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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,209
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,185
Hi, I noticed that most modern tanks have barely any slope on their armour, unlike for example the old WW2 tanks like...
Jul24-11 05:18 PM
2 1,891
Why is it that the energy required to pull an electron out of a metal surface(work function) is approximately half of...
Jul24-11 05:08 PM
2 3,087
Sir, Should we make both Motor and Alternator on same shaft? the Motor will run at 12V and it should not consume >2...
Jul24-11 04:56 PM
4 1,535
I'm really puzzled at our perception of fundamental physical reality… I’ve got it right or all wrong? (I am no...
Jul24-11 04:51 PM
35 3,260
The general expression for calculating net potential energy in ion is: PE (r) = A r^m + B r^n where A & B are...
Jul24-11 04:32 PM
1 952
Think about it, say we have dt. dt is an infinitesimal amount of time that elapses with respect to another quantity....
Jul24-11 11:43 AM
Vanadium 50
16 2,645
Using Thermodynamics we can measure a certain quantity that is preserved/transferred during a process and we call it...
Jul24-11 11:06 AM
8 2,750
Hello everyone, I got a question that has been bugging me for quite a while and i cant seem to find the answer for...
Jul24-11 04:07 AM
13 2,452
I had a friend share an idea with me, and i said it was wrong, but he wouldn't believe me, mostly because i'm a layman...
Jul24-11 03:58 AM
2 1,283
I have a furnace that is 18"w x18" h x 24" deep. My customer has given me a specific time-temperature curve to hold...
Jul24-11 01:00 AM
1 1,720
new guy here with a simple magnetic theory question. if i were to coil 10 turns of insulated wire around an 1/8"...
Jul23-11 11:36 PM
9 2,150
Hi, How to determine a threshold aperture, at which the diffraction begins to limit resolution of the sensor ? Which...
Jul23-11 09:19 PM
Andy Resnick
5 6,347
Ok so this is a problem that's been bothering me ever since the first few days of learning kinematics. We've been...
Jul23-11 07:21 PM
5 2,685
When an accelerated charged particle is shot into an electromagnetic field such that the accelerated particle comes to...
Jul23-11 04:41 PM
9 1,790
I have always thought of gravity as being a phenomenon related to matter. I have always envisioned it as a...
Jul23-11 04:06 PM
5 1,228
I have a bad habit of hearing a very basic discussion of something and then acting on that discussion without further...
Jul23-11 01:32 PM
Vanadium 50
8 4,535
Is there any way to economically produce positrons using particle accelerators or any other method?
Jul23-11 01:03 PM
Vanadium 50
18 3,015
This is something I've been curious about for a while -- every once in a while, I'll see some random reference to it...
Jul23-11 12:29 PM
41 4,785
I have received conflicting information from the internet regaurding cell phone/mobile phone communication. Some...
Jul23-11 10:30 AM
1 4,801
Hey guys. A friend and I are planning on making a scuba diver tow device for his trip to the florida keys. We could...
Jul23-11 10:19 AM
10 2,520
Hello, it is said that physicists sometimes need to multiply two generalized functions (square Dirac delta, for...
Jul23-11 06:49 AM
2 960
Reading a website and I noticed that the author claimed that air pressure is essentially equal to the weight of the...
Jul22-11 11:07 PM
78 7,496
Does the equation of state of a gas of interacting particles depend on the shape of the container they are in? For...
Jul22-11 10:23 PM
4 990
Hi all Please watch this episode of the pink panther, 1:40 - 2:00. Can a similar thing be done in practice to...
Jul22-11 10:08 PM
8 1,987
I'm looking for a demo on video that illustrates some elementary point about Maxwell and stat mechanics. I have a...
Jul22-11 07:14 PM
0 1,049
I'm trying to wrap my head around shock waves produced by bullets and their properties. In particular I'm...
Jul22-11 06:12 PM
2 1,501
I have to do an essay for a composition class where we explain something "I don't quite know everything about but feel...
Jul22-11 04:27 PM
9 1,594
what is charge? i know that it is of two types positive and negative, i need the physical interpretation and it...
Jul22-11 02:36 PM
Vanadium 50
14 1,449
Hi, Someone told me that a potential of 10^6 volts is not stable because it would cause spontaneous...
Jul22-11 12:39 PM
7 1,404
Hi Last day we were arguing with my colleagues what will happen with a fly flying in a car when the car suddenly...
Jul22-11 11:54 AM
14 1,601
With current technology, could humans move Phobos to join with Deimos to create a single Mars moon? Move moon as a...
Jul22-11 04:44 AM
53 5,745
Hi Everyone I have a query, We have some low voltage (24v) led light strings that run off a 24v transformer (down...
Jul22-11 04:11 AM
7 2,776
Hi I'm a programmer and while my maths is OK, my understanding of physics is not the best so apologies in advance...
Jul22-11 02:45 AM
5 1,929
I want to get my head around this.... Why is that in nuclear fusion, the formed nucleus is more stable because its...
Jul21-11 10:42 PM
6 2,032
The resistance per unit length of a conducting wire is proportional to the square root of the ratio of permeability...
Jul21-11 08:15 PM
8 2,513
I've always thought that the following was true but posts in another thread lead me to believe I might have a...
Jul21-11 06:16 PM
4 1,201
So I'm planning to start a project using the Doppler shift to calculate the velocity of a moving object. The...
Jul21-11 06:05 PM
4 3,733
We know g is inversely propotional to d2 but at the center d will be zero and we know that g= MG\d2 and if d2 at...
Jul21-11 04:49 PM
8 1,324
what is the affect of amplitude variation on coherence time? why do they have a short coherence time? as far as i...
Jul21-11 04:15 PM
khurram usman
0 1,153
I need to calculate the force of a punch for a test I'm running. I have the numbers, but it seems that I have to...
Jul21-11 11:59 AM
3 6,588

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