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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,725
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Y 12:44 PM
167 160,506
It's theorized that most black holes have rotational speed. Also, I'm guessing, event horizons are always spherical or...
Sep9-12 03:33 AM
7 1,117
Good afternoon fiends. I am wondering what exactly is time. Some say, quite inaccurately which flows irrespective of...
Sep9-12 07:24 AM
37 2,936
I can't find authorative sources on whether the magnus effect works on the solar wind. I thought the solar wind...
Sep9-12 07:25 AM
2 668
Ive read that dark matter is making the universe expand faster than usual. How is that even possible?
Sep9-12 07:32 AM
2 622
If I shine a laser at a mirror, it would be reflected back. If I got a super powered laser, could I still reflect it...
Sep9-12 08:16 AM
20 2,114
When a black body is heated the colors listed are IR, red, orange, yellow, white, blue-white, UV. Why doesn't a black...
Sep9-12 08:32 AM
8 1,295
Hi everyone! I was wandering how can i find out which is the position of a planet relative to sun, in our solar system...
Sep9-12 09:27 AM
1 578
Bernoulli levitation, or aerodynamic levitation, is a great physics demonstration. You've probably seen it before. The...
Sep9-12 12:46 PM
3 1,196
Hello everyone! A few days ago I was in my university I walked in my engineering building and I saw a HUDGE...
Sep9-12 03:28 PM
2 677
i noticed that when food is spread in a plate dish and kept to cool,it cools down in the sides first and then in the...
Sep9-12 03:31 PM
10 921
hi to all, i have been trying to find some similar project solution on the internet but so far have found nothing, so...
Sep9-12 03:54 PM
7 916
The specific problem I'd like to know is let's say you have Mr electron (E) in a the wire, denoted by "---" Lets...
Sep9-12 04:51 PM
8 2,133
Hi everyone ! Which are the major properties of inertial forces ?
Sep9-12 05:05 PM
1 569
I know this is a pretty basic question, but it's holding me back from doing my homework due tonight. How do I use trig...
Sep9-12 09:39 PM
2 648
Q: How long does it take a car to cross a 30 m-wide intersection after the light turns green, if it accelerates from...
Sep10-12 12:07 AM
3 1,459
I think I sort of understand, does it take all of the voltage in apart from a certain amount? so say you havea 4v...
Sep10-12 06:48 AM
1 784
Hello Everyone! About Amplitude Modulation, Usually it is seen in the book or web that (e.g. ...
Sep10-12 07:24 AM
2 924
Admin, with all due respect, Please delete this post; it's not necessary anymore. Thank you.
Sep10-12 10:17 AM
0 959
Examine T= r x F (cross product), where |T|=|r||F| sin t, where t is the angle between r and F The intuitive idea...
Sep10-12 11:58 AM
4 1,468
I know that the boiling point of water is lower when the atmospheric pressure is less (such as at the top of a...
Sep10-12 12:02 PM
9 2,728
How come normal current has a magnetic moment if 50% of electrons have spin up and 50% have spin down. Is it because...
Sep10-12 01:10 PM
2 743
Does a 12" x 1.5"D tube filled with 10psi have more force on an piston than a 6" x 1.5"D tube filled with 10psi? ...
Sep10-12 01:12 PM
3 683
I have a part that will slide by it's own weight (50lbs.) at 12 degrees on two parallel shafts. I need to reduce the...
Sep10-12 01:23 PM
1 530
Hypothetically, what would happen if a person was sucked into a black hole? Would they just simply die?
Sep10-12 01:44 PM
Vanadium 50
36 3,518
Let's say I have some source that generates a spherical wave that propagates outwards at the speed of light, and I...
Sep10-12 03:08 PM
5 783
"Many years ago I spent a few weeks on the gaff-rigged topsail schooner Tradewind. I noticed one of the gaffs had a...
Sep10-12 10:26 PM
5 629
Hi everyone, first off i'd like to thank you all for maintaining this awesome forum, seems really cool :D I wasn't...
Sep10-12 11:53 PM
3 1,863
I want to make a parallel plate capacitor without dielectric between it, that is, a capacitor with free space. Can...
Sep11-12 04:04 AM
16 2,238
I am trying to determine the velocity of a liquid. The density of the liquid is .885 g/cm3. The pressure at which it...
Sep11-12 06:26 AM
3 842
hi to all, this one may sound silly but i just can't seem to understand how it will work out. this is the setup - in...
Sep11-12 11:02 AM
4 757
Hi I have a question about pulley. There is fixed pulley:
Sep11-12 01:26 PM
2 634
the energy of em radiation (or photon) is proportional to the frequency of the radiation. the em radiation (or...
Sep11-12 01:50 PM
44 3,691
I posted this first in Astronomy but it belongs in General Physics. With a little research, anyone can convince...
Sep11-12 05:18 PM
29 3,832
Hello I understand the following question is very silly, however I am not sure about the answer. Lets consider...
Sep12-12 04:09 AM
21 2,637
How would you go about calculating the velocity of a rollercoaster once it reaches the bottom, specifically, something...
Sep12-12 05:13 AM
7 1,209
It's hard for me to find the why,bcz most books only give this without any explaination Is there anyone who knows...
Sep12-12 06:06 AM
Vanadium 50
4 4,524
i am not able to understand how, where and why stresses will act on the space elevator considering it to be a rope or...
Sep12-12 06:41 AM
16 1,694
Hello, My book gives the equation du=Tds-pdV as for the first law of thermodyanmics. The book derives this for a...
Sep12-12 08:49 AM
0 628
I have 3 x Flywheels of equal dimensions but different weight eg a.400lbs b.800lbs c.2000lbs,which one will keep...
Sep12-12 01:38 PM
4 775
The EM field of a magnet or electromagnet can be converted to electricity with the use of a transformer (coil). My...
Sep12-12 02:43 PM
5 752

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