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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,289
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,413
Hi guy I'm new to everything about physics and have no clue how to study. When I am studying and reading the book...
Sep4-09 01:17 PM
2 757
Hi Just wondering if someone can tell me if the following are scalar or vector quantities and why Current...
Sep4-09 10:21 AM
24 13,302
I have a plastic Gatorade type bottle that I reuse. Between uses, I fill it with hot water and shake, and then empty...
Sep4-09 07:47 AM
3 6,002
which color is better at blocking UV rays? my take on it is this analogy: you have a room with one window, cover...
Sep4-09 03:23 AM
3 3,503
I've read a few books which talk about our universe's possible false vacuum energy state, and how our universe may,...
Sep4-09 01:21 AM
0 1,253
I don't have a formal education in physics so please excuse my ignorance. I had an idea and was wondering if as matter...
Sep4-09 12:34 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,596
I am starting out with a cylinder that measures 4cm diameter and height is 12cm with the air being under no pressure. ...
Sep3-09 01:15 PM
2 3,571
If a system is rotated around Z axis then the new coordinates are X'= xcos() - Y sin(), Y'= Xsin() + Ycos() ...
Sep3-09 09:54 AM
5 6,636
I've been thinking about a physics problem where one can determine information about a time-dependent phenomena from...
Sep3-09 09:26 AM
0 998
i've searched all over the web and would you believe it, THERE ISN'T A SINGLE PLACE THAT EXPALINS HOW TO MAKE A...
Sep3-09 04:14 AM
4 12,052
The unit of Electric flux is N.(m^2)/C. But how is it , that the Flux density(which is nothing but flux per unit...
Sep3-09 01:04 AM
10 12,496
I work at a BP and previously worked for an Exxon (for the same company) and they get gasoline delivered from Marathon...
Sep2-09 09:18 PM
1 4,430
Call me crazy, but my fiance has been watching a lot of UFO stuff lately. I am extremely skeptical, but it put a...
Sep2-09 06:30 PM
3 892
doesn't the aircraft leave its track through satellite? i mean why they are unable to locate aircraft lost in sea...
Sep2-09 12:37 PM
7 1,830
Is force instantaneous or does it travel at the speed of light, and why? Like is the gravitational effect felt on...
Sep2-09 10:44 AM
57 4,429
Examples of these effects can be found here.
Sep2-09 07:38 AM
0 1,129
I'm an undergraduate physics major and, I teach an acoustics lab to undergraduate music majors. I've tried...
Sep2-09 06:01 AM
6 1,945
Just wondering, why does the alpha particle which is basically just a helium atom have a 2+ charge on it when you...
Sep2-09 04:30 AM
3 3,552
I am a little confused by movement. It is difficult to explain, but here goes. Say I have a needle which is almost...
Sep1-09 11:05 PM
12 1,645
if you subtract two delayed unit step functions, is the resultant a unit step function too? what is the value at the...
Sep1-09 11:03 PM
4 4,967
There was a thread and it seems the major question came up from a person who did not start the thread (reference: Is...
Sep1-09 10:37 PM
0 1,823
Bit of a simple question but one I've never really had to think about. Lets say you have two opposing poles of a...
Sep1-09 09:08 PM
1 1,669
Hi, I'm wondering how do we calculate the average Power of a random (non-periodic) signal. I know how to do it...
Sep1-09 08:17 PM
3 5,719
Im trying to find the mass of an object. It is not a problem, but i would like to find it so that i could use the mass...
Sep1-09 06:21 PM
4 817
Hello everyone, I have no clue where this question should go as I do not have the slightest insight as to what this...
Sep1-09 05:01 PM
1 798
I am studying in Grade XI and have started with physics. Its very different from physics in last grade. So here are my...
Sep1-09 02:55 PM
2 736
Is there a way that the hypothetical heat death of the universe can be prevented, if the danger exists? The heat...
Sep1-09 02:48 PM
22 4,826
i am new , so i am not sure if this is the rite place. my Question i want to show my students how to block the...
Sep1-09 08:18 AM
2 2,232
I know that the battery creates an electric field around a conductor connected to it, but does this E-field actually...
Sep1-09 07:50 AM
5 5,470
If I apply a sinusoidal current in a long solenoid, is there any chance to get radiation from it? is there any...
Sep1-09 07:04 AM
0 892
Okay, here’s the concept. Is it just “empty space” or something else? But since relativity; we know that space...
Sep1-09 05:49 AM
13 2,213
I was studying when something disturbed me. Why are vacuum cleaners so noisy? Is there such a thing as a silent vacuum...
Sep1-09 05:24 AM
3 4,264
The researchers focused on a single molecule of pentacene, which is commonly used in solar cells. The...
Aug31-09 07:31 PM
1 1,162
My instructor wants us to make a Velocity Time Graph for the data we collected from a Behr Apparatus We were to...
Aug31-09 05:37 PM
0 7,999
I am not a physics person. I am a lawyer. So bear with me: I do not understand why the temperature of a gas or a...
Aug31-09 04:25 PM
33 31,313
1) Why do the electrodes in a linear accelerator get progressively longer? 2) What is a synchrotron? what is it used...
Aug31-09 02:47 PM
Bob S
2 1,477
please help me to find differential equation of spring-mass system attached to one end of seesaw. case 1: Seesaw...
Aug31-09 01:38 PM
1 1,603
Lets say I take the North pole of a magnet and place it 1 inch from a mass of iron with the same density and shape of...
Aug31-09 10:26 AM
12 2,088
\left \begin{array} \mbox{F=ma} \\ \mbox{m=\frac{m_{0},\sqrt{1- \frac{v^2,c^2}}}} \right\{ \Rightarrow F=\frac{m_{0}...
Aug31-09 10:07 AM
7 1,024
I am a high school senior and am enrolled in an independent study class, but am having a difficult time finding a...
Aug31-09 10:02 AM
1 1,405

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