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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,213
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,633
Hi.thanks about my question on focal were really helpful.Another question now about Field of view. I know...
Aug9-05 09:03 PM
2 952
to calculate the moment of inertia of a spinning disc (a spinning top for example) i know the formula is I=(mR^2)/2,...
Aug9-05 06:19 AM
7 1,524
hi i want to know at what angles aeroplenes move left and rights please if there is any equations related to this...
Aug9-05 01:17 AM
5 1,544
I have a question about EMPs now, i think i have made them before as i was experimenting with magents a while back...
Aug8-05 07:30 AM
2 943
you have a balance with 1kg weight in each 1 meter long arm when its horizontal each 10 N force * 1 m long will...
Aug8-05 06:50 AM
5 2,358
Lately I've gotten an interest in physics. Theoretical Physics in particular, string theory, parallel universes,...
Aug7-05 08:16 PM
8 1,077
when you walk the reaction of your thrust is the earth going very slightly in the other sense but how can an ice...
Aug7-05 03:25 AM
6 1,192
my question is as follows: when do we need to consider a three dimension body as a point like body in our...
Aug6-05 11:00 AM
5 944
I had a physics lesson at school lately and i stated that by looking at the stars we are looking back in time because...
Aug6-05 10:59 AM
10 2,720
Considering Gravity is the warping of space, then how is gravitational waves possible? Aren't we all sliding down the...
Aug6-05 09:20 AM
30 1,846
Why do people always use the misleading term 'escape velocity'? If I had a rocket whose engines provided a thrust...
Aug6-05 05:57 AM
15 2,286
Hey, I'm a high school student who is currently taking college level physics. Does anybody know of a good reference...
Aug5-05 11:21 PM
9 7,620
what if you cuold go back in time? :smile:
Aug5-05 05:27 AM
2 1,396
Not sure if this should have gone in help but here goes. I'm doing some background reading into the subject covered...
Aug4-05 08:10 PM
Claude Bile
3 1,675
What is so special about a glass prism that a beam of light disperses after passing through it but not an ordinary...
Aug4-05 07:46 PM
Claude Bile
3 4,213
I found the book stimulated many questions for me. In particular, if you were moving away from the earth at near...
Aug4-05 03:49 PM
0 1,572
I always thougth the "dotted lines" illustrating the direction of a magnetic field were only a tool for vizualizing...
Aug4-05 01:43 PM
1 1,162
I was wondering if anyone is able to tell me how a photocell works and why results for voltage versus current change...
Aug4-05 04:20 AM
2 1,398
what will be the colour appearance of the sea on earth?
Aug4-05 03:40 AM
2 4,379
If you have two hurricane fans, and place them one after another, both blowing the same direction, will the air from...
Aug3-05 11:35 PM
4 1,597
Hi everyone, who knows where to find a good introduction into adjustment of optical components, like making sure...
Aug3-05 07:12 PM
Claude Bile
7 1,290
A friend of mine just got a new washing machine. In its manual it states "cold water rinses do not wring out the...
Aug3-05 01:33 PM
7 8,773
Can someone explain the phenomenon of total internal reflection?
Aug3-05 11:39 AM
Doc Al
1 1,428 I cannot begin to estimate the love affair I will have with this site. ...
Aug2-05 09:46 AM
1 2,026
Hey there, does anyone know where I could find a list of Legendre Polynomials? I need them of the order 15 and above,...
Aug1-05 09:11 PM
5 3,188
Hello everyone... I'm looking for the following paper: 142: 29369p Nonlinear Optical Properties of Mixed...
Aug1-05 06:26 PM
2 1,032
Hi .I am reall y confused about the focal length of lens.i understand that it is the length from the lens to the point...
Aug1-05 06:11 PM
3 2,036
i have some questions regrading to "how to updrage my microscope?" i'll be very thankfull for any kind of reply... I...
Aug1-05 05:59 PM
1 1,189
There are a few magazines who seem to try and increase sales with super-sensational covers that are more exciting...
Aug1-05 05:22 PM
19 4,258
What content needs to be covered in order to teach alpha-Omega dynamo theory to someone who has only had a basic...
Aug1-05 02:11 PM
0 2,196
When we put a coin on a boardcard and both the boardcard and coin put on a glass. when we hit the boardcard,why the...
Aug1-05 09:17 AM
8 1,948
Hi, the mass of a bound system of quarks (e.g. proton) is larger than the mass of its constituents. You could say...
Aug1-05 02:58 AM
1 1,212
do we know why gravitational and electromagnetic forces inversely proportional to the square of the distance? is there...
Jul31-05 11:08 PM
20 2,655
Has anyone read Motion Mountain? If so, how good is it? :smile:
Jul31-05 11:01 PM
1 2,745
If you have a large tank of air at a certain high pressure and you open up a valve into a much smaller tank, is there...
Jul31-05 08:41 PM
4 1,252
I remember a physics teacher I had in college telling me that... (what follows is obscure but it's what he said)......
Jul31-05 07:59 PM
7 1,300
This is a spray dry atomizer problem. I have a shaft that rotates at 6000 ropm. On top of the shaft sits a bowl with...
Jul30-05 05:19 PM
1 2,642
I am curious to read personal anecdotes any of you may have about physical phenomena that are not seen very often. I...
Jul30-05 03:25 PM
50 3,832
How can we apply the Principle of Conservation of Energy to this effect? Secondly, Is it correct to say that the...
Jul30-05 02:11 PM
0 5,517
The Bates Laboratory and the Harvard Cyclotron lab use to be the only two labs in New England that I knew of which had...
Jul30-05 07:58 AM
4 955

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