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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,905
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,651
Lots of works about the high-order harmonic generation in the intense laser-atom physics obtain the harmonic spectrum...
Jan8-09 09:05 PM
3 3,270
When someone gets hurt or infected, its usually very painful when the doctor works on that exposed area. The only...
Jan8-09 04:47 PM
1 1,101
ok, so i have a physics project. we were assigned to use a mouse trap tied to the axle by a string to propel a...
Jan8-09 04:19 PM
13 24,357
There is an invention of a hydrogen generator. It runs on water only as fuel. Battery starts and stops like a car. ...
Jan8-09 03:55 PM
2 832
question -- When I go on vacation I set up a watering system for my plants. I set up a siphon by placing one end of a...
Jan8-09 02:22 PM
2 1,713
I am extremely skeptical about quantum cryptography. First all of the articles I have read about the technology use...
Jan8-09 05:59 AM
22 2,416
Dirk Bruere at NeoPax wrote: > Tom Roberts wrote: >> Remember that frequency is NOT an intrinsic property of a...
Jan8-09 05:00 AM
Tom Roberts
11 1,028
CALL FOR PAPERS Special issue on Optical SuperComputing Natural Computing journal, Springer-Verlag...
Jan8-09 05:00 AM
optical supercomputing
0 1,654
This may be a very dumb question, but I was wondering, does amplitude function as a measurement for "strength" for a...
Jan7-09 11:31 PM
6 1,999
Say the gravitational force between two points is 80 N. The two points start off stationary. What do I do to find how...
Jan7-09 07:58 PM
1 2,665
I am designing my own rocket. In order to launch a series of rockets in midair, an electric current must flow to the...
Jan7-09 04:46 PM
Max CR
0 534
In the Venturi effect, in the reduction in pressure and increase velocity on the inside of the convergent cone, does...
Jan7-09 03:35 PM
6 6,242
What determines the sense of rotation of the magnetic field around an electric current? Current through a straight...
Jan7-09 02:56 PM
35 2,755
Hi, Is it possible to make a standard light bulb light without any physical contact to it (appart from support)? I...
Jan7-09 02:16 PM
6 1,708
I understand that the activity of a source is the number if disintegrations that take place per second in the source....
Jan7-09 12:37 PM
8 9,788
Hello. I am not quite sure this is the correct place for this question so I will apologize now if it isn't. As a...
Jan7-09 12:05 PM
2 1,266
I am a new product development engineer and am working on figuring out a UV sanitization product. Do you know of a...
Jan7-09 09:12 AM
2 892
We had to do a lab on the cartesian diver and there were a few questions that I was unsure on. Here they are: What...
Jan7-09 07:33 AM
1 2,898
Hello. We all know that at the equator the Earth's rotates at over 1000 mph. My question is why don't we feel the...
Jan7-09 12:08 AM
2 1,620
I wonder if anyone could help me with this. What would be the rate of decline be for a meteor travleing 32,000 mph 39...
Jan6-09 10:59 PM
1 1,531
Hi. I am writing preschool science activities and would like to verify what the scientific principles behind them...
Jan6-09 08:51 PM
6 3,419
Light has a known rate of travel in vacuum C, but this rate of ravel can be slower in some denser medium, Nothing...
Jan6-09 12:33 PM
25 1,660
just as a minor thought i brainstormed on the deployment of a parachute in deep space. because their is no air or...
Jan6-09 10:41 AM
8 2,492
] Theo Wollenleben wrote: > > > > And I (Mike_Fontenot) responded: > No, Greek indices are reserved for...
Jan6-09 05:00 AM
0 530
In article <gjqinq$4nu$>, "Richard D. Saam" <> writes: > the...
Jan6-09 05:00 AM
Phillip Helbig---remove CLOTHES to reply
24 2,951
TACS-09 call for papers The 2009 International Conference on Theory and Applications of Computational Science...
Jan6-09 05:00 AM
0 907
Question, If in a vacuum, I have a laser pointing into a mirrior wich bounces between two mirriors on the...
Jan5-09 08:06 PM
4 1,559
Could anyone explain to me how Abbe and Pulfrich refractometers work? They are such specific types of instrument I...
Jan5-09 07:24 AM
Andy Resnick
1 4,644
I have been doing some experimenting with a relatively short cylindrical permanent magnet and a solenoid with DC...
Jan5-09 07:17 AM
3 6,915
In article <>, Chalky <>...
Jan5-09 05:00 AM
Phillip Helbig---remove CLOTHES to reply
0 594
Ian Macmillan: > I have to say that I am confused about the term > "a-causal" from "s", which I understood to mean...
Jan5-09 05:00 AM
0 614
On Dec 31 2008, 9:46 pm, Chalky <> wrote: > On Dec 31, 6:03 pm,...
Jan5-09 05:00 AM
0 1,647
Hey, I registered on here just for this question. I will be posting here regularly though. I want to know who...
Jan5-09 02:55 AM
2 1,542
Hi guys, Where can i find the most up to date (accurate) values of the standard model coupling strengths at the...
Jan4-09 10:48 PM
1 1,192
I have a very basic question related to energy here. We all know that calorie is a measure of energy. Also Energy...
Jan4-09 09:50 PM
1 1,440
I have a problem that 'seems' to defy physics. I've been told that when your mind and physics don't mesh, go with...
Jan4-09 08:59 PM
7 1,408
Hey everyone, this is my first post. A short while ago I came across web-calculator that calculated some...
Jan4-09 05:31 PM
2 13,471
Hey everyone. I was recently on youtube, looking at 4-d objects, when I came across a comment which caught my eye: ...
Jan4-09 02:00 PM
2 836
I was just wondering, what math is needed to fully understand the mathematics of general relativity, quantum...
Jan4-09 01:50 PM
1 680
On Jan 2, 11:50 am, (Phillip Helbig--- remove CLOTHES to reply) wrote: > In article...
Jan4-09 05:00 AM
2 927

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