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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 159,909
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,518
I am having some troubles wrapping my head around the electric potential concept. From what I gather it is a...
Feb21-14 06:34 PM
Simon Bridge
8 426
Matter can not be created nor destroyed....."in a closed system" ....and except where "energy transfers" are present. ...
Feb21-14 05:27 PM
22 539
Consider the following charge distribution:A positive charge of magnitude Q is at the origin and there is a charge -Q...
Feb21-14 02:24 PM
Meir Achuz
7 280
how can magnetism be derived from electricity at the sub atomic level?? how is the magnetic field generated around an...
Feb21-14 11:21 AM
4 328
In First law of thermodynamics , work done by the gas is given by pΔV . I have few doubts regarding this- 1)Is...
Feb21-14 09:34 AM
3 283
What does it mean to have units being multiplied rather than divided. For example 1Weber which is equal to 1Vs. Saying...
Feb21-14 09:18 AM
13 370
Ok this one is purely theoretical and I'm going to just make some assumptions. 1. No Debris will block the way. 2....
Feb21-14 07:13 AM
3 359
I have a rubber sample here, basically it is a slice with a diameter of 45mm and a depth of 3mm. If this sample was at...
Feb21-14 06:46 AM
19 510
The way I understand plasma is that is almost a gas except some of the electrons of separated from the nuclei entirely...
Feb21-14 06:37 AM
6 325
Hello I am having difficulty in comprehending the basics of fluid mechanics . I have few questions which I would...
Feb20-14 10:34 PM
Tanya Sharma
24 515
As a radioactive sample decays in a glass vacuum container, and the released alpha particles collide with the glass,...
Feb20-14 10:04 PM
Simon Bridge
10 405
I have idea how to levitate using weak earths magnetic field. It is something like electric propeller - magnetic...
Feb20-14 05:50 PM
Vanadium 50
12 650
I have been looking for information about the way Radiotherapy works and, needless to say, there is much more involved...
Feb20-14 05:27 PM
5 253
Hi everyone, Sorry this is probably a really dull question but i'm intrigued nonetheless. I use a microscope that...
Feb20-14 02:28 PM
4 270
My prof gave two formulas without much explanation as to where he got them from. For a parallel plate capacitor he...
Feb20-14 01:04 PM
1 281
My tenth grade physics textbook says that sound travels faster in solids than air. But it also says sound will travel...
Feb20-14 10:11 AM
Manraj singh
2 243
So I was making a cappuccino and I started to wonder - how does the foam form? I have no problem with the foam...
Feb20-14 09:44 AM
5 385
I did a lab where the where two electrodes are equidistant on a paper. on the picture the center line is 5 volts...
Feb20-14 02:30 AM
12 534
Hello Physics Forums, Deployment here. After browsing the internet I came across this photo.. ...
Feb19-14 06:05 PM
28 856
Hello, My name is Tom and I had a theoretical question about general air pressure and circulation. i have attached...
Feb19-14 04:52 PM
14 349
Hello , I have a rather odd question. I am trying to find a phenomenon that occurs in nozzles but am quite unable...
Feb19-14 03:38 PM
0 203
Hi, please could someone help me with NPN transistors. I found this veritasium video on YouTube...
Feb19-14 02:42 PM
4 297
bollard pull is the zero speed pulling capacity of a tug . it is measured using a load cell or dynamometer . so its...
Feb19-14 01:01 PM
1 211
If a a object is falling in a gravity field with infinitly long radius. can it eventually travel faster than the speed...
Feb19-14 09:34 AM
14 548
I understand the equations for the nth harmonic and so on, but I really don't get how a standing wave is formed. My...
Feb19-14 06:27 AM
13 484
When a rocket is launched into space, its GPE increases and its KE decreases. If we equate the change in both...
Feb19-14 05:57 AM
10 446
Can someone derive the formula to calculate the GPE of a mass which is away from the earth by considering 0 potential...
Feb19-14 05:49 AM
2 235
What are the properties that make materials reflect or absorb a certain EM wave or just allow it to pass through (...
Feb19-14 02:58 AM
4 270
I have been wondering, how do photons make up light? Are they particles that travel in transverse waves? Or do they...
Feb19-14 12:01 AM
Manraj singh
5 277
Can someone give me tips? I want to know the gravity effects on the electric motor's rpm. Is there or not? If there is...
Feb18-14 11:24 PM
1 170
Greeting fellow science enthusiasts, I just started learning physics so please excuse my primitive knowledge. I'm...
Feb18-14 10:30 PM
3 336
Hello, first post here. Here is a hypothetical partial pressure of gas question Imagine you have a two component...
Feb18-14 07:40 PM
11 382
Now here is a real world practical application. Australia Post has a warning for shipping magnetic material in the...
Feb18-14 01:37 PM
12 15,661
Assume a laser with 30kW output energy is pointed at a boiling pot, how much water would it evaporate per second? ...
Feb18-14 11:31 AM
5 265
is electric field strength always equal to negative potential gradient or can it be equal to positive potential...
Feb18-14 10:31 AM
11 641
I was sitting by a camp fire this weekend and I noticed that the snow/ice around the fire was melting in a strange way...
Feb18-14 10:22 AM
6 379
Hi, Basically I would like to learn about the beginning of time and I am wondering what literature I should read...
Feb18-14 10:00 AM
3 303
Okay, so I was listening to someone via tinychat explaining how our current understanding of sound was wrong in some...
Feb18-14 09:33 AM
7 309
why is there a negative sign in the equation E = -V/d?
- - -
Hi In my lecture notes we making some calculations and all terms \mathcal O(M^3) are to be thrown away. Here M is...
Feb17-14 06:17 PM
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