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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Y 09:17 PM Draizen 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,255
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,202
Hi, everyone. I stumbled upon this video of an incredible battery setup. I can't quite figure out how it works, so...
Sep27-10 02:26 AM
13 2,975
Hi, I want to conduct an experiment where I want to maintain water temperature at a particular value. Its an...
Mar17-10 09:01 AM
2 2,879
There are many slow motion videos of water balloons dramatically bouncing off of someone's face perfectly intact, yet...
Apr11-13 09:48 PM
Simon Bridge
3 1,042
How much a coil inductance of 0.1 mH (3 cm long, some 50 turns wound around 5 cm diameter empty plastic pipe) may...
May7-14 11:36 AM
3 401
I was boiling some water the other day in a pot and the stove was already hot, and a drop of water dripped from the...
Nov30-07 06:27 PM
8 1,600
So let's say you have water flowing at a given speed. Ballpark, how much force can be produced with a given surface...
Jul11-11 05:00 AM
2 1,790
Hi All, A friend and I were recently considering the idea of measuring water flow in a fire hose, buy measuring the...
Aug20-09 02:40 AM
3 822
Now although this is silly and quite crude (You have been warned), it is a legitimate physics question. I was sitting...
Oct16-13 03:23 AM
Simon Bridge
3 668
This one has also puzzled me for quite some time. How come that glass, water and diamonds for instance are...
Aug18-09 02:09 PM
0 539
I was looking at this page and it explains the heat capacity difference between copper and water in terms of a...
May7-13 08:59 AM
7 1,179
Sometimes when I am driving I make myself the following questions. Why do the front windscreen of cars steam up?...
Aug27-04 08:55 PM
14 2,173
Water is a dipole right? Having a slightly positive side and a negative side. If this is true, then won't water...
Apr30-03 06:25 PM
10 1,475
Anyone know an equation for comparing water absorption by plotted plants vs. evaporation of the water collecting in...
Nov21-13 11:12 AM
4 777
HVAC man here, still tinkering with humidification. Trying to get a baseline on the rate of evaporation of...
Jan24-11 03:39 PM
0 2,199
Hello , I was thinking about dams and hydroelectrostations , the turbines can turn because the water before the dam is...
Dec2-13 08:32 AM
13 863
*** * Water & TOE *** Water is not H20... What does that mean to Theory of Everything (TOE)?
Dec1-03 09:54 AM
6 2,815
Before I start, let me say that I am hugely skeptical but we do have an issue where finding a good hitting water well...
May26-11 02:25 PM
1 1,563
Is it possible to predict the future state of a system without using time as a factor?
Nov22-03 12:09 PM
5 1,452
Edit: Suppose you are pulling a weight along a track at an angle (in the picture 45)....
Sep14-14 06:59 AM
2 307
If the universe was hotter in the past, it was more chaotic and disordered with all the molecules and particles...
Oct5-11 10:56 AM
4 1,216
After going up in the mountains where i live i started getting annoyed at how washboard the roads were. Logging trucks...
Mar30-04 10:45 PM
4 2,041
was wondering what set c to its speed ?
Jul3-04 04:43 PM
7 726
I posted this first in Astronomy but it belongs in General Physics. With a little research, anyone can convince...
Sep11-12 05:18 PM
29 4,163
Hello, In classical EM, would one have said that red light carries less energy than blue light? (if both have the...
Dec4-10 03:58 PM
8 1,626
I read that the determining factor of a Black Hole being created is when the mass of an object divided by its radius...
Apr18-04 06:20 AM
4 1,747
Ok guys, first of all I apologize if this question is not worded correctly, is in the wrong section, and for any other...
Oct17-12 09:50 AM
1 583
If a beam of electrons pass through a plane where the potental energy abruptly increases but not enough to classically...
Jul3-05 11:49 PM
2 1,040
I was just wondering, does anyone have any proof whether or not Eintein was autistic? ...
Jun14-04 08:04 AM
14 3,567
Please, take a look at the last paragraph of the New York Times article about a 14 year old polymath then read the...
Mar19-04 07:51 AM
37 4,317
There's not much info on engineering physics. I've read quite a lot of posts about people that loved physics but chose...
Mar10-11 09:58 AM
3 3,938
Dear Physics Forum community. Please allow me tro preface the following by stating that I am a novice to the...
Apr24-11 05:17 AM
Filip Larsen
17 1,780
I love Star trek and I was thinking, how to create a warp drive. I have read a discusion about EM waves on this...
Jan10-09 02:28 PM
Math Jeans
24 3,336
Hello. I have got one interesting question for you. Imagine that you are driving a car down the hill. What is the...
Jan19-13 09:42 PM
Sylvia Else
8 936
A friend of mine just got a new washing machine. In its manual it states "cold water rinses do not wring out the...
Aug3-05 01:33 PM
7 9,460
I assume this is the correct forum for this question... :P This is the idea: we have a hollow object (probably a...
Jul31-11 07:01 AM
1 844
Consider a hot potatoe. Will it cool faster or slower when we blow the warm air coming from our lungs or if we let it...
Mar21-05 09:34 AM
Chi Meson
1 714
Im not sure why the learning materials section is blocked for me to post in, however: I am stuck between these books:...
Aug3-10 05:23 AM
2 1,030
Im going to the Nobel-lectures in december and I wonder if anyone can recomend som good books or web-sites about...
Oct17-03 03:20 AM
0 1,591
The formula for no. of images by two mirrors inclined at $ angle is -1 ...
Sep29-04 03:10 PM
5 1,292
Hi, Been looking for someone to help with a project I'm running. Only a few weeks of work at this stage, paid at...
Nov4-06 03:28 PM
0 766

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