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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 159,829
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,487
Hi all, Lets suppose we have a sphere. This sphere has density of \rho(r) from 0 to the sphere's final radius R. ...
Oct18-13 11:51 PM
2 445
Hi there, I am trying to understand the physics acting on a discus thrower, namely at their feet when they throw a...
Oct18-13 08:22 PM
5 460
I know that this question may sound silly , but I really can't get the difference between intensity and density in...
Oct18-13 05:18 PM
7 504
I am sure this is a set of naieve question first of all. However i'd appreciate someone taking the time to enlighten...
Oct18-13 04:38 PM
James MEng
10 564
Hi, Energy is expressed in J or eV, but E= hf As planck constant h is J.s is it possible to express the energy of...
Oct18-13 09:04 AM
68 1,970
Why do we use the coordinates of r in terms of x,y,z?Why dont we express coordinates of A in x,y,z?
Oct18-13 07:50 AM
7 450
Hi, what is the lowest visible frequency? can anyone see light with f less than 4*1014 Hz?
Oct18-13 07:09 AM
Simon Bridge
7 406
Do magnetic field is produced in all the following 3 cases? Case 1: An isolated electron moving linearly with...
Oct18-13 06:44 AM
30 3,023
Hi, I did read an article (Norwegian one) about heat pumps. Several owners claims that the annual costs for...
Oct18-13 03:58 AM
24 773
For those unaware, geometric algebra is a mathematical language that generalizes and simplifies a lot of the tools...
Oct17-13 11:29 PM
0 574
Hello everyone, My issue is regard a conversion from lumens to ~photons or energy at varying wavelengths. I am...
Oct17-13 11:07 PM
2 476
Hello All, I work in the refrigeration industry, and I'm trying to put a hard number on a hypothetical situation....
Oct17-13 09:31 PM
1 456
In physic,is true that energy of an object is the same.So we undestand that Kinetic(max)=Dynamic(max). Why is that...
Oct17-13 04:43 PM
1 435
In the cathode ray production experiment, at about .01 mm of Hg, cathode rays travel from cathode and move towards...
Oct17-13 02:40 PM
3 673
The visible spectrum of light from hydrogen displays four wavelengths, 410 nm, 434 nm, 486 nm, and 656 nm normally. ...
Oct17-13 02:08 PM
1 298
Hi, I have two questions related to angular velocity: 1. According to rotational damper, Torque = Viscous...
Oct17-13 01:59 PM
4 539
I understand the Fourier transform conceptually, but I am unable to reproduce it mathematically; I am very familiar...
Oct17-13 12:40 PM
4 435
is the wavelength equal to the distance between the excited state shell and the rest state shell?
Oct17-13 09:59 AM
3 255
Is momentum really conserved in a perfectly inelastic collision? By definition there is no conservation of kinetic...
Oct17-13 09:15 AM
27 1,086
Why the current entering and leaving the battery in an elctirc circuit needs to be same??plz provide a mathematical...
Oct17-13 08:31 AM
4 494
please remove this thread
Oct17-13 07:37 AM
0 339
OK so I've always wanted to learn about how the mains power works in conjunction with things that you plug in ie....
Oct17-13 06:03 AM
24 985
Well, what do you think? And why do you think what you think?
Oct17-13 03:28 AM
7 1,198
please note in the process proving bernoulli we use the CONTINUITY equation.Consider a situation wherein a pitot tube...
Oct17-13 02:35 AM
7 391
Equation of standing waves→ y=Asinkxcosωt What do i get if i differentiate the above equation with respect to "x" ?...
Oct17-13 02:17 AM
5 403
I have a project I'm tinkering with that involves a "gyroscope" that I want to rotate back and forth using a spring....
Oct16-13 02:02 PM
1 331
Why the light emitted in spontaneous emission is poly chromatic whereas the light in stimulated emissions is...
Oct16-13 07:30 AM
2 312
Hi, We're using a lock-in amplifier to oscillate an AFM-style cantilever (across a frequency sweep) and measure the...
Oct16-13 06:48 AM
1 310
Now although this is silly and quite crude (You have been warned), it is a legitimate physics question. I was sitting...
Oct16-13 03:23 AM
Simon Bridge
3 404
Hi all, I recently read the wiki article on Plasma wakefield acceleration and it states that plasma is "The most...
Oct15-13 05:12 PM
5 357 in the figure, what does Ss for the sagittal plane means? the...
Oct15-13 12:49 PM
Andy Resnick
4 458
Hi, can I know what are the ways to show that the ground state particles of a Bose Gas possess 0 entropy?
Oct15-13 11:47 AM
1 312
I learn that inertia means the tendency an object will remain from changes. Heavier object has higher inertia, which...
Oct15-13 11:22 AM
6 504
Hi, In classical induction machine analysis, the induced voltage (or curl of the electric field) is equal to the...
Oct15-13 11:16 AM
2 545
EDIT: I don't see this as a coursework question, even though I use a textbook example to set up my question. I feel...
Oct15-13 10:16 AM
6 799
I already know that the right hand rule could just as well be the left hand for the rotational motion vectors like...
Oct15-13 09:39 AM
10 664
Just need someone to tell me if I'm doing this right. If I have accelerated a particle in which the mean free path...
Oct15-13 08:46 AM
1 382
Can somebody explain to me what is the difference between double slit diffraction and double slit interference?, to me...
Oct15-13 08:45 AM
2 388
Dear PH, Recently I have been trying to determine if a surface is iridescence or not. The most quantitative method...
Oct15-13 08:42 AM
9 477
Sorry for the wording of the topic- I couldn't figure out how to make it fit. If I passed a hypothetical square...
Oct14-13 11:22 PM
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