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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,579
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,083
Please, answer the question, Why does the sky is blue?
May1-09 05:58 AM
11 1,552
What are the three forces responsible for a neodymium magnet to fall slowly down through a heavy copper tube?
Nov27-13 02:47 PM
6 557
When we consider something traveling at or near the speed of light, the theory of relativity applies, and the thing...
Feb23-04 11:39 AM
8 1,319
I'm in the process of designing a scoop used for automotive purposes. Anybody know some formulas pertaining to...
Apr30-03 06:17 AM
2 4,618
I am trying to figure out the physics behind the golf swing which breaks down into two questions: The first seems...
Dec13-06 11:04 AM
0 2,313
I'm a bit of a physics noob, but I am always curious about everything in the world. I concluded from Newton's...
Sep26-11 05:02 PM
6 820
hi all, I got a question about the spelling difference on a particular case. I registered to address my problem...
Nov1-13 05:54 PM
1 293
Gravitation is always attractive, Electromagnetism is sometimes attractive, sometimes repulsive. Here's my...
May9-03 02:17 PM
11 3,425
Hello all, I have a few problems that I am struggling with at the moment. I think I am missing a few notes, so it may...
Jun10-03 07:49 AM
Claude Bile
0 2,486
I need information on coupled mode theory, specifically with reference to cylindrical waveguides. The more info the...
Aug16-04 07:01 PM
Claude Bile
2 7,287
Hey, what are the laws of vibrating strings? I can't find it in my college physics books! Help please!
Jan16-08 06:42 AM
1 23,429
Hi, first of all, excuse my very poor english I have a big problem with a bar in front of my window, in the...
May21-07 12:01 PM
1 1,095
Got into a discussion today at work with a few co-workers about the physics involved in the below scenario, figured...
Jan17-13 03:51 PM
6 805
We have two vessels D1 and D2 filled with a height H of water (the same for each one). At the bottom of each vessel...
Sep25-03 10:51 PM
1 5,024
I have a little puzzle to share: There is a container of a truck which mass is 10000 Kg. It is filled with 500 birds...
Mar12-04 04:08 PM
1 1,121
I'm not sure completely of this. Can you confirm if, assuming IDEAL (Bernoulli) flow there is a loss of...
Jan13-05 02:35 PM
31 3,374
I've been googling for some time but I haven't found anything interesting about. Does anybody know here how is...
Dec1-04 01:04 PM
2 1,791
During my standing here, I have seen a lot of repetitive threads. But the most recurrent question of every students...
Feb26-05 01:02 PM
2 675
Here's an opportunity to everybody who likes F1 stuff. Renault F1 organizes a 6 month placement award to one who...
Apr13-05 12:24 PM
0 1,184
A work of an spanish applied mathematician, Antonio Brú, has caused a shock here. Spain has a large tradition in the...
Jul12-05 11:54 AM
12 2,024
I have to make a presentation and I would like to use LaTEX instead of Power Point. Have you ever created slides with...
Jul12-05 08:17 AM
0 1,395
Hi, I need the paper E N da C Andrade et al 1937 Proc. Phys. Soc. 49 381-391 "The velocity-distribution in a...
Aug12-05 05:20 AM
25 1,907
I'm looking for an equation(s) to calculate amount of current produced with an electric generator. IE; I decide the...
Mar25-10 04:19 PM
0 3,742
I'm quite interested in electronics, circuits, etc... after my brief introduction to them in Physics class. I'd...
Jul28-03 08:53 AM
10 31,773
Hey, i never quite knew where to post this so hope its okay here. can sound waves specifically ultrasound around the...
Dec8-09 07:19 PM
1 998
Hi everyone, I'm in high school right now so sorry if this question seems stupid or blatantly obvious to most of you,...
May1-12 06:32 PM
4 1,553
A friend of mine likes to e-mail me a question of the day. I need a little help on this one. When you close the...
Oct25-05 04:16 PM
5 1,180
Im not talking about eg=mgh.. im talking about deltaEg=(GMm/r1)-(GMm/r2) My question is how is it possible to...
May16-10 12:50 AM
2 1,024
I'm doing a project in thermodynamics, and one of the things I'm researching is the use of the magnetocaloric effect...
Nov13-11 03:22 PM
0 664
I'm doing a project in thermodynamics and after seeing the movie "atlas shrugged" tryed determining a method to...
Nov23-11 07:34 AM
Vanadium 50
1 2,153
I'm writing a paper on the possibility of harvesting space lighting, but the main question would be, does space...
Nov22-11 07:45 PM
21 1,963
I found this equation a=qE/m, for finding the acceleration of an electron. If I were to try to find the acceleration...
Jun24-12 07:27 PM
1 1,013
Take for instance putting the large hadron collider in space at a near absolute zero where you never have to put...
Nov25-11 01:15 AM
5 1,387
My general understanding was that they were created by fields, which makes me wonder how the LHC plans to detect the...
Nov27-11 11:22 AM
2 1,134
Dec4-11 04:49 AM
2 1,327
I was reading in my fluid mechanics book how the speed of the t-rex was calculated through dimensionless analysis. ...
Dec15-11 07:24 AM
14 2,087
Hi, I decided to open a knew thread since I was not sure whether my problem is close enough to the existing thread...
Sep29-08 09:08 AM
0 2,129
I have tried to picture the beginning. At first there was only an endless void with no bounds. There were no...
Nov8-03 08:49 PM
3 3,248
A new / revised theory <snip> At first there was ‘nothing’. It was empty and had no bounds. One could not...
Jul26-04 12:45 PM
1 1,267
Let me propose a list of principles of classical dynamics, specifically designed for education, for introduction to...
Oct29-09 07:01 AM
31 5,061

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