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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 177,797
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 67,894
Subject: The shadow of light: further experimental evidences DOI: 10.1142/S0217979206033085 I am more interested...
Jun8-11 06:34 PM
1 999
Sorry if this is in the wrong thread (my first time posting), I know that light is affected by gravity...
Jun8-11 04:51 PM
5 2,674
And why does it increase as you travel faster and faster?
Jun8-11 03:20 PM
17 1,421
I am needing a project to withstand the impact of a 15lb wood 2x4 traveling at 67mph in a horizontal fashion. I want...
Jun8-11 01:56 PM
9 1,730
I posted earlier about testing a project to simulate a wood 2x4 traveling at 67 mph, I did not really get the answers...
Jun8-11 11:35 AM
3 1,223
it might sound a bit hilarious.. some where i read about image processing where on the original image some operations...
Jun8-11 10:43 AM
6 1,738
Hi Guys :) Im no scientist or such, just a normal person pondering about stuff so go easy on me. I lernt that if...
Jun8-11 09:36 AM
3 1,294
If light is an electromagnetic wave then y does it not travel any opaque object becoz all electromagnetic waves like...
Jun8-11 09:12 AM
4 697
Hello Everybody, I am going to build an optical lab. to characterize semiconductors which have a luminescence over...
Jun8-11 08:37 AM
2 1,415
I don't see how we can say the speed of light is X value. Here's why: Imagine you are driving 50mph then a cop...
Jun8-11 07:37 AM
29 3,412
For a project, I'm trying to describe the interaction energy between two particles suspended in water which contains...
Jun8-11 07:36 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,674
In plane-wind problems where you are given the velocity of the boat and the velocity of the wind, my textbook gave the...
Jun8-11 01:20 AM
5 943
During the creation of the universe, aka the big bang, it is recognised that matter was in a greater supply then...
Jun7-11 08:57 PM
15 1,665
When physicists talk about 4+ dimensional space are these real spatial/temporal/something dimensions or just...
Jun7-11 07:19 PM
2 1,492
Hi, the discussions in this forum have always been a great help to me as it seems there's always someone who's...
Jun7-11 04:15 PM
2 1,939
Does anyone know where I can purchase a temperature sensor that can operate at 200K? Thermistors and thermocouples...
Jun7-11 03:12 PM
2 1,610
Hello New to the forum and have a fairly simple problem. I am looking for help in building an equation for...
Jun7-11 12:20 PM
Mark Selvey
11 1,935
Hi, i just completed my paper looking the posibility that neutrinos feel an additional force added to the standard...
Jun7-11 11:46 AM
6 8,221
Let's say we have 2 objects. "A" is 100 meters above the ground. "B" is one meter above the ground. Release object A....
Jun7-11 10:47 AM
9 1,662
Hello everyone, I have a practical problem I am looking to solve. In my tiny 300 sq ft apartment in NYC I have 3...
Jun7-11 09:03 AM
9 2,303
I searched "sieverts" here and with google, but I didn't find what I wanted. So, in theese days after Fukushima we...
Jun7-11 04:04 AM
7 1,723
Do electrons continuously flow from north to south pole in magnets. If yes, does this continue to happen when the...
Jun6-11 11:00 PM
7 5,492
Hello all, i'm in the process of designing my own electromagnets, and would like to know the benefits(if any) of using...
Jun6-11 07:08 PM
19 2,257
Hi! I'm a new face here and have an easy question. I know how to calculate induced current when magnet moves...
Jun6-11 07:04 PM
6 2,797
Hi, Would I be correct in saying that we do not use AC current in electronics because in the circuits, the presence...
Jun6-11 07:01 PM
54 8,769
How do you calculate the pressure exerted by water if you know the speed?
Jun6-11 06:08 PM
7 2,041
Two questions 1) Say you had a small boat with no motor or paddles; no propulsive device save the one I'm about to...
Jun6-11 05:51 PM
2 1,009
If a particle moves inside a loop then when is it's acceleration at a maximum? ie in a loop the loop
Jun6-11 05:51 PM
2 953
Ok so anti-matter and matter when combined give energy as the masses with opposite charges annihilate each other,...
Jun6-11 05:09 PM
57 3,434
Please someone, answer this question for me...Do atoms exist in perpetual motion? I have heard we have never...
Jun6-11 04:39 PM
Doc Al
1 866
I was watching Stephen Hawking Into the universe and he was talking about time travel. So I got to thinking if time...
Jun6-11 08:54 AM
12 1,264
what is the difference between permeability and dielectric constant? advanced thanks.
Jun6-11 06:24 AM
1 1,380
To calculate the force of wind I use the following simple method: Speed in mph^2 x .0027 = psf. Anyone know of a...
Jun6-11 06:23 AM
1 1,308
I was wondering how'd you find out the highest safe approach speed when going through an intersection. P.S. Could...
Jun6-11 04:27 AM
2 1,238
I've got a sinking feeling that the answer to this question is blatantly obvious, but here goes: If a wave of...
Jun6-11 02:01 AM
4 1,172
other components? Hello, Lets say I have a glass of water with sugar or salt. Is it possible to somehow turn...
Jun5-11 11:07 PM
12 4,776
Recently I heard someone make the assertion that the visible spectrum only makes up approximately 2% of the entire EM...
Jun5-11 10:59 PM
18 5,792
Hi guys I was going through some papers where Kramers Kronigs relations are used and I noticed that they are used to...
Jun5-11 08:59 PM
Andy Resnick
7 1,729
Hmm, not sure if this is the right place to be asking this. I am wanting to understand what effects electromagnetic...
Jun5-11 07:57 PM
2 763
Hi, folks. First, I'd like to say that although I plan to major in physics next semester, I know very little of it...
Jun5-11 07:17 PM
28 2,547

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