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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug14-14 03:46 PM DrDanny 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 189,705
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,262
Someone please tell me why if the photon has no charge or mass, it is modeled as having an E and B field component?......
Jun5-05 01:58 AM
9 2,779
my objective was that gravity caused movement in an object without lowering the center of mass i built a balance...
Dec21-05 06:27 PM
4 1,479
The sound is generated not exclusively by fork on a plate, but from other things such as scratching your nails against...
Jul3-09 10:49 PM
10 5,051
Hello I would appreciate if someone can refresh my mind with the principle of superposition..
Sep18-12 11:31 AM
3 736
I don't understand the reasoning behind trying to discover anti-gravity. Attach a rocket to a load and make it...
Jan2-09 05:33 AM
1 1,016
i want to build a pendulum in resonace with a balance to see what happens so anybody knows whats the swinging...
Nov10-05 01:33 PM
1 802
Hello! Can someone explain the effect of gravity of an object on the same object? We pretty much know the effect...
Oct23-09 11:42 AM
Doc Al
16 1,747
from what i understand (and this could be flawed) is that group velocity is the velocity of the wave packets being...
Nov16-04 10:21 AM
Laser Jock
2 8,987
ok, im taking engineering physics II ... unfortunately, im forced to take this as part of my COMPUTER SCIENCE degree...
Oct22-03 04:32 PM
2 1,959
ABS brakes and regular in physics way..i understand that they aviod skids by not locking...but what is the...
Feb13-06 03:03 AM
3 1,745
My physics textbook talks about them like they are two different things. Can someone explain further? Thanks for...
Jul13-07 12:45 PM
3 6,581
Ok, so i just finished my first semester ever of calculus. I have never ever made it this far in math in my life...
Jan9-13 07:52 AM
9 864
What do you use?
Dec15-08 01:56 PM
0 1,441
I found this equation a=qE/m, for finding the acceleration of an electron. If I were to try to find the acceleration...
Jun24-12 07:27 PM
1 1,123
hi i have come across a post regarding ignition spark in cars with waste spark management. and my question is... that...
Oct22-12 07:13 PM
18 1,403
what is RCS supposed to mean in physics, i have a quiz tommorow with that as a bonus question, i know it has something...
Nov12-04 12:25 AM
1 1,322
I need to know what the "BEST" formula for me to use is... and I actually have 5 decimal places on all this data...
Nov5-09 06:33 PM
5 7,785
What is more important to the development of science and technology and the furtherment of human knowledge: Physics...
Jun18-04 04:27 PM
19 1,753
Before I begin this thread, I will go ahead and tell you I do not have much experience in the field of physics....
Jan4-14 03:43 PM
32 1,281
whats is the different between kienetic energy and momentum.with examples . i know the mathemetical...
Jan5-11 01:00 PM
9 1,424 ok so this guy throws up a cup of hot water at like 45 below zero F. And...
Oct5-10 02:57 AM
James Leighe
6 2,019
why does peak of fire of a matchstick face upwards ie away from ground.why is it not effected by gravity,is there any...
Apr23-12 10:13 PM
19 2,800
Im just interested to know because apparently there is something faster than the speed of light and the fastest thing...
May16-13 09:05 AM
5 887
Examples of these effects can be found here.
Sep2-09 07:38 AM
0 1,147
I can easily picture joules per second (I just see light of varying intensities passing a point at varying rates) I...
Sep14-10 08:36 AM
3 2,788
Hello, I am a student in high schoool, and everywhere i look i see the obvious implications that light travels as a...
May19-04 01:57 PM
3 3,770
I'm just wondering, with all these theories out there (M-theory, tachyons, anti-particles, etc., etc.) aren't they...
Mar31-03 11:22 AM
3 1,665
remember the directed energy weapons (or Star Wars) project? what kinds of thing did they create and why aren't they...
Jun10-03 04:10 PM
1 1,299
Suppose I have a superconducting solenoid MRI magnet (cooled with liquid helium) producing a static magnetic field...
Oct17-09 06:44 AM
7 1,020
this? I caught it in a post in another forum and I was...
Mar18-05 11:46 PM
3 885
Hello, a friend of mine has a "revolutionary" idea about harvesting wind power by using a "translational turbine"....
Mar6-12 09:22 AM
8 1,392
I've had this idea for a while. I can't see anything wrong with it. Maybe someone here can tell me if it's unsound. ...
Nov21-05 07:36 PM
5 1,211
I was looking through a book on magnetism and it had the attached diagrams of field lines and stated that the...
Jan7-14 11:09 AM
35 985
Hello; For my coursework I am studying how changing the wavelength of a beam of light affects the index of...
Jul20-11 10:25 AM
15 3,830
"If a particle which has mass travel at the speed of light, the particle mass will reach infinity, which require...
Nov22-04 10:17 AM
3 1,445
Hello Dear people,i wanted to know wat actually is wavelength?? I have heard all the definations most of them says...
Sep4-13 06:37 AM
15 920
Sorry for the subject typo. I noticed an interesting thing while looking at my never-folded clothes (and forgive me...
Mar6-08 12:18 PM
0 531
The filaments at the red pointer. Is that the result of shockwave? Thanks
May18-08 07:32 PM
2 2,417
I don't understand the thing with Einstein and the moving clocks. Two clocks moving re- lative to each other; each...
Jul28-03 08:11 PM
2 1,483
Hi everyone. This probably isn't the right place for people like me to ask stuff like this but I've searched the...
Mar16-10 07:56 PM
4 928

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