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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Y 10:49 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 68,154
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 179,378
Hi, I had a thought in my head and was just wondering something. If I have 2 exact steel balls with the same inital...
Feb22-04 02:33 AM
8 1,400
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it is generally accepted that 800...
Jan30-06 01:23 PM
5 7,656
Ok so when one drops a bowling ball hanging from a rope, it won't come back and smack him in the face. This I can...
Jun9-14 12:48 AM
Simon Bridge
3 472
Is there a way to determine the temperature outside without using a thermometer? Any formulas I could use?
Jun14-14 01:07 AM
15 509
What's the difference between electric and magnetic fields, specifically I someone was to send a charged particle into...
Jun9-14 12:45 AM
Simon Bridge
2 242
How is a rainbow formed? Is it a series of droplets that refract the light to our eyes, or is it multiple droplets at...
Jun9-14 09:24 AM
3 278
When there is a current of mixed resistances (like parallel and series together), how do voltage drop and current...
Jun9-14 09:34 AM
3 476
does anybody know the technique that they use at places such as CERN for determining the speed of the particles that...
Jun24-07 11:00 PM
0 879
does anybody know how scientists and physicists at places such as CERN determine the speeds of the particles that they...
Jun27-07 08:28 PM
17 2,276
I know that relativistically, it is absolutely impossible for anything to travel faster than the speed of light....
Jun26-07 09:05 PM
3 1,250
Quick Question...If a supersonic jet passes directly in front of you and you are infinitely close to the jet (there is...
Nov22-07 07:38 AM
21 3,139
I want to know what setup is best to create a stronger or faster air flow. I want to place 2 fans side by side you...
Feb3-08 12:23 PM
7 5,097
If you have 2 door locks like these ...
Feb13-10 12:36 AM
6 5,592
What would be the result of mixing helium, oxygen, germanium, nitrogen and uranium?
May24-12 05:16 AM
2 1,185
If an oscillator were to ever reach the visible spectrum, would an antenna connected with the oscillator output...
Nov20-10 02:15 PM
2 1,829
Is it possible to make a "raser" (Radio Amplification by Stimulated Emission), or what we know now as a laser, but in...
Nov20-10 03:58 PM
4 927
Considering Earth spins there is a centripetal force acting on us. How much force is acting on us? Say a 1Kg weight?...
Nov20-10 06:21 PM
2 1,697
I have noticed in faraday cages and in microwaves that the holes in the screen manage to prevent certain frequencies...
Dec12-10 02:04 PM
3 1,012
Hello! I am doing a project on an inverted (train hanging beneath the track) roller coaster. Do you all know of any...
May19-06 03:55 PM
0 1,597
Hi, On various websites I read that 70% of the heat loss of a pool is by evaporation, whereas up to 85% of the...
Nov4-11 03:46 AM
2 2,496
what would happen if the north pole was contained within the loop of the lhc at cern? the lhc at maximum speed can...
Jun6-09 02:36 PM
6 2,162
Hi, I was wondeing if anyone could help me out here. What form of energy can most efficiently be converted to...
Mar31-08 05:06 PM
3 1,189
I have here a class 1 lever style catapult built using leaf springs (A Da Vinci design) which relies on the stored...
Sep28-13 07:43 PM
0 631
I know that this is a bit off the beaten track, (its a physics question) but I'm trying to confirm the results of a...
Jul29-11 07:00 AM
5 624
i have a ? that has been nagging at the back of my head for some time something i noticed for example a car traveling...
Oct28-09 09:20 AM
5 829
Imagine I am trying to heat water from room temperature to 100 degrees Celsius, with a heating element of constant...
Apr7-13 10:38 AM
4 1,187
I was just wondering while watching Spider-Man 2 .. Would you need MORE or LESS gravity than the standard of 9.8 m/s2...
Dec12-10 02:16 PM
1 1,286
Hi guys, I am currently studying a basic college physics course at a university in New Zealand. The course is...
Jul31-10 05:27 PM
9 1,134
hi everybody i was involved in a crash about a year ago where the driver of the other vehicle t-boned me(me on my...
Mar22-11 11:18 AM
40 2,252
Starlab ... a place where 100 years means nothing Starlab NV/SA was a privately funded, Blue Sky research...
Sep12-03 07:38 AM
4 1,962
Hi, I'm trying to understand electrical potential and potential difference. I was wondering if anyone can confirm if...
Oct12-12 11:57 AM
7 1,478
Hi I'm having a very hard time trying to picture an argument in Feynmans physics volume one ). I can't picture this...
May1-14 12:06 AM
4 1,939
Hi, here is something I can't understand: When you fill a 100% tube with Mercury, close it in one end (the top)...
Feb15-14 03:14 PM
8 460
Hi, Is it correctly understood that it's the intensity of light that causes melting or heating of objects and not...
Jul17-14 06:41 AM
Andrew Mason
2 453
Hi as far as I have understood: Blackbodies are physicsl objects which absorb electromagnetic waves at ALL...
May15-14 05:04 PM
2 272
Hi, I'd really like to understand How a torsion balance works and exactly how You can use math to derive the Coulombs...
May16-14 11:29 AM
1 252
Hi, If you rub woll against cotton, the cotton get's negatively charged and the wool positively charged. IS this...
Jun11-14 11:04 PM
1 268
Hi I'm wondering: The symbol of charge is Q but the SI unit of charge is coulumb which is the Charge of approximately...
May17-14 05:42 AM
1 264
Hi, I'm curious about J.J thomsons Catode ray, and i have a few questions: In J.J. Thomsons Catode ray setup...
Jul17-14 12:24 AM
3 603
Hi, My textbooks says that "Josef Stefan investigated the increasing brightness of a black body as it is heated...
Jul16-14 06:40 AM
1 438

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