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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,202
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,627
Hello, I'm looking for a college that offers Physics 4C(or equivalent classes) in this coming summer in CA or nearby...
Feb27-12 10:55 PM
1 913
So i was in this suv with my buddy the other day and we came to a red light on a downward slope. He used his hand...
Jan27-09 06:33 AM
Ranger Mike
11 1,811
The universe began with the Big-bang and then formed into today's state. But which came first? Mass or Energy? Also...
Oct31-13 10:15 AM
20 1,185 Which bulb is really more...
Sep29-13 04:41 PM
7 526
Which books have you read?
Jun27-04 09:29 PM
30 3,810
When we stretch a spring like the one on this link, it tends to...
Jun1-05 10:56 PM
6 1,188
which ones are true? a. the mass of an object on the moon will be the same as its mass on Earth. b. the weight...
Jan9-04 05:18 AM
3 866
As some new concept in physics, and for physics to progress in the exceed light speed area, whether should consider to...
Jan5-04 07:34 PM
0 955
This question may be quite trivial but I was wondering if you were observing a galaxy that was say 10 arc seconds in...
Jan28-13 03:26 PM
1 261
when you walk the reaction of your thrust is the earth going very slightly in the other sense but how can an ice...
Aug7-05 03:25 AM
6 1,192
Hello: "Where's Waldo" is a cartoon phenomena whose goal is to spot Waldo somewhere in a densely drawn image. ...
Feb23-07 05:00 AM
1 1,245
A rocket in space, of mass 1kg, accelerates at 2m/s squared. Between t=0 and t=1 it's change in KE is 0.5j, between...
Nov19-09 05:19 PM
49 3,252
I was wondering if you good folk could point me in the right direction. I am a lay person interested in physics, and...
Dec24-04 08:49 AM
2 1,050
Where would I post a question concerning the physics involved in acoustics? Specifically the Helmholtz Resonator and...
Jan13-12 05:50 PM
2 869
Here's a no brainer for you guys... Suppose we have an ideal straight wire lying on the table. Then we pull it with...
Feb7-09 12:45 PM
3 729
Assuming a simple circuit with a couple of resistors Would it just read 0 around 2 points uninterrupted by a...
Jan3-08 09:08 AM
3 4,128
OK... So I was sitting there minding my own business when my alter ego popped out of no where and started asking me...
Jan17-14 03:56 PM
17 477
Lately I've gotten an interest in physics. Theoretical Physics in particular, string theory, parallel universes,...
Aug7-05 08:16 PM
8 1,076
I have tried at but you must have an e-mail account at your university and i unfortunately lost it due to...
Aug21-03 05:01 PM
Tom Mattson
1 1,347
One of the interest of the scientists upon the space station alpha 1 is research of the cristalization because the...
Jan5-04 06:49 AM
0 2,191
Where would I start for modeling something like a waterbed? Say a 2D well-shaped object with an incompressible liquid...
Jan18-08 12:53 PM
5 1,103
In fact i think that when you want to understand a theory..the best think is to ask the author of it...however the...
Jul4-03 02:38 PM
2 1,409
I am a high school student and i am doing a science fair project about radiation. i have a microwave detector and i...
Dec3-10 02:43 AM
2 1,969
I have heard you can buy Compton effect and single photon double slit experiments as kits, but I am having trouble...
Apr27-09 07:43 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,757
Hi, does anyone know where to buy cheap plastic lenses online? I need lenses of 0.8-1.2mm diameter and 5-50mm F.L. ...
Jul6-10 12:57 PM
5 2,546
What processes, mechanisms or basic physics could experience an increase in efficiency best for world society?
Oct25-07 01:21 PM
5 1,110
Hello, I don't see any specific forum about chaos, self-organised complexity, emergence etc Are there any...
Aug24-04 02:15 PM
Tom Mattson
1 932
I have a doubt about the energy. According to law of conservation of energy, energy can neither be created nor be...
Jan25-13 08:43 PM
6 739
hello sir i am little confused that when we hammering a rigid wall then where the all energy goes supplied by the...
Apr23-13 02:23 PM
5 578
Where should I start if I want to pick up on Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics? Is advanced calculus necessary? ...
Apr27-04 10:46 PM
20 1,594
I am fairly new to Physics and it seems to me that there are a lot of things we know to be true. I'm interested to...
Apr10-14 12:49 PM
16 542
Can someone tell me where onlin physicists publish their papers? If its more than one place, only those papers on...
May18-04 04:36 PM
2 4,121
where is the principle focus of a plain mirror?
Dec1-06 07:45 AM
5 4,667
If we add energy, E, to a stationary ground state atom of mass, M, to produce an excited state the mass of the atom...
Jan30-08 05:00 AM
Tom Roberts
4 6,056
Hi, I'm making an animation of how a boat behaves when hit by a wave. This is how it looks like after the wave: ...
Dec29-12 03:17 PM
4 801
Hello, I'm getting done with the high school (I'm 18 years old btw) I've failed many years... sort of motivation...
May13-04 02:02 PM
12 1,330
i am a person who just asks where the proof is about where is the proof of the Atomic Structure...
Jun23-04 01:41 PM
18 3,106
Hello, All Million dollor question....Did the U.S. get antigravity or gravifugal technology (whatever you want to...
Jun13-05 08:02 PM
6 2,407
Where is magnetic field strongest in a solenoid?
Dec13-10 04:13 AM
7 4,101
Hello , This is an extract from my book about my problem. I was...
Apr22-10 11:27 AM
15 2,526

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