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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,379
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,679
We are studying RC circuits in my physics class and I'm just curious as to what they are even for? My instructor...
Apr6-11 05:46 PM
11 10,612
Hi, I need to power my HTC Desire cell phone for 4-5 hours on high load (running GPS navigation software on max...
Apr6-11 05:03 PM
16 1,810
Back when I was a youngling, I was down in Delhi, tobacco picking. Our shower consisted of a 50 gallon drum with a...
Apr6-11 04:27 PM
2 853
Capillarity is a phenomenon that only happens in the water? ...
Apr6-11 04:24 PM
2 1,843
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this thread, so if there's a better place I'm all ears. As I...
Apr6-11 03:41 PM
I like Serena
21 3,610
i had this thought a while ago and would like to have an answer i don't know whether or not this exists already so...
Apr6-11 01:35 PM
22 4,509
I read that the higher the temperature of a substance (for example gas) the higher the quality to extract work from...
Apr6-11 01:15 PM
8 3,669
Hi, the wikipedia article on fermium states that it is the last element that can be synthesized by neutron bombardment...
Apr6-11 12:56 PM
4 1,300
Does anyone know a good resource that describes the physics of fire (not the album)? I understand the chemistry of...
Apr6-11 09:30 AM
2 5,232
Hi, How can I calculate the longitudinal and lateral displacement from the longitude and latitude in degrees from a...
Apr6-11 03:23 AM
4 2,244
Hi I wonder if anyone could help me with this. I'm studying a crystal whose luminescence is excitonic in nature....
Apr6-11 01:08 AM
1 1,111
Dear Friends, I have a problem that has been driving me nuts for months now, and I am hoping you guys can help. I...
Apr5-11 11:30 PM
15 3,493
If I have 2 objects with equivalent mass. Is there anyway I can make one of them have a stronger pull by changing the...
Apr5-11 09:58 PM
Space Drifter
29 11,408
I am interested in understanding and being able to calulate the rate of evaporation and the volume lose over time of...
Apr5-11 01:53 PM
2 3,111
Ok so I am asking two things here. One is, if entropy supposedly always increases, how does that fit with the big...
Apr5-11 12:34 PM
Lord Crc
7 1,542
Quick question: If I have an acceleration of the car in the longitudinal direction (for example 6 m/s), how can I...
Apr5-11 09:32 AM
1 1,251
Is it possible to pulse white light from a source and see colors .
Apr5-11 08:29 AM
3 1,101
Hello! I want to know, how do we get (i mean how do we calculate) energy specters if we send random sound waves to...
Apr5-11 08:22 AM
1 644
In physics, is there any field (field like electric field, magnetic field, etc.) that is not related to the 4...
Apr5-11 07:41 AM
2 1,460
Hi I am trying to find information about the polarization state of a photon after it has been compton scattered. ...
Apr5-11 07:09 AM
Martin Sjolin
2 2,232
Please correct me if I'm wrong in any sense. And please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. I guess...
Apr4-11 10:17 PM
6 1,262
You would not lock threads where i tried my best to put my point of view. I,m not a crack pot OK lets argue about...
Apr4-11 05:56 PM
4 1,128
Hi , I am making a shooting rest for my high power rifle and I would like to have a damper take most of the recoil...
Apr4-11 05:22 PM
1 1,288
Hello there, i have a problem with calculating the moment of inertia for the object on the picture. There are two...
Apr4-11 04:37 PM
10 1,953
never mind....
Apr4-11 04:22 PM
0 742
Maxwell says that electromagnetic energy travelling through space has a electric and magnetic component at right...
Apr4-11 04:01 PM
10 1,411
This is probably a dumb question but, when calculating E = mct, if mass is in g, then c should be in J/gC right? ...
Apr4-11 03:58 PM
Andrew Mason
1 7,635 I'm no nuclear physicist or anything but with all the...
Apr4-11 03:40 PM
17 14,098
Hi. I am a big horse racing fan, and while I am OK with maths, I don't have the knowledge in physics to explain the...
Apr4-11 03:25 PM
16 4,067
I want to know the comparison between a body in motion with constant velocity and accelerated motion? Like a body...
Apr4-11 02:07 PM
Doc Al
3 2,306
I am doing a research project into the Clifton Suspension Bridge and have been trying to find calculations for the...
Apr4-11 01:29 PM
0 1,960
] In general relativity, the lowest non-vanishing multiple of gravitational radiation is generically the...
Apr4-11 11:39 AM
3 3,222
When I dive below 10 15ft while snorkeling one tooth begins hurting with an intense pain. My dentist says it is an...
Apr4-11 10:44 AM
16 2,319
Say for instance a + charged particle is moving right along the x-axis. Then it will encounter a magnetic field with...
Apr4-11 10:43 AM
4 1,056
Hi All, I have a question concerning a rolling ball on a metal track. Basically I am designing a rolling ball...
Apr4-11 10:39 AM
8 7,407
Dear Experts, I was looking at Venturi effect and a question popped into my mind. When I use a water hose and...
Apr4-11 10:15 AM
1 1,879
I have two simple questions: 1) What is the scientific term for "a body that cannot affect another body"?...
Apr4-11 05:57 AM
4 1,127
Greetings, I have seen science fiction movies where a Geiger counter is used to tell if someone has radiation...
Apr4-11 02:28 AM
5 2,728
Listed below are just a things I cannot figure out involving rotational motion (one involves a situation). -Why...
Apr3-11 09:27 PM
1 2,009
Hi everyone. I'm very interested in how order and structures arises in the universe, but I don't get how...
Apr3-11 08:08 PM
Andrew Mason
7 3,891

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