inches square. I...
Apr1-11 01:41 PM
jack action
3 2,951
I have been thinking a lot, and finally came to the conclusion that every phenomenon that i know of can be explained...
Apr1-11 12:00 PM
5 1,470
As the universe is expanding light from further away it goes towards the red end of the spectrum but will there ever...
Apr1-11 11:34 AM
21 2,177
Light of wavelength 680 nm in air enters water making an angle of 40 degrees with the normal. Find the angle of...
Apr1-11 07:18 AM
1 1,445
EDIT: The title of thread is misleading. Instead it should say: "Aquarium cloud chamber - realistic?" Hello, I...
Apr1-11 05:13 AM
0 820
I've looked into refraction and diffraction of light, but there are a few things that I don't understand, if you know...
Apr1-11 03:47 AM
5 2,523
I am new to this forum, so please excuse my ignorance. I was thinking about how everything in the universe is round,...
Apr1-11 12:17 AM
Vanadium 50
7 4,171
if you mixed water with a feromagnetic metal and then ran it through permanent magnets (giving it a charge or allign...
Mar31-11 08:34 PM
4 1,192
if air is pushed inside a soap bubble then why does the pressure decrease ????
Mar31-11 05:50 PM
6 2,265
I saw an example where the work of a heart was found to be 2 watts based on the height of a person and the liters of...
Mar31-11 05:23 PM
3 921
This website is a great idea. (I'm a thread vergin) Not sure if its standard but where I live 'step up' is...
Mar31-11 04:56 PM
Don Kelly
12 4,635
Hey. I am having major trouble understanding why the energy under the V against Q graph formed when a capacitor is...
Mar31-11 04:55 PM
8 3,285
hello everyone,:wink: can someone please help me with the problem in the circuit on the following link:-...
Mar31-11 03:44 PM
9 1,826
Good night, i'm trying to do a model of the maglev at small scale, but i'm having a lot of problems to levitate and...
Mar31-11 03:32 PM
1 945
Hi all, I am currently assigned to improve a power transmission problem. The square insert joining the clutch system...
Mar31-11 02:31 PM
1 857
When you combine general relativity and quantum mechanics theory, does time become quantised? Or are there any...
Mar31-11 02:15 PM
10 1,783
Hello, I am studying game development, I'm in my first year and have to make a 2D game in C++ for a project. I'm sorry...
Mar31-11 01:32 PM
5 928
I'm trying to understand how structures based on conic sections work. For example, when people speak of a parabolic...
Mar31-11 01:16 PM
1 2,563
Neutrons have no charge, and in neutron stars we have matter that is only made of tightly packed neutrons. The mass is...
Mar31-11 12:55 PM
24 6,122
So my physics project is about making a comic that answers a question (for Grade 5 kids) while answering an underlying...
Mar31-11 12:03 PM
Andrew Mason
1 2,504
using excel 2007, can the construction to determine the proof stress of a material not be done manually? if so, how?
Mar31-11 11:15 AM
2 2,820
as we know at zero degree temp. water condense to form ice. so what will be the relative humidity of a chamber at a...
Mar31-11 10:54 AM
3 4,657
what will happen to capillary rise effect if we take capillary to space g=0????
Mar31-11 07:30 AM
Andy Resnick
2 719
does gravity effect viscosity ? is viscosity independent od gravity ?
Mar31-11 05:40 AM
2 1,569
I'm dealing with this problem for an MCAT review: Following beta-emission by a neutral atom at rest, the respective...
Mar31-11 05:34 AM
1 1,067
I have read the parallax method of determining large distances and i do understand it. I agree it is easy to find the...
Mar31-11 02:15 AM
1 1,254
The angle of the cliff, the speed at take off, the resistance of impact( how much powder snow also if its ice), and...
Mar31-11 01:51 AM
3 776
Ok I have had this problem for many years I have still not come to a satisfactory conclusion. I have asked my physics...
Mar31-11 12:07 AM
59 6,362
An electric elevator with a motor at the top has a cable weight 4.5 lb/ft. When the car is at the first floor, 198 ft...
Mar30-11 10:33 PM
1 1,817
If I measure an angle in one reference frame to be 90 degrees, would it be 90 degrees with respect to all other...
Mar30-11 08:44 PM
6 1,288
Ok, try to simplify anything you say a bit, im only fourteen and haven't had much time to be interested in physics, i...
Mar30-11 08:12 PM
3 1,381

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