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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,548
One of stokes relation is that r=r'. What does this mean exactly? Is the phase difference between incident beam and...
Feb5-13 02:51 AM
1 490
Most textbooks list the real part of the index of refraction. How would I go about calculating the imaginary part of...
Feb5-13 01:54 AM
1 636
Hi Guys Wondered if you could help me. Say a high energy electron (low wavelength?) is fired through an...
Feb4-13 09:43 PM
6 1,623
As far as I understand it... Each satellite transmits a signal that the receiver receives. This signal consists of...
Feb4-13 08:13 PM
3 644
It is usually written that the speed of light in a dielectric medium is ##v=\frac{c}{\sqrt{\epsilon_r}}##, where ##c##...
Feb4-13 05:37 PM
2 1,097
If you have one high energy photon and you collect it together with another, does there energy combined into one high...
Feb4-13 03:47 PM
8 484
Why is charge a derived quantity????
Feb4-13 03:09 PM
6 923
I was wondering what voltage or current, if any, would be produced if the basic magnet through a copper coil ...
Feb4-13 02:57 PM
1 458
Hey all, Anyone know if there is a δt to Compton scattering or is it an instantaneous event, entertaining classical...
Feb4-13 02:31 PM
4 539
what is the relationship between these 3 Charge Capacitance voltage??????
Feb4-13 01:45 PM
2 506
Physics noob here. I was wondering, is there a way to measure time delay between the movement of one part of an atom...
Feb4-13 12:33 PM
5 570
I was wondering if anyone would have a link to, or have, a diagram showing light wave diffraction at an obstacle? ...
Feb4-13 11:19 AM
3 587
Hello Can someone explain what it is about typical household mirrors (eg. for grooming use) that allows them to...
Feb4-13 10:42 AM
9 937
Hello all. This is my first post and I wasn't exactly sure where to put it, so I apologize if it could be in a better...
Feb4-13 10:26 AM
Andy Resnick
2 695
Hi, I am doing an university project that consists in building a robot that operates in a AC to DC convertor. The...
Feb4-13 10:08 AM
12 971
I was watching a video on YouTube called 'How Much Does A Shadow Weigh?' and towards the end, the following question...
Feb4-13 09:02 AM
16 1,665
If we had the capacity to measure masses this small: Would a candle in a closed jar be just as heavy as identical...
Feb4-13 04:03 AM
5 502
To find average velocity, you do total displacement over total time To find average speed, you add up the speeds /...
Feb4-13 02:06 AM
4 527
I am looking to do some experimentation with x-ray imaging of non-living materials, and need advice on how to do it...
Feb3-13 10:56 PM
3 408
how do i wire this disk with the detectors
Feb3-13 05:25 PM
1 418
A string with a density/length of rho and tension T has an elastic spring with stiffness k at x=0. There is a step...
Feb3-13 04:12 PM
1 448
What is the difference between the two ? Maybe that in the photoelectric effect all of the energy of a photon is...
Feb3-13 02:57 PM
8 1,181
Energy gravitates. Is is so simple as to replace M in gravitational euqations with E/c*c ? ...
Feb3-13 01:10 PM
4 380
The width of a pulse is typically given in the time domain, correct? The effective width is the term to describe this....
Feb3-13 12:48 PM
3 346
Hello I have some questions regarding the following problem: Imagine I have a glass beaker partially filled with...
Feb3-13 12:37 PM
4 636
Hello, I'm trying to analyze the RC circuit... specifically a low-pass filter, so the set up is voltage source to...
Feb3-13 11:07 AM
4 424
If a ball is thrown upward with velocity of 1m/s, is vx = 0 while vy= 1?
Feb3-13 10:28 AM
5 412
why is it a derived quantity?
Feb3-13 10:17 AM
6 760
i am not able to understand what IS exactly a hall probe and how it works. also how do we calibrate a hall probe???...
Feb3-13 09:22 AM
13 996
Somebody estimated that if cables will be extended from pole to pole and contacts placed on equator we could obtain...
Feb3-13 09:13 AM
16 1,167
Hello ! Firstly, i'd like to say that I have nothing to do with physic - and everything I've learnt in school...
Feb3-13 03:45 AM
10 639
I have no idea what constraints are, nor do I understand why they are important. I get where the constraints in...
Feb3-13 12:22 AM
Simon Bridge
1 349
Please help; Explain phenomena about collision and water. click Now>>>> thank you...
Feb2-13 10:15 PM
4 330
Hello, This query isn't concerned with solving a problem, but only with details appendant to the problem. The...
Feb2-13 08:59 PM
6 2,534
How is energy of electromagnetic waves (classical electrodynamics → Poynting vector) related to the photon energy...
Feb2-13 08:12 PM
15 1,152
What would happen if: 1- Two neutrons approach each other slowly. Do they glue? 2- A rainfall of neutrons fell...
Feb2-13 07:49 PM
12 590
I've been researching "lithography" and have been looking for some info on the evolution of various techniques that...
Feb2-13 05:17 PM
1 305
Hello! I couldnt find any answer to a wondering I have: On one end of a light string, attach a heavy ball, and on...
Feb2-13 05:05 PM
19 1,290
Hello, i'd just like to know do atoms fuse together the instant that they make contact after overcomming repulsion or...
Feb2-13 02:15 PM
8 1,237
Hi All, Usually the fourier transform is defined as the one in the Wiki page here...
Feb2-13 02:15 PM
5 540

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