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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,487
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 159,829
Why phosphor drops off in efficiency during use? By what mechanisms? Thank you Regards
Aug3-12 06:55 PM
3 473
Ok so my teacher has recently covered this chapter, but one of the concepts that has been bugging me for ages. Fr an...
Aug3-12 08:27 PM
34 2,686
I'm trying to build a small electromagnet of a 5v breadboard i had set up, but I've run into some troubles. It doesn't...
Aug3-12 08:39 PM
1 640
I am quoting a text from a web sight before my question. "Let's assume we have a 5 kg box on the floor. Let's...
Aug3-12 09:32 PM
1 632
hello guys, i'm having problems understanding why if we were to have a tuning fork that vibrates at a particular...
Aug4-12 02:05 AM
2 687
why does the spacing decrease going down the neck of a guitar? using physics concepts how would this be explained?...
Aug4-12 02:24 AM
6 1,634
Hi, I remember that long long time ago, I got that the time will slow down when one object does accelerate to be in...
Aug4-12 03:30 AM
1 481
Hi guys, i know that if we were to have one water wave passing through two slit, an interference pattern would be...
Aug4-12 04:21 AM
2 670
I am new here and asking question for the first time of course. My question is very simple. Does electric field...
Aug4-12 07:18 AM
1 2,356
Say i drop a 1kg rock into a pond from a height of 2 meters.i want to find out how high the water wave will be. how...
Aug4-12 07:54 AM
1 624
Okay i know that energy is the ability or capacity to do work. But how do you define work, as like the isnt work just...
Aug4-12 08:17 AM
5 877
I'm doing this for a home project over the summer. So lets say I took a small laser and passed the beam through...
Aug4-12 02:11 PM
18 2,573
Light requires some medium to pass through, whats the medium in the space, and How does sunrays enters in to the...
Aug4-12 02:53 PM
3 990
I'm trying to find out what actually is the "Dirac Point"?! I've Googled it and searched around on the internet,...
Aug4-12 09:27 PM
3 12,579
I am still a physics novice and am learning new things everyday. I've been looking at tensors recently and I'm finding...
Aug4-12 11:07 PM
3 1,196
In the expression of Biot-Savart law B = (o/4π) ∫ (I dl x r^)/r2 why dl does not depend on the coordinate systems ?...
Aug5-12 01:46 AM
4 796
In this month's "New Journal of Physics" we find an exciting paper on the possibility that space is filled...
Aug5-12 09:14 AM
3 4,153
A car us driven at a velocity of 72km/h EAST for 0.50hr, 48km/h NORTH for 0.25hr, and 62km/h WEST for 0.50hr. ...
Aug5-12 12:39 PM
2 3,570
Hello, I was wondering what would be the minimum temperature required for a (powerful enough to be somewhat damaging...
Aug5-12 03:21 PM
2 622
Ok so I was at the Hayden Planetarium and a plaque was describing a star billions of light years away that we can see...
Aug5-12 03:34 PM
1 474
I have two questions. First, Paul Davies stated that the" Great Rule Book of Nature" would fit comfortably onto a...
Aug5-12 05:39 PM
Dead Boss
6 1,118
Hello everyone, I am designing a linac and I need some help. I would like to have protons as the particles I will...
Aug5-12 06:20 PM
4 663
I'm trying to find out if the water temperature in a hot water tank (household solar system) varies substantially from...
Aug6-12 02:24 AM
15 1,531
Mobile SIMcards are coated with Gold, why we cant use other metals or Alloys for conductivity.
Aug6-12 03:21 AM
3 1,130
Since Particles react with the Higgs Field to gain mass, can't the antiparticles react with it too to gain mass....
Aug6-12 03:25 AM
2 628
I want to create lift of an object about the size of 36 in by 8 in. the lift would be provided by compressed air ...
Aug6-12 03:34 AM
7 660
Hi, A while ago I posted a question that had to do with whether a hypothetical box that contained the earth and the...
Aug6-12 06:31 AM
1 475
If force is something that changes the state of a body and inertia is opposition to change of state how can...
Aug6-12 09:52 AM
2 577
Is that a constant? If not, is there an equation that allows us to calculate its kinetic energy based on the...
Aug6-12 04:56 PM
10 2,602
As per Aerodynamics theory, Bumblebees cant fly, prove it how can they fly, Their wing to body weight ratio is very...
Aug6-12 05:55 PM
10 1,260
Is it possible to use a system of reflections to direct most (if not all) of the light from a small luminous sphere to...
Aug6-12 06:40 PM
9 2,323
I was practicing hw and I came across these two derived equations from 1/f=1/d0+1/di 1st one 1/di=1/d0-1/f 2nd one...
Aug6-12 07:15 PM
Simon Bridge
4 889
If you are running on a circular/elliptical track, and wind is blowing in one direction, will it have a positive...
Aug6-12 07:23 PM
6 929
Hi guys, So my question is related to Electical Potential Eenrgy and Voltage. First off, I am using the Physics...
Aug6-12 10:37 PM
3 553
I was wondering about this question when I was reading my new book The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking and...
Aug7-12 03:15 AM
3 600
I completed the Millikan oil drop lab in class with as much accuracy as possible. I used the PASCO interface and used...
Aug7-12 08:03 AM
5 494
Imagine a person weighing 99kg stands on a bathroom scale. He reads 99kg. That same person then grabs a ball attached...
Aug7-12 10:11 AM
26 2,069
We have met the idea that a radius of a circle rotating ANTI-CLOCKWISE can be used to draw a sine wave.... I get...
Aug7-12 11:59 AM
Philip Wood
5 1,213
Hi, I was thinking about gravity waves and how big leading theorists believe they may be in size of wavelength? I...
Aug7-12 01:48 PM
4 1,110
I'm tyring to code an engine that simply adds gravity to the world. I know that gravity is a constant value added to...
Aug7-12 06:06 PM
5 1,158

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