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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 185,409
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,239
hi, i have question here i want to know the complete final equation through proper derivation and answers. can any one...
Jun14-11 11:56 AM
1 655
I'm trying to find an analytical solution (probably containing a convolution integral) to a 2D diffusion problem in...
Jun14-11 11:23 AM
1 943
Hi! My question is how I can calculate the energy density in a sphere which is embedded in a larger sphere. The...
Jun14-11 11:13 AM
0 538
We use oscillating electrons to communicate through space due to its charge. Can't we use protons to do the same...
Jun14-11 10:48 AM
14 1,758
Hello, What is Teflon's Magnetic Permeability? It is very close to Chloroform's Magnetic Permeability. It is...
Jun14-11 10:08 AM
0 3,013
I understand the difference between AC and DC, and i also understand how an AC transformer works... but I guess not...
Jun14-11 09:56 AM
3 1,419
One form of bernoullis equation (fluid flow) incompressible is the change in pressure plus = 0 when the height...
Jun14-11 09:56 AM
Ken G
21 3,383
is the gravitation source of energy? And yes then can we use this energy with any device?
Jun14-11 08:33 AM
3 670
Organisms radiation EM energy. I am aware of the brain and nervous system as a source (because of electrical...
Jun14-11 06:40 AM
6 690
Hey guys There are those vectors made of Pauli matrices like \bar{\sigma}^\mu and {\sigma}^\mu. So if I have the...
Jun14-11 05:53 AM
1 1,116
Hello. I am writing a 3D physics engine for use in a game engine I'm creating with some friends. This is the first...
Jun14-11 01:54 AM
0 768
Hi, I'm new to particle physics, and recently became a little bit interested in antimatter. einstein said that energy...
Jun13-11 11:46 PM
8 1,543
just a question on our test today. what's the right answer? a) the mass to charge ratio of an electron is very...
Jun13-11 10:31 PM
Andrew Mason
1 1,842
there is a block on a slope (that is compressing a spring) and it is released and fired up the slope towards an...
Jun13-11 08:58 PM
1 1,742
Hello, this is my first time on the forums. I have a conceptual question. I have two round disc magnets. Each are...
Jun13-11 07:32 PM
0 819
Hi, I am a mature student coming back to uni in my late twenties. I currently study computer science and am about to...
Jun13-11 06:31 PM
3 3,378
how can i apply fresnel transformation on images using MATLAB.. i am new to matlab, so i am not sure if any in built...
Jun13-11 04:46 PM
0 1,066
Hi! I started to look into freq response analysis of a cantilever beam using COMSOL. Luckily COMSOL already has an...
Jun13-11 11:56 AM
1 2,888
I am trying to find an easy (and hopefully cheap) way to heat a sample while I scan the surface with an AFM...
Jun13-11 10:49 AM
0 833
Hey all. Just a quick question. Would high speed positive ions in a vacuum create a magnetic field that would attract...
Jun13-11 06:50 AM
22 2,840
I have a question, I used pulsed Nd:YAG laser to weld a steel part but I didn’t measure the pulse energy during the...
Jun13-11 06:17 AM
5 4,096
Suppose 2 cars are on a highway going toward each other, each at half the speed of light. Can the driver of one car...
Jun13-11 03:28 AM
12 1,463
We all know about particles colliding and producing various other particles plus energy i.e. EM radiation, but is the...
Jun12-11 06:58 PM
4 1,132
By definition, superconductors are conductors with zero resistance at low temperatures. Do superconductors exist...
Jun12-11 01:55 PM
3 1,217
How would you in few words explain 'force'? Could you say: A force is the acceleration of mass.
Jun12-11 01:10 PM
1 1,937
Let's say we have a 1 square meter solar panel on Earth's surface. The sun is shining brightly and it's the middle of...
Jun12-11 10:17 AM
17 3,661
I was recently reading pop sci and it revealed the following stats For one full ct scan 1,300: Radiation dose...
Jun12-11 06:02 AM
69 15,561
Hi, a newb-question here. How does it work? Let's say an active sonar from a ship sends out a sound-wave at the...
Jun12-11 05:50 AM
13 2,359
Dear moderator, I would like to submit to the Independent Research forum my book "Relativistic Quantum Dynamics",...
Jun12-11 01:42 AM
242 30,683
Jun11-11 05:46 PM
4 2,236
Say we have an electromagnetic wave propagating inside a dielectric material. Of course physically this material will...
Jun11-11 05:23 PM
8 1,553
Hi everyone(: I was reading the other day and I read that the photons don't have the mass. If a light is a flow of...
Jun11-11 02:41 PM
3 1,890
I am having difficulty explaining this question to my student. ...
Jun11-11 01:47 PM
6 767
Some people use Q factor as a measure of the quality of a distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) which does'nt make much...
Jun11-11 01:39 PM
2 1,836
Do the "dimples" on golf ball really make any difference? If so, why isn't a baseball, hockey puck, or other high...
Jun11-11 11:28 AM
18 4,512
Newton's second law states F = d(mv)/dt as this law is valid only for constant mass systems it is also written as F =...
Jun11-11 10:01 AM
8 3,350
When one cools down the temperature of a superconducting material below its critical temperature, a surface current is...
Jun11-11 09:00 AM
4 1,302
Hi, Does anyone know what ablimation is? Is it the same as sublimation? Regards
Jun11-11 07:07 AM
2 2,828
Hello Suppose we have to compare a set of forces calculated with an analytical model to a set of measured forces. ...
Jun11-11 07:01 AM
3 960
I found two different versions of equations to find natural frequency of a cantilever beam. I am not sure which one is...
Jun11-11 05:16 AM
4 27,463

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