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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,414
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,249
The usual explanation given for transparency is that when the energy of a photon is smaller than the band gap energy...
Jun21-13 03:55 PM
6 999
when current passes a conductor? does it also generate an electric field with a magnetic field? also what is the...
Jun21-13 03:54 PM
3 618
My question: how is matter influenced by forces that are non-matter? To elaborate more specifically: the four...
Jun21-13 02:13 PM
33 2,319
Hello everybody, I am a first year physics student and I've got two more questions. Assuming that particles in a...
Jun21-13 12:44 PM
1 1,452
Hi all, I have only one spectrometer and 2 different light sources. I need to measure the optical power of the...
Jun21-13 10:20 AM
9 1,160
Like the title says, I'm curious why sine waves are often referred to as "natural" or "pure" oscillations. Why not...
Jun21-13 06:49 AM
19 2,719
Is time and space symmetric? Or am I misunderstanding symmetry in the physical sense? Also according to noether...
Jun21-13 05:53 AM
5 671
Can any one tell me the site or give information on these i have small doubts in that so can any one give exact answer...
Jun21-13 04:12 AM
1 655
If I wanted to accelerate a mass faster than g would I just take a rod and connect two pulleys on each end but they...
Jun21-13 02:47 AM
14 1,012
Centuries ago, Greek philosophers (such as Democritus) postulated that atoms were the fundamental building blocks of...
Jun20-13 03:55 PM
8 926
I understand that in photoelectric effect, the energy of the whole photon is absorbed, freeing an electron. I don't...
Jun20-13 01:15 PM
44 5,430
The Coin(Green) in lying on a paper which is lying on a box.When I pull the paper with a higher force so that I could...
Jun20-13 12:49 PM
5 653
I've been thinking about mass and the question occurred to me: If a particle is completely inert i.e. absolutely no...
Jun20-13 09:56 AM
11 1,103
Since this is my first post on this forum, I would like to start by saying: Hello everyone! :smile: Now let's...
Jun20-13 08:44 AM
18 1,494
I've looked at multiple textbooks that all say this process is ISOTHERMAL (see attached image). I can see why it is...
Jun20-13 07:48 AM
7 833
Hello all, I always read in texts that you can charge a body in air till the the electric field due to...
Jun20-13 04:44 AM
4 870
When my credit card magnetic strip is worn it won't scan at the grocery check out. The clerk then uses a plastic bag...
Jun20-13 04:02 AM
6 1,313
hello please i want the definition of Pulse Width and Maximum Clock Frequency in Flip flop please i have exam after...
Jun20-13 02:47 AM
3 742
Hello PF, I have once simple (well, not so simple for me) question. I'm trying to derive an equation for the...
Jun20-13 01:13 AM
3 2,380
Ok here goes one of my crazy , maybe not so questions. When ionization occurs , the electrons and ions form a plasma...
Jun19-13 10:46 AM
12 1,080
Dear all respected expert/collegues, I'm setting out a photoelectrochemical cell. I'm facing problem to regulate...
Jun19-13 02:24 AM
Simon Bridge
3 996
If I have a charged wire and shape it into a spiral, is the electric field stronger?
Jun18-13 10:24 PM
1 771
I am looking for a material that will change colors depending on how long it is in the sunlight. Any thoughts?
Jun18-13 05:29 PM
6 757
I am confused about spontaneous fission. My basic understanding is that like α-decay the tunnel effect is responsible....
Jun18-13 04:35 PM
6 808
...what mass would I need to covert to pure energy (roughly)? Like, they say a paper clip converted into pure...
Jun18-13 09:29 AM
17 1,258
Human being's can't take exact random samples from continuous distributions like the uniform distribution on . If...
Jun18-13 07:57 AM
24 1,462
Hello Physics Forums, this is my first thread here. My daugher of 9 years is getting interested in the moon and...
Jun18-13 04:01 AM
3 720
You lift a 50 lb weight by a distance of 4 ft so you do 200 foot-pounds of work. You then hold the weight and walk a...
Jun18-13 01:53 AM
1 543
Say if an iron disk slides down a non ferromagnetic conductor ramp and we get a certain time. And then we have an iron...
Jun17-13 10:45 PM
12 849
For the decay chain N1 -> N2 -> N3 -> ... -> Ni -> ... -> Nd, how can I find the amount of particles of Ni, n(Ni), at...
Jun17-13 06:47 PM
1 510
Let me begin by saying I do not have a background in physics, or science for that matter! I just have an interest in...
Jun17-13 06:46 PM
11 1,286
Hello, am working with luminescence spectra, including excitation and emission spectra. When you makes an initial...
Jun17-13 05:57 PM
0 514
From my understanding it's impossible for electrons to directly turn themselves into neutrons and protons. Electrons...
Jun17-13 04:41 PM
Jano L.
2 536
I saw this video a long time ago and just assumed it was fake, but I just saw it again and honestly don't know how...
Jun17-13 04:35 PM
3 600
°Hey guys, so I'm in year 12 and ive got to do an individual investigation about anything I want for my Welsh Bac...
Jun17-13 04:14 PM
3 775
Hi my name is Bruno, I'm 19, I'm currently finishing my 12nd grade on arts. I'm annoyed because no one I know can...
Jun17-13 02:51 PM
10 1,079
In thermoelectric series, lead is arranged in the middle and other metals arranged both on the left and right hand...
Jun17-13 01:06 PM
0 512
I'm having difficulty reproducing an experiment I remember from high school. It's basically a glass bottle with a...
Jun17-13 12:26 PM
4 888
Hello physicsforum, As the topic name says, I would like to know if a photon forming electron-positron pairs...
Jun17-13 11:25 AM
7 898
Hi all, I would appreciate a little guidance on some circuit theory. I was wondering how a circuit behaves when there...
Jun17-13 10:17 AM
6 775

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