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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Y 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 180,695
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 68,407
i was wondering, how could i explain the reason using pressure when a man is able to pick up a tremendous load with a...
Oct19-05 04:00 AM
4 1,385
Do strong magnetic fields have any negative effects on the human body? Also, where can I find information regarding...
Oct19-05 03:44 AM
1 679
i'm presenting a lecture to my physics class for assesment on how lasers work and all the science that goes with it...
Oct19-05 01:25 AM
0 2,492
Hi, I am making myself a humbucking pickup for my guitar and I need a bar magnet with poles running from one long...
Oct19-05 12:54 AM
1 830
Hello everybody: Let me first introduce myself. I am a Sophomore in High School that has a self-found interest in...
Oct19-05 12:39 AM
6 1,086
Hi there ! I have a question : does a mechanical system generating a lower frequency when excited with a hig...
Oct18-05 10:41 PM
9 1,003
Can anyone explain Dr. Luther Ebwood's notion of Cosignial Frequency to me? I mean, on the one hand it seems like a...
Oct18-05 05:09 PM
2 1,064
I'm not sure if this has been asked before, I searched the forum but didn't find anything. Anyway, I was wondering...
Oct18-05 01:27 PM
9 1,531
hi guys, doing damped and forced harmonic motion at college at the moment, but i don't do further maths...hence i'm...
Oct18-05 12:52 PM
1 787
This makes for an interesting mind experiment: Ultimately...
Oct18-05 09:01 AM
29 4,676
When light enters in Earth's atmosphere, how fast does it go? Or does it change at all?
Oct17-05 02:46 PM
12 1,848
this is a problem for which i would appreciate any formula: i make a looping the loop with the yoyo, it means i...
Oct17-05 12:53 PM
0 2,687
I Read About Richard Feynmann's Idea Of Using All The 32 Quantum States Of An Electron To Construct A Supercomputer...
Oct17-05 12:35 PM
5 1,598
I Read This In A Michael Crichton Book ,and I Want Someone To Confirm This : If A Single Photon Is Used In A Young's...
Oct17-05 08:33 AM
El Hombre Invisible
4 3,433
My physics teacher told me that one of the innacuracies of Bohr's Atomic Model is that the nucleus (positive) would...
Oct17-05 07:53 AM
Doc Al
7 6,191
I've been reading some stuff on Fourier Optics (Johnson, Optics) and have become quite interested in how Fourier...
Oct16-05 08:49 PM
7 4,228
The definiton of second is the time needed for a cesium-133 atom to perform 9,192,631,770 complete oscillations. ...
Oct16-05 11:34 AM
4 5,051
hi, From what i understand is that photons lose engery after being reflected off some material due to conservation...
Oct15-05 04:03 PM
2 1,690
My family just bought a bunch of fluorescent light bulbs for the house. I was just wondering if they are bad for my...
Oct15-05 01:44 PM
1 4,397
Is the overall flow rate through a closed loop with a pump constant? I've always though that if a pump can do a...
Oct15-05 10:44 AM
1 6,779
In owning more than a few Newtonian telescopes in my life, I have just a little knowledge concerning parabolic...
Oct15-05 12:23 AM
0 2,639
For the Young's Double slit Experiment, I'm just wondering when it comes to finding the distance between the adjacent...
Oct14-05 10:07 PM
1 949
could somebody please explain lorenzos non lineare effect ? how does it happen is it percussive ,displacement ,...
Oct14-05 07:12 PM
4 2,174
What are some of the more practical applications, if there are any, of computational physics?
Oct14-05 02:49 PM
5 4,482
Hi, I want to know that, the fact that an object reaches its max velocity, does it mean that has reached its max...
Oct14-05 08:14 AM
4 2,391
Why some things are transparent while others not?:confused:
Oct14-05 08:07 AM
1 1,365
Now, the conventional way of viewing the solar system is that all the planets orbit the sun, but since you can declare...
Oct14-05 05:21 AM
11 1,754
is it possible to find a loophole around a law. like, technically this shouldn't happen, but its not breaking the law...
Oct13-05 11:01 PM
3 1,335
Is there an equation that will find the velocity of a certain force. Namely, if car #2 crashed into car # 1 and...
Oct13-05 10:30 PM
1 1,246
Being that I have little experience in physics, but have grown a fascination for it, I am hoping you guys can help...
Oct13-05 04:53 PM
4 1,041
im always confued about negative and positive signs, soemone give em a easy way to remember is whatever is on the...
Oct13-05 04:38 PM
1 1,020
How loud does brown noise have to be for it to be effective?
Oct13-05 02:30 PM
7 6,358
I am researching virtual energy. Before the integrated circuit there where vacuum tubes. My question is what...
Oct13-05 01:27 PM
2 850
I'm having a bit of a hard time getting my head around this idea. Can anyone provide some links to good references, or...
Oct13-05 09:32 AM
2 1,264
Hey. What exactly does polarization of light mean? I researched "optically active materials" and I found that they...
Oct12-05 11:06 PM
5 1,336
I had never known that Michio Kaku was against the Cassini launch. (although, that was back when I was in the 8th...
Oct12-05 10:29 PM
12 3,390
(a) Can the speed of the waves in the spring be changed? I know it can't, but can someone explain why in a simple...
Oct12-05 09:21 PM
1 7,938
Any one have any thoughts on Thermodynamics or The amount of energy matter realy has stored within. Thermodynamics:...
Oct12-05 08:49 PM
Ki Man
2 2,043
Hi guys. I'm doing this science fair project and I needed to know if there is a substance (any substance!) whose...
Oct12-05 07:46 PM
Claude Bile
14 5,913
I understand that there are a couple of statistical models out there that describe physical systems. One I know is...
Oct12-05 04:14 PM
1 1,167

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