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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug27-14 12:03 PM PhysicsStudnt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,676
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,565
Suppose we have two insulated uncharged metal spheres,say X and Y, in contact with each other.A negatively charged...
Feb27-14 04:14 PM
7 645
When we talk about the permeability of free space, are we talking about something with physical meaning on its own? Or...
Feb27-14 01:12 PM
20 875
How do you place/define north and south in the magnetic field around a wire with a current running through it?
Feb27-14 09:32 AM
3 493
When earth pulls a mass with gravitational force why does the energy of the earth-mass system decrease? Isn't work...
Feb27-14 08:12 AM
6 518
Using a heat source to increase the temperature of an agricultural commodity like corn, could a thermal camera detect...
Feb27-14 02:29 AM
1 468
I cannot for the life of me remember what to do with the diode: It is a DC Current hooked up to one resistor in...
Feb26-14 08:35 PM
1 368
Did a practice test but I would like to understand these two questions a bit more. I know the answers to both but that...
Feb26-14 08:18 PM
Simon Bridge
4 390
A long straight metal rod has a radius of 5 cm and a charge per unit length of 30 nC/m. Find the electric field x cm...
Feb26-14 06:59 PM
2 498
suppose that you have to wires connected in parallel, one double the length of the other now that means that the...
Feb26-14 06:46 PM
15 687
Hi guys Is there any thing such as Negative Pressure, or is there only total vacuum 0 and nothing below that ?
Feb26-14 05:39 PM
20 821
Greetings- As will become abundantly clear from this post, I know very little about optics, so any and all help...
Feb26-14 02:42 PM
4 406
I know what damping is but I have no idea what resonance is? Please explain it in simple words.
Feb26-14 12:45 PM
5 430
If F=ma, why does a bullet that's going a constant velocity, have enough force to penetrate an object?
Feb26-14 11:52 AM
8 511
In thermodynamics what is meant by "the number of individual states that belongs to one energy level"?My current...
Feb26-14 04:41 AM
2 329
When we say the frequency of electromagnetic radiation, how can we conceptualize this property's manifestation in...
Feb25-14 10:27 PM
3 417
Good day ! I am trying to read a temperature on a heated cylindrical metal (steel) bar (about 15 mm in diameter)...
Feb25-14 10:14 PM
Simon Bridge
4 416
If a positive charge is pushed towards another positive charge then the potential energy of the system increases. ...
Feb25-14 10:07 PM
4 284
Suppose you have a system of charges on the xy plane. Am i correct in saying that the place where you have zero...
Feb25-14 05:44 PM
2 306
I am confused about when you can use the formula ##\dfrac{q_{enc}}{\epsilon_0} = \Phi## for flux. Is it only when you...
Feb25-14 04:19 PM
1 241
Just thinking about gravity. How is the gravity effected by the surroundings of a location? Suppose we have a...
Feb25-14 10:29 AM
4 411
If i move a magnet back and forth in free space, will it radiate? If it does not then why?
Feb25-14 07:59 AM
16 658
Hello, I am looking for a physics/engineering project that is doable over a couple of weeks and has a bit of wow...
Feb25-14 07:23 AM
4 395
In K&K's Intro to Mechanics, they kick off the topic of rotation by trying to turn rotations into vector quantities in...
Feb25-14 01:22 AM
19 995
When doing problems such as finding the electric field of an object, my book often makes substations like: ## dq =...
Feb24-14 09:00 PM
6 344
Hello. 2 questions: 1. If a diffraction grating is smaller, approaching infinitely smaller, than the wavelength of...
Feb24-14 08:15 PM
Simon Bridge
2 360
In my textbook there are two types of electric flux problems: 1. Find the electric flux through the parabolodial...
Feb24-14 07:27 PM
6 425
Special rubber tires are made slightly conducting, in aircrafts, to enable them to pass on charge (produced by...
Feb24-14 06:54 PM
1 316
A bird perches on a bare high power line and nothing happens to it. A man standing on the ground touches the same line...
Feb24-14 06:48 PM
2 329
so i understand that if there's a piece of metal between 2 repulsing magnets, the magnets attract to the metal as...
Feb24-14 06:36 PM
1 296
A comb run through dry hair attracts bits of paper. What happens if your hair is wet or it is a rainy day? I guessed...
Feb24-14 04:21 PM
1 368
Hi! I would like to know two things: 1. Is it possible to use radiometric dating on samples of rocks collected...
Feb24-14 03:41 PM
3 337
Hey guys im planing on buying this single acting spring loaded cylinder with specs BORE, 1 1/2" STROKE, 5"...
Feb24-14 02:58 PM
3 349
I was just thinking about how cool it could be to time travel, but I don't know if it's technically possible. The only...
Feb24-14 01:09 PM
6 498
Can we say that positive potential energy means energy is given out by the system when it is brought to the present...
Feb24-14 01:00 PM
2 208
Is light wave always linearly polarized?????
Feb24-14 09:57 AM
2 300
Hi folks, I'm new here and I am looking for some help with calculations for a horse racing article that I am...
Feb24-14 09:30 AM
Stephen Tashi
3 404
I was in my physics of the human body class and we got on the topic of pistons. It was given to me that the dampening...
Feb24-14 02:20 AM
1 307
For some reason I'm having a difficult time understanding the reason why air 'feels' cold when you tighten your lips...
Feb24-14 12:53 AM
4 360
An electromagnet pulls a ferromagnet from a distance(r), now there is a change in flux. The total magnetic field in...
Feb24-14 12:39 AM
0 276
Hello, Do living beings use food to decrease the entropy of his body? If so, could anyone explain the process of...
Feb23-14 11:30 PM
4 382

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