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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Y 10:49 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 179,257
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 68,114
Alright, I have sources (Wikipedia) that say that when a Laser hits a certain intensity it "blooms" and creates a...
Apr21-13 01:12 AM
7 2,821
I have a doubt bifilar coil makes its self inductance zero... do we get any field around this coil or it also cancels...
Apr20-13 05:44 PM
6 891
i was wondering about counting velocity only from weight mass and from kilogram force (like force from rocket...
Apr20-13 05:18 PM
3 599
This problem should be an introductory physics problem, but I am not sure if I am going about it the right way. This...
Apr20-13 04:15 PM
3 487
how could i calculate the moment of inertia of a tyre if i needed the moment of inertia about the central access of...
Apr20-13 02:01 PM
2 892
There are a few sentences in by book that are confusing me and I was wondering if someone can clarify what they are...
Apr20-13 12:24 PM
1 528
If a person has actually 1 kg(for example)(on earth)how will a beam balance recognize it?What if the person was on the...
Apr20-13 09:18 AM
11 994
Will space push on objects moving through them,like Air Resistance ? Please be descriptive
Apr20-13 09:08 AM
2 595
I was just wondering how time is defined by the scientific community; because whenever I try and think about it I have...
Apr20-13 08:22 AM
31 6,822
The lines of flux of the magnet possess the following properties: 1)Forms closed loop 2)Starts from N-pole and...
Apr20-13 05:02 AM
0 602
hi there I am currently working with linear flows and using a ultrasonic setup to determine the speed of sound in...
Apr20-13 04:26 AM
3 432
Do we have to pass a small current in order to make the potential difference , the temperature and resistance rise in...
Apr20-13 02:16 AM
0 464
In the game ArmA 2 they try to simulate ballistics and have some kind of drag model. I would like to try to find out...
Apr20-13 12:06 AM
4 667
Hi internet! I'm currently reviewing some of my lecture slides and am stuck on trying to solve this integral (see...
Apr19-13 11:11 PM
0 488
I've been reading on how the distance to the moon is calculated by bouncing a laser signal on the retro-reflectors and...
Apr19-13 05:56 PM
9 990
Hey all, I'm looking to build a stationary bicycle generator as a fun weekend project but have a couple of questions I...
Apr19-13 02:55 PM
9 734
I want to generate magnetic field around a coil.. For this am giving input a sinusoidal wave form from function...
Apr19-13 12:24 PM
9 800
All, please help me refine, restate, explain, understand, expand, add, remove, answer the below statements/ questions....
Apr19-13 10:57 AM
1 601
I don't know hwo to find tension in a cable with two angles in the diagram. I have a car that weighs 1130kg held...
Apr19-13 09:04 AM
2 183
If you draw a graph representing the tapering of gravitational force with respect to distance between two point masses...
Apr19-13 04:20 AM
9 891
Suppose we have a thick slab with a current density J pointing strictly in x direction...see below link for figure: ...
Apr19-13 03:47 AM
1 645
I learned that random errors cannot be controlled and cannot be eliminated but only be reduced (averaging allows a...
Apr19-13 01:42 AM
5 1,398
So I'm building a solenoid that needs to move a load of 5 ounces, 0.4 inches. I'm pretty sure my calculations for...
Apr18-13 09:19 PM
4 863
Are there Parallel Universes ?
Apr18-13 06:59 PM
5 385
In the diagram attached, a force acts tangentially on the edge of a wheel. To make things easier, the wheel is...
Apr18-13 06:41 PM
Simon Bridge
3 720
what is the moment of inertia about the wheels , when the vehicle is accelerated upto 100 km/hr and the foot is lifted...
Apr18-13 02:56 PM
3 748
Hello everyone. I have an indoor tomato grow going. The only reflective material I could get was those emergency...
Apr18-13 02:34 PM
3 746
E(lux), I (candelas) , r(meters) E=I/r^2. What is this formula ? I got it from a photovoltaic cell experiment....
Apr18-13 10:25 AM
2 517
Hey folks i have a silly doubt ^^ why when someone is in front of you is like this person position of the arms are...
Apr18-13 10:15 AM
5 563
Hello, I am quite confused about this circuit: It's quite possible,...
Apr18-13 08:32 AM
3 607
At what temp does nitrogen becomes plasma? What about oxygen? I am using a spark gap to turn air into plasma, I...
Apr18-13 03:50 AM
1 577
Two towns A and B are connected by a regular bus service with a bus leaving in either direction every T minutes. A...
Apr18-13 02:55 AM
Simon Bridge
5 696
I've encountered a problem that I do not believe I am able to answer using my very basic knowledge of classical and...
Apr18-13 12:58 AM
3 809
How can something subatomic blow bubbles in a chamber?
Apr18-13 12:04 AM
Simon Bridge
4 642
Say I have a stationary point charge with a matching charge moving past it at a velocity. What is the magnetic...
Apr17-13 05:37 PM
0 423
Why don't fluorescent bulbs blow up when electricity is connected? My understanding is that gas inside heats up to...
Apr17-13 04:56 PM
15 1,248
I am trying to design a spring given the following measurements: Spring Stiffness is 400N/m or 295 ft lbs Outer...
Apr17-13 03:24 PM
0 488
I guess I'm getting old and dumb but I'm having trouble with a basic physics concept, I'm sure you can explain it......
Apr17-13 11:36 AM
12 1,258
Can anyone tell me What is UNIQUENESS THEOREM in electrostatics?
Apr17-13 11:16 AM
1 526
Hello, This is not a homework question! I am simply trying to understand for my own amusement. A while back I...
Apr17-13 10:53 AM
0 478

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