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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,160
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,134
Compared to humans, why can some animals jump many more times their size? I'm thinking of cats here which apparently...
May3-13 11:36 AM
9 1,330
I can't seem to get my head around the difference between the two. Inertial mass appears in F=ma and is a measure of...
May24-14 06:48 PM
38 3,546
Ok so my grade 12 physics class is focused around what light is. Im sure this has been asked alot but i cant figure it...
Oct22-05 04:42 PM
26 14,431
There's a project i have to do where i would be testing different kinds of propeller blades on the boat. Its just to...
Apr13-10 06:04 PM
Frame Dragger
8 3,714
Can some one tell me what is meant by "Effective Emissivity" in Black Bodies?
Apr18-12 04:17 AM
0 853
Hi everyone, I didn't know in which thread i should post this so if this isn't the right subforum feel free to move...
Feb7-11 01:00 PM
3 1,254
In the hypothetical multiverse, is it possible for mass in other universes to be attracted to mass in our universe?
Feb22-09 09:26 AM
3 1,295
Can the equation E=MC2 give you a value for a bodies gravity? If so whats the procces for working out mass? Thanks...
Dec18-08 09:56 PM
15 1,491
I am looking for some clarification on the gravitational constant. What is the equation that produces it and what...
Jan23-09 09:38 PM
25 2,305
Sorry to ask such a simple question but I appreciate the level of knowldege you guys have. What is the equation for...
Jan20-09 06:20 PM
8 2,499
Hello, what is the assumed balance between neg, pos and nuetral charge in the whole universe? Does it balance out to...
Feb22-09 01:54 PM
5 1,800
Antimatter excotic particle or another reality? Is it a mirror of matter or just another form of matter?
Apr28-09 08:16 PM
5 1,147
About jump from speed 0 to 100 without passing 1 - 99. Can Objects with mass do someting like that? or it's...
Nov3-09 12:55 PM
9 1,166
Wonder chick have a question again today. I heard from doucumentary that when object is spining, It's bit lighter...
Nov4-09 12:36 AM
Vanadium 50
18 1,861
Hello, Chitose the curious chick again. This is not my home work, but something I keep wondering since I watch...
Nov12-09 11:40 AM
20 1,809
Hello, Chitose wonder chick again. First, This is NOT my homework....
Jan22-10 07:44 AM
3 4,995
hello, It's chitose wonder chick again. First, I don't know where should I put this question so I choose this. ...
Jun5-10 09:32 AM
1 2,182
Hello, Chitose here. First, I don't know which group should I post this but I put it here just in case. ...
Mar18-11 11:49 PM
6 3,261
I'm having a bit of a disagreement with someone and I hope some of you can enlighten us. It sounds rather silly but...
Nov3-12 01:40 PM
13 1,915
My wife was in a car accident her ford expedition was totaled by a motorcycle. Everyone is ok, the motorcycle guy...
Sep11-09 07:39 AM
Andy Resnick
17 1,944
bonjour !!!!! voici un exercice que je n'ai pas réussi a faire lors de mon dernier contrôle... pourriez vous m'aider...
Apr12-05 03:32 PM
2 1,361
Hi all, I have a set of data that is number of counts - vs - angle. I need one angle for a calculation from this...
Feb22-12 02:55 PM
0 559
Anyone know an equation for comparing water absorption by plotted plants vs. evaporation of the water collecting in...
Nov21-13 11:12 AM
4 775
**sorry, the title should probably read determining a point at higher potential and potential energy So I feel...
Jul7-14 04:47 AM
3 611
Hey all, I'm going into year 12 this year and doing the IB (STRESS!!!) and I'm doing my Extended Essay in Physics. I...
Jan27-10 12:35 AM
0 3,842 frictional force a reaction force.? e.g when we walk there is force of friction that allow us to walk.if there...
Dec11-10 08:02 AM
8 2,233
Hello everyone, :) I have yet another queries in physics. What actually is gravitational potential ? I know...
Jun25-13 01:32 AM
5 2,113
Could somebody help me in deriving the following expressions? I can judge that the first equation is a common...
Dec18-10 12:03 PM
Doc Al
8 1,168
Could anybody temme what wuld happen to the time period and the amplitude of oscillations if a mass attaching to a...
Dec20-10 01:17 AM
2 1,061
Hey guys :) I'm just a guy who got into physics two days ago, been reading into it, watching videos and some history...
Jan7-13 05:55 AM
7 811
Hi all, I'm new there and I would like to thank you for this beatiful platform. I used this weird topic name because...
Aug19-10 12:33 PM
7 1,425
I studied optical tweezer, So I saw the optical path in the diagram. Then I can't understand why they use the...
Dec6-11 09:44 PM
9 2,571
After searching on the web and reading a bit, I found that lenses can perform Fourier transform. All you need to do is...
Mar18-14 09:56 AM
4 571
So I'm currently busy studying a Digital Micromirror Device which is used for top-hat beam generation. Programming the...
Mar13-14 04:17 PM
7 569
So I know how polaroids and 0.5λ plates work, but does this mean that the polarization of the light and the phase of...
Apr24-14 06:03 AM
2 335
Alright this is hard for me to write because I feel like a backstabber but I need to stop him before he destroys my...
Jan17-09 01:45 PM
39 4,047
This is a fairly simple question. I have some ideas of the implications but I have no idea what the total effect...
Nov26-06 08:50 PM
2 845
Hi I have this question for sometime, and until i found a recent post here on this forum (wavelength and aperture)...
Sep8-09 09:47 PM
3 1,391
Just tryin to wrap my head around it, say ive got 2 squares(only worrying about 2d), assuming one is twice the size as...
Oct10-04 06:56 PM
2 1,288
Wt is meant by the recoil of the nucleus?
Oct17-11 03:11 AM
2 1,256

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