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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,907
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,655
Hello, members of physics forums. This is my first post and question. As such, it will be quite basic. In an electric...
Mar2-14 03:58 PM
Meir Achuz
2 387
Is there any particle in physics that has a constant weight regardless of the environment it is in, with respect to...
Mar2-14 01:23 PM
48 1,752
For when there is a negative test charge: The work done to get from infinity to r would be negative, corresponding...
Mar2-14 12:02 PM
2 376
According to my book, if we connect a high resistance in series to the secondary cell (whose emf is to be balanced) ,...
Mar2-14 11:51 AM
2 388
Hello, my book explains detailed the proofs of these three formulas: y = Asin(ωt + φo) v = ωAcos(ωt + φo) a =...
Mar2-14 10:48 AM
3 382
Hello, Myself, along with some colleagues are planning, designing, and going to be constructing a particle...
Mar2-14 06:38 AM
4 349
Is anyone aware of physical or mathematical reasons why "analog" memory is not possible? That is, a system that takes...
Mar1-14 06:07 PM
14 619
I read about an example in which you had two metal plates, and in between them one third of the distance from the top...
Mar1-14 05:55 PM
6 362
do negative charges in electric fields of positive charges have negative electrostatic potential energy? am I write in...
Mar1-14 05:48 PM
1 260
What exactly are the rules for conserving the currents in a circuit? If we have multiple emfs in parallel with each...
Mar1-14 02:58 PM
9 481
Will you please explain where actually the force due to friction acts while a man is walking forward. I am really...
Mar1-14 02:33 PM
13 571
If I push a book horizontally across a table I do work. But is energy conserved?
Mar1-14 02:05 PM
5 389
Quote from 'The Physics of Vibrations and Waves by H.J.Pain': "However when we solve the equation of motion we shall...
Mar1-14 07:56 AM
4 384
Does light intensity and brightness depend on amplitude?
Mar1-14 05:31 AM
Qais M.
5 520
Ohm's law only applies to linear circuits. If most loads in life are non-linear, what use is ohm's law?
Feb28-14 10:06 PM
4 363
Hey everyone I have a question that I'm wondering if it can be answered, I'm not into physics and don't know how to...
Feb28-14 09:50 PM
2 403
If we have a resistor and inductor in parallel, how does the resistor maintain a potential difference equal to our...
Feb28-14 05:29 PM
24 966
according to my understanding of a resistor , all it does is limit the number of charges flowing according to the...
Feb28-14 03:32 PM
14 868
Of the 80 elements with at least one stable isotope, 26 have only one single stable isotope. The mean number of stable...
Feb28-14 07:00 AM
4 407
According to the uncertainty principle Δp*Δx≥h/2pi, now suppose we measure a particle in a very tiny area(if x is...
Feb28-14 05:48 AM
2 438
" The potential energy U is equal to the work you must do against that force to move an object from the U=0 reference...
Feb28-14 04:23 AM
7 461
I understand the "north" is where to field is "coming out of" and south is where it returns, and i can see how two...
Feb27-14 08:07 PM
2 448
I don't understand what this means??? Including artificially produced nuclides, more than 3300 nuclides are...
Feb27-14 04:46 PM
Simon Bridge
11 507
Suppose we have two insulated uncharged metal spheres,say X and Y, in contact with each other.A negatively charged...
Feb27-14 04:14 PM
7 648
When we talk about the permeability of free space, are we talking about something with physical meaning on its own? Or...
Feb27-14 01:12 PM
20 880
How do you place/define north and south in the magnetic field around a wire with a current running through it?
Feb27-14 09:32 AM
3 495
When earth pulls a mass with gravitational force why does the energy of the earth-mass system decrease? Isn't work...
Feb27-14 08:12 AM
6 519
Using a heat source to increase the temperature of an agricultural commodity like corn, could a thermal camera detect...
Feb27-14 02:29 AM
1 469
I cannot for the life of me remember what to do with the diode: It is a DC Current hooked up to one resistor in...
Feb26-14 08:35 PM
1 369
Did a practice test but I would like to understand these two questions a bit more. I know the answers to both but that...
Feb26-14 08:18 PM
Simon Bridge
4 392
A long straight metal rod has a radius of 5 cm and a charge per unit length of 30 nC/m. Find the electric field x cm...
Feb26-14 06:59 PM
2 498
suppose that you have to wires connected in parallel, one double the length of the other now that means that the...
Feb26-14 06:46 PM
15 691
Hi guys Is there any thing such as Negative Pressure, or is there only total vacuum 0 and nothing below that ?
Feb26-14 05:39 PM
20 836
Greetings- As will become abundantly clear from this post, I know very little about optics, so any and all help...
Feb26-14 02:42 PM
4 406
I know what damping is but I have no idea what resonance is? Please explain it in simple words.
Feb26-14 12:45 PM
5 432
If F=ma, why does a bullet that's going a constant velocity, have enough force to penetrate an object?
Feb26-14 11:52 AM
8 515
In thermodynamics what is meant by "the number of individual states that belongs to one energy level"?My current...
Feb26-14 04:41 AM
2 331
When we say the frequency of electromagnetic radiation, how can we conceptualize this property's manifestation in...
Feb25-14 10:27 PM
3 421
Good day ! I am trying to read a temperature on a heated cylindrical metal (steel) bar (about 15 mm in diameter)...
Feb25-14 10:14 PM
Simon Bridge
4 421
If a positive charge is pushed towards another positive charge then the potential energy of the system increases. ...
Feb25-14 10:07 PM
4 286

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