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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,464
Photon is the sub-atomic particle that light is made of. The properties of Photon: Mass = 0, Charge = 0, Spin = 1. ...
Jun5-14 08:29 PM
6 629
At home I have a series of small square fridge magnets (about 25mm by 25mm and about 1mm thick). If I select two of...
Jun5-14 08:14 PM
2 301
I am presented a review of data which gives: vapour pressures of a liquid have been measured and fit to the...
Jun5-14 08:07 PM
7 334
Sorry if this has been answered before, I am very new to this forum. So, if the universe is expanding, how is it...
Jun5-14 08:07 PM
6 452
The closer to the speed of light something is going the more force it takes to increase it's acceleration in that...
Jun5-14 06:18 PM
2 289
if the Higgs bosson field is responsible for giving particals mass. and mass and energy are interchangable e=mc^2....
Jun5-14 10:21 AM
14 593
Mechanical waves (sound, water waves) and EM waves both undergo diffraction. But the actual physical processes...
Jun5-14 08:58 AM
5 439
What is the Lagrange Mesh method?
Jun5-14 07:00 AM
2 295
I was suddenly asked this question by a friend... How a 'cats & dogs' rain would affect the velocity of sound...
Jun4-14 09:12 PM
2 348
I am a high-school student. My Physics's teacher is not good,so I am here. Please anyone explain me "What is volt",...
Jun4-14 08:52 PM
7 418
Consider the motion of a system composed of a rigid bar and a rigid ring attached to it as is shown in the attached...
Jun4-14 02:57 PM
13 477
Like water is displaced by a solid object.
Jun4-14 02:35 PM
8 512
Hi, I was wondering if there was an equation for the flow rate through a straight vertical or angled capillary...
Jun4-14 11:33 AM
Andy Resnick
2 251
I have a formula, S*r=1/2*m*r^2*a/r The problem is that it is unlabeled, and I am not 100% sure what this is...
Jun4-14 09:52 AM
3 339
Hi, I didn't know if this is a homework question it didn't fit any of the template layout. If it is let me know and...
Jun4-14 03:13 AM
3 328
We have a wave ψ(x,z,t). At t = 0 we can assume the wave to have the solution (and shape) ψ = Q*exp where k =...
Jun4-14 02:26 AM
1 309
This is probably a problem with semantics. The textbook that I'm using has the title "Current Electricity". The...
Jun4-14 02:07 AM
1 288
Hi, I just registered and don't know if I opened the post in right place, this is not a homework question, only...
Jun4-14 12:52 AM
Simon Bridge
3 378
I want to output a specific wavelength of infrared light, I believe the wavelength was 9.25nm, how hard would that be...
Jun4-14 12:43 AM
7 353
This may be considered a homework question but it does not fit the template. Please bear with me. For my final...
Jun4-14 12:30 AM
3 304
For the past week or so, me and a buddie have been trying to figure out how to make a mini-hoverboard kind of this,...
Jun3-14 06:50 PM
18 766
I'm skeptical about a some things in physics as some things are hard to understand, or I need to see proof to believe...
Jun3-14 05:06 PM
20 906
As we know there is no charge inside the conductor.(Consider the solid conductor......) All the charge will...
Jun3-14 03:39 PM
1 252
Does anyone know of any papers describing the interaction between radiation and gas. Specifically Im trying to find...
Jun3-14 10:47 AM
5 280
Meaning, do you think that life and all its complexities can be explained by mathematics. From consciousness and...
Jun3-14 05:20 AM
3 317
So I was building a Gaussian gun for physics filming it at 300fps. See video: While...
Jun3-14 04:21 AM
1 387
Would it be wrong to describe Capacitance as being the charge stored per unit volt? I have found on the internet...
Jun2-14 06:07 PM
5 328
Can anyone speak on the spectrum of sunlight reaching the upper atmosphere and the surface ? Specifically I interested...
Jun2-14 02:42 PM
4 255
Hi all, I'm implementing a computer vision system with a near-infrared laser and a NIR bandpass filter. It shines a...
Jun2-14 02:36 PM
1 286
Here's the deal: You have an attractive potential like the gravitational one. ...
Jun2-14 01:31 PM
5 324
I have attached one circuit. I don't know why we consider the rightmost capacitor gets short circuited. And what do...
Jun2-14 05:33 AM
13 628
Hello everyone! I just had a quick question regarding cathodes and anodes. In chemistry, I know that an anode is a...
Jun2-14 03:22 AM
8 318
When you are told that V is the voltage at a given point in an electric field and voltage is the difference in...
Jun2-14 03:14 AM
4 287
Hey Everyone, I am a little confused about some of the values used in the following formula. The process must...
Jun2-14 03:07 AM
7 286
Hello, I had some questions on escape velocity. The only methods that I have seen on escape velocity involve the...
Jun1-14 10:11 PM
Simon Bridge
1 294
I have a question regarding "ohm level" in a heating element in the design of a device designed to vaporize a liquid. ...
Jun1-14 08:24 PM
Vanadium 50
3 277
Hello, Wikipedia states: Phase changes, such as melting or evaporation, are also isothermal processes. I am...
Jun1-14 03:29 PM
2 248
Consider a hypothetical bus drifting along at a uniform speed in the vaccum and a hypothetical insect which crawls...
Jun1-14 01:01 PM
66 1,488
Hello all! I've been trying to go from the second to the third equation shown in the image. Here,...
Jun1-14 12:49 PM
0 204
Hello there, I am an undergrad physics student. Electric sparks are used to ignite fuel. However, why do...
Jun1-14 12:19 PM
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