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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,022
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,554
I am trying to write an addon for a videogame which will give the best orientation/heading to intercept a target. The...
Jun8-09 03:15 PM
8 2,678
Recently in the news, there have been stories about the potential dangers of radon and radiation emissions from...
Jun8-09 03:05 PM
15 2,059
how is the sky blue and not purple? how come purple light is not scattered , or how come the sky does not appear...
Jun8-09 12:31 PM
12 27,843
As mass increases with increasing velocity(energy) and gravity is directly related to mass . Does gravity...
Jun8-09 09:58 AM
2 687
In the formula P=Tw, where T for torque(ftlbs) and w for angular velocity(rad/s), what is the unit for P(power)?
Jun8-09 08:53 AM
1 939
As matter & antimatter are equally created in the early universe , then why matter dominated over ...
Jun8-09 07:33 AM
Vanadium 50
6 1,207
combining wavelength(&)=h/mv and e=hv/& , we get e=mv^2 but kinetic energy is 1/2mv^2. where is other half?
Jun8-09 03:11 AM
3 1,106
Please watch the video first. Its only about 5 minutes long: ...
Jun8-09 01:52 AM
8 6,990
Could someone please explain how science reconciles these statements (both of which I have found in textbooks): ...
Jun8-09 01:41 AM
6 4,692
hi. I want to know that.... who introduced the concept of variable velocity? Aladin
Jun8-09 12:52 AM
6 1,270
I don't get how ionization is an endothermic reaction. In an endothermic Reactions: the reactants have less...
Jun7-09 10:44 PM
Bob S
2 4,557
Why do they say there can there be no gravity in 2 spatial dimensions (and 1 temporal dimension)? wouldn't the...
Jun7-09 07:05 PM
2 2,336
Hallo, I looked for an answer to the next question but i didn't find it anywehre.. At the image below, what is...
Jun7-09 06:24 PM
0 1,461
Hi folks, im new here! i am currently trying to design a speed retarding system for a childs pedal gokart. ...
Jun7-09 03:06 PM
2 759
Even if they have kinetic energy, neutral particles dont leave tracks behind. Why is that so? Also, can someone...
Jun7-09 02:40 PM
Bob S
10 2,918
So I understand the applications of gyroscopes for measuring changes in orientation and the like. However, I always...
Jun7-09 02:37 PM
2 841
PLease see if you could help me over this.. I have a laser beam emanating from am aperture of 50 mm dia. The beam...
Jun7-09 04:13 AM
6 1,619
I am teaching myself physics and thought about this question. it has something to do with relitivity im sure but...
Jun6-09 06:58 PM
2 759
ive noticed several times that when im watching tv, and my phone rings, that my ringtone will actually play through my...
Jun6-09 04:30 PM
11 2,206
How can you determine how many rotational degrees of freedom an object or system has? For example, how many rotational...
Jun6-09 03:08 PM
12 8,460
what would happen if the north pole was contained within the loop of the lhc at cern? the lhc at maximum speed can...
Jun6-09 02:36 PM
6 1,729
I'm working on a lightning bolt experiment at U of Washington to see how carbon composite materials hold up when hit...
Jun6-09 08:03 AM
2 1,733
Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I wondered if this belonged in one of the astronomy related sections but I don't...
Jun6-09 08:00 AM
3 923
Can anyone tell me how I can determine air-resitance for a coin being dropped from 2 meters onto a concrete floor? ...
Jun5-09 06:48 PM
3 958
This is something which has been a question to me that I don't seem to have stumbled across anything about myself: ...
Jun5-09 10:52 AM
6 1,361
why do they form the shape they do? that is after a nuclear explosion i'm familiar with thermodynamics and fluids...
Jun5-09 10:33 AM
1 602
hi, im a student 18 years of age, im currently starting my first year of physics, and ive got an exam coming up, on...
Jun5-09 08:18 AM
6 1,547
I have a little prism and I have a bright flashlight the emits white light and when I shine the flash light into...
Jun5-09 07:09 AM
4 878
Dear Expertor, I'm just newbie in Comsol program, I have project to simulation the infrared radiation heat for the...
Jun5-09 03:31 AM
0 1,567
Ok so I'm in 7th grade and I think I'm pretty good in science class. The other day we had some math questions...
Jun5-09 01:34 AM
3 1,121
The Biot-Savart law for calculating magnetic fields due to a current is presented in my freshman physics book as a...
Jun5-09 12:17 AM
4 1,702
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place as it's not quite a technical question, but I hope you guys can help...
Jun5-09 12:13 AM
5 7,791
Looking for feedback on a simulation I created to show how using a displacement field can be used for simulating...
Jun5-09 12:13 AM
5 3,448
I have an on-going diasgreement and I don't wish to temper my own oppinion into this thread so I will ask the question...
Jun4-09 11:22 PM
28 9,829
Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my question. I know this is a posting with multiple questions, but...
Jun4-09 11:17 PM
5 1,176
I am doing some conceptual design, and was hoping to be able to get some answers here before I devote too much time to...
Jun4-09 09:25 PM
2 966
have people artificially created blackbodies yet? and if not, how close have they come?
Jun4-09 08:21 PM
2 812
Can someone help me with the history of when the notion that "photons disappear and pressure ensues" arose? I think...
Jun4-09 07:47 PM
0 717
does the moon's gravitational field have any considerable affect on satellites orbiting earth??
Jun4-09 07:08 PM
2 824
how do we distinguish poles in case of a liquid state magnet ..or do they tend to lose their magnetic property?
Jun4-09 06:24 PM
Andy Resnick
4 1,053

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