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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,468
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,715
Hello all, I have a water cooled PC and am about to install a thermoelectric cooling device which can easily cool...
Jul18-05 12:37 AM
2 3,099
I was reading a book on light and the terms quanta and photon were used for what seemed like the same thing. Whats the...
Jul17-05 07:24 PM
1 6,344
I want to know how to find the time it takes for a mass to reach a velocity if a force is applied to it.
Jul17-05 05:36 PM
7 1,118
So, according to Relativity, as an oject approaches the speed of light, it's mass increases and the Energy required to...
Jul17-05 03:50 PM
3 1,603
I wonder if it's possible to create the laser listening device as a project . i 've been fascinated by the idea ever...
Jul16-05 03:17 PM
13 4,987
Hi, I'm doin an investigation in physics - magnetism, to be specific - and basically I'm takin 1 or 2 bar magnets, and...
Jul16-05 02:41 PM
Meir Achuz
1 1,011
Okay, I got one for you all. Years ago, in school, I saw a propellor shaped thing, mirror side up, black side down....
Jul16-05 12:09 AM
9 4,633
Any of u heard of him? the founder of Hutchison effect, im very intrested in his work but i really dont know how he...
Jul15-05 10:06 PM
4 3,598
The term "vapor state pursuit". If you can answer please come to the general discussion thread about violins...thanks.
Jul15-05 05:05 PM
0 768
If someone paints a realsize picture of a person, then walks 100 yards to where you stand and hands you this painting,...
Jul15-05 11:50 AM
Lars Laborious
5 1,455
I am trying to figure out the force required for a gas spring to open a load; in this case a glass plate framed in...
Jul14-05 08:16 PM
1 775
that post got me thinking. would such change in geometry change the way a string vibrates? if so, that would cause...
Jul14-05 04:38 PM
6 4,066
Hi everyone, I just thought that it might be useful for everyone if we go through the concepts from the book of...
Jul14-05 04:06 PM
4 3,263
I have this odd question. I'm not a physicist, just a computer scientist in training with a broad range of interests....
Jul14-05 02:09 PM
0 1,379
I am reffering to a method used by some lotto operators to determine the winning numbers. In the particular method a...
Jul14-05 02:36 AM
4 1,535
explain the transmission curve for a positive n2 as we move along the z axis
Jul14-05 01:11 AM
0 949
It appears that string theory is very dependent upon mathematics; pure mathematics at that. I understand that Kurt...
Jul13-05 08:41 PM
10 2,263
Hey, As part of an investigation, I constructed a basic centrifuge consisting of a fast rotating beaker filled with...
Jul13-05 02:33 PM
7 1,864
There are 2 question but the 2nd question solution is derive from the 1st question. 1. A box is sliding down a...
Jul13-05 09:00 AM
0 1,032
The Real Statement The actual path between two points taken by a beam of light is the one which is traversed in...
Jul13-05 06:54 AM
2 1,933
In regard to that software accompaning "University Physics 11e - Y&F" called Mastering Physics, my professor did not...
Jul13-05 02:29 AM
0 2,415
You probably think that adding one to zero gives you one. But, let us examine this process a little closer. ...
Jul12-05 10:45 PM
7 2,414
when u have a fire on a candle, and u blow the fire out, where does it go? does it evaporate into thin air? or does it...
Jul12-05 06:48 PM
5 2,833
What are the chances of a weekly podcast?
Jul12-05 02:59 PM
1 1,661
I'm a high school student. I heard that scientists cover the mirror with a stratum that doesn't hold water. Thus...
Jul12-05 02:53 PM
2 1,324
A work of an spanish applied mathematician, Antonio Brú, has caused a shock here. Spain has a large tradition in the...
Jul12-05 11:54 AM
12 2,030
I have to make a presentation and I would like to use LaTEX instead of Power Point. Have you ever created slides with...
Jul12-05 08:17 AM
0 1,396
I'm searching for a statistical mechanics textbook. It should be roughly at or above the advanced undergraduate level,...
Jul12-05 06:33 AM
1 1,096
I read in Wired a while ago about how light is affected by gravity or some other such fundamental force, and thus the...
Jul11-05 10:31 PM
5 2,023
There are 2 question but the 2nd question solution is derive from the 1st question. 1. A box is sliding down a...
Jul11-05 10:25 PM
0 1,030
My toaster oven shorted out this morning. My wife saw a flash, a small flame and then very limited smoke. Then the...
Jul11-05 02:02 PM
2 1,357
Some questions in the Theory Development forum seem to be revolving around the topic of formulating electromagnetism...
Jul11-05 11:20 AM
0 3,049
can somebody help me suplly a books, websites or information about William Bradford Shockley 1- Biography 2- His...
Jul11-05 02:47 AM
0 678
My physics-teacher drew a paralell to cycling and said that hills that were round 8-10% steep were really tough to...
Jul11-05 12:39 AM
6 1,422
I'll be attending the 2005 Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. You can read more about it...
Jul11-05 12:16 AM
4 1,103
Let's say you have a metal rod in space that is 2 light seconds long. If you push one end of the rod, would they...
Jul10-05 08:57 PM
2 997
I have a problem understanding the meaning of magnetic field strength, denotet H. I have the following example from...
Jul10-05 07:53 PM
6 14,092
How would one convert RGB values to a wavelength value OR a wavelength value to RGB? ie 180,180,60=?
Jul10-05 09:50 AM
5 6,075
Assume you have a field of particles in a sphere which is twenty billion light years in diameter. Assume these...
Jul9-05 12:30 PM
11 2,467
A Q&A game is simple: One person asks a relevant question (it can be research, calculation, off-the-top-of-the-head,...
Jul9-05 10:32 AM
154 11,916

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