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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,399
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,201
sir, I have to questions, 1. is it possible to change the helium of the sun to hydrogen. 2. can laser...
Mar8-04 08:12 AM
1 2,115
sir I am writing this mail on the basis of my personal idea.Please give me the explanation of my idea as it is...
Jun9-04 06:51 AM
0 1,054
why does the shift in the color of halogens shows an anomaly in case of bromine
Jun30-13 10:00 AM
2 693
einstein explained the origin of gravitational force from the concept of space time curvature.but what about the...
May20-13 08:39 PM
8 1,059
can a liquid be induced with charge i.e. Can we create sites of localisation of positive and negative charges in a...
May20-13 12:20 PM
1 644
can covalent solids like sand,zeolite be induced with charge....
May24-13 09:26 PM
Simon Bridge
5 620
does every electromagnetic radiation consist of photon?
May23-13 03:53 PM
4 611
why electric field inside the dees of a cyclotron is zero
Jun8-13 09:43 AM
2 714
How can something that moves at a constant speed for all reference frames have a specific location? Suppose two...
Feb9-11 02:45 AM
11 1,650
I'm trying to figure out the Density Altitude of Air Known data Temp 70*F Barometric Pressure 30inHg Humidity 35%...
Jan24-09 12:05 AM
3 3,674
so I've been working on a spreadsheet to take some data from a vehicle's data port.... and to transfer it into a...
Jan25-09 12:10 PM
1 1,292
I need to know what the "BEST" formula for me to use is... and I actually have 5 decimal places on all this data...
Nov5-09 06:33 PM
5 7,658
I'm trying to calculate Wheel torque in ft/lbs things I know Weight lbs or kg Wheel Diameter inches or meters...
Jan30-09 01:56 PM
9 35,412
I need some help coming up with a formula.. This involves a Vehicles Engine I know how fast the rate of change is...
Feb7-12 03:16 PM
10 2,251
Hey all, I've got an audio related question for you guys/gals: I understand the logarithmic relationship to SPL,...
Feb1-06 07:47 PM
4 2,566
Hello everyone, I'm trying to come up with a mathematical formula to calculate the force a magnet will be repelled...
Jul27-12 12:04 AM
2 778
First please forgive my general lack of intelligence of this matter. I am a saxophone player looking to help new sax...
Aug18-13 02:48 AM
6 519
Recently I attended a lecture related to the physics behind swing of cricket ball. But the speaker dealt with the...
Aug13-07 11:47 AM
Sourabh N
7 7,445 The team cooled 100,000 or so...
Jun20-09 05:19 AM
Sourabh N
0 1,170
Hey Everyone, I am working on a project that uses induction to charge a widget by placing it within an EMF… just like...
May15-12 01:48 PM
2 800
Does anyone have a clear understanding on the relationship between the filament size of a lightbulb and the wattage? ...
Feb9-09 12:18 PM
Andy Resnick
3 2,889
I have a conceptual question. I have two physics books that say "In a common iron nail, the domains are randomly...
Mar1-09 07:50 PM
0 1,642
you see a lot of reference to the fact that a forklift or winch or something with "twice" the power of a another one...
Feb27-08 12:13 PM
3 1,327
Elastic/Inelastic collisions are always defined in terms of KE, it being conserved in elastic and not in inelastic. ...
Feb27-08 03:38 PM
2 2,259
Hello I am new here an the only thing I know about physics is how to spell it. So if you folks would be so kind I have...
Dec28-12 10:23 AM
20 2,254
first of all, i am not a physicist, nor even a student and have no experience in mathemathics whatsoever. in fact i am...
Oct19-10 05:10 AM
7 1,220
Hi, Turn on the tap in your kitchen sink and bring the flow of water to a narrow, yet unbroken streamline. Now put...
Feb21-06 06:00 AM
1 1,151
Why is the (mass)^2 term of the Higgs Boson negative in the Standard Model Lagrangian to start with? I understand...
May24-06 12:21 PM
13 2,213
If we take an electron and rotate it through 360 degrees, its wavefunction flips by a sign. That is established fact...
Oct11-06 02:45 PM
0 811
What reasons do we have to believe that we need to quantise gravity? Has anyone done any work akin to Bohr and...
Oct11-06 03:09 PM
Hontas F. Farmer III
30 1,253
The Aharonov Bohm effect has always captivated me since my teacher claimed it fleshed out the observability sof the...
Oct11-06 02:52 PM
0 924
Hi, Does anyone know of any quantitative explorations of the Standard Model at finite temperatures? I am looking...
Oct11-06 03:34 PM
0 872
Why is the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix diagonal for the leptons? (Or, why are the electroweak eigenstates of...
Nov4-06 03:18 PM
Jon Bell
1 1,551
Hi, Turn on the tap in your kitchen sink and bring the flow of water to a narrow, yet unbroken streamline. Now put...
Nov4-06 03:26 PM
1 703
Why is the (mass)^2 term of the Higgs Boson negative in the Standard Model Lagrangian to start with? I understand...
Nov4-06 03:34 PM
John Baez
11 1,408
Hi All ! What is the name of the mechine invented by Galileo to measure the time period of a pendulum?
Nov12-06 09:47 PM
5 1,688
Forgive me for being a lay person, I am a medical student and the only physics I've ever had was non-calculus based...
Nov5-13 08:07 AM
3 622
I have a question about the airbags that goes into cars. 1. How are airbags suppose to reduce injury?? I know that...
Nov2-04 06:50 PM
15 1,827
Not sure exactly: 1. Why do passengers jerk forward when the car suddenly stops? I know it is somethin' relative to...
Jan13-05 09:16 AM
10 3,723
Well I was learning bits about Electromagnetism in my physics class and we were learning about transformers and...
Jan10-05 08:53 PM
6 977

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