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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,423
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,486
Hi all, everyone has experienced electric shocks when discharging oneself, for example when you have clothes made...
Nov29-05 06:51 PM
Geoff St. Germaine
5 3,226
why we can see light?? we can see normal visible light wave but why infared wave ??
Nov29-05 06:42 PM
10 7,865
I was wondering if anyone had some input on how, via calculus, to show how the law of conservation of mechanical...
Nov29-05 03:37 PM
7 1,002
Hello Everyone, I am sure that I am missing something obvious here. It might have to do with the fact that force...
Nov29-05 02:44 PM
4 13,150
Hi all you physicists out there. I am just a physics enthusiast and have a question. I have seen this equation (hf...
Nov28-05 07:03 PM
3 2,408
I am confused by this Abbe thoery thing involvign the use of an optical computer. A laser is focused onto a 10 μm...
Nov28-05 06:54 PM
1 2,002
At this link: is an explanation why there is renewed interest by USA and...
Nov28-05 06:30 PM
2 2,609
I have recently seen the movie K-PAX starring Kevin Spacey. In it he is supposedly from the planet K-PAX and goes onto...
Nov28-05 06:04 PM
48 22,179
Hello can you help , I wrote this but have no idea what to do with it ...
Nov28-05 04:19 PM
8 1,042
Hi Room:!!) , How are you? My question is about "How can bird fly?" I wanna exactly explain it, by way in...
Nov28-05 10:06 AM
3 9,635
This question has been bothering me for time. How does a moving bicycle manage to stay upright? but when it slows...
Nov28-05 02:16 AM
1 1,586
I was wondering; what exactly is the difference between kinetic energy and momentum? I was just thinking about this...
Nov27-05 07:57 PM
4 14,941
I was thinking, when virtual particles come into exsistance and then one particle go into a blackhole and the other...
Nov27-05 07:30 PM
Claude Bile
10 2,318
Are hyperbolic lenses free of abberation?
Nov27-05 07:17 PM
Claude Bile
3 1,137
Thanks for any replies in advance. I am currently trying to discern the theory behind an air-lift. A very large...
Nov27-05 07:11 PM
3 5,293
Could you run a car with just a battery and an alternator by having the alternator recharge the battery by using the...
Nov27-05 10:05 AM
3 1,687
I know we can float on Dead Sea but can we stand on the surface of the Dead Sea?
Nov27-05 07:19 AM
6 2,767
I need some help on building a simple ballista that could launch a golf ball 25 meters away. If you have any ideas of...
Nov26-05 03:59 AM
6 1,453
Since sound recquires a medium to travel, there should be no sound in a vaccum or empty space? If it is true than...
Nov25-05 11:47 PM
12 1,730
Hi, I have this topic for a science fair that involves converting sound energy to electrical energy. Is there any...
Nov25-05 10:49 PM
1 10,669
"Phase" of waves. what does it actually mean. we can understand the meaning of it, but if some one who not learn...
Nov25-05 09:19 PM
2 1,056
I've noticed something a bit odd when I use an eye dropper in one of my labs. If I pull up water near the middle of...
Nov25-05 05:15 PM
13 1,938
Hi, I'm trying to set up a lens system as follows: - Laser source 612nm - This passes through an apature to...
Nov25-05 05:40 AM
1 1,561 "Comes with special cherry-scented 'fog-making fluid.'" What is the fog...
Nov25-05 04:26 AM
2 1,418
I had a customer looking for some equipment that would be used in Europe to cool down a superconducting magnet that...
Nov25-05 04:26 AM
15 2,581
is the material, which has a larger bandgap, more resistive:confused: ? thanks for answering:smile: kit
Nov24-05 10:50 PM
3 4,691
If a Goedel system type answer to the question : "Does randomness intrisically exists in the nature ?" (i.e....
Nov24-05 04:44 PM
8 2,021
:confused: ??
Nov24-05 09:37 AM
1 1,854
Hi folks! Long time listener-first time caller. I am building a coil winder for building my own transformers-fun...
Nov23-05 05:26 PM
0 3,813
Let suppose we have a frame of reference, in which a particle is decribed by \vec{x}(t) ...I don't give, on purpose,...
Nov23-05 12:21 PM
4 1,200
Would forces act with the same symmetry in 4D as it does in 3D?
Nov22-05 08:58 PM
12 1,265
Links to SOS:
Nov22-05 08:20 PM
0 2,523
I've got a short curiosity question: Are there in nature examples for discontinuos motion, that is when the functions...
Nov22-05 08:33 AM
4 1,037
Is there a way to find the moment of inertia of an object that is hung from its center of mass, knowing the radius of...
Nov22-05 06:28 AM
2 2,895
okay bringing up an old topic but a car (lets just say 2000 kg) drives into a concrete wall (essentially immovable)...
Nov22-05 06:12 AM
3 2,708
I've had this idea for a while. I can't see anything wrong with it. Maybe someone here can tell me if it's unsound. ...
Nov21-05 07:36 PM
5 1,213
What is the Mohr-Coulomb theory? Can you tell me a bit about it?
Nov21-05 05:23 PM
3 15,005
Hi, I was just very curious and sort of frustrated when this topic comes to my mind. How the heck we cant overcome...
Nov21-05 04:08 PM
5 1,020
Taking the definition we have in Europe (I don't know the US version of it) of temperature (we use Celsius Degree here...
Nov21-05 02:53 PM
11 1,095
Hello, I have a quick question. Why is it that a magnetic field has an effect on a current or moving charge, but not...
Nov20-05 11:14 PM
16 3,196

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