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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,451
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,473
I understand the general theory of special relativity. But at what points do length and time dilation occur? ...
May24-04 06:42 PM
3 1,199
How can I convert force on a load cell, tension and compression to acceleration! I think maybe something along the...
Feb12-13 08:53 PM
2 3,017
What exactly will a TOE do for us as a society. How will we benefit from knowing all the four forces are united or...
Sep28-03 01:11 AM
12 926
if a ball of mass, m is travelling at v and it hits a stationary ball that is a much larger mass (ignoring air...
Mar23-10 01:07 AM
2 978
The new, nineteenth edition of the free Motion Mountain physics text can now be downloaded at ...
May2-06 04:00 AM
0 1,836
The new, nineteenth edition of the free Motion Mountain physics text can now be downloaded at ...
Nov4-06 03:32 PM
0 815
Given a wave that begins at a point source that travels outward spherically, i know that for a 1D wave (from the...
Nov24-08 04:08 PM
1 1,001
I have some questions regarding the reflective properties of sound waves... If a spherically propogating wave...
Dec3-08 02:25 PM
6 1,242
I have two springs arranged in series (remember circuit diagrams from physics class!). One has a low stiffness...
Mar11-09 09:46 PM
4 5,772
Finite element models produce stresses (Pa) as a result of loads applied, which can be extracted from packages such as...
Apr12-09 01:40 PM
0 1,026
I'm trying to simulate light rays going through an eyepiece to characterize its magnification in function of the...
Jun11-13 03:45 PM
6 983
Hi, I'm interested in AM radio transmissions causing interference (not just noise, but the transmission actually...
Jul18-14 01:24 PM
kyaw ye yint
2 745
To the best of my knowledge, radio waves are generated by an oscillating (or alternating?) electric current, which...
Jul17-14 08:56 AM
4 793
can anyone explain virtual particals and how they relate to the magnetic and the electric feilds, porfavor.:smile:...
Apr16-06 02:06 PM
0 1,833
can anybody explain to me virtual particals and how they related to the zero point energy?:confused:
Apr24-06 06:51 PM
5 1,594
I just want to know, is a technology designed to reduce the effective mass of a system possible, at least in theory? ...
Jan1-14 05:57 PM
2 413 -See for image You drop a ball on this vertical parabola with point A as...
Jan30-13 05:22 PM
8 1,034
Isaac Asimov wrote a story 50 years ago about entropy I believe this...
Oct10-07 02:13 PM
2 2,923
I'm a computer science major and I was talking to a senior and he was doing a program for a presentation and he was...
Dec15-03 04:34 AM
18 8,230
Taking martial arts they use a bit of physics to try to explain why we do certain things. Our instructor will tell us...
May15-04 08:27 PM
3 1,159
Hi everyone, I'm doing a problem that involves two circular capacitor plates with radius R connected to wires running...
Dec3-11 06:04 PM
4 2,655
The mile comes from the distance a Roman soldier covered with 1000 steps. To get the decimal point in the right...
Mar10-05 11:51 AM
10 3,131
I'm interested in the nature of the 2nd law of thermodynamics and I wrote an applet to model the transfer of energy...
Oct11-06 02:59 PM
4 857
Hello. I'm still only an undergraduate studying physics, so there's still much I don't know. Hence why it's probably...
Jan30-08 12:21 PM
8 2,699
Hello. My brain doesn't seem to be working at the moment. If a wheel's center is traveling at V0, why is the...
Oct27-08 06:46 AM
1 1,429
Hello, During the spring semester of school that is just beginning I will be a junior in physics at the University...
Jan21-09 11:25 PM
3 1,701
I am curious as to others' beliefs/opinions on how time travel and/vs. multiverse theory correlate. ...
Jul18-04 03:04 AM
42 14,683
Just like the Astronomy Q&A game in the Astronomy forum, let's play a physics Q&A game here. The astronomy game has...
Jul20-03 11:46 AM
93 8,241
Can anyone think of a circuit that takes two input voltages and produce an output voltage equal to the difference in...
Dec15-03 03:03 PM
Richard Torregano
11 11,088
Hello all, It's time for a little experiment. As part of my constant quest to stimulate discussion and bring...
Nov22-03 11:15 AM
12 7,214
Hey everyone, As you can see, we're rapidly reaching the green light on our integration of two usenet forums: ...
Jul23-05 04:13 AM
6 9,359
I am involved in a dispute related to the forces that a dog's head is exposed to when he, of its own power, runs into...
Sep18-12 12:11 PM
3 714
Ok so I'm in a Physics class and there is going to be a Cardboard Boat Race competition. So I have to build a boat out...
Dec7-08 09:59 PM
3 8,399
Hi, I am taking a highschool physics course and I just need a little help grasping the concept of zero work and...
Mar18-12 10:38 PM
8 1,373
By Chuck St. Louis ...
Jan11-09 08:43 AM
Chuck St. Lou
3 1,067
Click on attachment and post your answer:smile: You'll be amazed! ...
Jan15-09 08:20 PM
Chuck St. Lou
10 1,167
Scenario A very fine almost massless thread about 30 seconds at the speed of light long that can't stretch and can't...
Jan18-09 12:42 PM
16 1,558
Two Identical metiorites traveling slowly through space happen to be on a vector that will cause them to collide with...
Jan31-09 01:35 PM
9 2,868
I have uploaded a diagram of two closed systems in which no work can or heat can be leave the system (See attached...
Feb5-09 08:43 AM
2 3,043
The plane wave function sometimes could be represented as: U(\mathbf{r} ,t ) = A_{0} e^{i(\mathbf{k} \cdot...
Mar11-12 11:57 AM
7 3,478

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