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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,876
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,641
What do you think of this web page? Reaction torque propulsion It challenges some important notions.
Nov4-04 11:35 AM
Doc Al
77 8,125
OK I dead serious about this. Please check this out: ...
Oct5-09 01:07 AM
crazy horse
77 23,200
This is set in reality. You have a truck, set with high wheels(railroad wheels). Your driving on the railroadtracks...
Jan27-05 10:05 AM
77 6,768
During the 19th century, it was proposed that light travels through vacuum in the presence of a pseudo medium known as...
Feb5-12 11:03 PM
77 10,325
I am here today to propose a "perpetual" device. it doesnt make energy, its perpetual in the sense that more energy...
Aug21-10 08:56 PM
77 8,716
As you all know there's been a great debate about this topic. What does the world currently believe? and also Why?
Apr18-05 04:24 PM
Tom Mattson
76 9,434
First off, let me say that what I am working on has taken me a few days to get to work and I just cant figure it out....
Jul20-09 10:23 AM
76 7,628
I have a question about standing waves. Is this what a standing wave is: a wave produced by a propagating wave and...
Oct28-10 04:58 PM
76 9,942
Zero and Infinity In mathematics, we see these two numbers appear almost always as the end points of some limiting...
Jan31-04 12:33 AM
75 3,541
Someone I know recently stated according to General Relativity, the following statements are both correct: 1. The...
Dec19-10 03:51 PM
75 11,723
Okay, the title sounds weird, let me explain: The father of a friend of mine used to work in the mines about 800m...
Jan30-11 06:33 PM
75 6,768
so, I know the gravitational force is F = (Gm1m2)/r2... but what makes objects attract each other? what is it about...
Oct30-11 06:37 AM
75 26,711
I just finished the first page of the URL at the motivation of my personal mentor, Doc Al. ...
Jul11-04 10:49 PM
Tom Mattson
74 5,717
I am working on a science fiction.I am sorry to open such a thread in the general physics section but i thought I...
Nov16-06 05:32 AM
Chaos' lil bro Order
74 17,925
Does a hard drive weigh more when data is stored in it?
Aug10-10 04:23 AM
74 19,794
It has been said that electromagnetic force attracts electrons and protons to one another, while planets and celestial...
Sep23-11 01:27 AM
74 6,254
Is body at higher altitude having more potential energy than a body on earth real.? Does this mean a person at 400th...
Dec15-13 09:36 PM
74 7,693
I carefully studied these links and came to the conclusion that the big bang is running out of steam. ...
Jun27-04 04:09 PM
73 7,415
I recently posted showing that replacing the affine connection in general relativity with a teleconnection would lead...
Oct12-06 04:21 AM
Charles Francis
73 1,742
Anyone who has studied electromagnetism knows that the magnetic force on a moving electrically charged particle such...
Sep23-11 01:12 PM
73 21,921
Not too long ago Topher started a thread asking: is it possible to construct a wind powered vehicle that goes directly...
Nov9-08 12:19 PM
73 20,495
Okay I am no physics pro, but Galileo claimed/proved that two objects of differing mass will fall at the same...
Nov13-09 10:04 PM
73 8,826
I was under the impression that, by experiment, Newton deduced \textit{F}\propto{m} \rightarrow \textit{F =...
May13-12 02:00 AM
73 14,170
This video is from 2007 but it stated the goal at that time was a 64...
Apr24-13 12:27 PM
73 6,959
Is it physically possible to drive through a rainbow? Why or why not?
Dec9-12 08:04 PM
72 12,995
It can be handy to ignore the Earth's rotation and simply work with the effective g', instead of accounting for...
Nov4-11 05:29 AM
72 6,625
No question, I just wanted to share a thought... I saw a very old episode of Top Gear last night, where he put...
Aug20-13 08:37 AM
72 19,863
I thought of a question and its been causing some debate with my collegues. Its completely hypothetical and possibly...
Jun10-12 08:22 AM
Ken G
72 6,304
Hi, I was reading a paper on circuits, electric field and resistance.Now i have a question , the paper says that in a...
Jan23-14 06:20 AM
72 2,256
Time travel is impossable. you cannot "travel through time" because time is intangible. Time is not a relm or a...
Jul15-04 04:04 AM
71 5,115
Lets say you had a box who's inside walls were perfectly reflective. In addition to this, because you are just so...
Dec25-08 01:52 AM
71 7,214
I understand that time has effects and that time can be slowed by gravity and such but I dont understand what time...
May8-09 05:05 PM
71 6,264
So far it seems that space exploration/future tourism/etc has come to a halt due to its expenses. So what is the...
Jun29-11 12:18 PM
Fun Value
71 6,545
hi, what exactly is a charge? how do you define it? why is a positively charged ion at a higher potential difference...
Jun3-11 02:59 PM
71 11,186
I dont quite understand this concept, i know that electricity is the motion of electrons through a conductor. what...
Feb16-12 04:26 PM
71 8,047
I am a little confused about why a passenger truck like a Chevy 2500 or a Ford F250 requires brake rotors with larger...
May30-12 09:13 PM
71 4,826
First up, I'm a very irregular visitor here. I should point out that I have no science background and only a high...
Aug8-13 04:22 PM
71 3,216
Abstract A Euclidean interpretation of special relativity is given wherein proper time \tau acts as the fourth...
May11-08 04:35 PM
70 28,018
Ok, I read that diffraction only occurs when wavelength is larger than than the obstacle/opening. But then I find an...
Jun14-06 03:04 PM
70 6,471
I am hoping someone could let me know how far light can travel?
Jul7-12 07:20 AM
70 20,399

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