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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,240
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,394
Why does nature follow the principals that it does? say there is no God, why are the parameters and laws/constraints...
Oct18-12 02:28 AM
2 923
I have learnt that due to upward thrust of air, the weight of an object is reduced to some extent than the real...
Oct18-12 03:43 AM
9 1,773
What is there in a moving bicycle that it is easily balanced?
Oct18-12 05:40 AM
1 412
dx/dt = η(t) dy/dt = ζ(t) where <η(t)>=<ζ(t)>=0 <η(t)η(t')> = 2Dδ(t-t') <ζ(t)ζ(t')> = 2Dδ(t-t') If...
Oct18-12 11:22 AM
0 513
Think Im having a brainfart here, so I need a tad bit of help. Sorry, imageshack rotated the image for some reason:...
Oct18-12 11:43 AM
Per Oni
4 1,075
Recently a device invisible to a static magnetic field was described. The device features a cylinder with two...
Oct18-12 12:20 PM
4 722
So, I read an article yesterday about a potential design for a spacetime crystal. The idea behind a spacetime...
Oct18-12 01:17 PM
4 867
Can we make gold from nuclear reaction in the lab? If yes, what are the nuclear equations?
Oct18-12 02:01 PM
Vanadium 50
9 1,273
Hey guys I am a high school senior and this is my first year taking physics. I am really interested in the subject...
Oct18-12 03:15 PM
7 1,176
Hello All! Does anyone have a good design for a Cloud Chamber using Peltier Coolers? I'm wanting to build a chamber...
Oct18-12 04:30 PM
1 799
I am in my second year of my undergraduate studies and I am involved in a research society. Does anybody know of/can...
Oct18-12 05:53 PM
8 1,338
I want to know what exactly is magnetic and electric field fringing and what is the cause of it?
Oct19-12 01:48 AM
1 2,542
So I've studied physics at the university quite a bit and was a bit surprised when I couldn't answer this simple...
Oct19-12 03:17 AM
5 1,211
For a physics project, a few friends and I got ahold of a couple of balls that would record the time of an impact....
Oct19-12 05:50 AM
6 1,326
When people talk about harmonic oscillators it seems to me that they always assume either that the relationship of...
Oct19-12 06:05 AM
14 1,039
If I have a matter wave (for example, electron waves in a electronic microscope) at a given wavelength λ, and I move...
Oct19-12 07:29 AM
6 1,012
If electrons are shot through the double slit one at a time, is it observed that each electron hits randomly in one of...
Oct19-12 07:50 AM
3 681
What are the conditions required for the pressure inside the object to be fixed?any examples are appreciated.:smile:
Oct19-12 08:10 AM
1 522
I'm quite new here, but here's my question: Is there a way to make one magnetic pole stronger than another?
Oct19-12 08:41 AM
1 622
Beer´s law does not apply if there is any scattering. In a pure absorber, if 1 layer absorbs 50 % of incident light...
Oct19-12 09:57 AM
4 703
Hi, does anyone know how to calculate the total absorptin of a sample from its labdam-absorbance spectrum? I found a...
Oct19-12 10:00 AM
1 688
For a fixed pressure differential will the flow rate remain constant or will it increase as the restriction decreases....
Oct19-12 10:18 AM
17 3,374
Hi Thanks for Taking a look Need help to settle a debate (now argument) Viewing the "Titles of topic" in this...
Oct19-12 02:46 PM
15 1,414
I wanted to ask from my intuition of Newton's First law that body in motion remains in motion. Assume we kick a ball...
Oct19-12 02:48 PM
1 597
I'm trying to understand if a really heavy object on earth, say a mountain, would move if I push it with my bare...
Oct19-12 04:45 PM
2 996
I was looking for some help on getting displacement from acceleration data (using an accelerometer). I found this old...
Oct19-12 05:07 PM
1 835
Given a Universe abiding solely by deterministic laws, Laplace's reasoning seems to make perfect sense. So let us take...
Oct19-12 06:12 PM
3 1,024
Go to any article on wikipedia, for example Now Ctrl + F and find a word, for...
Oct19-12 06:51 PM
0 587
Hello, I consider myself an up-and-comer theoretical physicist (although getting a bit of a late start), and there's...
Oct19-12 07:02 PM
3 729
so, i am fairly good in physics, but, i do have a Q. with a torque wrench, does the wrench move force perpendicular...
Oct19-12 09:15 PM
8 935
If room A is connected to the outside with a window and room A has a fan on; Would the air would try to move out from...
Oct19-12 09:28 PM
9 1,354
Where does the potential energy go if you carry uranium to a nuclear power plant on the top of a mountain and part of...
Oct20-12 02:09 AM
12 4,007
It is mentioned that the conditions of interference is that the waves should be coherent and synchronized. What is...
Oct20-12 03:26 AM
2 661
What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Formula? Here: ...
Oct20-12 09:45 AM
3 774
So I was just at a hockey game and noticed that the game pucks were being kept on ice in a cooler before they were to...
Oct20-12 10:30 AM
2 987
Hi, I'm in the process of building a marble run out of brass wire using 15mm steel ball bearings. For ease of...
Oct20-12 10:38 AM
11 1,461
First: Theoretically, is it possible to transfer all of an object's KE to another object? e.g. (ignoring...
Oct20-12 11:16 AM
13 1,874
I am to compete in an upcoming skateboard marathon. Recently we were discussing the use of skateboard wheels and...
Oct20-12 04:11 PM
13 1,503
I wish to know why and how does hysteresis occur from a purely mathematical perspective, using analytical functions...
Oct20-12 05:27 PM
3 1,082
In our lab we determined the charge to mass ratio e/m of electron by creating electron beam and making it spin in a...
Oct20-12 11:33 PM
5 1,210

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