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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,661
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,924
Ive asked this question so many times on various forums and i feel there is a simple answer that i just havent heard...
Sep14-12 06:41 AM
17 2,660
what is the relation between Specific Heat and Absolute Temperature of any material ? Specifically, Sodium. Cp vs...
Sep14-12 08:37 AM
1 656
Hey guys, I was just reading an article on a patent Michael Jackson had under his name for one of his "anti-gravity"...
Sep14-12 09:23 AM
3 781
i had a question PV=nRT is the V the volume of the container or the gas and if it was the container and i had a...
Sep14-12 10:11 AM
3 618
Do you think that matter, energy, space, time, etc. are discrete, or continuous? If they are discrete, is...
Sep14-12 11:08 AM
17 1,932
If the world was frictionless, would the Earth orbit underneath your feet? Would buildings and things attached to the...
Sep14-12 04:08 PM
20 2,331
Scientists say that in mathematical terms in singularity all the math breaks down and you get infinity. But how come...
Sep14-12 09:24 PM
6 854
Hi, I realize that this might be kind of a silly question, but I am in a physics class currently and I'm having the...
Sep14-12 10:35 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,337
Hi,I don know if my question will be clear,but I will try it.So,I m wondering how was derive this equation:...
Sep15-12 04:06 AM
0 562
We just went over Faraday's law in class and our teacher stressed how a changing flux is needed to induce an emf in...
Sep15-12 04:38 AM
5 1,374
I've read his book and he talks about AC current frequencies of incredibly high magnitudes. How was this achieved?...
Sep15-12 05:14 AM
3 757
Would anyone be able to help me wire up a single phase syncronous motor with a phasing capacitor to the mains? The...
Sep15-12 08:04 AM
0 2,320
Im really stuck and I would be grateful if someone could give me formula related to a mass that lies on a geodesic...
Sep15-12 09:49 AM
0 723
Greetings, this is my first post, though I have been reading these forums for a while. I understand that the...
Sep15-12 10:13 AM
5 990
Recently I have been involved in a car accident, and would like to figure out what was the speed of the other car that...
Sep15-12 12:25 PM
4 814
This may at first seem like a very stupid question, but I can't seem to get to the root of magnetism. As we all...
Sep15-12 01:30 PM
19 2,664
Hi everyone! I cannot find anywhere the Huygens Steiner Theorem proof, can somebody explain me this proof ?
Sep15-12 04:42 PM
0 527
I have two fishing lines that are of the same material but one has a larger cross sectional area than the other, which...
Sep15-12 06:26 PM
12 1,219
If I am stationary and a sound source moves towards me at a constant velocity, I will hear it (the sound) increase in...
Sep15-12 09:21 PM
4 1,076
What is the difference between raman-spectroscopy and usual spectroscopy?
Sep15-12 11:56 PM
1 1,823
This is possibly an engineering, rather than physics, question. (Ooooooooo! Busted!) John picks up a paperclip and...
Sep16-12 02:03 AM
1 465
Not sure where better to place this thread, here or gr. Is there direct evidence photons attract one another...
Sep16-12 03:00 AM
55 7,325
Hello everyone, These days i am studying thermal physics in my classes so had a few queries to get clear about. ...
Sep16-12 09:31 AM
27 2,639
1. Are these two the same? I'm not sure. Sometimes my teacher labels the Y axis with a Delta Displacement . Other...
Sep16-12 01:55 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,572
Hello, I was thinking of the following question: suppose we have a body in two-dimensional space and its density is...
Sep16-12 03:10 PM
Simon Bridge
3 735
Ok,lets say an object is moving at a constant speed of Mach 7 for 20000ft. The weight for the object is 2000 lbs. ...
Sep16-12 03:51 PM
4 705
And why is it parallel? Do we actually know what causes magnetism at all?
Sep16-12 04:21 PM
2 842
If I am orbiting a charged planet that is like being in free-fall around the planet. So would I see a B field in...
Sep16-12 04:31 PM
5 613
I am trying to solve and plot the differential equations for springs. when the damping factors are under 1...
Sep16-12 05:17 PM
1 792
Hello, my name is Jordan Heath. I am a UBC third year student in the department of physics and am new to this forum....
Sep16-12 07:22 PM
5 900
If an asteroid was moving in the opposite direction of the moon, could it slow it down enough when it hit it to cause...
Sep17-12 06:22 AM
13 2,043
(not a physic person so hope my description is clear enough) bridge mass = 3150 newtons (center of mass is in...
Sep17-12 10:56 AM
Kevin Priller
19 3,416
Hi I am thinking of ways how to transfer electricity so that I can separate the phase magnetically or otherwise, Ok we...
Sep17-12 12:15 PM
4 806
I want to formulate an approx 2D ripple equation μ(x,y). It should satisfy following: 1) it should have highest...
Sep17-12 01:35 PM
4 1,107
I was just wondering how high tides occur and happen to read the wiki article at but...
Sep17-12 04:16 PM
10 1,101
Hello, everyone. I understand the Standard Model and all of its quarks, leptons and bosons, but could someone show me...
Sep17-12 04:20 PM
3 1,397
When an object is moved away from a plane mirror, its size decrease when seen in the mirror. But, when we draw image...
Sep17-12 04:33 PM
2 616
Hello, this is not homework, I am trying to derive some physics results using intuition, I am currently looking at...
Sep17-12 06:58 PM
2 983
How many square centimeters are in 3.39ft^2? (use cm^2)
Sep17-12 08:05 PM
3 474
A good jump in the long jump event is 3.7m. If the jumper leaves the ground at an angle of 25, what speed must he...
Sep17-12 08:54 PM
2 1,328

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