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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,014
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 184,120
I have a fairly large (for household use) 7.5HP electric motor driven two-stage air compressor, which charges the...
Jul15-14 09:38 AM
8 607
Hello Guys According to Classical electrostatics, when you apply a voltage across a capacitor, +Q and -Q charges are...
Aug21-07 11:45 AM
2 6,924
I asked my teacher this but he did not know so he asked me to find out. When you set fire to something (for example...
Feb26-10 07:51 AM
4 1,988
I am thinking to use the air core to make transformer to get better linearity behaviour, but I found air core often...
Oct26-10 07:38 AM
9 2,736
Hello I recently bought a linear Hall effect sensor for measuring current, but I don't know how to make the circuit...
Aug24-12 04:01 PM
4 5,777
I have a formula, taken from Wikipedia: But I...
Oct22-05 08:44 PM
4 6,143
If photons have no weight,how can an amount of 2.5kg of sunlight fall on earth each...
Feb5-09 05:29 PM
4 1,193
Hello, I have the TI-84+ Silver Edition. Is there a way I can copy numbers from earlier to paste into newer...
Apr17-10 01:47 AM
0 3,222
Why is the GM tube polarised? What benefit comes from having the anode at the centre of the tube? What happens if...
Dec5-05 12:34 PM
2 8,434
It's common practice in radiography, especially medical radiography where radiation doses are relevant, to use a...
Dec6-05 08:32 AM
3 5,071
A while ago I bought some novelty keyrings which contained tritium powered lamps. The marketing information...
Sep6-06 11:34 PM
4 6,397
Hello, please could someone help me? I need to confirm that a physics/maths formula will provide me with the...
Jun7-05 11:26 AM
25 2,100
If we, say had something the mass of a rock, and then one of a small asteroid, which one would fall faster to the...
Dec6-06 12:40 AM
9 1,244
My first post, and a very long one... I have problems understanding the prolific use of a certain term in the...
Mar5-14 03:08 PM
11 536
Hi, having a problem with the ice sticking to the mould. I have to use alginate for the mould and when the water...
Feb5-08 07:03 AM
6 2,244
Hello I am aware of what generates the electric charge of each particle, the virtual fotons around it that the...
Jul24-12 09:12 AM
7 4,784
hi, newb here my school has this system which requires us to come up with a science investigation by next year. ...
Jul12-09 10:31 AM
0 683
Hi guys, to the point, I watched this video in youtube about how the guy put non-newtonian fluid on a speaker and...
Jul22-09 05:18 AM
1 1,871
Greetings, I have a peculiar terminological issue. In a research paper I am writing, I need to distinguish between...
Jul22-10 09:37 AM
3 1,737
Is there a way to express Snell's Law using cosines of the angles of incidence instead of the sines without the...
Sep28-08 11:21 PM
2 3,237
In this paper : Light is Heavy the following is claimed: "the speed of light appears to be equal for all...
Apr13-04 12:24 PM
4 5,278
I have a problem. I am designing a probe to first be put through a furnace for 5 minutes (Temp: 1030C) and then...
May29-07 02:24 AM
0 2,161
Does anyone know how to generate the frequency in hertz of a note(middle C, F# ,G etc.) programatically assuming that...
Aug18-09 04:19 AM
5 1,398
] hi there I want to study on smart materilas ın a physics graduate program. But smart materilas are generally...
Nov5-08 05:00 AM
0 1,094
Being a unusual person, when my class signed up for Physics projects I chose to compile the largest list of physically...
May11-03 07:59 PM
0 1,376
I have a question and I would like some help. Assuming mirror image vehicles hitting at 65mph. Is the force...
Aug22-11 06:33 PM
5 1,310
hello! Does anybody know the physical justification of the de broglie relation p=\hbar k? or (i guess equivalently)...
Jun24-12 08:26 AM
1 1,191
Hi, I'm having some trouble understanding the path difference between two parallel rays leaving a single slit, and...
Mar23-11 10:26 AM
2 2,392
I have to create a presentation on a physics-related topic. I personally love baking and would like to know what...
May12-10 08:00 PM
4 2,276
So I've decided to research the physics of pizza tossing. What I have so far is that the dough experiences helical...
May27-10 10:24 PM
2 1,635
when you use these symbols | |, does that mean absolute value of the vector size (since it is same as absolute value...
Sep18-04 04:38 PM
5 17,792
Does an inside of a wheel spin faster than the outer diameter of the wheel? Isn't this how gears work?
May17-11 02:24 AM
5 3,005
I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about wireless power transmission, in particular, technical...
May6-12 06:19 PM
23 11,015
hi there, I was wondering how easy (I would imagine not very) to get about 4.1e9 volts and about 870 amps from a...
Aug10-07 05:30 PM
9 1,810
Just curious, but what would be the most efficient method of ionising hydrogen and then separating the resulting...
Dec20-07 12:36 PM
0 1,492
Since there's no board dedicated to the methodology of science, I thought that this board would be the best fit....
Oct27-12 04:52 PM
5 889
I've been being confused lately as to the 2 methods. The example I'm thinking of is when a weight of mass m is hung on...
Nov12-09 12:08 PM
1 4,226
Goodmorning everyone, I'm new to this forum! I'm graduing in physics in Italy, and I have this problem. I want use...
Dec2-12 04:34 PM
38 11,862
Hi guys, brand-new simpleton here. Quick question: would it be possible to stop ice formation on a cold surface with...
Jun7-13 11:51 AM
5 643
I have read in a book that "static cling" does not develop when a clothes dryer is used to dry a load consisting only...
Feb21-04 12:06 PM
5 1,943

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