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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,715
hiya was juss wonderin if anyone can describe to me how electrolysis kills hair cells pls?
Aug16-05 08:04 PM
0 1,548
Does anyone know any good physics PDA programs, preferably freeware.. And where I could get it, thanks
Aug16-05 08:01 PM
0 1,469
Is light a wave or particles. If it is made up of particles, then light cannot have frequencies, can it? OR If it...
Aug16-05 07:06 AM
8 1,079
Excuse the lay question, but how do peer review journals work these days, with the advent of the internet? I've seen...
Aug16-05 06:03 AM
1 1,503
I've heard them used before...some sort of symmetry, but I never figured out what it really is. Can someone please...
Aug15-05 08:42 PM
3 1,051
i.e. the Douglas Robb memorial lectures from Auckland University, They're available streamed here: ...
Aug15-05 03:12 PM
2 8,413
What is the speed of electricity? How fast does electricity travel?
Aug15-05 01:38 PM
27 30,600
In your opinion will we ever use Dyson Spheres? In case...
Aug15-05 01:30 PM
37 3,038
i dun get it, someone told me that a fish can see everything above can a fish achieve a 180 degree full view of...
Aug14-05 03:32 PM
2 973
Hello everyone...... I mistakenly posted this question in a math section, met with insufficient answers. ...
Aug14-05 02:53 PM
2 1,624
1]Tachyons are substances that travel faster than light. 2]The speed of light is approximately 3,00,000km/s...
Aug13-05 02:52 PM
6 1,258
When the light goes through a glass window, it undergoes refraction inside the glass material and its velocity is...
Aug13-05 02:20 PM
7 1,309
suppose we have a superconductor speciment above Tc, and we put it in magnetic field. then we cool it down to below...
Aug13-05 06:40 AM
1 1,144
I was just thinking if big bangs in other universes are created by collision of other universes and merging then...
Aug12-05 07:45 PM
5 5,502
Stolen shamelessly - and then subjected to the indignities of paraphrasing - I'm taknig a thread from Whitestar and...
Aug12-05 06:28 PM
15 2,791
Hi, I need the paper E N da C Andrade et al 1937 Proc. Phys. Soc. 49 381-391 "The velocity-distribution in a...
Aug12-05 05:20 AM
25 1,910
Does the humidity in the air affect the density??? and how does it affect? thanks
Aug12-05 04:03 AM
7 3,031
I've heard of fire balls caused by lighting that float around for a while and can pass through a window. what are...
Aug11-05 11:17 PM
9 1,576
I was wondering somewhat randomly, and pointlessly about the nature of light beams and how ordinary light sources emit...
Aug11-05 08:41 PM
Claude Bile
7 4,601
To put an object into orbit just above the Earth's surface, it would need to tavel at roughly 8000 meters per second...
Aug11-05 07:48 PM
10 1,369
Hello! Here is something though that has been haunting me recently. If lights from two different sources meet and...
Aug11-05 11:23 AM
10 889
Is "Effects of UV Rays' a good topic in research?
Aug10-05 10:47 PM
Claude Bile
7 1,378
Is Gravity the same if an object is motion less compared to an object traveling at a high speed...say close to the...
Aug10-05 03:35 PM
2 959
If we are to remove mass from a bicycle, does it have a better effect to remove this mass from the tires instead of...
Aug10-05 12:58 PM
6 1,190
Hello, I am new, so sorry if this is in the wrong thread, if it is please move it. But anyways, I was wondering if...
Aug10-05 02:21 AM
3 1,280
Hi.thanks about my question on focal were really helpful.Another question now about Field of view. I know...
Aug9-05 09:03 PM
2 953
to calculate the moment of inertia of a spinning disc (a spinning top for example) i know the formula is I=(mR^2)/2,...
Aug9-05 06:19 AM
7 1,526
hi i want to know at what angles aeroplenes move left and rights please if there is any equations related to this...
Aug9-05 01:17 AM
5 1,544
I have a question about EMPs now, i think i have made them before as i was experimenting with magents a while back...
Aug8-05 07:30 AM
2 943
you have a balance with 1kg weight in each 1 meter long arm when its horizontal each 10 N force * 1 m long will...
Aug8-05 06:50 AM
5 2,360
Lately I've gotten an interest in physics. Theoretical Physics in particular, string theory, parallel universes,...
Aug7-05 08:16 PM
8 1,081
when you walk the reaction of your thrust is the earth going very slightly in the other sense but how can an ice...
Aug7-05 03:25 AM
6 1,194
my question is as follows: when do we need to consider a three dimension body as a point like body in our...
Aug6-05 11:00 AM
5 945
I had a physics lesson at school lately and i stated that by looking at the stars we are looking back in time because...
Aug6-05 10:59 AM
10 2,723
Considering Gravity is the warping of space, then how is gravitational waves possible? Aren't we all sliding down the...
Aug6-05 09:20 AM
30 1,849
Why do people always use the misleading term 'escape velocity'? If I had a rocket whose engines provided a thrust...
Aug6-05 05:57 AM
15 2,289
Hey, I'm a high school student who is currently taking college level physics. Does anybody know of a good reference...
Aug5-05 11:21 PM
9 7,628
what if you cuold go back in time? :smile:
Aug5-05 05:27 AM
2 1,397
Not sure if this should have gone in help but here goes. I'm doing some background reading into the subject covered...
Aug4-05 08:10 PM
Claude Bile
3 1,677
What is so special about a glass prism that a beam of light disperses after passing through it but not an ordinary...
Aug4-05 07:46 PM
Claude Bile
3 4,220

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