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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 184,547
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,092
All I have read in the electricity class is that AC is any type of current which actually reverses its directions...
Nov25-13 07:09 PM
24 1,739
Hey, I need to know the effect ( capillary rise) due to different materials on capillary action. Also, what is...
Dec22-12 11:57 AM
4 979
Dear All I need some information from you guys. I have readings from acceleration sensors i.e. Acceleration along...
Mar1-11 05:03 AM
0 2,927
I am ona project of making a robocar and I want it to turn. After my first attempt I realized that it should be a...
May25-08 08:23 AM
4 1,454
Hello all of you very bright physicists, The local physics dept. is not answering us thus far and long story short...
Nov19-12 10:41 AM
9 1,419
Hi guys! I was wondering if someone could me help to get a free electronic copy of R. Wangsness book "Electromagnetic...
Jul6-14 05:45 PM
Vanadium 50
1 435
How would you calculate the height needed to do a flip off the wall as described in...
May2-07 06:54 PM
9 1,378
Hey guys and gals - I was constructing a circuit yesterday and a question developed in my mind. Power out of an outlet...
Nov17-13 06:02 PM
Sir Physics
3 489
I'm a bit of a physics noob, but I am always curious about everything in the world. I concluded from Newton's...
Sep26-11 05:02 PM
6 853
A few months ago my physics teacher was talkign about "wave variance", and how everything has it, including walls and...
Sep24-06 10:42 PM
7 8,173
if you walk through the back of the event horizon, would you appear on the other side, particle-by-partcile,...
Jun17-05 12:00 PM
8 927
I'm walking on a beach, it's sunny and hot. When I step on the wet sand it becomes dry! Why?
Nov12-10 12:41 PM
23 4,850
How fast does a 100kg person with feet 300 cm^2 feet have to move to avoid sinking in water? ( assuming the water is...
Dec17-07 11:58 PM
6 1,602
I am new here and i am a java programer and i needed a physics equation. I need to get an equation that can allow a...
Apr14-05 12:40 PM
10 1,707
Hello I had a debate on comparing walking on the ground with velocity V and wlaking on an electrical walker with...
Dec1-05 04:03 PM
9 1,297
>I.e, you can't simultaneously use both labeling >schemes. This conclusion actually seems inevitable, given that the...
Dec13-08 05:00 AM
Henrique de Andrade Gomes
6 1,188
We are all familiar with E=MC2, although I don't know how that formula relates to the big bang. In any case, I...
Jul29-13 09:29 AM
3 744
I have wondered how vulnerable is the Space Shuttle to an impact by a small meteor. If a golf ball sized or even a...
Apr19-10 02:38 PM
5 2,090
Any thoughts on this?
Feb9-04 05:14 PM
54 5,124
Joao Magueijo asserts in his book, "Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation," _Perseus...
Jul31-03 08:38 PM
Eugene Shubert
0 2,779
Vs/Vp = Ns/Np This apply in transformer. But I have read the following statement : ' Uasally , voltage ratio is...
Apr9-05 04:06 PM
3 1,567
Voyager the real time machine have we received a message yet? Would you know how to find the massage if it was...
May21-04 05:45 AM
2 1,775
Hi all, Can anyone explain the physics principle of this kind of cooler. Thanks
Jul10-09 03:46 AM
2 1,001
If You are suddenly teleported from the equator to the north pole. How fast and which way will you be spinning...
May12-11 04:19 PM
3 722
Hi all. In Fluid dynamics, is vorticity equiavlent to angular momentum? It seems that vorticity is twice of the rate...
Aug20-07 10:49 AM
11 2,959
Let me give you a glimpse at my research. I uploaded a video of my latest simulation on youtube,...
Jan29-14 08:44 PM
2 321
To any one familiar with the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube: Say if the cooled air is allowed to pass over the vortex...
Aug29-08 09:46 AM
1 1,889
Alright guys here is the deal, i have had a vortex cooling system on my mind for a while and started wondering ...
Aug21-11 07:34 AM
1 1,005
Hi! I hope I'm posting this in the right forum... I was wondering if someone could quickly explain what a "vortex...
May28-12 01:33 PM
0 850
Is there a way to calculate the rise in surface elevation of water in a vortex from the middle to the outside?
Feb9-08 05:33 PM
Devious Squir
1 1,801
Hi Physics Guys, I'm not a physic guy myself but some google searching lead me to this site so I signed up so I...
Sep28-11 11:52 AM
10 21,231
1. Can anyone please explain in detail How a Vortex if formed. I mean what are the reasons and physical phenomena...
Aug20-09 02:34 AM
5 6,861
Hi, Could someone please explain to me the actual definition of vortex breakdown (VB) and VB suppression? I have...
Oct29-08 07:34 AM
0 730
I have observed that when water goes down the sink, a vortex forms. Why doesn't water just down, not in a vortex?
Mar31-13 03:27 PM
10 1,655
Physics: Vortex air ring shooter? Using air only & a PUSH or a PULL with a 32 GALLON bin how do i make a vortex ring...
Dec28-10 06:11 PM
1 1,582
When you foretell that will be sent the first Von Neumann probe?
Nov5-03 04:13 PM
2 2,307
In the same way that if you reduce the radius of a spinning object it accelerates due the conservation of angular...
Mar2-12 12:04 AM
0 1,034
Hey so I am trying to calculate the following scenario. I have a chamber that must change in pressure at a certain...
Oct13-11 06:57 AM
1 1,722
How is the angle determined in volume scattering function in water for a lidar application? The volume scattering...
Mar14-05 10:35 PM
0 789
hi : i have this question, which it reads pretty simple but I am trying to see if someone can walk me through the...
Nov13-03 11:42 AM
7 1,159

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